嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 9



Ch 9:

Ye Hua

Ye Hua watched Qian Qian walk away. She leisurely fanned herself with the Jade Purity Fan while swaying her hips enticingly. Qian Qian’s sweet fragrance lingered in the air. SuSu was back, but she had returned in the form of a succubus to tempt his already weakened soul. Ye Hua wanted her so much that it made his body ache. Ye Hua’s consuming desire for Qian Qian made it difficult for Ye Hua even to think straight.

She played with his mind. Qian Qian toyed with his heart. She possessed the skill to hurt him in ways he’d never experienced before, but he wanted more. Ye Hua was addicted to Qian Qian’s form of euthanasia without even a single touch. It took everything within Ye Hua not to fall to his knees before her. He wanted to beg for Qian Qian’s love and held in her pain-inducing embrace.

Ye Hua just knew he wanted Qian Qian and felt the need to possess her by any means possible.

Ye Hua finally gathered his composure and walked towards the direction he’d watched Qian Qian go. It led to the wing of the Eastern Water Palace’s private guest rooms where Ye Hua himself had a room. Ye Hua was quietly looking for Qian Qian when he heard a familiar noise that made all his hairs stand on end. It was the distinct groaning sound of pleasure that belonged to his wife. Ye Hua carefully continued to follow the sounds until he came to a partly opened door. Ye Hua cautiously looked in through the gap to see Qian Qian in her stunning naked form. Her long, black, silky hair draped alluringly around her body. Qian Qian’s soft skin appeared to glow from the dim candle light. Ye Hua felt his mouth salivate looking at Qian Qian’s full tantalizing breasts that beckoned him.

Qian Qian was on top of the clam shell shaped bed on her knees with her eyes closed straddling a man’s face. Between her silky beautiful thighs, that Ye Hua felt belonged to him, Ye Hua could only see the top of Ghost Lord Li Jing’s head giving his wife oral pleasure. Qian Qian’s body faced him as she rotated her hips slowly to the movement of Li Jing’s tongue while lifting the back of her hair with both hands. She lowered her hands causing her hair to cascade down and drape around her exquisite body. Ye Hua struggled to catch his breath and released a tiny sound as he gasped for air when he saw Qian Qian suddenly open her eyes. She looked directly at Ye Hua, smiled teasingly and bit her bottom lip without stopping her body’s movement.

Ye Hua bit down on his tongue when he saw Qian Qian bewitchingly lick her top lip and wink at him.

Qian Qian was taunting him, and the sole purpose of her actions was to push him over the edge. Ye Hua tasted the blood in his mouth and focused on pulling himself together. He forced himself to turn his back and leave. A-Li, his son, was waiting for him at the banquet and Ye Hua had forgotten about him due to Qian Qian’s mind games.

When Ye Hua entered the main hall for the celebration, he silently sat next to A-Li, who looked up and asked where his mother had gone. Ye Hua said nothing but started to drink the wine before him. The wine caused his bitten tongue to burn. Even the sweet alcohol tasted bitter tonight.

Dancers were trying to get his attention, but all Ye Hua could see was Qian Qian’s nude body’s movements. Similar to a boa constrictor moving down a tree to claim it’s prey, she slithered and rotated her hips pressing her lower flower against another man’s tongue. Qian Qian did this while looking directly at her husband.

Qian Qian was a she-devil, and she was shameless.

Ye Hua continued to drink and drank the second bottle of wine that replaced the first. Ye Hua was intoxicated. He vaguely heard the Water King of the Eastern Sea request a meeting on behalf of his sister. Ye Hua wordlessly stood up and walked to where Princess Miao Qing was waiting. She was saying something, but Ye Hua didn’t hear a word. He was seething with fury. The sound of Qian Qian’s sultry groaning echoed in his ears. Ye Hua silently thought about what he had just witnessed repeatedly as the fire inside him turned into a raging inferno. Ye Hua didn’t have a choice. Ye Hua had already decided that he needed to kill Ghost Lord Li Jing. Ye Hua walked away while the princess was still talking to him and headed back in the direction of Qian Qian’s room.


Bai Qian

As soon as Bai Qian heard Ye Hua leave, she stopped moving and lifted herself off of Li Jing’s face. She reached for her robe when she felt Li Jing pull her back into bed. Bai Qian turned around and said without any display of emotion, “Get out. I’m done.”

Li Jing was still highly aroused and pulled her hand down towards his ready manhood when she yanked away in disgust.

Li Jing looked confused but continued to try to coax her back into bed. He whispered, “A-Yin, I can make you feel even better with my body than my mouth. Come back into bed with me.”

Bai Qian tied the strap on her robe firmly and replied disinterestedly, “Li Jing, the Ghost Lord with 3,000 concubines, do you think I would allow any part of your filthy body to be inside me? Be satisfied that you got a taste of me. Now get out,” she smirked.

Li Jing tried grabbing her arm, but she moved quickly and opened the Jade Purity Fan to attack. She hissed while aiming her weapon towards Li Jing’s manhood, “Touch me again, and I’ll make it possible for you to join your harem. Get out and don’t look for me again.”

