壽 Shòu: Longevity: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 12

Bai Qian stopped by the wine cellar before going to her room. This night was the one evening she hoped to black out and not remember anything in the morning. How could two brothers both manage to reject her, Bai Qian, the future Queen of Qing Qiu, who was known for her incredible beauty? The humiliation throwing herself at both Mo Yuan and Ye Hua just to have them reject her was more than her pride would allow. There were thousands of men who would drop on their knees to have her. She didn’t need to chase anyone.

From now on it would be different. Bai Qian would reject them both. She would hurt their feelings just as they’d hurt hers. She drank all the wine and fell asleep in her clothes.

Mo Yuan startled awake by someone stumbling into his unlit room. He heard someone bumping into things and mumbling incoherently. Mo Yuan lit the candle by his bedside to see Si Yin standing in his room. Si Yin’s eyes were glassy, and she looked up at the sudden brightness around her as if it was something amazing. She pointed towards Mo Yuan.

“Ah, now I can see you Shifu with my eyes,” she slurred and then pointed to her eyes.

She giggled drunkenly and staggered towards his sleeping platform.

“Seventeen, do you need something?” Mo Yuan asked as he reached for his robe but she moved quickly to her level of intoxication and grabbed his robe first. She held it to her face and inhaled his scent.

“Mmmmm the smell of Shifu.” She held his robe and moved closer to Mo Yuan.

Her expression changed to the one of a seductress. “Shifu, would you like your robe back?” she asked in a teasing tone while waving his robe in front of him.

Mo Yuan felt several things at once. First, his concern was her level of intoxication. Secondly, he knew she shouldn’t be in his room still in her female form but lastly, Mo Yuan was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control his desires.

Mo Yuan composed himself, put on his expression of indifference and answered her in the tone most fitting of her shifu.

“Seventeen, you can take it with you. Return to your room and go to bed. It’s important for children to get proper sleep.”

When she heard him refer to her as a child, her face flushed dark pink, and her lips formed a flat line. She yanked the tie at her waist, removed all her clothes and threw them to the floor. Si Yin stood in front of Mo Yuan completely nude and bit her bottom lip seductively.

She moved closer to Mo Yuan and lowered herself onto his sleeping platform by his feet. She dropped on all fours and slowly crawled towards Mo Yuan.

“When was the last time you saw a child that looked like this Shifu?” she purred. She pulled herself onto Mo Yuan’s body and straddled him.

Mo Yuan was incapable of pushing her off him. He was both shocked and highly aroused. Mo Yuan cursed himself for not being able to control his body’s immediate response to her. Si Yin looked longingly at Mo Yuan before slowing leaning down to kiss him but instead passed out dead drunk on top of Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan released a deep sigh. He’d been holding his breath since she started moving on top of his body. She passed out completely on his body with her leg pushed up against his erection. He rolled to his side and gently put her down on his bed. He tried to avoid looking at her but couldn’t stop himself. Si Yin was sleeping nude in his bed. Mo Yuan’s hand reached out to touch her skin but stopped himself. It wouldn’t be right touching her while she was incoherent. Mo Yuan wrapped her up in his robe and cloud jumped her back into her room and tucked her into bed.

Si Yin woke up the next morning dying of thirst. She got up to get herself a cup of tea and tried to remember the night before. Si Yin remembered meeting Ye Hua in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and watching him leave. How and when did she get back to Kunlun? She’d severely overindulged last night. Si Yin couldn’t remember the last time she’d been that drunk. She needed to pull herself together and attend her lessons. Si Yin changed back to her male appearance, cleaned, dressed and attended Shifu’s lesson.

Si Yin sat in her usual spot and stared quietly at her hands. She was still angry with Shifu and refused to look in his direction. After the lesson, Si Yin bowed without looking at Shifu and headed into the elixir cauldron room to be alone. She was sulking away when she heard someone call her name. She slowly turned to see Ye Hua standing there smiling at her. She cursed under her breath. If it wasn’t Shifu, it was Ye Hua. Did they enjoy taking turns aggravating her?

“I have to run an errand for Shifu,” Si Yin lied.

Si Yin started to walk away, but Ye Hua followed him. He looked at Ye Hua confused. Did he not hear him?

