嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 24



Ch 24:

Bai Qian

As promised, Bai Qian returned to Celestial Heaven. But not before killing all the spies Ye Hua had sent to Kunlun Mountain to follow her with the Jade Purity Fan. Bai Qian used almost all her cultivation in doing so. She buried their bodies in shallow graves outside the gates of Kunlun Mountain.

Ye Hua looked up at her when she returned, saw the blood that had soaked her clothing and rushed to her. His gaze was full of genuine concern that she was hurt as he reached for her. Bai Qian moved back so that he couldn’t touch her and said with a smile on her face, “I’m fine, but I can’t say the same for the poorly trained spies you sent to Kunlun Mountain to follow me. It has been a while since I’ve been in battle, so it was enjoyable. Thank you, Heavenly Lord Ye Hua for such a delightful gift.”

Bai Qian opened the Jade Purity Fan, leisurely fanned herself and asked. “Shall I tell you of how I used my time? I spent my last night of freedom blissfully with my beloved Shifu between my thighs. You wouldn’t understand the kind of pleasure Mo Yuan gives me, so I won’t bother to give you any details.”

Bai Qian sat on the corner of Ye Hua’s desk, leaned back, one-handed, crossed her legs still fanning herself she added, “I still had plenty of energy to take care of the all the uninvited guests on Kunlun Mountain. Maybe it was a result of my Shifu filling me with his cultivation.” Bai Qian smirked at Ye Hua.

Bai Qian was hoping to anger Ye Hua, but he wasn’t affected by her taunting words. He looked entertained by her behavior and said,

“One of the things I love most about you is that stubborn and unyielding temper of yours. You seem to think that you’re going to upset me, but contrary to your hopes and expectations, I find you arousing when you behave in this way.”

Ye Hua put his brush down and folded his slender hands together adding, “You see Qian Qian, I saw this side of you before. You’ve done and said much worse to me. One day I’ll tell you what you did at the Eastern Sea banquet.”

Ye Hua let out a single laugh and said. “Your acting today is child’s play compared to your behavior in the past. I think the last 10,000 years have softened your devious ways. I find your haughty personality bewitching and utterly desirable.”

Ye Hua eyes narrowed on Bai Qian, but the little smile on his lips remained as he instructed the servant at the entrance, “Nai Nai, escort Heavenly Empress to her quarters. I’ll come by later to make sure that she’s comfortable. I plan on spending my evening there.” Ye Hua smiled unfazed and turned his gaze back down towards his work

Nai Nai, the servant, spoke to Bai Qian as if she had known her for years. She followed Nai Nai to The Hall of Beautiful Youth. The chamber had a bed, desk, and an another platform for sitting. The decor was sparse but the items placed were apparently placed with much care and consideration. A large vase with freshly cut peach blossoms was on the desk.

Nai Nai brought her tea and expressed her joy of Bai Qian’s return. Nai Nai told Bai Qian that A-Li had been anxiously waiting for days to see his mother again. Nai Nai then said Bai Qian that she should rest because Heavenly Lord would be spending the evening with her and left Bai Qian alone.

After Nai Nai had left, Bai Qian realized her dangerous mistake and was suddenly terrified. Bai Qian shouldn’t have come alone. Bai Qian didn’t even tell Migu that she was going to Celestial Heaven and had brought the decree with her so that none of her brothers would discover it.

Bai Qian was alone in a place without protection and her Shifu’s grieving younger brother who had seemed to have lost his sanity to believe Bai Qian to be someone else. Ye Hua thought Bai Qian was his deceased wife.

Had her taunting caused more harm? Had it only raised Ye Hua’s arousal as he’d said?

She worried at the possibility that Ye Hua would try to take her sexually. Bai Qian quickly locked the door to her chamber and hid in the farthest corner of her room. Bai Qian did not have all her cultivation back, and she had exerted herself combating the men sent by Ye Hua.

She was unable to cast a privacy spell.

Later she heard Ye Hua knock and didn’t answer. He left after a while thinking that she had fallen asleep. She remained silent, but tears ran down her face, Bai Qian was too scared to move.

Bai Qian finally fell asleep exhausted. She felt her body being carried and believed everything had been a terrible dream. Bai Qian was in Mo Yuan’s safe arms on Kunlun Mountain. She felt Mo Yuan’s lips kissing her and almost cried from joy. Bai Qian was in the arms of the man she loved, Mo Yuan.

She opened her eyes to see Ye Hua staring at her with tears in his. Bai Qian used the little cultivation she had left, transformed into her fox form long enough, to fly out from Ye Hua’s arms, landing a few feet away, and back in her human body. She pressed herself into the tight corner space behind the bed. Ye Hua was crying and pleading, “Please, Qian Qian. You can’t have forgotten me. It’s me, Ye Hua, the father of your child. Your first lover.”

For every step Ye Hua took towards her, Bai Qian moved away from him in the opposite direction. Bai Qian watched every movement Ye Hua made with her sharp fox-eyes. Bai Qian’s movements agile and swift like prey avoiding a predator. Ye Hua was unable to get close to her.

