嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 23 NSFW



Ch 23

Bai Qian

Bai Qian’s hands shook as she held the decree. She quickly threw it to the ground as if holding it burned her skin. Bai Qian was too shocked to feel anything. Bai Qian was numb. The Heavenly Lord’s grief had consumed his sense of reason and rationale. What he was saying was madness.

What would she have to do to prove she wasn’t his dead wife? Ye Hua’s wife was dead. She’d jumped off Zhuxian Terrace. Nobody could survive such a leap. What was Bai Qian going to do? Bai Qian couldn’t allow anyone to attack Qing Qiu. She could not imagine any of her family members becoming hurt or killed trying to protect her from Heavenly Lord Ye Hua’s delusional misunderstanding.

Bai Qian knew her father wouldn’t be able to survive a battle in his current situation. Since her Shifu, Mo Yuan was also in seclusion; Bai Qian decided to go to Celestial Heaven herself and clarify Heavenly Lord Ye Hua’s misunderstanding. Ye Hua’s grief and seeing someone who resembled his dead wife had driven him into a temporary state of madness.

Astonished was Bai Qian when the guards at the Nine Gates as referred to her as Heavenly Empress instead of Gugu. The Heavenly Lord’s wife must have looked so much like her that even others by her similar appearance were confused. Bai Qian would have felt more sympathy for Heavenly Lord Ye Hua, but she was furious with his groundless threat. As the Queen of Qing Qiu, Bai Qian would make Ye Hua understand that she wasn’t who he believed her to be. Bai Qian felt confident that she could make Ye Hua understand that his earnest desire and longing for his deceased wife had temporality blinded him.

Escorted to Heavenly Lord’s private residence, Bai Qian walked into the private study after being announced. Heavenly Lord Ye Hua was sitting at his desk and got up when he saw Bai Qian. Heavenly Lord Ye Hua called her ‘Qian Qian,’ smiled and tried to embrace her, but she backed away and instead politely greeted him with a bow.

She sat across from Ye Hua on the sitting platform at the same height to show she was not of lower status than Ye Hua and asked,

“What is the meaning behind your antagonistic words? How dare you threaten to attack Qing Qiu. Do you think us weak and unable to protect our realm? We are one of if not the wealthiest of the immortal clans. Qing Qiu has powerful allies who would demolish your clan. Your Dragon clan would fail to exist and vanish completely. Your threat to attack Qing Qiu is humorous.”

Bai Qian’s regal tone reflected her status. She took a sip of her tea and continued, “I’m sorry that you’ve suffered so much loss in your short life Heavenly Lord, but I am not your wife. I’ve never been your wife nor will I be in the future. I will marry Mo Yuan, your brother.”

Bai Qian paused then spoke without a hint of fear, “I believe it would be in your best interest to look around and find another. You may not believe me when I say this, but I understand you. If I had met you after the death of my Shifu, I might have accepted you as his replacement but Mo Yuan is back, and I belong to him, and I will never resign myself to be a substitute for you dead wife when my heart’s only wish is alive. I’ve loved my Shifu for longer than you’ve been alive.”

Ye Hua suddenly stood walked towards Bai Qian. She found herself standing to protect herself. He suddenly reached and ripped the front of her dress so that her right breast was partly exposed. Ye Hua traced the heart-shaped birthmark lightly with his index finger, looked at Bai Qian lovingly with unshed tears in his eyes and whispered,

“Welcome home my love.”

Bai Qian’s eyes flew open wide from shock when Ye Hua tore the front of her dress. She pushed Ye Hua’s hand off her bare skin, covered herself, slapping Ye Hua across the face. She spat, “How dare you lay your hand on me?! Did you expect me to fall for such a simple trick? You could have easily used a spell to make the birthmark appear.”

She turned and started to walk out when she heard Ye Hua say, “I know The Celestials would be destroyed if a war occurred between our clans. The decree was just a ploy to get you to come to me and here you are. War is not necessary; I only need to kill one or two of the people you love most. If you leave Qian Qian, I will have your father, or Mo Yuan assassinated immediately. I know both Mo Yuan and your father are in seclusion now, and their cultivation is lacking. They are quite vulnerable.”

Ye Hua crossed his slender hands on his lap and added, “I’ve already sent assassins to Kunlun Mountain and to where your father is resting in Qing Qiu. If you leave, I will give the order to have both your father and Mo Yuan killed. There’s a strong possibility that I’ll get killed for my actions but at least I’ll take one of them with me.”

Bai Qian stopped, turned towards Ye Hua and demanded, “Why are you doing this? How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not your dead wife? I’m your brother’s future wife. How dare you say you would kill your blood? Mo Yuan is your twin brother. You have become blinded by your madness.”

Ye Hua smiled and replied softly, “Qian Qian, have you ever heard the term ‘love is blind’? Well, I can’t see anything now, but you and I will kill anyone to have you again even if it’s my blood or yours.”

She was furious, “Do you think you will earn my love with threats of death? So you mean to keep me here hostage against my will, Heavenly Lord Ye Hua? Are you insane? I’m a High Goddess as well as the fiancée of your older brother High God Mo Yuan. Don’t you think anyone will worry to find me missing?”

Ye Hua nodded in agreement, “There is truth in your words. I’ll give you one day to tie all your loose ends but if you don’t return by tomorrow evening. My threats will become a reality.”

Bai Qian glared at Ye Hua and spat, “You are crazy. Heavenly Lord, you are unfit to hold your title. You have lost all reasoning. You’ve brought dishonor to your clan.”

