嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction 19 NSFW



Ch 19

Mo Yuan

Mo Yuan heard Seventeen’s terrified screams in the dense forest. By the time Mo Yuan’d reached to where she was, Ye Hua had Seventeen in a forced clutch. She was screaming and crying when Mo Yuan forcefully pulled Seventeen from Ye Hua’s unwanted embrace. Seventeen saw Mo Yuan’s face, hid behind him, dropped to her knees, and continued sobbing. Ye Hua looked at Mo Yuan with an expression that was challenging and unyielding.

Ye Hua wasn’t going to back down and asked angrily, “Why did you have to feed her amnesia potion? Were you so afraid she’d come back to me? I didn’t know that High God, Mo Yuan, God of War, lacked the confidence to keep a woman by his side without erasing her past love. You’re marrying a woman who is already married to me.” Ye Hua scoffed at Mo Yuan.

Seventeen who had cried hysterically looked up at Mo Yuan and asked in a whisper of a voice, “Shifu, what is Heavenly Lord talking about?”

Mo Yuan turned back helped Seventeen up and caressed her face tenderly, “Seventeen return to Kunlun Mountain. I have something to discuss with Ye Hua. I’ll explain everything when I return.” Mo Yuan kissed Seventeen’s forehead and wiped the tears off her face.

Ye Hua was fuming turned and walked a full circle in a fury before exclaiming loudly “Do not kiss my wife!”

Mo Yuan looked at Seventeen, held her face, kissed her lips softly and encouraged her to leave. Seventeen gazed at Mo Yuan, and then Ye Hua confused before cloud jumping back to Kunlun Mountain.

Mo Yuan turned all his attention to Ye Hua and said as calmly as he could hiding his anger, “I understand your severe grief, but you must release her now. Seventeen doesn’t recognize you or anything after her departure to resealing Qing Cang. Her broken mind has repaired itself during her slumber. Can’t you allow Seventeen to exist without her past, heartbreaking, sorrows?

Ye Hua, must you have to watch her kill herself again to be satisfied? Twice wasn’t enough for you?”

Ye Hua smirked and replied sarcastically, “I watched her only once. High God, Mo Yuan, you stole her from me the first time.” Ye Hua glared at Mo Yuan and added, “Well, of course, she’s forgotten everything. You’ve probably fed her so much amnesia potion that I’m surprised she remembers her name. Were you that afraid she’d come back to me, Mo Yuan? Have you considered that she’s accepting you now because you look like me?”

Mo Yuan released a deep sigh and said, “She wasn’t given any amnesia potion. She woke up without her memories. Perhaps it was her own mind’s defense that repaired and protected itself for self-preservation and Ye Hua have you considered that she accepted you initially at Mount Junji because you look like me?” Mo Yuan paused as if to control his wrath and added,

“Ye Hua as not only your older brother, but also as the Master of Kunlun Mountain, and God Of War, I’m commanding you to stay away from her. Seventeen has only just woken up and is still extremely fragile. If Bai Zhi, the Fox King, discovers that you’ve approached his daughter again, he will declare a war that I won’t be able to stop.

Will you be the Heavenly Lord that brings calamity to your entire clan for one woman?

Ye Hua swiftly turned to Mo Yuan, his cheeks flushed with color from his anger and said defiantly, “One woman? Qian Qian is not one woman, she is the only love in this world for me. Not only would I fight for Qian Qian but I would willingly die for her as well. Tell High God, Bai Zhi, the Fox King, to do as he pleases, however, if Qian Qian comes to me of her own free will, then everyone must accept that fact and allow her to live as she wishes. High God, Mo Yuan, you don’t have any idea what it feels like to be loved by Qian Qian completely, body and soul as I do. If you did, you would understand my endless unwillingness to give her up.”

Ye Hua turned to leave but suddenly turn back towards Mo Yuan, smirked and said, “Ah, I won’t need to chase her. Qian Qian will come back to me because I own her body. Nine-Tailed Foxes mate only one partner for life, and I’m the only lover she’s had.” Ye Hua cloud jumped and left an enraged Mo Yuan standing in the forest.


When Mo Yuan returned to Kunlun, Seventeen was already fast asleep. She had returned to Kunlun when Zhe Yan had coincidentally happened to be there as well. Seventeen was so distressed and hysterical that Zhe Yan had prescribed a remedy to sedate her. Zhe Yan asked what had caused her to become so upset and Mo Yuan told him that she’d met Ye Hua again. The blood from Zhe Yan’s face drained, his complexion turned ashen and asked if she recognized him. When Mo Yuan replied that she had not, Zhe Yan let out a deep breath and told Mo Yuan, that High God, Bai Zhi, the Fox King would be wild with rage if he found out.

