嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 32 NSFW



Ch 32

Bai Qian

Bai Qian thought her pregnancy would deter Mo Yuan from his intense desire to take her, but she was wrong. Bai Qian’s pregnancy had the opposite effect and increased Mo Yuan’s arousal for her. Mo Yuan made love to her relentlessly, day and night like a man possessed, Mo Yuan always had that look in his eyes.

The look of burning passion…

Bai Qian woke up many mornings from the feel of Mo Yuan’s tongue devouring her flower. She woke up climaxing from his hungry mouth. Broken was her sleep by the exquisite sensation of Mo Yuan’s thick sword penetrating her. Seeking respite from Mo Yuan’s voracious desires, Bai Qian would sneak into their chamber quietly to read her beloved mortal stories in the afternoons only to have Mo Yuan would walk in, drop his clothes and take her immediately.

Luckily for Mo Yuan… Bai Qian too forgets to put up privacy shields…

Mo Yuan was insatiable.

Bai Qian blamed his long celibacy, for Mo Yuan’s constant desire for bodily pleasure. Mo Yuan said her beauty was the culprit. It was Bai Qian’s fault for being too desirable. Mo Yuan knew exactly what to say to get Bai Qian’s clothes off.

Bai Qian being a naughty nine-tailed fox teased Mo Yuan without mercy. During Mo Yuan’s lesson, she would politely apologize for disturbing Shifu’s lesson and whisper something softly in Mo Yuan’s ear before excusing herself. Bai Qian whispered she wasn’t wearing undergarments and to meet her in the wine cellar.  Other times, she softly told Mo Yuan she wanted to taste his manhood in her mouth. Mo Yuan, persuaded instantly when Bai Qian whispered, she was wet, ready and would pleasure herself since Mo Yuan was busy.

The disciples began to see a pattern;  if their Shifu ended his lesson immediately… he and Seventeen would vanish for the rest of the day.

As Bai Qian’s body changed from pregnancy, Mo Yuan’s couldn’t get enough of her physical transformation. He loved the fullness of her growing breasts. The enlargement and darkening of her nipples drove Mo Yuan insane. Even the bump of her stomach aroused him.

Mo Yuan loved to slowly and lazily suck her newly growing breasts and nipples for hours while sliding his fingers inside her. Mo Yuan confessed he always craved the taste her lower petals, which had darkened the color of a ripe plum. Mo Yuan said her pregnancy was an aphrodisiac and he couldn’t help himself. Watching Bai Qian give him oral pleasure while her huge breasts heaved to the rhythm of her movements drove Mo Yuan to the edge of sanity. When Bai Qian put, his throbbing manhood between her magnificent enormous breasts and sucked the head of his pounding manhood; Mo Yuan ejaculated immediately. Watching Bai Qian’s sultry expression when she swallowed his essence gave him another instant erection.

Mo Yuan said he’d never seen such a beautiful woman in all the hundreds of thousands of years he’d been alive. Mo Yuan explained that she took his breath away and he still couldn’t believe Bai Qian was not only his, but she was also carrying his child.

Mo Yuan expressed the love and joy he felt was immeasurable and boundless. He thanked Bai Qian for loving him daily. Bai Qian teased Mo Yuan saying he adored and cherished her too much. Bai Qian said, Mo Yuan, spoiled her and treated her as if she was the most valuable treasure in the world; Mo Yuan replied Bai Qian was his most valued treasure. She was his wife and the mother of his unborn child.

Bai Qian was Mo Yuan’s life.


Two years later

Ye Hua

Ye Hua hadn’t seen Qian Qian since she married Mo Yuan two years ago. When Ye Hua saw her after the rituals and ceremonies, Qian Qian looked like a blissful new bride and joy exuded from Qian Qian like rays of the sun. She was radiant and dazzling. Ye Hua still missed her, but seeing Qian Qian’s life and heart fulfilled was enough for him. It warmed Ye Hua’s heart and strangely made him feel complete.

When Ye Hua and A-Li arrived on Kunlun Mountain. He saw Qian Qian and Mo Yuan standing in the distance. Mo Yuan’s expression was unreadable but by the tone of Qian Qian’s voice and her body language, she was angry. Qian Qian was already temperamental but pregnancy had intensified it more. Mo Yuan saw Ye Hua first since Qian Qian’s back was turned to Ye Hua. She looked back to see what Mo Yuan was looking at, smiled and came to Ye Hua.

“Ah Heavenly Lord…no Ye Hua. It’s alright for me to call you Ye Hua, isn’t it? You’re Shifu’s younger brother and I’m 90,000 years older than you.” said Qian Qian.

Ye Hua accustomed to calling Qian Qian by her name replied, “It fine Qian Qian.”

