Sweet Dreams Erotica

Their third meeting was the result of him sending her bouquet after bouquet of her favorite lavender from Luberon, in central Provence in the south of France. After the third day, her hotel room smelled like she was in the middle of a lavender field. On the last day, he sent only one bouquet with a note requesting a lunch meeting at a fairly well known French bistro in the middle of the afternoon. He wanted to apologize for their meeting in the cafe.

Another public meeting she thought. What could happen in the middle of a popular restaurant with many people around them?

He was dressed casually as usual. Blue jeans and a well worn navy t-shirt that made him look even more youthful. His hair looked almost boyish without the usual spikes. He saw her enter and did an elaborate hand gesture and placed his hands on his heart with a smile.

The restaurant was chic for a bistro. The decor eclectic and modern with hints of tradition French touches. One side of the building was all glass and looked out into the skyline above city. He gestured to a table and pulled her chair out for her.

The table set with a classic French setting to indicate the courses that would follow. On her upper right, a row of glasses: water, champagne, white wine, red wine and dessert wine, set like a xylophone of crystal above the dessert spoon.

The champagne was chilled to perfection.

“Are we celebrating?” she asked.

He raised up his hands to make the ‘I don’t know’ sign and shrugged his shoulders. He was sexy. His boyish charm undeniable. She couldn’t help but smile at his attention to their meeting.

People around noticed and recognized him. Some brought out their cell phones to take pictures. She reached for her sunglasses and he stopped her.

“I won’t be able to look into your eyes if you wear those,” he softly urged. “Indulge me.”

“I thought secrecy and discretion were necessary?” she questioned.

“I don’t care anymore,” was his response.

“Should I be afraid of your sudden change of mind?” she asked.

“I hope not. How will you handle the rest?” he said, as he watched her eat. 

This made her laugh loudly enough that she covered her mouth with the back of her hand.

As the courses were served, the wine went from her favorite sauvignon blanc to her favorite bordeaux.

He, being a master of his craft, amused her with stories about his parents, his youth, his rivalry with his older brother, and his early failures in dating. He told his stories in his animated way, using his hands and body language to add more detail to his tales. His eyes twinkled and added depth to his words. He made her laugh more today than she had in years.

Finally when the dessert came, he interlocked his hands, placed them under his chin and said staring at her face, “You are so beautiful.”

She felt a blush come to to her cheeks. She was tipsy enough to play back. “Too bad you chose a public location again. I wore my sexy panties for you today,” she teased.

He leaned back into his chair, tilted his head back and gave her a single laugh to show he was effected by her teasing statement.

While she was with him, he was all she saw so she failed to notice that the restaurant was now empty. She noticed the lights dim and looked towards the open kitchen to see if they were alone. The afternoon sun was gone and it was night. The glass wall now mirrored their reflection. She looked around stunned and looked to him who was smiling like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

She realized he had carefully planned everything. She was no longer safe and this evening was just beginning. She looked round and said curiously, “Where is everyone?”

He lifted his upper body while still sitting, scanned the restaurant and said, “I guess everyone is gone.” He paused and added, “This in my friend’s place. A good friend. I asked for a little help to get a beautiful woman to join me for lunch so…,” he shrugged.

He placed his elbow on the table and supported his left jaw in his hand. “ So…tell me more about these sexy panties of yours.” He switched to his right hand and supported his chin in his right palm.

She was giddy from the wines.

“What panties?” she said nonchalantly.

He stared at her incredulously, “ You’re not wearing any panties?”

She winked at him playfully.

He put his thumb by his temple and rubbed his forehead with the second and third finger in disbelief.

“You’ve been sitting across from me for hours without anything under that dress?”

She nodded slowly in affirmation.

He started to laugh and put his hands on both sides of his jaw.

“I need to use the restroom and splash my face with cold water.” He slowly stood up and headed towards the back of the restaurant.

Inspired Move

She took another sip of her wine and finished the glass. The scent of rich berries, ripe grapes and the earth left a lingering taste in her mouth. She was about to stand up when she felt him against her. She could hear his breathing from behind. She got up and turned and faced him. He moved her chair to the side and pressed her to the table, standing close enough for his lips to kiss her but he didn’t make a move.

“Show me,” he whispered hoarsely as he lifted her up by her waist and sat her down on the table behind her. He stood in between her legs.

She reached down and slowly lifted her skirt up her legs by placing her hands on the top of the material and sliding it up until she was exposed for him to see.

He looked down at her smooth pink flower between her silky legs, groaned and pressed his hungry lips to hers. His lips, mouth and tongue led the passionate kiss. He slid his hands up the top of her smooth thighs, then moved his hands and pulled body her towards him by her round bottom. He pulled away, looked back at her and dropped on his knees. She slid her hands behind her to support her upper body when she felt his full tongue consume her in one single, slow lick. He paused as if was too much for him and groaned loudly from the taste of her. He pulled her into his mouth deeper and licked, sucked and pressed into her deepest part. His tongue moved slowly and the heat from his mouth elevated her arousal quickly. His tongue expertly left nothing untouched. She felt him pushing his tongue into her when she started to peak.

He brought himself up, kissed her openmouthed and she could taste herself on his tongue and lips.

He pulled off his shirt and undid his pants. They dropped to his ankles. He continued to kiss her madly while undoing her simple, long wrap dress. He pulled it open and buried his face into her neck and sucked it while his hands reintroduced themselves to her body. His hands found her breasts and fondled them urgently. She tilted her head back and panted.

“What are you waiting for? I want to feel you inside me.”

He didn’t hesitate and entered her holding legs up under her thighs with both hands. He released a deep growl.

“You are so wet and soft inside.” I can’t believe you can feel this good.” His words came out broken between groans. He looked down and watched himself moving inside her.

“You make me crazy. You should see what this looks like. Your wet lips wrapped around my hardness. I need to slow down. I want this to last.” He pulled out to give himself a moment to gather himself while still rubbing himself on the outside of her wet, warm flower petals.

“I want to taste you.”

His eyes flickered dangerously at her request. She stood up and pushed him back into the chair. She knelt down, grabbed his thick shaft and slid down on it deeply. She gave him long, slow deep strokes with her mouth while using her hand to pump from the base to where her lips met. She pulled him out, slid just his head between her red lips and licked the head with her tongue making flickering motions. She could taste his pre-cum on her lips.

Watching her take him into her mouth was all he could endure. He pulled her up to face him and straddle him on the chair. He felt her hand hold him while sliding herself down on his waiting manhood. He groaned from the pleasure. He wanted to get into her deeper. He pulled himself up with her still wrapped around his waist and put her back on the table. He pulled her to the edge and started his deep, pounding strokes.

The windows reflected their bodies and she could see the muscles in his firm tan buttocks tighten and dimple with every stroke. He grabbed her closer by pulling her towards him by her bottom. He moved his hands and held her face.

“I can’t wait anymore. I can’t stop,” he moaned and kissed her before grunting and throwing his head back overwhelmed by his climax.

Once he caught his breath, he held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.

“Run away with me? Let’s go somewhere nobody knows us and it’s just me and you.”

Myoushu myōshu (妙手) is an “inspired move”, a move which turns a game around or otherwise exceeds expectations.