Mo Yuan requested Zhe Yan not say anything yet for the time being for the peace of all realms. Mo Yuan feared High God, Bai Zhi, the Fox King’s quick temper and his speedy response would be hypersensitive since Seventeen had just woken up. Mo Yuan didn’t say anything about Ye Hua’s threat to claim Seventeen back. Mo Yuan wanted to give Ye Hua the benefit of the doubt that he would calm down and realize he was irrational. Mo Yuan hoped Ye Hua was wise enough to overcome his despair and consider what was best for Seventeen even if it meant she wouldn’t be with him.

Mo Yuan was however furious with Ye Hua’s inappropriate behavior and had Kunlun Mountain sealed for the time being. Mo Yuan needed to figure out the most peaceful and efficient solution for everyone especially his Seventeen’s mental and emotional state.

What would Mo Yuan say when Seventeen asked him what Ye Hua was talking about? He didn’t feel right telling Seventeen the truth for her protection but was that the right thing to do? If he didn’t tell her and she discovered it from other sources, would Seventeen feel betrayal for not being told the truth?


Seventeen was sleeping when Mo Yuan went to sit beside her. She heard Mo Yuan, woke up and reached her hand out for his. Seventeen looked into Mo Yuan’s eyes and asked softly, “Shifu hold me?”

Mo Yuan took his thick robe off, laid beside her and held Seventeen in his arms. He smelled the subtly sweet, enticing scent of her skin and hair.

“Shifu, what was Heavenly Lord Ye Hua talking about earlier? Why did he call me his wife? Why was he so angry and confused? Where is his wife?” Seventeen asked.

Mo Yuan kissed her forehead and replied, “You resemble his dead wife, so he was confused temporarily but don’t worry. Everything will be okay. Ye Hua is not a bad person. Did he scare you?”

Seventeen sighed and said, “At first, but now I feel sympathy for him. Heavenly Lord must miss his wife very much to become so disoriented.” Seventeen nudged closer to Mo Yuan and added, “It’s unfortunate I don’t have any sisters for him. He seems very lonely.”

Mo Yuan chuckled softly and said, “Only because I’m a Taoist master I can put up with a nine-tailed fox’s flippant and unruly temper. I wouldn’t do that to my brother.”

Seventeen started to giggle before she rolled on top of Mo Yuan and said, “If you don’t want me, then I guess I’ll just find someone younger than you, who has the energy to keep up with me.”

Mo Yuan held her face tenderly with both hands and just replied, “Good luck with that.”

Seventeen stuck out her bottom lip and pretended to pout before happily falling asleep in Mo Yuan’s arms.


Sometime before dawn, while Mo Yuan was asleep and unaware of what was happening, Mo Yuan felt Seventeen laying on top of his nude, well, defined, body completely naked and kissing his neck. Seventeen had removed his clothes while he slept. Mo Yuan was still half asleep as he ran his strong masculine hands over the softness of her bare shoulders, down her smooth back, past the dip before caressing her curvaceous and round bottom. Her skin was softer and sleeker than the finest silk.

Seventeen moved her lips from his neck, kissed his lips, gazed deeply into his dark eyes and whispered inches ear in her sultry voice, “Shifu, I don’t want to wait anymore.”

Mo Yuan smiled and asked teasingly, “You don’t want to wait until our wedding night?”

Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan disappointed and replied annoyed, “Well if you want to wait for a couples months to a year or so, then I’ll just go back to sleep.”

Mo Yuan thought about what she said and replied quickly, “Seventeen, I was still asleep when you asked me, so I didn’t understand the question but know I do. My answer is yes, now.”

Seventeen started to giggle and questioned, “Yes, so you want to wait?”

Mo Yuan grabbed her swiftly before she could turn her back and said, “No! I’ve wanted this moment for over 10,000 years.” Mo Yuan pulled her body on top of his and saw the still unhealed scar on her heart, reached out and rubbed it tenderly, “Does it still hurt?” He asked.

Seventeen made a sad face, stuck out her bottom lip, nodded ‘yes,’ and fluttered her lashes sadly before saying to Mo Yuan, “I think you need to kiss it and make it better.”

Mo Yuan smiled, pulled her down, reversed positions so that he was now on top. He played along with her charming love game and asked with concern in his voice, “Where does it hurt?”

