嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 14 NSFW


Ch 14:

Ye Hua

Ye Hua lifted Qian Qian’s hot body to her knees and penetrated her from behind. He pushed Qian Qian’s back forcibly down towards the bed and inclined her delicate body so he could get inside her deeper. Ye Hua felt her silky, tight, sweet, walls enfold his hard manhood and quickened his pace. Qian Qian grabbed the railing of her bed and tried to move away from Ye Hua, but he dragged her back firmly by her smooth thighs. Ye Hua grasped Qian Qian tightly by her hips and pulled her towards him to absorb every one of his abyssal strokes. Qian Qian wasn’t making any noise, but her honey like ambrosia was all over his stiff, raised, shaft. Ye Hua licked and moistened his index and third fingers and rubbed her outer pearl in a circular motion without breaking his rhythmic, pounding, pace.

Ye Hua groaned loudly with every stroke.

Ye Hua could feel Qian Qian purposely holding back, so he started to describe what he saw. Ye Hua explicitly told Qian Qian how much he loved being inside her narrow, wet core and that he was covered by her sweet dew. Ye Hua told Qian Qian in full detail how deliciously pink and tantalizing her lower treasure was, so firmly clasped around his thick, throbbing, sword. Ye Hua felt Qian Qian’s inner walls start tightening around his girth, pulsate steadily and knew she was climaxing. She stubbornly refused to give in to Ye Hua and remained silent while her body twitched from her peak.

Ye Hua then flipped her lithe body over so Qian Qian was on her back. Ye Hua raised himself to her beautiful face and sensuously slid his tongue inside her mouth with a passionate kiss. Qian Qian’s face flushed with color, and she was still catching her breath from her climax. She turned her head to break their kiss. Qian Qian glared at Ye Hua and ordered him not to come inside her again. Ye Hua smirked, quickened his strokes, pressed his lips to her ear, and said to Qian Qian between his heavy panting, that he was going to fill her all night long, before defiantly climaxing deeply inside her again.


Bai Qian

Bai Qian instructed Ye Hua not to ejaculate inside her again, but he did with a vengeance. After Ye Hua’s fourth release, Bai Qian thought Ye Hua was finally through, but she was wrong. When he wasn’t erect, he used his hands, lips, mouth, and tongue so that there was a part of Ye Hua’s body inside Bai Qian continuously. Bai Qian remained unyielding, refused to admit defeat, so she remained silent and acted unresponsive while her body betrayed her repeatedly.

Bai Qian hated Ye Hua, but his body owned hers. Ye Hua was able to bring her to climax frequently quickly.

Ye Hua didn’t seem even the slightest bit drained. He laid on top of her, between her sore thighs, and guided himself inside her again. Bai Qian became wetter when she felt the exquisite friction of his thick shaft and closed her eyes. Ye Hua suddenly stopped his movement. He caressed her cheek lightly and whispered for her to open her eyes. Ye Hua asked, “Qian Qian, do you still see Mo Yuan when I’m inside you?”

Bai Qian turned her head to avoid looking at Ye Hua, but he grabbed Bai Qian firmly by her chin and pull her face towards his so their eyes met.

Ye Hua tenderly stroked her face and corrected her mistake in a firm tone, “Qian Qian, look at me because I’m going to be the only man in your life. I’m not Mo Yuan. I’m your husband, Ye Hua.”

Ye Hua then pushed himself into her so rapidly that she gasped from the pain of his deep penetration. Ye Hua kissed her gently, pulled himself out of Qian Qian, met her gaze again and whispered in his soft voice, “Keep your eyes wide open and watch me, your husband, Ye Hua, because I’m going to fill you again.”

Ye Hua pulled himself to his knees, grabbed her ankles securely, pushed her legs together straight up into the air and down towards her chest. He panted and loudly growled as he buried himself thoroughly inside her enticing exposed lower treasure again. Ye Hua drove his massive shaft with full force, increased the speed of his thrusts and released his seed inside her again.

Bai Qian who had been able to remain silent, during her previous peaks, was unable to hold back and suddenly grabbed the railing above her head. She moaned, cried loudly and raised herself to meet his hammering moves. Bai Qian whimpered and cried from her intense orgasm but looked straight into Ye Hua’s eyes, smirked and moaned, “Deeper, Mo Yuan.”

Ye Hua heard Bai Qian call Mo Yuan’s name, didn’t stop penetrating her, ejaculated intensely inside her again and started chuckling in disbelief when he was through. Ye Hua laid back on her bed and pulled Bai Qian into his embrace tenderly. He was still laughing as he shook his head highly amused and whispered,

“Qian Qian, I’ve never lost a battle in my life and don’t plan to start now. You’ve known Mo Yuan for thousands of years, so I expect you to have some lingering feelings towards him, but I’m a patient man. I waited three hundred years for you to return to me and luckily we have eternity since we are both immortal.” Ye Hua touched her face lovingly when he added, “Qian Qian, I still love you as I always have. No, I love you more than before. Nothing you do or will change that fact.”

