壽 Shòu: Longevity: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 10

One of the places Ye Hua purposely avoided was the residence belonging to Su Jin. Su Jin was a child of merit whose clan had sacrificed themselves during the Ghost War. Heavenly Lord granted Su Jin the honorary status of Princess for her clan’s sacrifice. She raised by Ye Hua’s parents as their foster child.

She was Ye Hua’s overly talkative, bothersome, and annoying shadow that followed him throughout most of his life. Ye Hua had exchanged than 100 words with her in the span of his 50,000 years of life.

Ye Hua was about to ask her about meeting Si Yin when Ye Hua suddenly changed his mind. Su Jin was lacking compared to Si Yin over abundance of life; it wouldn’t be a favorable match for Si Yin. He turned to go back to Xiwu Palace when he heard Su Jin’s voice.

“Ye Hua! What are you doing here? Are you here to see me?” Su Jin’s eyes sparkled with excitement and surprise.

Ye Hua’s face remained expressionless. Since Su Jin was here, Ye Hua thought he would make the inquiry he’d come to make.

“Su Jin, what are your thoughts about marriage?”

Su Jin’s eyes flew wide open, and her face lit up with joy. She looked at Ye Hua with delight.

“Marriage? Ye Hua is there something you’d like to say?”

Ye Hua hesitated. “It’s not me…. But I have a friend. A friend who holds great importance to me and I was wondering..if you would like to meet him?”

Su Jin couldn’t believe her ears. She knew Ye Hua didn’t have friends and assumed this was Ye Hua’s unusual way of asking about her feelings towards him.

“Is he a Prince?” Su Jin asked sweetly.

Ye Hua nodded no.

“Is he well-known from a prestigious family?”

Ye Hua thought for a minute and replied, “No.”

Su Jin took a step closer to Ye Hua. “Has he been here to Celestial Heaven before?”

“Yes,” Ye Hua answered. “He’s from Kunlun Mountain. He was here at my coronation.”

Su Jin’s eyes flew open in shock. “Ye Hua, are you referring to High God Mo Yuan?”

Ye Hua let out a single mocking laugh at her absurdity.

Su Jin then made a face of disgust. “Are you talking about that puny, girlish disciple Si Yin that accompanied High God Mo Yuan?”

“Yes. That’s why I was asking.” Ye Hua answered, not understanding Su Jin’s sudden revolt.

“You’re not asking me to marry that stray wild fox, are you?” Su Jin frowned. “He’s a nobody. If he was part of the Bai family, but he’s nothing.”

Su Jin brushed off the front of her dress as if to brush off the dirt she’d obtained just from talking about Si Yin.

Ye Hua wanted to walk away, but he couldn’t stop himself from defending Si Yin.

“What’s wrong with Si Yin?” Ye Hua’s eyes were as cold as his tone of voice.

“Name one redeeming quality about that nobody stray fox,” Su Jin challenged.

Ye Hua smirked sarcastically, “I can’t.”

Su Jin threw her head back and laughed believing she’d won this debate.

“I can’t name one of Si Yin’s redeeming qualities because every one of his qualities exceeds compared to others,” Ye Hua stated matter of factly.

Ye Hua walked away from Su Jin shaking his head. It was foolish of him to consider Su Jin worthy of Si Yin. Ye Hua’s desperation to keep Si Yin close to him had clouded his rational judgment. Si Yin was too important and unique for any of the women he knew. Ye Hua didn’t know anyone he felt was deserving of Si Yin. Ye Hua considered what he could do to be able to spend more time with Si Yin.

It was then that it dawned on Ye Hua that he’d been thinking about Si Yin all day long.

Was this what friendship? Was it normal to think about someone night and day? Someone who wasn’t a lover. Ye Hua suddenly remembered Si Yin’s sweet scent and felt a real fear within. Ye Hua didn’t want to admit it, but he wondered if he was falling in love with a man.

Was he falling in love with Si Yin?

Ye Hua shook his head in denial. No, he loved spending time with Si Yin. He loved being his friend. Ye Hua loved how he felt when he was with Si Yin. Ye Hua loved…..Ye Hua loved everything about Si Yin, and Ye Hua’s truthful realization slowly dripped into his mind drop by drop like resin on a pine tree. He couldn’t accept this. Ye Hua needed to test himself.

It was then Ye Hua remembered the stunning goddess he’d met in High God Zhe Yan’s Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. She’d made him feel something, so he wondered if meeting her again would clarify his confusion. Ye Hua pushed the documents aside and decided to return to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.


Si Yin stayed away from Mo Yuan the following day. She still couldn’t get their conversation out of her head. His matter of fact tone, indifferent expression, and pain-inducing words. It was painful for her to accept it. Shifu knew how she felt, but it seemed to mean nothing to him. To Shifu, she was just a bothersome, foolish child. Suddenly she felt the overwhelming desire to drink Zhe Yan’s wine until the ground shook beneath her feet and her vision blurred.

Si Yin considered asking Shifu for permission first, but then remembered Shifu didn’t seek her permission before breaking her heart with his hurtful words. Bai Qian did something she’d never done during her 70,000 years of being Mo Yuan’s disciple; she changed her appearance back to her actual female appearance and walked proudly through Kunlun. Bai Qian saw Mo Yuan spot her and stare in pure shock. She didn’t look back even though she was dying to see Shifu’s expression before defiantly cloud jumping to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms.


Mo Yuan stood in shock for minutes before he could make sense of what he just saw. Even though he had seen it with his own eyes, he still couldn’t believe it. Si Yin had walked past him in her real appearance without her concealing spell. Si Yin wore a pale pink gown that hugged her body and emphasized her curvaceous, womanly shape. Her long silky hair down with only a simple decorative silver ornament.

Mo Yuan should have been concerned about one of the other disciples seeing her, but Mo Yuan couldn’t get over how beautiful Si Yin was. Mo Yuan had seen through Zhe Yan’s spell from the start. He’d even recently seen her perfect bare body, but tonight Si Yin walked out proudly and rebelliously as if daring him to stop her. Mo Yuan regretted not stopping her from leaving. If his feet hadn’t refused to move, he would have held her back, but not to scold her. He wanted to touch her and claim her for himself.

Mo Yuan wondered what could have provoked Si Yin to behave in such a rebellious way. It must have been the conversation he’d had with Si Yin the night before. He thought about her defeated expression, and it brought pain to his heart. She was a child, but her feeling for him was sincere, and his disregard for her feelings was becoming more challenging by the day.

She was officially engaged to Ye Hua, and it would only be proper to wait until their engagement was canceled….but what if their engagement leads to marriage? How would Mo Yuan be able to accept that? She had been his little Seventeen for 70,000 years, what would it feel like if she wasn’t around? Mo Yuan couldn’t remember what it was like before her arrival and her presence, which now blanketed Mo Yuan’s life.

Mo Yuan knew where she was going. She was going to Zhe Yan’s Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms for one particular reason, and that reason was Zhe Yan’s wine.


Just as Bai Qian desired, she drank Zhe Yan’s wine until she no longer cared about Shifu. What did he know about love? Bai Qian hoped Mo Yuan’s future wife would be very ‘mature’ or in other words, older than Heavenly Father. He could be with his ‘mature wife and let her old body please him in the old way he desired. She angrily threw the empty wine bottle out into the darkness and heard a dull thud instead of shattering.

At that moment, she listened to a smooth, silky voice in the shadows. “Your aim has gotten even worse than last time.”

The stranger chuckled teasingly and asked, “What? No enchantment spells today?

To be continued…………

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