壽 Shòu: Longevity: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 9

Ye Hua turned back and glanced at Si Yin one more time before cloud jumping back to Celestial Heaven. Ye Hua gave her the tiniest little smile when she waved her arm goodbye. He stood there looking at her as if he didn’t want to leave before vanishing into a cloud.

Si Yin rolled the drawing into a scroll and tapped it in the palm of her other hand. Was it rude of her not to ask Ye Hua if he wanted to keep the drawing for himself? Si Yin assumed that he had plenty of his drawings back home, so she never considered asking him. She would hold it in her room and offer it to Ye Hua on his next visit.

While walking towards her room, she saw Shifu standing by the lotus pond staring at it in deep reflection. Mo Yuan looked up at her when he heard the tiny stone from under Si Yin’s foot roll as she picked up her step. Shifu’s expression was unreadable.

“Seventeen, Has Ye Hua gone?” Mo Yuan asked softly.

“Yes Shifu, he left after our drawing was complete,” Si Yin said, handing Shifu the drawing.

Mo Yuan unrolled the scroll and admired the drawing.

“This is very good Seventeen. You should cherish it.” Shifu rolled it back up and handed it back to Si Yin.

“Shifu, did you know Ye Hua wants a large harem when he gets married?” Si Yin stated.

“It is common for Celestials to keep harems and several side consorts. Does that bother you, Si Yin?”

“Well…Shifu, would you keep a harem if you got married?” Si Yin questioned.

Mo Yuan chuckled softly, “Where would I keep a harem? Here on Kunlun with all the disciples? No. I wouldn’t keep a harem.”

“Shifu, what kind of wife would you like to have? she inquired.

“Seventeen, I rarely see or come into contact with women. You’re the only woman that’s been in my vicinity for thousands of years, but it would be someone I could talk to comfortably.”

Si Yin’s eyes suddenly lit up with excitement and her voice perked up when she asked, “You’d marry someone like me then? We’ve talked about everything together.”

Mo Yuan suddenly realized his slip of the tongue and answered in a way to discourage and curb Si Yin’s desires carefully.

“No. I’d prefer to marry a woman who is more worldly and experienced with life. Someone more mature.”

“Shifu, what kind of experience?” Si Yin asked.

“Experienced in the ways of pleasing a man in all aspects of marriage and fulfilling all his needs. That would be much easier and more convenient for me. Don’t you think, Si Yin?”

Mo Yuan watched the disappointment cloud her eyes. Si Yin looked at Mo Yuan without saying a word.

“Much easier than marrying a child and having to teach her everything. You’ll be happier marrying someone better suited for you. Ye Hua wouldn’t be a bad choice. Maybe he was teasing you about the harem?”

Si Yin still didn’t say a word. She looked at Mo Yuan with deep contemplation before silently bowing and excusing herself.

Mo Yuan realized he’d said the right thing to deter Si Yin for the time being. He sighed at his ability to say the exact opposite of his heart’s desire. Mo Yuan told himself it was for her good and reassured himself of that fact again and again. Why did it still sear his insides when he recalled seeing Ye Hua and Si Yin sitting together closely a few hours ago? Why was Mo Yuan still thinking about it? This emotion was something he’d never experienced, but Mo Yuan was jealous.

Mo Yuan was jealous of Ye Hua’s sudden interest in his little Seventeen.


Si Yin’s head was spinning from her conversation with Shifu. How could he say those things, knowing how she felt about him? Si Yin decided to ignore the conversation entirely as she sulked.

Si Yin took the drawing into her room. She handled it delicately as if it was a treasure. She looked at it carefully to get Shifu off her mind even if it was only temporary.

One of the trees in Ye Hua’s drawing reminded Si Yin of the night she’d failed to seduce the stranger with her enchantment spell. If she hadn’t been so intoxicated that evening, she would have been able to have her way with the mystery man. She unthinkingly rubbed her neck where he’d left his mark, and a smile came to her face. Si Yin considered him returning to her. Perhaps a trip to Zhe Yan’s Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms, something to strongly consider.

He had left an impression on her that was unforgettable. Perhaps it was his hesitation. She drunk enough and would have gone further with him if he had allowed her to. She tried to remember his face and Ye Hua’s face suddenly clouded her mind. She considered the unrealistic chances of Ye Hua being the mystery biter and laughed at herself for her foolishness.