She looked at Ye Hua surprised and said, “Did you call me Qian Qian? Isn’t that a bit informal..hmm, but I kind of like it. Being called Gugu always can make one feel old. Then again I am 90,000 years older than you. Yes, Ye Hua, you may call me Qian Qian.”

Qian Qian’s eyes zeroed in on A-Li and she said, “Your mother must have been a beauty. You are so handsome.” She looked up at Ye Hua and asked, “You didn’t bring your wife?”

Ye Hua replied softly, “My wife is deceased.”

Qian Qian fluttered her eyes in surprise and asked, “Isn’t it almost impossible for us immortals to die?”

Ye Hua smiled and replied, “My wife was a mortal. A beautiful mortal woman.”

Qian Qian looked at Ye Hua and suddenly hit Ye Hua on his chest with the closed end of her fan. She blinked, fluttered her eyelashes, smiled slyly and said, “A mortal? Isn’t that a big no-no in Celestial laws?” Qian Qian tapped Ye Hua again with her fan in the same spot playfully. “What a naughty one you are, Ye Hua. Such the rebel. Your parents must have been upset, you bad boy. Especially that horrid, miserable grandfather of yours.”

Mo Yuan stood beside Qian Qian and cleared his throat. She looked up to see Mo Yuan’s expression of his disapproval.

“Did I say something that was untrue? Ye Hua, did you know I was a mortal once during my heavenly trial? I don’t remember it but that’s what I’ve been told. I wonder if I ever saw your wife?” Qian Qian tilted her head and thought about the chances she and Ye Hua’s wife could have been friends.

Qian Qian looked at Ye Hua and said, “The younger immortals are so progressive and liberal. I find it refreshing. The older gods tend to be too conservative and stiff.” She glanced at Mo Yuan and added, “I won’t say any names because I’m a lady but let’s just hope it’s not a genetic thing.” Qian Qian lightly caressed her pregnant stomach.

Qian Qian looked at A-Li again and asked, “Well A-Li, may I be your mother until your father remarried?”

Ye Hua smiled and said he wouldn’t remarry. He’d experienced the joy of three beautiful loves and that was enough for him.

Qian Qian held A-Li’s face tenderly with both hands and proclaimed, “Then I will be your mother for life. You’ve become my eldest child. You can call me Gugu, no, just call me mother because that’s who I am, your mother.”

Ye Hua looked at Qian Qian’s enormous round stomach and asked, “I thought you still had another year until the birth of your child, but you look as if you could go into labor any day now.”

Qian Qian rubbed Mo Yuan’s back and replied, “My mother thinks there is more than one. I knew Shifu’s time in seclusion would pay off. It raised his cultivation level just as I told him it would.”

Qian Qian smiled sweetly at Mo Yuan who blushed and looked at the ground.

Qian Qian touched Mo Yuan’s arm and bragged, “There is a reason he’s called the ‘God Of War’.” Qian Qian chuckled at Mo Yuan who coughed lightly still looking down.

Ye Hua smiled and said, “A-Li and I just stopped by to see you, both but we should be going now.”

Qian Qian looked at A-Li and asked, “Leave A-Li with me. My disciple-brothers are so boring. I’m dying to have someone to play with. A-Li and I will be just fine.” Qian Qian winked at A-Li and embraced A-Li from behind holding A-Li’s hands. They giggled to one another.

Ye Hua replied,”If it’s not an inconvenience. Would you like to stay A-Li?” A-Li smiled happily at Ye Hua and nodded his head ‘yes’.

“I want to create some chaos and trouble. Will you help me A-Li? Let’s go have some fun and annoy as many people as we can in our search for amusement.” Qian Qian snickered.

Ye Hua then bowed and turned his back to leave when he suddenly heard Qian Qian call his name. Ye Hua turned around to see Qian Qian staring at him intently. She looked Ye Hua up and down as she narrowed her eyes. Qian Qian glanced at Mo Yuan then back to Ye Hua looking at them both. The palms of Ye Hua’s hands went clammy and he could see Mo Yuan holding his breath.

Qian Qian said as her eyes became little slits, “I see everything. It’s suddenly become very clear. Shifu, did you think I’d never figure it out?”

Mo Yuan was speechless and didn’t know how to respond. Qian Qian looked at both Ye Hua and Mo Yuan again then turned to Mo Yuan and said,

“Since you and Ye Hua are identical twins, that means you looked like Ye Hua when you were younger. Which indicates you’ve been with many women, haven’t you? Of course, you have, if you were as handsome as Ye Hua. I bet the women were fighting over you. I heard about your nickname in school Tu Zi, the Hare. I was told you got that name due to your speed seducing the women you wanted.”