Ye Hua lightly kissed Bai Qian’s forehead with his full lips, stood and began to dress. After he fully clothed in his completely black attire, Ye Hua came back and sat beside Bai Qian on her bed. Bai Qian noticed his eyes had darkened onyx as if pulled from the night; she wasn’t able to see his pupils. He kissed her affectionately on her swollen, sore, lips, held Bai Qian’s face fondly, gave her a little smile, and said,

“As much as I’d prefer to stay and continue making love to you, Heavenly Grandfather has requested my presence to discuss a matter. You should rest now. I’ll be back tomorrow…no later after I’m through with my official duties.” Ye Hua pressed his lips to Bai Qian’s lips again, stared into her eyes adoring and whispered that he loved her before leaving her chamber.

When Ye Hua finally left Bai Qian alone, she collapsed on her bed from fatigue and pain. Bai Qian’s bedding underneath her sore body soaked from their bodily fluids. Bai Qian could barely move as a result of Ye Hua’s persistent attempts to break her.

She laughed briefly, thinking about the expression on Ye Hua’s face when she called Mo Yuan’s name. The first had been a slip of her tongue, but she’d purposely moaned her Shifu’s name the second time. Ye Hua’s behavior was not as she’d hoped and his reaction frightened her. He had continued to climax inside her, laughed and didn’t seem fazed the second time.

Bai Qian felt a chill run through her body from her fear of Ye Hua’s unpredictable nature. Bai Qian then realized that she didn’t know Ye Hua as well as she thought she did.

Bai Qian requested Nai Nai bring her several bottles of wine to numb her body’s discomfort. She was sore from head to toe. Bai Qian was rapidly drinking wine when she suddenly remembered that Ye Hua said that he’d be back later, so she instantly used a spell as a privacy shield. Bai Qian’s body couldn’t endure any more of Ye Hua’s attention, and she kept her protective barrier up for two days to recover from Ye Hua’s physical display of love.

The day Bai Qian removed her privacy shield, she requested Su Jin join her for tea. Bai Qian thought Ye Hua wouldn’t dare try anything, while Su Jin was in the same room with them. Bai Qian forced herself to make small talk with Su Jin.

Bai Qian asked about Ye Hua’s mortal wife, SuSu. Su Jin told Bai Qian that SuSu was an insignificant mortal. Ye Hua had impregnated SuSu as payment, for saving his life and that Ye Hua never displayed any affection for SuSu, because he didn’t love her

Su Jin expressed grave concern for A-Li’s future in becoming Ye Hua’s successor because he was half mortal. Su Jin admitted her hope that she would like one day birth a prince for Ye Hua.

A real prince of full immortal blood was truly worthy of the throne and title of Heavenly Lord.

Su Jin dared to say that SuSu had abandoned her newborn child, returned to the mortal realm and was probably with another man. Su Jin had tears in her eyes when she told Bai Qian about SuSu’s lack of maternal love. SuSu had never touched or held her child once before leaving A-Li behind.

Su Jin then smiled as she explained that Ye Hua had named the unimportant mortal SuSu, because of the ‘Su’ in her name. Su Jin reminisced and told Bai Qian in full detail, with a gleam in her eyes, how she’d been with Ye Hua since they were children.

It was then Bai Qian heard SuSu’s whispers in her ear. It was time to retrieve her eyes back.

Bai Qian stood slowly, walked towards Su Jin, knelt in front of Su Jin smiling and held her face tenderly with one hand. Su Jin looked surprised by Bai Qian’s display of affection and commented about what a loving sister Bai Qian had become to her. Bai Qian smiled wider and secretly released her razor-sharp fox claws. Her hand was moving towards Su Jin’s face when Ye Hua suddenly walked into her chamber.

Bai Qian instantly retracted her claws back.

Ye Hua walked past Su Jin with indifference. Su Jin’s eyes lit up and sparkled when she saw Ye Hua. He didn’t acknowledge Su Jin’s presence but reached for Bai Qian’s hand and lifted her to her feet. Ye Hua caressed Bai Qian’s face lovingly and told her that he had missed her terribly while she had her privacy shield up. Ye Hua didn’t look in Su Jin’s direction but coldly told her to leave.

Bai Qian smiled and lightly teased that Su Jin had just arrived. She, as the Princess Consort, held authority over Ye Hua about his harem and consorts. Bai Qian told Ye Hua that she wasn’t ready for Su Jin to go. Bai Qian ordered Su Jin to remain seated and not to move from her very spot until she gave Su Jin permission to take her leave.

To Bai Qian’s surprise, Ye Hua kissed her passionately in front of Su Jin, who was staring at her in disbelief and envy. Bai Qian politely asked Ye Hua to refrain from being too affectionate while Consort Su Jin was still present. Ye Hua ignored Bai Qian’s request, reached for her belt, untied it, and attempted to undress her. Ye Hua told Bai Qian to send Su Jin away, but Bai Qian firmly pushed Ye Hua’s hands away. She told Ye Hua to stop being rude and show some restraint while his side consort was watching.

Ye Hua reached out and continued to undress Bai Qian. He said in a tone loud enough for Su Jin to hear, “Qian Qian, I want you now and nothing is going to stop me from taking you, so if you don’t send Su Jin away, she can sit there and watch.”

Bai Qian glanced over and saw Su Jin watching them wide-eyed with a sad, pained expression on her face. She watched Su Jin’s open palm which had been over her heart turn into a tight fist. Tears ran freely down Su Jin’s face, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Ye Hua. Su Jin was looking longingly at Ye Hua with the eyes she had stolen from SuSu.

Bai Qian looked up at Ye Hua, wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “I’m ready to call your name Ye Hua. Take me now.”


to be continued………..