嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 20 NSFW




Ch 20:

Bai Qian

Bai Qian had never felt as happy as she did when she was with Mo Yuan. They stayed in bed most of the following week making love. Mo Yuan made Bai Qian feel new sensations she had never known to exist. Mo Yuan’s touch, mouth, lip, tongue, and pleasure inducing manhood made Bai Qian’s head spin from the force of her peaks. The marvelous feeling of Mo Yuan inside her, made her understand the meaning of feeling complete. Mo Yuan made her feel fulfilled in the ways of body, heart, mind, and soul.

One afternoon, Mo Yuan made love to her standing with her back firmly pressed against the cold wall of his sleeping chamber. The heat exuding from Bai Qian’s body welcomed the refreshing coolness. He was between her open thighs with one of her legs raised to his defined hips, rhythmically driving his thick girth inside her before lifting her other leg with his strong arms. Bai Qian lost herself as she felt every inch of his full, massive, manhood hitting a secret pleasure spot deep inside her soaking, wet, inner, core. Bai Qian didn’t even realize, but she was begging for more. Mo Yuan made her cry, beg, and plead for more of his erect broad sword constantly.

Bai Qian loved the taste of his honey, sweet, nectar when she took him in her mouth.

Just the sight of Mo Yuan’s strong, muscular, scarred body made Bai Qian instantly ready and wet. She almost fainted from her unending climax when he entered her hard from behind. Bai Qian silently prayed that he would impregnate her every time he came inside her. Bai Qian couldn’t get enough of her future husband and thanked her lucky stars that she would have him for eternity.

Bai Qian was mad, utterly, and unconditionally in love with her Shifu, Mo Yuan.

During Mo Yuan’s lectures, Bai Qian spent the time staring at him like a school girl who had fallen in love for the first time but that was the truth, this was the first time she’d been in love since becoming a woman. Li Jing had been a brief immature girl’s crush.

Bai Qian felt her heart skip a beat when Mo Yuan would occasionally look up from his teaching and met her gaze. His warm, deep, rich, amber-colored eyes seemed to reach deep into her soul and touch her in places unknown to her. Bai Qian not only basked but glowed brightly in the warmth of Mo Yuan’s love.

Mo Yuan was much more daring and passionate than Bai Qian had expected. Mo Yuan as her Shifu had been a reserved, passive, and silent man but contrary to his outward personality as her teacher, Mo Yuan was sexually aggressive, dominating, and commanding. Mo Yuan surprised her throughout the day and made love to her in forbidden places such as his seclusion cave, out in the open on the other side of Kunlun Mountain and the wine cellar. One day, Bai Qian had pretended to organize the wines, but in reality, she was hiding the ones she wanted for herself. Mo Yuan silently snuck up behind her, lifted just the bottom of her dress to her waist, pulled her silk lower undergarment to the side just enough so he could penetrate her and took her without saying a word. Bai Qian orgasms were so intense that she had to cover her mouth to muffle her piercing cries and screams of pleasure.

Mo Yuan told Bai Qian that he had never seen anyone as beautiful as her especially when she was climaxing. He loved having her on top straddling his throbbing shaft. Mo Yuan could barely control himself as her Shifu watched Bai Qian slowly and tauntingly touch herself. Mo Yuan said tasting her exquisitely enticing flower, and nectar was more delicious than the sweetest ambrosia that he’d ever known. He gave Bai Qian oral pleasure every night because he couldn’t get enough of her honey.

One night while Bai Qian who was straddling Mo Yuan’s face receiving her daily oral pleasure leaned forward and took him deep in her mouth at the same time. Mo Yuan came hard in her mouth at the same time she reached her pleasure peak. He wouldn’t allow her to touch his manhood for almost ten minutes because he said it was too sensitive.

Even though Mo Yuan was her first lover, strangely the feel of his ramming rod inside her felt like she’d experienced it before. This same feeling had been from the very first time they’d made love. Sometimes, she’d have mental flashes of herself doing things that Bai Qian knew she’d never done before.

Almost like a sense of déjà vu. Bai Qian thought perhaps she and Mo Yuan had been lovers in a past life as well because, in her mind’s fragmented pictures, she recognized Mo Yuan’s eyes. As if fated together from the start, Bai Qian believed her existence was to love and be loved by Mo Yuan. Bai Qian sensed that familiar feeling the strongest when she took Mo Yuan to the cottage at the base of Mount Junji. There was an awareness that she couldn’t exactly put her finger on but it didn’t feel foreign when they make love on the little bed with the crimson wedding quilt.

The next morning when Bai Qian awoke to find Mo Yuan cooking for her, she experienced a sharp pain in her chest without reason. Bai Qian didn’t say anything to Mo Yuan about the discomfort in her heart or her dream. Bai Qian had dreamt of Shifu’s twin brother Ye Hua, and he was making love to her. Even in her awake state, Bai Qian could still recall the excruciating pain she suffered in her dream. Heavenly Lord Ye Hua told her not to fear before penetrating her deeply in her dream. Heavenly Lord Ye Hua had whispered that he loved her and called her ‘SuSu.’

Bai Qian wondered if it was a mistake coming to the cottage and pondered if it had once belonged to Heavenly Lord’s dead wife. Had Heavenly Lord’s deceased wife’s memories remained behind like a ghost unable to leave the place she loved most. Once again Bai Qian felt pity for Heavenly Lord Ye Hua. He was an extremely young widower and left to raise a child alone by himself.

During their meal, Bai Qian quietly asked Mo Yuan about Heavenly Lord’s deceased wife to see Mo Yuan look up at her with a concerned look in his eyes. Mo Yuan came to her, knelt in front of her and asked why she was asking about Ye Hua’s dead wife. Bai Qian just replied that she felt sorry for him and asked if the hut once belonged to Heavenly Lord’s wife. Mo Yuan didn’t answer her question but instead carried Bai Qian back to bed and made love to her for the rest of the afternoon.

