嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 21 NSFW



Ch 21

Bai Qian

“Qian Qian, don’t you miss your son A-Li?” Heavenly Lord asked.

Bai Qian’s lips began to tremble. She didn’t understand what Heavenly Lord was asking her.

Ye Hua suddenly chuckled softly and said, “Forgive me. I tend to have an odd sense of humor. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Ye Hua turned and gazed deeply into Bai Qian’s eyes. “You and she look identically alike that it would have been difficult to tell who was who if you two were standing side by side. I wonder if I grew a beard if you could tell me apart from Mo Yuan?” Ye Hua questioned.

“I think you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. We are identical everywhere.” Ye Hua motioned his hand from the top of his head to his legs in one smooth movement. “Would you like to make a bet with me Qian Qian? Will you wager that you wouldn’t be able to tell us apart?”

Heavenly Lord Ye Hua was smiling, but queerly Bai Qian began to feel afraid again.

“I would know the difference between you and Mo Yuan just as you would be able to tell the difference between your late wife and myself.” Bai Qian said confidently. Bai Qian sighed profoundly, moved her feet in the cool water and replied softly, “I’m sure SuSu must miss you as well Heavenly Lord Ye Hua and would feel offended if she knew you were comparing her to me.”

Ye Hua stared at Bai Qian wide-eyed and asked, “Qian Qian, how did you know my wife’s mortal name?”

Bai Qian dodged Ye Hua’s gaze. She remembered her dream and suddenly began to redden. Ye Hua had been making love to her and called her ‘SuSu.’ Bai Qian lied, “my Shifu told me. How else could I have known her name, Heavenly Lord? May I ask why you call me Qian Qian? Not even my Shifu calls me that.”

Ye Hua sighed and smiled nostalgically lost staring into the dark pool of liquid. He looked up at Bai Qian didn’t answer her question and said instead, “I met my wife during her heavenly trial. She was an immortal like us, but due to an accident, she was a mortal. I met her in the thatched hut at the base of Mount Junji.” Ye Hua’s eyes filled with unshed tears as he added, “I didn’t tell her I was the Crown Prince of Celestial Heaven because I was afraid she wouldn’t fall in love with me if she knew.

I was foolish.

SuSu, my mortal wife, was brought to the Nine Heavens and suffered great misery. She believed that I no longer loved her and I did something unforgivable. I took something precious from her and had to give it to the person responsible who caused SuSu the most pain. I failed her. Someone took her from me.”

Ye Hua gazed up at the stars as he recalled the memories from his past and continued, “I miraculously found her again after a three hundred year separation. I thought she was happy, but I was over-optimistic and failed to protect her again. She jumped off the punishment platform after telling me that she still loved me.” Ye Hua took a deep breath.

Bai Qian didn’t know why, but she placed her hand tenderly on top of his and said, “That is a tragic love story Heavenly Lord.” Ye Hua gazed lovingly at her hand, a little smile came to his lips, as he moved his hand on top of hers, caressed Bai Qian’s finger tips slowly and intimately with his slender fingers.

Too intimately.

His delicate touch brought a chill to throughout Bai Qian’s body. It wasn’t enjoyable nor was it displeasing. Ye Hua skin left a subtle burning sensation where he had made contact with hers.

Bai Qian pulled her hand away and asked. “Why have you not remarried since her passing? It’s a long time to remain alone.” Ye Hua looked searchingly into Bai Qian’s eyes and whispered, “Because, I’m still waiting for you to return to me, Qian Qian.”

“Excuse me Heavenly Lord? What did you just say?” Bai Qian quickly asked confused.

“You’ll have to excuse me tonight. I’m tired.” Ye Hua slowly stood up and gazed down at Bai Qian with the same unexplainable expression that he had on his face the first time they had met in the cottage.

“Mo Yuan didn’t use his cultivation to make your elixir. If he had, he wouldn’t be able to do the things he’s been doing with you these days. Bodily pleasure takes a level of cultivation as well.”

Ye Hua sighed deeply and said, “I used my all of my elite cultivation to bring you back. Aren’t you curious why Qian Qian?”

Bai Qian studied Ye Hua expression; he was truthful. Bai Qian asked curiously, “Why?” Ye Hua suddenly bowed down, leaned in closer to Bai Qian face and asked, “Why do you think I would do that for you?” Ye Hua paused and added with a slight smile on his face, “Perhaps one day you’ll be able to repay me when I need you.”

Bai Qian started to stand up to bow and thank him, but Ye Hua stopped her. He said there wasn’t need for such formalities between them before standing up and quietly disappearing into the blackness of the night.


Ye Hua’s words had shaken her. Bai Qian jumped into the cool Jade Pool to uncloud her mind before retiring for the evening. Afterward, Bai Qian laid in small bed in Zhe Yan’s hut and thought about her conversation with Ye Hua. Had she misheard him? Had he said that he was waiting for her? Why would he offer all his elite cultivation for her, a stranger? Could her Shifu, Mo Yuan have requested Ye Hua to do so and if so why would have Heavenly Lord Ye Hua complied?

For the sake of his older brother’s love?

