Inside the brain of YeGenMo 5


Hello, friends…yes friends. I’ve met some amazing people on this voyage and suddenly it’s become an experience I never expected it to be. The fact people read my fanfictions still blows my mind. Honestly, I’m tripping.

Seriously, it trips me out daily when I check out my stats.

The last couple chapters of Mount Song shows Bai Qian’s character growth. She endured, suffered and found herself to become a strong woman who decides for herself…she doesn’t need a man to make her decisions. She’s become a capable woman.

The book and drama failed to show this one element…… Bai Qian is a badass, Purity Jade Fan carrying, Nine-Tailed Fox, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua seducing, sexy, and sensitive woman and mother…but aren’t we all. Well, I’m…minus the Jade Purity Fan, and Mo Yuan and Ye Hua…Damn Bai Qian is one lucky chick.

Lastly, my wonderful friend editor E who has been with me from the start (Love you E) had to stop due to real-life. Imagine that? Real life. That being said Mount Song is slowly coming to an end but you never know who Bai Qian will choose in the end……..


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