Si Yin was still smiling while studying the drawing in a brighter light. Ye Hua was a truly skilled artist. Ye Hua’s drawing was bold. A sharp contrast from his quiet nature. Ye Hua’s trees looked so realistic that she wondered if she could pluck a peach from its branches. The trees curved with vivid, eye-catching strokes and lines. Si Yin playfully blew on the paper to see if the trees would sway.

Si Yin wondered if Ye Hua, that young womanizer, used his drawing abilities to seduce women. Is that how he’d perfected his skill? Ye Hua and his harem of 3000. She shook her head thinking about Ye Hua’s plans to marry her, have a large harem and an affair with an unknown woman. Si Yin would never tolerate or marry a man who wouldn’t stay faithful to her.

Si Yin couldn’t deny Ye Hua’s gentle and considerate nature. Si Yin wondered if he would stay monogamous with the right person. Someone who could make him forget about everyone else. Si Yin suddenly slapped herself on the side of her head. Why was she still thinking Ye Hua? He’d been gone for hours, and she’d been thinking about him ever since.

The more Si Yin tried not to think of him; the more Ye Hua circled her mind.

Si Yin suddenly felt guilty for thinking about Ye Hua instead of Shifu. She’d just had a conversation with Shifu yet here she was thinking about Ye Hua. Si Yin regretted even asking Shifu if he’d marry someone like her. Si Yin remembered Shifu’s words about his hope that she would grow to see Ye Hua differently.

How could she make Shifu understand her genuine intentions and wish to marry him? She was a child in his eyes, not a woman. She was incredulously an inexperienced virgin at her late age. She’d never felt embarrassed about her lack of experience until Shifu had apparently said he’d prefer a woman with experience. Mo Yuan would prefer someone experienced and knew how to please a man.

A woman who could please him intimately.

An idea came to Si Yin instantly. She needed someone to deflower her to prepare herself for Shifu. Someone gentle and soft that would help her without becoming expectant of her love or loyalty afterward. Someone who had been with many women and was more experienced than herself. Strangely, Ye Hua came to her mind. She giggled silently.

How could she show her true form and use an enchantment spell on Ye Hua without anyone at Kunlun suspecting anything? Yes, Ye Hua would be perfect. He was young, understanding and didn’t hesitate to fulfill her wishes. The fact that he was in love with the goddess he’d met and planned to have a large harem would work in her favor. Si Yin needed a plan to get him alone and use an enchantment spell to comply with her wishes. Ye Hua would never know that she was Si Yin in her feminine form.


As much as Si Yin was thinking about Ye Hua, he was thinking about Si Yin. Ye Hua regretted not asking Si Yin for the drawing. It would have been his first and only remembrance of something created with a friend. A special friend that he found himself growing more and more attached to every time they met. He’d never meet someone he’d felt so comfortable talking to about everything.

Ye Hua reminded himself again to be considerate of Si Yin’s feelings towards him. The last thing Ye Hua wanted to do was hurt Si Yin’s feelings, but Si Yin made him feel something unexplainable. Something concrete, real and powerful. Ye Hua blushed thinking about his want to be close to Si Yin. He only wanted to get closer to Si Yin without thinking about the biases and prejudices of someone misunderstanding his innocent intentions. Ye Hua’s thoughts came to a sudden halt.

Was it possible Ye Hua was falling in love with Si Yin?

When Uncle Lian Song told Ye Hua about men loving men, Ye Hua was outraged. The concept of Ye Hua’s first and only love being another man was unfathomable. Si Yin was merely just a friend, his first friend. Since Ye Hua never experienced friendship or love, his new feelings were just undefined, he had told himself. He told himself not to become confused and that there were many forms of love.

Ye Hua decided the next time he and Si Yin met, he would bring up his cousin or Su Jin. Si Yin was surrounded by all men, perhaps meeting a beautiful girl would trigger feelings in Si Yin for women that had remained dormant. If Si Yin became enamored by a woman, everything would simplify itself. The more he thought of Si Yin being with his cousin or Su Jin; the more Ye Hua wondered what would happen if Si Yin preferred their company over his? Ye Hua suddenly felt a new emotion he didn’t understand. Ye Hua felt angry thinking he would have to share Si Yin with someone else. He laughed at himself and his ridiculousness.

It was impossible, but it felt like jealousy.

To be continued……….