Seventeen pointed to her lips, so Mo Yuan kissed them passionately. Then she pointed to her scar on her heart, which Mo Yuan gently caressed with his soft lips and kissed it gently. Seventeen pointed to her breasts next, so Mo Yuan obliged her, with slow wet kisses, licking and sucking on her delicious breasts and dark rose-colored, erect, nipples as she moaned softly.

Mo Yuan’s expression deep with worry and asked softly, “Have I kissed all your pains away?”

Seventeen looked at him sadly and nodded ‘no,’ so Mo Yuan posed in a tone full of care, “Where else do you have pain that I need to kiss away?” Seventeen struggled to hide her giggle as she innocently pointed to her lower treasure. Mo Yuan was surprised. His eyes opened widely in surprise at Seventeen’s bold, playful, behavior, and fought to keep his light laughter from escaping.

He made a false, sad, expression and asked, “Oh Seventeen, how did you hurt that?”

Seventeen sighed deeply and replied, “Well Shifu, all those hours sitting and listening to you lecture about strategic planning. Also all copies of “The True Classics of Vacuity,” that you made me do, well…..I sat for a long time. I know it doesn’t bother the boys but I’m a girl, and it’s like an old injury. Some days it hurts more than others and today is just one of those days.”

Mo Yuan shook his head sadly, clicked his tongue, sighed sincerely in a way that reflected his sympathy and replied, “Those old injuries take much more time and kissing. I understand Seventeen.”


Bai Qian

Bai Qian struggled to hold her laughter back but couldn’t. She was snickering when she felt Mo Yuan’s soft lips kissing and tasting her skin as he moved towards her pink blossom. Bai Qian gasped when she felt Mo Yuan’s tongue slowly lick the full length from her outer gem to her wet opening. The sensation took her breath away. Mo Yuan’s tongue licked her whole flower from top to bottom repetitively. Bai Qian was moaning and calling Mo Yuan’s name. The exquisite feeling of his tongue was astonishing and bewildering. She’d never felt anything like it before. Bai Qian sensed Mo Yuan’s tongue entered and penetrated into her wet core and experienced an intense orgasm that made her scream out Mo Yuan’s name.

Bai Qian kissed Mo Yuan when he came back up from kissing her ‘old injury’ and said “You might have to do that often. I have more bad days than good. She suddenly looked worried and asked, Shifu, I’m still a virgin. Will it hurt very much?

Mo Yuan tenderly touched her cheek and replied, “Some women experience significant pain while others don’t. Let’s hope you don’t experience too much discomfort.” Bai Qian didn’t know she wasn’t a virgin anymore.

Bai Qian looked at Mo Yuan’s big, ready, manhood and became big eyed. She looked scared. Mo Yuan kissed her asked her to close your eyes for a minute and said, “Trust me.” Mo Yuan bit his finger hard enough to make it bleed when she closed her eyes, used his hand with the bloody finger to guide himself inside her while wiping the warm crimson fluid from his deeply bitten wound on her lower treasure as well as Bai Qian’s inner thigh before he slowly penetrated her.


Mo Yuan

Mo Yuan felt Seventeen’s body tense up at first but then dropped her head back, and a sensuous groan came from her lips from his deep stroke. Mo Yuan opened her creamy thighs wider and pushed him inside her deeper while Seventeen pressed down on his firm buttocks with both hands moaning the time. Mo Yuan was panting from the intense pleasure. He was in ecstasy. The feeling of being inside Seventeen’s wet, hot, flower was indescribable. She reached up and pulled him to her lips while wrapping her legs firmly around Mo Yuan’s defined waist to pull him deeper inside her.

Mo Yuan reached back and pushed one of her legs up into a bent position beside her body and was able to reach deeper inside her wet, anticipating inner warmth. He pulled himself on his knees and pushed both her legs up into a bent position to spread her silky legs wider. Mo Yuan placed his hands on her knees and watched his thick manhood sliding in and out of her dewy bloom. Her nectar was all over his broad sword so that light, wet, swish sound and then the noise of his legs slapping against her delicious inner thighs. Mo Yuan was quickly approaching his peak and started to pull out to release his essence on her stomach when Seventeen stopped him and begged in between pants,

“Shifu, don’t pull out. I love you. I want your seed inside me. I want to have your child. I’m coming.”

Seventeen moaned loudly from her orgasm at the same time Mo Yuan grunted, clenched and filled her dewy, pink, bloom with his life essence while telling her how much he loved her.

After they had caught their breath, Seventeen kissed Mo Yuan, sat up, touched herself, saw the blood in between her thighs and said, “That didn’t hurt at all. It was the most amazing feeling.” Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan, kissed him passionately and mischievously said, “Let’s do it again and again after that.”


to be continued…………………….