“I won’t hurt you. You know that. I love you, Qian Qian, more than my life. I couldn’t ever hurt you. Why do you feel the need to hurt me like this? Why can’t you trust me?” Ye Hua pleaded.

“Let me go, Heavenly Lord, I’m not your wife. Your wife is dead. I’m not her. Look at me carefully, and you’ll realize that I’m not her. Please send me back to Mo Yuan.” Bai Qian was trying her best to make Ye Hua understand his error.

Ye Hua stopped trying to persuade her and seemed to have gathered his composure. He straightened his posture and looked towards the entrance and said, “Qian Qian, you don’t have to lock yourself in your room. Nobody will ever hurt you again. I can promise you this, Qian Qian. I’m now in the position where no one would dare lay a finger on you.”

Bai Qian suddenly began to tear up as she said, “I’m most afraid of you Heavenly Lord Ye Hua. I find you to be the most frightening person here. Your unreasonable insistence that I’m your dead wife terrifies me. Heavenly Lord, the dead, do not come back to life. Death is the one permanent thing in life. Please, I want to return to Mo Yuan. If you let me go, I’ll never utter a single word about this.”

Ye Hua looked somberly at her, released a deep sigh and said in a tone so soft that Bai Qian could barely hear him, “The dead can return. You came back and so did Mo Yuan. I’m never going to allow you to leave. You belong to me. I know how to make you remember me.” Ye Hua took one last sad longing look at Bai Qian and walked out of her chamber.

After Ye Hua had left, Bai Qian started screaming hysterically. She threw all the items in her room against the walls. Bai Qian picked up the large vase with the freshly cut peach blossoms and threw it to the floor causing it the jar to shatter into several pieces. Bai Qian grabbed the biggest piece of the broken vase and slashed both her arms from her inner wrists up to her elbow deeply. Bai Qian watched the blood flowing out of her body at a rapid pace, passed out in a pool of her blood while calling Mo Yuan’s name.


Ye Hua

Ye Hua had seen all the different personalities that made Qian Qian the unique woman she was. He didn’t express his inner feeling, but Qian Qian’s hateful and taunting words were heartbreaking. As loving as Qian Qian could be, she was capable of being the cruelest when she desired so.

If Ye Hua hadn’t gone through this before after the Eastern Sea Banquet, he might have let Qian Qian marry Mo Yuan. He wouldn’t have mentioned the painful past she’d forgotten. Ye Hua remembered how angry and hateful Qian Qian was when they met again at the Eastern Sea. She’d vengefully planned and returned to Celestial Heaven solely for revenge, but Qian Qian ending up falling in love with him again. Qian Qian became pregnant with his child. The child that never took a single breath due to Ye Hua’s negligence.

Ye Hua still grieved the loss of their child, 10,000 years later.

Now Qian Qian wouldn’t let Ye Hua anywhere near her. She watched his movements intently and avoided his attempts to become closer to her. She was suspicious, frightening, and untrusting.

When Ye Hua left her quarters, he heard Qian Qian screaming hysterically. He heard the sound of items breaking in her room. What had Mo Yuan done so differently to make Qian Qian so devoted to him?

Ye Hua also knew both High God Mo Yuan and the Fox King would eventually come out of seclusion. Once they found out Qian Qian was back with him, they would react strongly and want to see her. If they saw her, they would know that she wasn’t there by her free will. The Celestial Clan would not win a war against High God, Bai Zhi, the Fox King and his allies. Mo Yuan wouldn’t be able to pick sides since his role was to keep peace within the realms, but with his intended future wife’s well-being at stake, even Mo Yuan could challenge Ye Hua.

Unfortunately, Ye Hua had long decided that he would die than lose Qian Qian again. His heart couldn’t handle losing her one more time. After watching Qian Qian jumping from Zhuxian Terrace, Ye Hua wanted to follow her. Ye Hua was ashamed to admit that not even A-Li was reason enough to keep him from going with her. Ye Hua had barely existed since Qian Qian’s death 10,000 years ago.

A part of Ye Hua had died with Qian Qian that terrible day.

Qian Qian was silent. The lack of noise from Qian Qian’s room gave Ye Hua felt a small sense of relief. Qian Qian had finally calmed down. She had been screaming hysterically, crying and throwing everything in her room. Ye Hua sighed deeply. He wasn’t sure how long she was going carry on before she tired herself out.

Suddenly, another scream broke from the Hall of Beautiful Youth, but this time it was Nai Nai’s.

Ye Hua instantly cloud jumped back into The Hall Of Beautiful Youth to find Qian Qian unconscious in a pool of her blood. She had slashed both her arms open and deeply with a large piece of glass from the vase full of peach blossoms that Ye Hua had personally picked for her arrival.

Qian Qian was telling Ye Hua symbolically she’d rather choose death than to be with him. Ye Hua looked at the ghost white unconscious Qian Qian, laying in a pool of fresh blood and realized this time it would be much more challenging than the previous times he’d made her fall in love with him.


to be continued……………