I’ll go with you,” Ye Hua said with a little smile.

Si Yin rolled his eyes. “It’s your choice, but it’s a rough and dirty road. It’s beneath you, Crown Prince.”

Si Yin purposely took the roughest route to the entry at the base of Kunlun Mountain. She didn’t think Ye Hua would be able to keep up, but he was quite agile and fast.

“I met that beautiful goddess again last night,” Ye Hua said

Si Yin couldn’t believe she had to hear this story again. The story of her rejection.

“Good for you. You must have had a blast,” Si Yin replied.

Si Yin’s words were kind, but his tone was angry. Ye Hua couldn’t figure him out. Si Yin wasn’t upset with him the other day when he left. What could have happened since then?

“She was as beautiful as I remembered, but I told her I loved someone else,” Ye Hua said blushing.

Si Yin didn’t even look at Ye Hua as they came into a clearing of even ground.

“So this someone else is a princess or something, right?” Si Yin asked. She was a little curious what kind of woman would make Ye Hua reject her.

“No, it’s someone quite ordinary,” Ye Hua replied.

Suddenly it hit Si Yin like a punch in the gut. Ye Hua had turned her down for some ordinary woman. She was Bai Qian, yet Ye Hua preferred someone ordinary and every day instead of a future queen.

This insult was too much.

Si Yin broke out into a sprint and ran ahead of Ye Hua. She heard Ye Hua calling her name, but it only made her run faster. While running, she had a thought and stopped running. Why was Si Yin running away from Ye Hua? She didn’t have any reasons to feel ashamed.

Ye Hua had almost caught up with Si Yin when he opens the Jade Purity fan and sent a blast of blazing lightning energy towards Ye Hua.

Ye Hua quickly summoned his sword and deflected the blow, but the unexpected attack threw him to the ground. Ye Hua pulled himself up to one knee and looked at Si Yin in complete shock. Si Yin thought about Ye Hua choosing someone ordinary, and her anger flared again. Si Yin attacked him again. Ye Hua jumped to his feet deflected the blow and sent it back to Si Yin. Si Yin saw his move, jumped up and gracefully arched his back to rotate his body in an aerial back spin. While midair, Si Yin flicked his wrist, maneuvered the Jade Purity Fan in a sharp semi-circle and sent another sharp blow towards Ye Hua. Ye Hua watched Si Yin’s movements that resembled a graceful dance, anticipated the blow and pushed his body into Si Yin’s body with all his strength and force.

Si Yin slammed onto the ground from the full impact of Ye Hua’s attack. Ye Hua sat on Si Yin waist and pinned his arms down. Ye Hua grabbed the hand holding the Jade Purity fan and forcefully slammed Si Yin’s hand onto the ground until Si Yin released the fan. Si Yin turned his face and spat the blood out of his mouth. He glared at Ye Hua furiously.

Ye Hua couldn’t understand what just happened. They were both panting. Finally, Ye Hua asked,

“Si Yin, why did you attack me?”

Si Yin continued to glare at him silently. Ye Hua looked at Si Yin with concern and lowered his face closer to Si Yin. Ye Hua couldn’t conceal the hurt in his eyes.

“Si Yin, why are you angry with me? Why did you attack me?” Ye Hua couldn’t understand Si Yin’s anger.

He moved his face closer to Si Yin’s when Si Yin swiftly lifted his head towards Ye Hua and tried to bite him. Ye Hua jerked away quickly and avoided getting bit.

“I bite, so get off and stay away from me,” Si Yin snarled with blood running down his lips. He twisted his body and kicked his legs under Ye Hua’s weight.

Suddenly all the emotions Ye Hua had held back surfaced instantly, and his anger flared.

Ye Hua put his face close to Si Yin’s and replied angrily, “You’re not only one who can bite. I bite too.” Ye Hua’s upper lip curled up to one side to expose his sharp Dragon’s canine.

Ye Hua grabbed Si Yin’s wrists tighter and pushed them into the ground harder. Ye Hua stared at Si Yin.

Before it even registered in Ye Hua’s mind what his body was doing, Ye Hua leaned down and passionately kissed a man.

To be continued……….

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