嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 12



Ch 12:

Bai Qian

Being back in her hell brought back all the memories Bai Qian had spent the last three hundred years trying to forget. The discrimination, bias and unfair treatment she endured as a mortal were the last thoughts she had before falling asleep and her first reverie when she awoke. Bai Qian had personally chosen this traumatic path of revenge but realized she wasn’t as numb as she’d thought herself to be. It still hurt her as it had three hundred years ago. Bai Qian hadn’t been able to take a single step away from her horrific past.

SuSu had held Bai Qian back and together they had remained frozen in time.

The only way she would find peace so that SuSu would release her would be to reclaim everything taken from her. Ye Hua had approached her at Mount Junji and made her fall in love with him. Ye Hua had taken her heart with his body, and it was now time for Bai Qian to do the same. Heavenly Lord abused his power to ruin SuSu and allowed Ye Hua and Su Jin to steal her eyes, Bai Qian would use the same corrupt power belonging to Heavenly Lord to retrieve her eyes back from Su Jin. Now that Bai Qian had infiltrated the Celestials, she would bring them down and make them kneel at her feet.

Bai Qian exuded false happiness. She remained close to Su Jin and never showed any sign of her true feelings. Almost always when Bai Qian looked at Su Jin, she would stare at her own eyes that Su Jin was still using. Three hundred years later and they were still in Su Jin’s sockets instead of their rightful owner’s.

Bai Qian mastered the ability to smile as bitterness lingered on her tongue.

One day Su Jin looked up at her and noticed Bai Qian’s intense gaze and asked, “Sister, is something bothering you today?”

Bai Qian smiled sweetly and replied, “Consort Su Jin, you have such lovely eyes. I would like to have your eyes.” Bai Qian moved closer, pointed her index finger, curled it to form a hook, motioned as if she was going to use her finger to remove them. Bai Qian sat back, laughed and added, “One day, I believe someone might just steal your eyes right out of your sockets.” Bai Qian giggled and continued sweetly, “They are so beautiful, and I’ve decided I must have them for myself.” Bai Qian wrinkled her nose playfully and chuckled softly. She held Su Jin’s hand tenderly and said. “Perhaps that’s why Ye Hua took you as his side consort. Does he stare at them when you share bodily pleasure together or is that too personal of a question, Consort Su Jin?”

Su Jin fluttered her eyes fearfully, smiled nervously and politely thanked Bai Qian for her kind compliment. Bai Qian could see Su Jin’s lips quiver slightly while attempting to continue to laugh.

Ye Hua’s attentive behavior towards her was excessive to the point of annoyance, which made Bai Qian more resentful of his neglect towards her during her heavenly trial. If it was against Celestial laws for an immortal to be with a mortal, Ye Hua, who entered SuSu’s life, should have been the one punished not the other way around.

Some nights she tossed and turned silently, seething with her hatred towards Ye Hua. Now, he wanted to spend every free minute he had with Bai Qian and couldn’t keep his hands off her while he had ignored SuSu through her entire pregnancy. Bai Qian couldn’t remember a single embrace from Ye Hua during her heavenly trial while in Celestial Heaven.

Bai Qian still requested Ye Hua to come and either sit or hold her nightly until she fell asleep. Her night wear became more and more revealing. Bai Qian stopped using the changing screen and undressed in front of Ye Hua but not before asking him to close his eyes. Sometimes, Bai Qian would allow Ye Hua’s hands and mouth to kiss, fondle and suck her bare breasts under her night wear. She felt his stiff manhood press against her and heard his breath quicken, but she never allowed his hands to move below her waist.

Ye Hua begged and pleaded with Bai Qian to allow him to make love to her, but she declined his request. Bai Qian explained that she did not recall sharing bodily pleasure with Ye Hua during her heavenly trial. Bai Qian said she didn’t feel that she was ready to experience such pain. Bai Qian questioned Ye Hua curiously about why he didn’t visit his beautiful and willing side consort if his urgency was so intense.