Bai Qian’s heart broke for Ye Hua. He wasn’t able to distinguish her from his deceased wife. Heavenly Lord Ye Hua was still drowning in the sea of sadness of his lost love as his self-guilt pulled him into every undertow below the surface. Ye Hua appeared as if he was barely hanging onto the minuscule amount of will he possessed to continue living.

Bai Qian understood his earnest desire to have his wife return to him, had she not waited 70,000 years for Mo Yuan. Bai Qian closed her eyes and prayed to her ancestors to allow Heavenly Lord Ye Hua to be reunited with his wife as she’d been with her Shifu, Mo Yuan.

Bai Qian fell asleep and dreamt someone was making love to her again. She saw her Shifu’s eyes, but it wasn’t Mo Yuan. It was Ye Hua again. This time he whispered that he would plant Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms just for her. Bai Qian felt the intense pain as he was tearing her open with his pounding penetration. She could still smell the lingering metallic scent of her blood when she woke up from her dream.


Ye Hua

After Ye Hua left Qian Qian alone by the Jade Pool, he longingly watched her from a distance for a lengthy amount of time. Ye Hua saw her undress entirely and jump into the Jade Pool. When she stepped out of the water, she looked even more ravishing than she had been 10,000 years ago. Qian Qian stood with her shiny, black, wet, hair stuck on her delicate body as drops of water dripped from her wet hair and ran down her cream-like flawless skin. Ye Hua watched the drops of the cooling liquid dripping off her breasts and nipples.

Qian Qian pushed her soaking wet hair to one side over her shoulder, sat on the top step of the stairs that lead to the pool while looking into the dark opaque water lost in thought.

From where Ye Hua stood, his eyes lingered on the alluring sight of the frontal view of her perfect body. Qian Qian ran her hands through the water and watched the ripples her fingers created on the surface of the pond. Qian Qian suddenly closed her eyes and began lightly fondling her full breasts. She opened her silky thighs, dropped her head back and started touching herself. Ye Hua saw her graceful hand tracing her beckoning, pink, enticing lower flower. Qian Qian felt and rubbed her outer pearl in a circular motion. He could see the deep rosy blush of her inner walls as she slowly opened herself to insert her fingers inside her dewy bloom with one hand while touching her breasts with the other.

Ye Hua would have sold his soul to be inside her.

Ye Hua couldn’t hear her, but he could see her lips part as she moaned and groaned pleasuring herself. Qian Qian’s hand movement became fast and faster as she pinched her nipple between her thumb and index fingers. She started to climax as Ye Hua watched her lips and she was mouthing Mo Yuan’s name.


In the past when Ye Hua had refound Qian Qian again during the banquet at the Eastern Sea, he had been consumed with jealous rage. Compelled by his overwhelming desire to reclaim her body so that she would fall back in love with him again. This time his desire was completely different. Ye Hua wanted Qian Qian’s love. Ye Hua would suffice with her love alone even if it meant he could never touch her body again.

The desire for her bewitching physical appearance still consumed him but more than anything else Ye Hua ached to hear her whisper that she loved him not Mo Yuan. Ye Hua wanted to die from a lethal overdose of Qian Qian’s love. Similar to addiction, Ye Hua craved and yearned Qian Qian’s unwavering love, loyalty, dedication, and heart.

Ye Hu had grown emotionally during the 10,000-year absence without Qian Qian, his youthful jealousy and pride were no longer his strongest emotions but had been replaced by something more profound. He now understood, possession of the body was incomparable to being the recipient of one’s undying love.

The kind of love Qian Qian now felt for Mo Yuan. Perhaps her love had always been for Mo Yuan, but she was able to express herself freely now, without the ghost of SuSu as her constant companion. Qian Qian inability to remember her past sorrows could benefit Ye Hua also.

Since she no longer recalled Ye Hua’s past mistakes, he could actively pursue Qian Qian equally as Mo Yuan without the weighted guilt of his previous errors that had held him back. This time Ye Hua would stand equal to Mo Yuan as a suitor for Qian Qian’s love. He wouldn’t be at a disadvantage, and he now possessed the power needed to take what he wanted.

Mo Yuan and the Fox King were experiencing weakness acutely, and lack of cultivation. With both High God Mo Yuan and High God, Bai Zhi, the Fox King in seclusion, Ye Hua would attempt to capture Qian Qian’s heart confidently with his position as Heavenly Lord, and if he failed, Ye Hua would make her come to him by force.


Bai Qian

Seeing Heavenly Lord Ye Hua at the entrance of her fox den was the last thing Bai Qian had expected when she awoke the following day. Besides Ye Hua stood a boy that Bai Qian assumed to be Crown Prince A-Li. Crown Prince A-Li’s eyes lit up when he saw her, so Bai Qian greeted the handsome young prince, “High Goddess Bai Qian greets A-Li Crown Prince of Celestial Heaven.” Bai Qian then bent down slightly and caressed the young prince’s cheek. She felt since she would soon be his aunt, her actions were not unappropriated. Bai Qian smiled and said, “Crown Prince A-Li, how handsome you are. Your mother must have been an extraordinary beauty.”

A-Li had tears in his Fox appearance like eyes as he whispered, “Mother, you’re finally back.”


to be continued………