Bai Qian pointed to her door indicating he should leave now and turned her back to him. She heard Li Jing hesitantly pick up his clothes and leave her room. Once he’d closed the door, she ran and washed, repeatedly. The thought of Li Jing made her skin burn and sting as if fire ants had covered her entire body. Bai Qian’s skin was almost raw from the force of her washing. She allowed the water to flow over her body and silently cried.


Mo Yuan

Mo Yuan was walking out of the assembly with Donghua Dijun when he heard about Seventeen. He didn’t attend the meetings regularly, but Mo Yuan had come hoping to see Ye Hua. It had been many years since Ye Hua’d seen his twin. Mo Yuan felt strangely guilty towards Seventeen and purposely kept his distance from Ye Hua, so when he heard they were both attending the Eastern Sea banquet, he was quite concerned and confused.

Seventeen, who had spent years in deadly fear and hiding, had suddenly chosen to expose herself at a public event. Not just any banquet but one Seventeen knew in advance that Ye Hua was attending. In an instant, Mo Yuan knew his Seventeen had started her plan to claim the debts rightfully owed to her. Mo Yuan should have been more worried about his brother’s safety, but he was overwhelmed by his desire to protect Seventeen.


Ye Hua

Ye Hua staggered towards SuSu’s room but stopped when he saw her door closed completely. He wanted to kick it in, but he was afraid of what she could be doing on the other side. What would Ye Hua do if SuSu was allowing Ghost Lord Li Jing to take her? How would he be able to control himself seeing another man inside his wife? The thought of seeing Li Jing between his wife’s smooth legs made him unable to see straight, but Ye Hua had come with the intention of killing Li Jing, so he moved forward.

Ye Hua turned the door knob quietly but saw only SuSu sleeping in her bed. SuSu’s face was one of peace and innocence. Ye Hua relished in the image of his wife that he’d longed for right before his eyes. She was so beautiful. Even more stunning than he remembered. Did SuSu always smell like sweet peach blossoms and he’d forgotten? Gazing at her exquisite face surrounded by her raven black silky hair while she lay holding on to the blankets made Ye Hua think of Mount Junji.

Countless nights he’d secretly slept beside her after transforming into his human form. Her little black snake had been him in his dragon form. Ye Hua had fallen in love with SuSu while watching her sleep and history was repeating itself.

Ye Hua felt his heart overflow with love for SuSu. When she rolled to her side, curled up and smiled, tears came to his eyes and ran freely down his face. Ye Hua reached out and lightly touched her cheek to hear her softly coo in her sleep, as she always did. Ye Hua was unable to stop himself as his hand moved down her neck to her graceful shoulders. The sensation of her skin was much softer and silkier than he remembered. Everything about SuSu exceeded his memories. Ye Hua was still softly caressing SuSu’s shoulder and moving towards her breasts. Ye Hua began to fondle her perfectly full breasts when she slowly opened her eyes.

Instead of the expression of love, Ye Hua hoped to see, SuSu his wife looked up at him terrified.


Bai Qian

Bai Qian was sleeping deeper than usual. The entire trip had exhausted her to the point of complete fatigue. The emotions of seeing her son and Ye Hua again had taken their toll on her leaving Bai Qian spent.

In her deep sleep, she felt a presence beside her and recognized a familiar, warm, loving touch. Perhaps it was her fatigue, but it felt comforting, so Bai Qian kept her eyes closed thinking it was a dream. After years of having nightmares, a sweet dream such as this was a rare and treasured gift. She allowed herself to enjoy the soft touch that moved down her neck and to her shoulders.

She rolled to her side to get closer to the source of this exquisite sensation of being touched without feeling terror or fear. It had been so long since she’d allowed anyone to touch her in this manner but since it was a dream, Bai Qian surrendered to the gentle caress.

It was when she felt the touch move to her breasts; she realized this was no longer a dream. Someone was touching her, and it wasn’t a stranger’s touch. Bai Qian was terrified and slowly opened her eyes to see that her most frightening nightmare had followed her into her waking state.

Ye Hua had been touching her in her sleep. Ye Hua’s face flushed from his intoxication, and he continued to touch her now.

Paralyzed, Bai Qian overcome with fear as Ye Hua caressed and fondled her breasts. She couldn’t breathe, and her chest felt tight. Bai Qian saw the look of desire overcome Ye Hua’s face while calling her by her mortal name. Bai Qian was unable to speak or move. She’d turned into a statue from the horror of finding Ye Hua in her room touching her as he did when she was his mortal wife, SuSu, whom he had killed personally.

Ye Hua was here to take her eyes again, but first, he was going to force himself inside her.

Bai Qian started to gag from the scent of him involuntarily. Ye Hua’s hand stopped caressing her, and he got closer to her in concern, but in Bai Qian’s mind, Ye Hua was going to take her eyes again. She was about to scream when she saw a light coming from the hallway of her open door. It was Mo Yuan standing in the doorway.

Bai Qian somehow managed to lift her body up past Ye Hua to run into Mo Yuan’s arms and whimper, “Save me Shifu.”


to be continued………………..