Bai Qian suggested Ye Hua should try relieving himself and admitted that she pleasured herself often throughout the day. Bai Qian explained that it alleviated her stress. Ye Hua promised to reduce her stress through bodily pleasure, and Bai Qian firmly requested that Ye Hua stop pressuring her to do something she wasn’t ready to do. Bai Qian also informed Ye Hua that even after their marriage, she expected him to rotate himself between her and his harem because she didn’t want to be bothered nightly by his desires.

While Bai Qian continually expressed her lack of interest in bodily pleasure, she stopped wearing night wear and began sleeping in the nude. Bai Qian nearly burst out laughing when she heard Ye Hua lightly whimper from his sexual frustration. She pretended to be sleeping and put her bare leg on Ye Hua’s thigh. Bai Qian felt Ye Hua’s body tense up and heard him hold his breath before releasing a heavy, defeated sigh.

One evening Bai Qian took Princess Miao Qing to bed with her. They were both nude, kissing slowing and teasingly while touching one another when Ye Hua came in to say good night. Ye Hua saw the wine table and all the empty bottles Bai Qian had drunk with Princess Miao Qing. Princess Miao Qing was kissing, licking and sucking Bai Qian’s breasts provocatively while Bai Qian arched her back seductively. Bai Qian panted and moaned from her intense pleasure. She encouraged Princess Miao Qing to move in-between Bai Qian’s open thighs to give her oral pleasure.

Ye Hua was sexually provoked by their exotic, intoxicating performance but his jealousy was stronger than his arousal. Ye Hua stopped them and explained, regardless of the gender, nobody was allowed to touch his wife but himself. Bai Qian drunkenly teased Ye Hua for being unnecessarily jealous and reminded him that they were not officially married yet. Bai Qian continued kissing the princess, suggested Ye Hua go to Su Jin for the evening and asked Ye Hua to leave so she could put up a privacy shield.

When Ye Hua saw Princess Miao Qing kissing Bai Qian’s body as she moved towards her lower treasure, his face turned a shade of dark pink with rage before he roughly pulled Princess Miao Qing from Bai Qian. Ye Hua yelled at Princess Miao Qing to leave, knelt beside Bai Qian’s bed and begged Bai Qian for permission to make love to her.

Bai Qian flatly denied him without hesitation, turned her back to him and fell asleep.

In three months time, she had broken Ye Hua and made him beg and plead as she’d planned, but now it was time to give him some happiness so she could take it away.

The evening Bai Qian decided she would allow Ye Hua to have her body; she had spent most of the day drinking wine. When Ye Hua came to do his nightly duty of staying with her until she fell asleep, Bai Qian was already in her bed. Bai Qian looked at Ye Hua and only said that she was ready. Ye Hua didn’t understand until she pulled back the covers, exposed her nudity and thanked him for waiting so patiently.

Ye Hua used a spell to remove his clothes because he couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough manually. Bai Qian saw his big ready manhood and cringed. Ye Hua rushed and hasty from waiting for so long. He explored her body with his hands, mouth, and tongue manically while Bai Qian laid in bed silent. Ye Hua slid in between her thighs, held her face and kissed Bai Qian sweetly. Ye Hua tenderly explained that she would experience pain and to stop him if it was unbearable. Ye Hua pressed his lips to hers and penetrated her completely with a single swift stroke with his erect, thick, sword while groaning the entire time loudly.

Bai Qian held her breath from the excruciating pain of his girth. Tears involuntary ran from her eyes which she quickly wiped away. Ye Hua expression of pleasure softened when he asked if he’d hurt her too much. Bai Qian’s looked at Ye Hua surprised and replied that she didn’t realize that he had already penetrated her. She lied and said she felt nothing while gritting her teeth from the intense pain of his thick shaft. Bai Qian felt his hunger, and urgent movements as her body reacted, becoming wet from the pleasure of his thrusts. Bai Qian was on the verge of climaxing, but hid her passion and instead looked around her chamber and ceiling with an expression of boredom.