Ye Hua smiled, nodded ‘yes,’ and replied, “Yes, I believe I might be. I’m madly and insanely in love with you still. Not only are you a High Goddess but you are also the Heavenly Empress of Celestial Heaven. The Hall of Beautiful Youth is ready for you. You’re not a hostage and free to leave anytime you like, but you’ll be responsible for someone’s death or deaths.”


Kunlun Mountain

Bai Qian immediately went to Kunlun Mountain after cloud jumping from Celestial Heaven. She quietly walked around the silent school listening for any sounds with her sensitive fox ears and looked around suspiciously. Ye Hua had said he’d sent assassins to kill Mo Yuan if Bai Qian didn’t return to him. Bai Qian wouldn’t tell Mo Yuan because she knew, Ye Hua had been correct in regards to Mo Yuan’s lack of cultivation and desperate in need of balance. Mo Yuan’s safety was Bai Qian’s foremost concern. If she told Mo Yuan what had occurred, she believed that Mo Yuan would meet Ye Hua and possibly lose his life in the process.

Bai Qian wouldn’t lose Mo Yuan again. She couldn’t watch him die as she’d done once before.

After searching and securing the school of any threats, Bai Qian went to her Shifu. Mo Yuan in his seclusion cave, sitting in lotus position with his eyes closed. Bai Qian felt fresh hot tears fill her eyes. Mo Yuan was so beautifully striking. Bai Qian’s heart ached from her boundless love for him. She knew Shifu’s meditation was necessary and important, but she also thought this might be the last time she’d be with Mo Yuan again.

Mo Yuan’s concentration was so deep that he did not sense her presence, as she lightly untied his robe without saying a word and took him in her mouth. Mo Yuan quickly opened his eyes, looked down at Bai Qian and moaned. Before she could take hold of his thick shaft, he hastily lifted her up threw her down on his meditation platform and tore her dress completely open in one single swift movement.

Mo Yuan parted her silky thighs urgently, pulled Bai Qian’s hips up to his body and deeply penetrated her while on his knees. His need was more pressing than hers. His strokes deep, buried, intense, pounding and exquisitely painful from his thick manhood. Bai Qian held back her tears when he stared intensely into her eyes.

Mo Yuan placed Bai Qian’s hand on her lower pearl, and let out a deep groan. “You are so exquisitely stunning.” Mo Yuan whispered, “I want to watch you touch yourself.” Bai Qian felt herself become moister as she watched Mo Yuan’s highly aroused expression. He moaned and asked “How can you be this beautiful? I love you. How would you like me to make you feel pleasure?”

Bai Qian rolled on her stomach and raised herself on her knees and whimpered, “Shifu, I want to feel you consume my body. I want you deep inside me.” Mo Yuan’s powerful hands grabbed her thighs and instantly and roughly entered her in a swift, stabbing, pounding, blow. Bai Qian gasped loudly from the pain of the depth he was forcing his massive girth inside her. Bai Qian dropped her head back and begged, “Shifu, don’t be afraid of hurting me. I want it harder.”

Mo Yuan was groaning and panting as he said, “I can’t get enough of you.” He held her curvaceous soft hips harder with his rough, manly hands and pulled her towards his ramming thrusts. Mo Yuan then bent over Bai Qian’s womanly body, licked and bit her shoulder and whispered in Bai Qian’s ear and whispered, “I love you.” Mo Yuan penetrated her drenched hot core grunting and asked, “Is this what you wanted my love?”

Mo Yuan steadily, rhythmically, slammed his engorged manhood into Bai Qian.
“Seventeen, you feel so silky wet. Your sweet honey is all over me. I need to come inside you.”

Bai Qian dropped her upper body towards the platform inclined her back down as flat as she could, grabbed the edge of the platform tightly with both hands and whimpered, “Shifu, fill me with your nectar. Take all of me. Make me yours. I’ve always only loved and belonged to you.”

Mo Yuan was grunting loudly, grabbed Bai Qian more firmly with his steady hands and gave her rapid, deep, hard, vigorous, crushing strokes. Mo Yuan heard Seventeen crying and felt a sudden increase of wetness, felt her insides twitching, pulsating around his thickening and throbbing sword. Mo Yuan growled as he dropped his head back, and started ejaculating deep inside Seventeen’s shaft-hugging, narrow, soaking, inner warmth and experienced one of the most intense climaxes he’d ever had in his life.

Mo Yuan heavily panted as he continued penetrating her with his accelerated, hammering, strokes while feeling his essence squirting inside Seventeen until he had given her every drop of his creamy juice. Mo Yuan had filled Seventeen with so much of his seed that it was overflowing all over her rosy, pink, outer folds.

Mo Yuan struggled to catch his breath. He glanced at Bai Qian with a stern expression a Shifu would give to his disciple and said, “You’re a very dangerous nine-tailed fox, Seventeen. I’m going to have to stay in seclusion for another two months because of you.” Mo Yuan pulled Bai Qian up off her knees and held her tenderly in his lap. He embraced her from behind, gently kissed her back, shoulders and neck and whispered, “I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you.”

Bai Qian couldn’t control her tears. She felt Mo Yuan’s cheek and soft beard rub against her shoulders and silently cried. Bai Qian wiped her tears and forced herself to put a smile on her face, looked into Mo Yuan expressive eyes and said, “Shifu, I’m going to love you until my dying day.”

Mo Yuan kissed her sweetly and said, “Lucky for us we have eternity.” Bai Qian smiled brightly and teased Mo Yuan to continue his re-balancing and meditation because she’d be back for more bodily pleasure.

Tears ran in streams down her face as Bai Qian covered her mouth to muffle her uncontrollable sobbing after Bai Qian left her love, Mo Yuan, to continue his seclusion.


to be continued…………..