Sweet Dreams Erotica

An unexpected message that ends with an address to a destination unknown. This man is bold and daring to choose somewhere out in public. Dangerous. Wasn’t secrecy his concern?

In a little cafe, curious expressions surround him and dangerously recognize his face. His casual dress doesn’t deceive anyone of his identity, as he sits across from her at a safe distance to deflect questioning gazes. She feels his leg brush innocently against hers under the neutral cafe table, which looks particularly dull and muted due to his brilliance. His dark short hair catches the sun and strands of auburn, chestnut and light amber hues create a crown of light around his perfect face.  A face that shouldn’t be where it is now.

What game is he playing with her? She can see his desire and need is at its peak but he plays her like prey teases the predator. He plays coy. He winks and makes adorable faces at her. She patiently indulges him while feeling her mouth water in anticipation.

Enough games. She gets up to walk away. He unthinkingly grabs her arm to hold her back. People around them gasp and hold their breath at his suspicious and questionable behavior.

A Divine Move

It is time to turn the board in her favor. He is hers for the taking. He’s mistaken this woman for one of the girls he’s played with in the past.

She locks eyes with his dark, intensely deep set eyes. His black eyelashes flicker in surprise. She wants him to clearly see how a grown-up plays. She begins to unbutton her black silk Chanel blouse slowly. His gaze follows the movement of her fingers as if in a spell. She feels the coolness of the oversized pearls landing on her bare skin. Her eyes unblinkingly watch as his breathing become uneven in short pants. She licks her fingers and slides them into her blouse and touches herself without caring if anyone is watching. She watches his desire ignite dangerously in his eyes. He doesn’t realize he’s playing a round created and arranged by her.

She lets him see her hardened pink nipple in between her finger tips and the slow, tantalizing movement of her fingers back between her waiting lips. She sucks them as if he were in her mouth. He suddenly gets up and presses closely into her ear:

“Let’s go somewhere else. I need to be inside you now.” he pleads in a whisper. His urgency evident in his voice. She feels the heat from his face as it is flushed with full arousal.

She pulls away. “I’m busy. You’ve taken all the time I’ve allowed for you today. Go play with someone else.” She walks out of the cafe into the rain leaving him alone, unfulfilled, and depleted while gathering her will power that wavers at the very sight of him.

Kami no Itte, meaning “move of God” divine move is a truly inspired and original move; one that is non-obvious and which balances strategy and tactics to turn a losing game into a winning game. A divine move is singular—

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