嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 11




Ch 11:

Bai Qian

“You wish to come back to Celestial Heaven and create my happiness?” Ye Hua asked in his soft voice.

Bai Qian could see his eyes light up at the prospect of having her back. His expression didn’t reflect his emotions, but he couldn’t hide the spark in his gaze. Ye Hua wanted her back. Bai Qian had been correct. Ye Hua still considered her to be his wife. Like the spoiled child that he was, Ye Hua found her to be his belonging so he could break her again like a useless toy when he was through.

Bai Qian felt her lips tremble while maintaining her false smile and replied, “Are we not still husband and wife? Is it improper of me to make such a request? Forgive me Prince Ye Hua for being presumptuous and making such assumptions on my own.” Bai Qian bowed her head demurely to show her embarrassment.

Ye Hua took one of her hands into his and said, “No, I still consider our marriage to be valid. I’m surprised by your wish to return to Celestial Heaven and your sudden change of heart.”

Bai Qian looked lovingly into Ye Hua’s eyes and said in her softest voice, “Ye Hua, after seeing you and A-Li at the Eastern Sea, I realized how much I’d missed you. The old saying about ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ seems to be true. It’s been three hundred years since I’ve given birth to a son that I have yet to hold. It was foolish of me to hide from you, and I regret not coming back to you after my return to immortality.” Bai Qian had tears in her eyes when she added, “Seeing you again in my room that night reminded me of your tenderness. I was too intoxicated, and my first reaction was fear when I saw you, but it wasn’t directed at you. Why would I fear my husband?”

Bai Qian was shaking internally but maintained her poise.

Feeling and watching Ye Hua hold her hand was revolting. She blushed shyly and lowered her eyes demurely before meeting his gaze straight on. Bai Qian could see it in his eyes. Ye Hua was trying to read her intentions because he didn’t trust her but he was willing to do whatever he had to do to get her back. He was making his decisions with his libido like the sex fiend that he was.

Ye Hua probably couldn’t wait to get in between her thighs.

Bai Qian considered this was all he’d been thinking about since their meeting at the Eastern Sea banquet. She recalled Ye Hua’s sex drive during their mortal marriage and their time apart had most likely only intensified his want to reclaim her.

She struggled to hide her smirk. The thought of Ye Hua’s body on top of her almost made her gag. She looked forward to making him squirm and suffer from his sexual frustration. Bai Qian nearly laughed out loud thinking about watching him beg and plead for her body. Bai Qian would break him down repeatedly and deny him the one thing he desired the most.

When she did finally allow Ye Hua to have her body, Bai Qian would give him pleasures beyond his dreams; then she planned to demolish his heart completely.


Celestial Heaven

Bai Qian slowly walked around the Hall of Beautiful Youth and closed her eyes. Nothing had changed, even the scent and everything was as she remembered it to be. With her eyes closed, she knew by the sound of her steps on the wooden floor exactly where she stood in the room. Her memories of the solitary cell where she’d once been held were stronger without her sight. Had she not been imprisoned in this single chamber for most of her three-year pregnancy with A-Li? It was only at the end after Ye Hua received the royal seal that she was able to step out of the Hall of Beautiful Youth. Bai Qian had spent over one thousand days in this single space alone and the end, without her sight.


Ye Hua

Could he have been wrong about Qian Qian or was this a part of her master plan? Ye Hua was young but wise enough to know when someone was deceitful. Watching Qian Qian walk around her chamber at the Hall Of Beautiful Youth with the expression of a new bride made Ye Hua wonder if Qian Qian was sincere about wanting to return to him. Had she had a change of mind after seeing himself and A-Li during the banquet as she said?

Was he overly suspicious because of Mo Yuan’s warning? Could Mo Yuan have tried to deter Ye Hua from taking Qian Qian back because Mo Yuan wanted her for himself? Even with the many unanswered questions running through Ye Hua’s mind, when he saw Qian Qian walking around the Hall of Beautiful Youth, Ye Hua found his inquiries vanishing one after the other and becoming unimportant.

Regardless of her motives for returning to him, that Qian Qian still considered him to be her husband was enough for Ye Hua. He still loved his wife wholeheartedly and completely. After hundreds of years of longing, seeing Qian Qian back in the Hall of Beautiful Youth brought tears to his eyes. Ye Hua felt happiness for the first time in over three hundred years.

Qian Qian was not only the creator of Ye Hua’s happiness, but she was also his life.

