嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 25



Ch: 25

Bai Qian

Bai Qian woke up and found; Ye Hua was sitting next to her caressing her face tenderly. His face lit up when he saw her open her eyes. Bai Qian was too weak to move away but turned hers away from Ye Hua, so she didn’t have to look at him.

Ye Hua, his sadness clearly visible as he whispered while still caressing her hair tenderly, “Why do you have to hurt me so much? Please, just try to remember me. You loved me. You gave birth to our child A-Li. It was me the one who made you a woman. How could you have forgotten me altogether?”

“I don’t believe any of your lies. Every word that comes out of your deceitful mouth is a falsity. I refuse to listen to the ramblings of a madman.” Bai Qian replied.

Bai Qian refused to look at him as Ye Hua continued to gently stroke her face and hair. He sighed and said, “It doesn’t have to be like this Qian Qian. You think I’m insane, but you used to love me as much as I love you. Do you feel nothing when you look at me? How could I know so many intimate details about you if I was lying?”

Bai Qian turned towards Ye Hua and said, “When I look at you I feel pity. You’re a spoiled child who wants what belongs to your older brother, but you can’t have it so you’d rather break and destroy it so neither of you can have it. You’re self-centered and selfish. Your feelings are the most important, and you don’t know how to behave like a proper adult.” Bai Qian continued,

“My Shifu, Mo Yuan, who is also my lover, is the most gentle and caring man in all the realms but how can you, his twin, be much the opposite. You’re one of those cruel boys that tear the wings off butterflies for amusement. You don’t have an ounce of kindness in you so you must use brute force to get your way. Like threatening to kill the ones I love if I leave you. I find you revolting.”

Bai Qian’s said in a tone saturated with sarcasm, “You’re in a high and mighty powerful position. Why? Because you’re the brother of God Of War, High God, Mo Yuan, the most beautifully striking, courageous and wise man in all the realms. You, Ye Hua, are the immature Heavenly Lord, of this corrupt realm also known as Celestial Heaven. You think what you feel is love, but it is nothing more than an illness. Your mind has become diseased. You are mentally ill Ye Hua Heavenly Lord of Celestial Heaven.”

Ye Hua expression of worry and sadness vanished, and to Bai Qian’s surprise, Ye Hua smiled at her and asked,

“Qian Qian, do you know how I was able to make you fall in love with me both times?” Ye Hua tilted his head to the side ever so slightly, “I had sex you with constantly. You fell in love with my touch, mouth, tongue, and body. I know your body better than Mo Yuan will ever know.”

Bai Qian laughed mockingly and taunted Ye Hua, “This is why I call you a child. Possession of someone’s body doesn’t take any much intelligence, skill, or knowledge. I can cast a spell and have anyone I want anytime I please. I was born with that power but Heavenly Lord Ye Hua owning someone’s heart takes honesty, kindness, and trust. These qualities I have yet to see in you.”

Bai Qian continued, “You think you’ll suddenly make me fall in love with you by taking my body?”

Bai Qian let out a single mocking laugh “As if I’d ever let you touch my body? The only way you will have me is if you take me by force. Are you that much of a savage beast to take a woman who doesn’t want you by strength? Now get out of my room Young Spoiled Heavenly Lord Ye Hua. I’m tired. I purposely injured myself to express symbolically I’d rather die than be with you, and I need my beauty sleep. Shut my door on your way out.”

Ye Hua stood up started to walk out but suddenly stopped and advised, “Ah, Qian Qian, you’ll want to write a couple of letters…Perhaps one to Mo Yuan and your father explaining that you are here by choice. It would probably be best if you told them that you didn’t want to see them, with their lack cultivation if they came here, well I’d hate to see any accidents occur, wouldn’t you agree Qian Qian?”

Bai Qian glared hatefully at Ye Hua, but she was shaking and terrified. Bai Qian hid her fear and countered attacked him by saying, “Heavenly Lord Ye Hua, do you know why your wife jumped from Zhuxian Terrace? I believe that I’ve figured out the 10,000-year-old mystery. She despised and hated you. That’s why she took her life. She killed herself because she couldn’t stand the sight of you. It appears your dead wife and I do have something in common after all.”

Ye Hua’s eyes darkened, turned into two cold black stones as he sat beside Bai Qian again and said, “I suppose I could collect your life debt you owe me from either your father or Mo Yuan. What will it be Qian Qian? Will you give me your body as repayment for my cultivation or shall I collect from either High Gods?”

Bai Qian glared at Ye Hua and said, “So you are a wicked barbarian who wants to defile me in exchange for my father or Mo Yuan’s life? Since you’ve given me all of your elite cultivation Heavenly Lord, if you and I were to battle, who do you think would win? I knew you’d force yourself on me, you mannerless brat.”

Ye Hua suddenly moved closer to Bai Qian so that she flinched away in fear. Ye Hua’s gaze softened again, and he looked at Bai Qian with an expression of sadness. Ye Hua caressed her face again as tears filled his eyes. Ye Hua sighed and said, “No, Qian Qian. I understand you don’t remember me yet; I’m your husband, Ye Hua. I love you. I’ve never loved anyone but you. You’re my wife. I wouldn’t dare rape my wife. I will wait until you ask me to take you and only after that.”

Ye Hua looked deeply into Bai Qian’s eyes and said softly, “Perhaps, it might be a good idea for you to see Mo Yuan. You can ask him yourself if you are my wife that jumped from Zhuxian Terrace. Mo Yuan is unable to lie, and maybe then we can start over.”


Mo Yuan

Mo Yuan emerged from his seclusion cave and squinted his eyes from the brightness of the noon sun. He took a deep breath and inhaled the freshness of Spring. Mo Yuan had been in meditation for six months and two seasons had passed during his absence. He entered his chamber and prepared himself to find his little Seventeen.