Bai Qian didn’t make any noises while Ye Hua made love to her. The only time she spoke was to tell Ye Hua not to ejaculate inside her. She didn’t want to get pregnant before their wedding because she felt that was inappropriate. When Ye Hua apologetically told her that he had already come inside her, Bai Qian advised in a tone that barely masked her annoyance that he would need to learn to control himself better. She understood his lack of experience and youth were probably to blame. When Ye Hua asked if she climaxed, she replied that she didn’t and not to worry about her. Bai Qian told Ye Hua as long as he was happy, she was all right. Bai Qian also asked him if he was done so that she could go to sleep.


Ye Hua

Ye Hua endured Qian Qian’s teasing manner patiently. He refused to relieve himself in hopes Qian Qian would change her mind shortly. When Qian Qian started sleeping nude, Ye Hua began to think that she was finally ready. However, Ye Hua now wondered if Qian Qian preferred women when he walked in on her with Princess Miao Qing.

When Ye Hua heard Qian Qian say she was ready, Ye Hua almost burst into tears from relief. He had been sexually frustrated for months, so he was unsuccessful when he attempted to slow his pace. Ye Hua reminded himself that Qian Qian was still intact, but he was barely able to keep himself from penetrating her the moment he got into her bed.

The heat from her naked skin on his made his face flush with color. Ye Hua lovingly warned Qian Qian about the pain but wasn’t able to delay his frenzied pace. Ye Hua penetrated her hard and deeply in one single stroke moaning the entire time. Ye Hua expected to hear Qian Qian release a sound from the pain but she didn’t cry out or make any noise.

When Ye Hua had taken SuSu for the first time, he recalled she experienced severe pain due to his size, but Qian Qian asked if he was already inside her. Ye Hua didn’t question Qian Qian’s virginity. He felt her intense tightness around his throbbing manhood. Ye Hua also experienced slight pain when he first penetrated Qian Qian due to her narrow core. Ye Hua felt and saw the warm blood between her legs but how could she not feel any pain from his penetration. How could she ask if he was inside her?

If Qian Qian hadn’t made Ye Hua wait for so long, he could have controlled himself better, but Ye Hua reached his peak within the first few strokes. Ye Hua felt embarrassed by his lack of mastery and shyly looked down at Qian Qian to see her staring at the ceiling looking bored.

Could Qian Qian’s body be that different as an immortal? SuSu had been extremely responsive, and Ye Hua had been able to bring SuSu to climax quickly. Qian Qian didn’t show any reaction nor did she make any sounds. If anything her expression was bored, disinterested and unsatisfied.

Qian Qian openly commented about his youth and his inability to last before asking if he was able to bring Su Jin to climax. When Ye Hua replied that he had not bedded Su Jin, Qian Qian suggested that he should go for practice and asked if he was done so she could go to sleep.

Ye Hua then remembered Qian Qian’s passionate evening with Princess Miao Qing and asked if she preferred women. Qian Qian giggled and caressed his face tenderly. Qian Qian replied that she had loved only two men wholeheartedly in her immortal life, Ghost Lord Li Jing and her shifu, Mo Yuan. Ye Hua noticed Qian Qian’s gaze softened, her cheeks blushed becomingly and Qian Qian smiled sweetly before saying Mo Yuan’s name as if she was still in love with him.

Since she didn’t remember her mortal love, she said she would eventually grow to love Ye Hua too someday.

Qian Qian shattered both Ye Hua’s heart and his male pride the evening he deflowered her immortal body. He wasn’t able to get another erection that night. There was truth to his lack of experience because he had only been intimate with SuSu. Ye Hua’s inability to please Qian Qian destroyed his confidence but hearing Qian Qian say that she had once been in love with Mo Yuan was devastatingly heartbreaking.


to be continued……………