When Ye Hua silently walked into the Hall of Beautiful Youth, Qian Qian turned and smiled before running into his arms unexpectedly. Ye Hua almost cried from joy. Qian Qian, his wife, was back in his embrace and her scent was exquisite. Ye Hua looked tenderly at Qian Qian, held her face and kissed her gently. Ye Hua had almost forgotten the feel of her soft lips. Qian Qian pressed her body into his, so he lifted her up into his arms and carried her to her bed. Ye Hua’s desire for Qian Qian was high. He’d wanted and yearned for his wife for so very long that the feel of her body in his embrace was more than he could bear.

Qian Qian returned his kiss with the same level of urgency. Ye Hua was ready to take her instantly when he felt her lick and suck his bottom lip. Qian Qian’s light moaning when Ye Hua kissed and sucked on her neck made him mad with passion. Ye Hua caressed her breasts and body over her clothing before sliding his hand into her silk skirt to touch her bare, silky smooth legs. Qian Qian pressed herself against his readiness, dropped her head back and released a sultry groan.

Ye Hua put his hand in between her creamy thighs and slowly moved his hand towards her lower treasure when Qian Qian suddenly pulled away and looked at him with apologetic eyes and said, “Ye Hua, I’m so exhausted from cloud jumping today. Couldn’t we wait to share bodily pleasure after I’ve rested?” Qian Qian was still caressing Ye Hua’s face tenderly and looking at him with her big doe eyes.

Ye Hua hadn’t considered her fatigue. Ye Hua realized he’d been inconsiderate and selfish. Ye Hua kissed her lightly on her full lush lips and apologetically replied, “Forgive me, Qian Qian. Of course, you’re tired. You should rest first.”

Qian Qian gazed into his eyes innocently and asked, “Ye Hua could you wait until I’ve changed and help me get comfortable? This environment is still unfamiliar, and I think I would sleep better if you did that for me.”

Ye Hua remembered how much SuSu, no, Qian Qian struggled to fall sleep somewhere new and agreed to wait. Qian Qian stood and went behind the changing screen. The light from behind the thin barrier through a clear silhouette of her alluring body while she removed her clothing. Ye Hua could see the curves of her body, and when Qian Qian turned to her side, he could see her breasts movement and the clear outline of her erect nipples as she pulled her dress off. Qian Qian was complete and tantalizingly nude.

Ye Hua could feel the light perspiration on his skin and his breath quickened while watching her remove her clothes. Qian Qian’s naked body, even with the screen in between them was irresistible. Qian Qian returned with her completely sheer, white night wear. Ye Hua could see the plum hue of her erect nipples and the darkness of the small amount of hair on her bewitching mound through the transparent material.

Qian Qian had her thick, luxurious long hair down as she got into her bed. She straightened her nightgown so that Ye Hua could see her naked body through the non-existent textile. Qian Qian looked at Ye Hua lovingly and made the motion for him to cover her up with the blanket. Qian Qian puckered her lips sweetly, so Ye Hua obliged her and kissed her lightly but felt her kiss quickly deepen. Ye Hua was unable to pull himself away. Qian Qian kissed him passionately and hungrily before slowly pulling away. She smiled, took his hand in hers and placed them on top of her breasts before falling asleep.

Ye Hua was uncomfortable from his unreleased desire, but his love for Qian Qian was much greater. Watching Qian Qian sleep back in her bed in Xiwu Palace beside him was more satisfying than touching her body.


Bai Qian

Bai Qian spent the first couple weeks in Celestial Heaven getting acquainted with her new surroundings. She was genuinely pleased to see Nai Nai, the servant who had been the only one who was kind to her during her heavenly trial. When Nai Nai first saw Bai Qian, she dropped to her knees and cried at her mistress’ feet. Bai Qian pulled Nai Nai to her feet and graciously thanked Nai Nai for caring for her during her trial.

Bai Qian displayed genuine affection only for A-Li, with whom she spent most of her time. A-Li insisted on sleeping with his mother which made it difficult for Ye Hua to make any progress intimately with his wife. When Ye Hua would try to move A-Li in his sleep, their son would wake up and start crying for his mother. Bai Qian would flash her big sad eyes at Ye Hua which made Ye Hua feel guilty for separating her from A-Li.