Seventeen was not on Kunlun Mountain. The disciples explained she’d left shortly after Mo Yuan started his retreat and had not returned since her departure.

Mo Yuan went to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms, but she wasn’t there either. Zhe Yan had been in seclusion too. Zhe Yan told Mo Yuan that his wines were untouched for several months. If Seventeen had been at Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms, Zhe Yan joked that there wouldn’t have been any wine yet. After hearing of Seventeen’s absence, Zhe Yan was now worried also.

Mo Yuan then went to Qing Qiu and couldn’t find Seventeen anywhere. The vendors at the market place told Mo Yuan they hadn’t seen Gugu for months and asked if she had gone to visit one of her brothers.

Mo Yuan went to every one of Seventeen’s brother’s homes to hear the same thing. They hadn’t seen or heard from her for months. They were worried and looked for her too. Mo Yuan asked about their father, the Fox King, Mo Yuan heard Bai Zhi had been in seclusion for months and would stay for the rest of the year.

Mo Yuan returned to Qing Qiu and found Migu. Migu, the tree spirit was concerned. Seventeen was missing for months. She’d gone without saying where she was going. Then Migu told Mo Yuan a royal decree was delivered from Celestial Heaven the same day she’d vanished. He thought that might offer a clue about where Gugu had gone, but Migu didn’t know where the order had vanished. Mo Yuan didn’t need to read the contents of the document to know where Seventeen was; she was back Celestial Heaven.


Ye Hua

As expected, Mo Yuan came directly to Celestial Heaven searching for Bai Qian. Ye Hua was prepared for this day. He explained Bai Qian had returned of her own will and handed Mo Yuan the letter Bai Qian had written. Mo Yuan read the letter and asked to see Bai Qian for himself. Ye Hua informed Mo Yuan that Bai Qian requested Mo Yuan be turned away when he came to see her. Ye Hua suggested Mo Yuan return to Kunlun Mountain, but Mo Yuan held his ground and refused to leave until he saw Bai Qian for himself.

Ye Hua found Bai Qian in her chamber sitting silently in the corner of her room staring off into the distance. When she heard Mo Yuan was here, her eyes lit up, and a smile came to her lips. Ye Hua reminded Bai Qian of Mo Yuan’s delicate physical state. Ye Hua also walked Bai Qian out and explained he had the main hall surrounded by his soldiers with orders to kill Mo Yuan if he attempted to take her.

Ye Hua advised Bai Qian to send Mo Yuan away and discourage him from returning. She and Mo Yuan would be alone, but there would be many watching including himself. Ye Hua suggested Bai Qian do her best for Mo Yuan’s benefit and safety.


Mo Yuan

Mo Yuan saw Seventeen coming towards him and rushed to her. Mo Yuan knew she wouldn’t have come to Celestial Heaven on her own. Seventeen looked pale, thin and weak. Seventeen was smiling, but Mo Yuan could see her pupils shaking with fear. He reached to caress her cheek, and Seventeen unexpectedly pulled away. She asked why Mo Yuan was there and told him to return to Kunlun Mountain immediately.

Mo Yuan watched Seventeen nervously glance around. She was hiding her fright. Her dark eyes flickered with anxiety, and she chewed on her bottom lip. Mo Yuan had been with Seventeen long enough and read her emotions by her facial expression. Mo Yuan asked,

“Seventeen, why are you here? I’ve been looking for you for days. Why are you so afraid? You can tell me. I love you. I can protect you.”

Seventeen struggled to hide her feelings. She said she was here by choice and that she was happy with Ye Hua. Mo Yuan knew her too well and knew Seventeen wasn’t honest. Mo Yuan held her hand and noticed it was cold.

Seventeen’s lips began to tremble slightly, as she explained she’d changed her mind about marrying Mo Yuan and not to come back. Seventeen turned to walk away when Mo Yuan held her back. His deep eyes looked into hers searching for an explanation.

Suddenly Ye Hua walked up and told Mo Yuan to release his wife’s hand. Ye Hua stood close to Seventeen and casually asked Mo Yuan about his seclusion.

“Ye Hua, what are you doing? What have you done to Seventeen? Why is she here?” Mo Yuan challenged.

Ye Hua lifted the back of one of Seventeen’s hand and caressed his lips against her skin. Mo Yuan watched Seventeen flinch at Ye Hua’s touch. Ye Hua then looked at Seventeen and said, “Qian Qian, isn’t there something you wanted to ask your Shifu?”

Seventeen looked at Ye Hua and then Mo Yuan apprehensively. Ye Hua touched her cheek and urged her, “Qian Qian, don’t you want to know the truth?”

Seventeen sighed deeply, closed her eyes, and asked softly, “Shifu, I know you can’t lie, so please tell me that I wasn’t Ye Hua’s mortal wife, SuSu. It wasn’t me that jumped from Zhuxian Terrace, right Shifu?”

Seventeen opened her eyes as tears ran down her face, she pleaded with Mo Yuan. “Heavenly Lord Ye Hua has me confused with his dead wife. Shifu, tell me he’s wrong so I can go home with you.”

Seventeen suddenly pulled away from Ye Hua, hung on the front of Mo Yuan’s robe, looked up at him hopefully and smiled.

Mo Yuan’s eyes filled with unshed tears and he sadly replied after a long pause,

“Seventeen, I wish I could tell you that it wasn’t true. Yes, you were the mortal SuSu blinded by Ye Hua during your heavenly trial and the woman who committed suicide and jumped from Zhuxian Terrace, 10,000 years ago.”


to be continued……………..