Sweet Dream Erotica

She was surprised to find him standing outside her hotel suite entrance. His back was turned towards her. He stood leaning on his side, while his head and shoulder rested on the wall beside him at an angle. His well manicured masculine hands tucked in the front pockets of his darks jeans. His crisp white dress shirt a sharp contrast against the dark hotel wall. He casually had his one ankle crossed over the other, while his foot tapped at a rhythmic pace. When he heard her approach, he turned just his head before turning his body, so that his back was pressed evenly against the wall. His short dark spiked hair made a shadow that temporarily hid his striking face, before he looked up at her slowly, from her shoes up to her body and face in full appreciation. He smiled without saying a word.

There are times in life when words are useless and unnecessary, so she moved forward and slipped the hotel key into the slot for entry. She felt his body move behind her and press against her urgently. He took a deep breath and inhaled her scent from her left shoulder up to her neck and buried his face deeply into her hair.

She felt his body guiding her forward into her suite and swiftly turn her around. His hungry lips pressed against hers without a single word. He pushed her back against a wall while his hands and fingers interlocked with hers, before lifting them up above her head. He released her hands to unbutton and pull off his shirt, without breaking their kiss and threw it to the ground. She heard the light jingle of metal from his belt followed by a zipper that sounded like a bee flying too closely to her ear. He grabbed at her dress and fumbled to find the clasp that held it open in the front. She reached out and undid her dress, a light swish of silk falling whispered her surrender, while sliding to the floor.

He pushed his face into her neck momentarily then lifted her up and carried her to the bed.

The night was filled with skin touching skin and a single kiss that seemed to go on without an end. His body explored and connected into her most intimate places. She felt him dominate her internally and push her for more and more. His drive was insatiable. When she tired after her peaks, he urged her to give him more of herself with his lips, tongue and mouth. His hands took over for his body while he rested in-between his releases. Night turned into dawn which turned into morning before he finally fell asleep beside her.

The late afternoon sun woke her from a jet lagged confused state. She was sleeping on her stomach which was something she did only during her deepest sleep. She stretched, yawned and opened her eyes to find someone looking back at her, this was when she remembered she wasn’t alone.

He gave her a little smile, moved closer to her and smelled her skin.  His lips kissed and caressed her shoulders as she felt him move on top of her. He continued to kiss and caress her shoulders while sliding his body between her thighs. He used his knees to part her legs open to fulfill his need. She felt his hand move below to guide himself and felt the head of his hard ready cock pushing inside her again. He released a deep groan when he was completely enveloped by her and started a slow rhythmic pace of penetration. He lifted his upper body off her slightly and placed his hands over her hands above her head without stopping his motion. He took his fingers and interlocked them with hers and pulled her arms down to her sides and behind her back. He held both her wrists with one hand firmly behind her back while using his knees to spread her legs open wider. He roughly pulled her up on her knees by her restrained wrists. His thrusts became harder and deeper once he was on his knees behind her. He placed his free arm across her lower abdomen and pulled her towards his intense pounding.

“Take it all.” He got out in between heavy pants. “ You’re making me come again.. how can you feel this fucking good? I’m going to come inside you.”

She started to cry and climax with him as he grunted and groaned loudly from the intensity of his orgasm. He continued to pound deeply into her until he was completely through.

He released her hands, sat back on his knees and placed his hands on both sides of his head. “Oh my god. I can’t believe how hard I just came.” He was shaking his head in disbelief with his mouth open in shock. He placed his hand to his forehead and then rubbed his eyes. He looked at her in awe before he fell back down on the bed and pulled the duvet just above his waist. His tan smooth skin with the creamy white bedding over him, reminded her of an unstirred cappuccino. 

She grabbed her robe and noticed there was already a table set with a ripe green papaya cut in half, coffee, and fresh lavender in a vase along with her personal phone and tablet. She sat down without speaking and started to pour herself a cup of coffee and stared at the recently opened papaya’s seeds that were once embraced tightly and now fell freely on to the plate.

The rich, deep, smoky scent of coffee with a lingering hint of cinnamon, lifted some of her mental fog and haze.

“I’m not looking for a relationship.” she said matter of factly.

He lifted his upper body and rested lazily on his elbows unfazed. “I’m not asking to marry you…yet.”

“What do you want?” she asked without looking up at his gorgeous face and body.

“I want to be your lover.” he said with a smile on his face.

“What?” she laughed lightly. This man was bold and didn’t hold back his feelings.

“I want to know your body like I do mine. I want to touch, taste, and memorize every part of you. I want to be inside you as much as you want me inside you. I want you to give your body only to me for now. We’ll figure out what the future will bring but for now, I just want you as you are.”

“You’re a little young to be asking for something like this. Why don’t you go play with someone your age.”

“I don’t care about your age. Why do you thinking I’m playing? I’ve never been more serious in my life. I just want you as you are right now.”

She finally raised her eyes from her coffee cup and fully saw this living and breathing Adonis currently lying across her bed. She sighed deeply as she stood up, removed her robe and got back into bed……

She awoke to find this had all been just a dream. A very sweet, rare, and tantalizing dream. She typed it out quickly and posted in on her erotica blog.