Mo Yuan repeatedly whispered his words of love during their intimacy.

After being intimate with Bai Qian, her Shifu, Mo Yuan shyly said that he needed to go back into seclusion and to replenish his cultivation. Mo Yuan made her promise to stay in Qing Qiu or Kunlun Mountain. Mo Yuan told her not wander into the mortal realm especially the dwelling at the base of Mount Junji until he was able to resolve Heavenly Lord’s misunderstand about Bai Qian’s identity.

Mo Yuan kissed her sweetly in private and told her to behave herself while he was in meditation.

It was Bai Qian’s initial plan to stay at Kunlun Mountain, but because Mo Yuan had failed to put up a privacy shield, the first night they were together, Bai Qian’s fellow disciples wouldn’t meet eyes with her and laughed under their breath when they saw her. They’d heard her with Shifu and were snickering while elbowing each other. Bai Qian tried to pretend that she didn’t notice their looks and laughter, but she couldn’t endure her embarrassment.

At first, she decided to return to Qing Qiu instead of waiting for Mo Yuan at Kunlun Mountain but decided to stop at Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms first to see if Zhe Yan was there with her fourth brother, Bai Zhen.


Ye Hua

The night Ye Hua watched Qian Qian and Mo Yuan making love in the thatched hut on Mount Junji, the feeling he experienced was surreal. Ye Hua used a spell to hide so that Mo Yuan wouldn’t sense his presence.

Watching his identical twin Mo Yuan, with Qian Qian felt like he was painfully starving to death while sitting in the center seat of a lavish banquet that he wasn’t allowed to touch. It was as if he was watching himself making love to Qian Qian but unable to feel a single caress. Even Mo Yuan’s noises of pleasure sounded like Ye Hua’s voice.

The ecstasy and love on Qian Qian’s face were like Su Su’s when she had once believed that they would live happily ever after. Ye Hua could see the overwhelming emotion on Qian Qian’s face because there had once been a time when she’d gazed at Ye Hua with the same adoring look. It had been when she had requested a child from him. Ye Hua knew her well enough to know Qian Qian wanted Mo Yuan’s child inside her.

Ye Hua didn’t think he had any more tears to shed, but he was wrong. Ye Hua heard Qian Qian’s soft moaning, and it seems to echo through the dense forest. She was calling Mo Yuan’s name and telling him that she loved him repeatedly. Qian Qian held Mo Yuan’s body tightly, and Ye Hua heard her begging for more before she loudly panted from her climax.

Ye Hua suddenly couldn’t breathe, think, or stand. He was sightless and disoriented as to where he was. Ye Hua dropped to the dirty ground and covered his lips to muffle his cries.

Ye Hua had claimed her body to make Qian Qian fall in love with him where Mo Yuan had always owned her heart as Qian Qian now offered her body freely to him as a sign of her dedication and love. Mo Yuan had been correct when he told Ye Hua that Qian Qian had accepted him as during her heavenly trial because he looked like Mo Yuan.

This new revelation should have been enough for Ye Hua to walk away but it only strengthened his determination to get Qian Qian back. Even if it was for just one night, Ye Hua wanted her to embrace him, no, he wanted her forever even if it meant hurting those around her to force her to come to him.


Bai Qian

Bai Qian wanted to drink Zhe Yan’s newest peach wine but hesitated worried she might be pregnant. She sat by the Jade Pool and removed her shoes and splashed her feet in the cool water. It had only been a few hours since she had separated from Mo Yuan, but it seemed longer. Bai Qian knew her Shifu was still not completely recovered from his long slumber and his cultivation was low especially after making her elixir to bring her back. He had sacrificed his élite cultivation for her sake. Bai Qian felt her love for Mo Yuan grow even more.

She heard the rustling sound of peach leaves crushing from someone’s foot steps. Bai Qian expected it was either Zhe Yan or Bai Zhen and yelled, “Where did you hide the wine this time?”

When Bai Qian didn’t hear a reply, she turned to see Heavenly Lord Ye Hua a few feet away. Once again the sadness in his eyes touched her and made her feel sympathy for his loneliness. Bai Qian stood, bowed, and said, “Heavenly Lord, Shifu isn’t here now.” She took a step towards him. “Forgive me for overreacting the last time we saw each other. Due to my long sleep, I find I’ve become cautious of strangers. You’re not a foreigner either so forgive my behavior.” Bai Qian bowed afterward.

Ye Hua was still looking at her with longing gaze and asked, “May I sit next to you Qian Qian? The Jade Pool looks beautiful.”

Bai Qian sat back down and cleared a spot next to her as she watched him remove his black boots. Ye Hua was handsome. She smiled imagining that Mo Yuan must have looked like Ye Hua in his youth. They sat next to each other silently before Ye Hua asked, “Are you in love with your Shifu, Mo Yuan?”

Bai Qian blushed as her cheeks became rosy and replied, “I’ve loved my Shifu for thousands of years, and now he has returned my affections. Heavenly Lord, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s death. She must have been a beautiful and kind-hearted woman for you to miss her still so. How long has she been gone?” Bai Qian shook her head and said, “Forgive me for asking such a personal question.”

Ye Hua looked off into the distance and replied in his soft whispered voice, “Yes, she was the most loving and stunning woman in all the realms. She left 10,000 years ago after telling me that she loved me. We had a child together. His name is A-Li. Our son misses his mother very much.”

“Qian Qian, don’t you miss your son A-Li?”


to be continued…………….