Ye Hua then planned and executed another plan. He had Cheng Yu take A-Li for sugarcane. Ye Hua prepared an evening of privacy for himself with Bai Qian. Ye Hua had wine served which pleased Bai Qian immensely, but he ended up passing out drunk and didn’t wake up until the following morning. When Ye Hua awoke in Bai Qian’s bed completely dressed, she teased him for having such low tolerance for a man.

The first time Bai Qian saw Su Jin again, Su Jin fell to the ground when she saw Bai Qian’s face. Stunned, Ye Hua watched Bai Qian help Su Jin up to her feet. Bai Qian told Su Jin to call her sister instead of High Goddess since Su Jin was Ye Hua’s side consort. Bai Qian, as Princess Consort, was in charge of Ye Hua’s harem. Bai Qian inquired about when Su Jin was going to get pregnant since Su Jin had been with Ye Hua for so long. Bai Qian also suggested that Ye Hua take the Princess Miao Qing, who had followed him from the Eastern Sea, as his concubine.

Bai Qian did allow Ye Hua to kiss and touch her somewhat freely over her clothes. The closest Ye Hua got to having bodily pleasure with Bai Qian was the first night she arrived. Ye Hua had yet to see her completely nude. Bai Qian behaved extremely provocatively with Ye Hua which only made things more difficult for him. Her kisses were highly arousing and sensual. Once, Bai Qian kissed him erotically while sitting on his lap and straddling his pounding erection. She rotated her hips lightly, ground herself on him and Ye Hua very nearly ejaculated fully clothed from the warming sensation.

Ye Hua was starting to suffer physical discomfort from his lack of release. When Ye Hua subtly hinted to Bai Qian about their lack of intimacy, she apologized and told Ye Hua that she was still a virgin. Ye Hua had deflowered her mortal body, but her immortal form was still intact. Bai Qian said to Ye Hua that although he was her mortal husband, she didn’t remember their courtship. Bai Qian needed time to get to know Ye Hua again and requested his patience with her.

Bai Qian suggested Ye Hua visit Su Jin or Miao Qing for his physical needs. She encouraged Ye Hua to expand his harem so he’d have more young, beautiful concubines to choose from.

Bai Qian expressed her concern for his lack of children with his harem and A-Li’s loneliness in being an only child. When Ye Hua suggested they have another child, Bai Qian was most agreeable but worried that she was too old to conceive again. Bai Qian always repeated and made sure Ye Hua never forgot that she was 90,000 years older than Ye Hua. Bai Qian reminded Ye Hua that he was exactly the age of what her grandchildren would have been if she had married and had children at a proper age.

During the day, Bai Qian spent her time with either A-Li or Ye Hua’s mother. Bai Qian specially requested Ye Hua’s mother to coördinate her immortal wedding to Ye Hua. Since it would be a marriage of two powerful clans, Bai Qian said she found comfort in Ye Hua’s mother’s detail for the finer things and her sophistication. Bai Qian watched the foul woman who had forced SuSu to kneel at her feet during her pregnancy, glow and bask in Bai Qian’s false compliments.

When Ye Hua requested to take Bai Qian away when A-Li wasn’t around, his mother scolded Ye Hua for being too greedy with his wife. Bai Qian would blush and promise to stay beside her future mother-in-law so they could continue with the wedding planning.

Heavenly Lord was at first stunned when he saw Bai Qian’s similarity to the mortal SuSu. However, after hearing about Bai Qian and Ye Hua’s plans to wed, his fears vanished, and he overjoyed. Heavenly Lord inquired about when they would be getting married and when the Fox King would be sending correspondence for a formal meeting. Bai Qian explained her father was in seclusion and the wedding would happen as soon the Fox King returned.

In reality, the Fox King knew nothing about Bai Qian being in Celestial Heaven because she knew he would have never approved. The Fox Clan thought she was at Kunlun with Mo Yuan and never suspected she was with Ye Hua.

Heavenly Lord openly expressed his wish for many more Imperial great-grandchildren when Bai Qian and Ye Hua came to offer their daily greetings. Bai Qian blushed with color and lowered her eyes shyly at his candid requests.

Ye Hua now believed Bai Qian’s memory fragmented, especially after seeing her interaction with Su Jin. Bai Qian didn’t remember anything about Ye Hua taking her eyes which brought him some relief. If she remembered the removal of her eyes, it would have been impossible for Bai Qian to behave the way she did with Su Jin.

Nobody in the world could act that genuine with the person responsible for the loss of their eyes.


to be continued…………