She snorted and added, “And that thing, you know what I’m referring to. Well, that can only be mastered by a lot of practice. A partner, a woman is needed to train for that particular act and you must have practiced many, many, oh so many times to have mastered it as you do.”

Mo Yuan said in his soft coaxing tone, “Seventeen, no I didn’t…”

Qian Qian cut him off and yelled, “Don’t talk to me! Don’t call me Seventeen!”

Mo Yuan reached for her arm when she hollered, “Don’t you dare touch me!”

Mo Yuan gave Ye Hua the look requesting help, but instead, Ye Hua fueled Qian Qian’s existing fire by saying, “Yes, I’ve heard of a Celestial White Goddess. I can’t recall her name, no, wait, her name was Yao Guang. I understand she was beautiful, desirable and quite the warrior. I’ve been told she and Mo Yuan shared a mutual affection for each other. Mo Yuan once risked his life for her. Mo Yuan was chivalrous even in his youth. The White Goddess and Mo Yuan practiced their forms of combat. Mo Yuan probably mastered his sword skills with her.”

Qian Qian’s mouth dropped open in shock as she stared at Mo Yuan in disbelief. She hissed, “You-risked-your-life-for-the-White-Goddess-who-tried-to-drown-me!? I’m sure you mastered your sword skills. Both of them!”

Ye Hua continued, “It’s also my understanding, Mo Yuan’s charm caught many of the beautiful servants and maids eyes. Mo Yuan was very popular with the women. It is said many of those women fell in love with Mo Yuan after he bedded them due to his sexual prowess.”

Mo Yuan looked with wide-eyes at Ye Hua and said, “Ye Hua stop teasing Seventeen.”

Qian Qian turned to Ye Hua and said, “I know you’re telling the truth.”

She glared at Mo Yuan hatefully.

Ye Hua kept going and added, “Many of the older immortals like my father, grandfather, and Star-Lord Si Ming have all said the same thing. Mo Yuan was well-known for his charming ways with women and was a gifted lover. My grandfather said he wished he had a fraction of Mo Yuan’s sexual prowess and stamina.”

“Ye Hua, don’t you need to go now?” Mo Yuan hinted.

Qian Qian was livid and said, “Don’t take a single step, Ye Hua. What else do you know? ”

Ye Hua added casually, “Even Donghua DiJin said if Mo Yuan hadn’t become the Master of Kunlun Mountain, he would have had a massive harem even larger than Ghost Lord Li Jing due to his love for women and bodily pleasure.”

Mo Yuan was wide-eyed and looked frightened as Qian Qian glared at him. Ye Hua had not seen Mo Yuan afraid until now.

Ye Hua said, “Oh and this fact you’ll find most interesting about Mo Yuan. He can make a woman clima…..”

Mo Yuan cut Ye Hua off briskly and said suggestively, “Ye Hua, weren’t you leaving?”

Ye Hua replied, “Oh yes, I have urgent matters to handle in Celestial Heaven, but Qian Qian, I’ve heard many other interesting things and stories about Mo Yuan in his youth. Whenever you’d like to hear more Qian Qian, my door is always open. Anytime.” Ye Hua smirked at Mo Yuan and cloud jumped away.

Bai Qian was so furious that her nostrils were flaring and her breathing came in huff and puffs. She was giving Mo Yuan her death glare. A-Li who stood quietly with them for the entire conversation looked up and asked,

“What is sexual prowess Uncle Mo Yuan? Does that mean you know more than Cheng Yu? What did you do to get the women to fall in love with you? Did you send them flowers or write poems for them. Uncle Mo Yuan since you have two swords, can I see them both? I want to see your other one too?” A-Li asked

Bai Qian ignored Mo Yuan and said sweetly, “A-Li, only a filthy, dirty, disgusting man would sword fight with The White Goddess. White Goddess played with both your uncle’s swords because she was an unrefined and loose woman, unlike your mother. Not everyone is born a nine-tailed fox. A man who plays and enjoys sword fight with such a crass and uncultured White Goddess is a pervert. A very sick perverted degenerate. A-Li let us live our lives feeling sorry for people like them. I would never let such a disgusting, filthy, creep who played sword games with White Goddess touch my body or share my bed. A-Li, you should stay overnight and sleep with your mother in mother’s own room where she’ll be sleeping for a quite a long time. Maybe forever.”

A-Li looked up at Bai Qian and asked, “Won’t you be afraid sleeping by yourself after sleeping with Uncle Mo Yuan? He’s the most powerful immortal warrior. Uncle Mo Yuan is the God Of War.”

Bai Qian caressed A-Li’s hair and replied, “A-Li, your uncle is the ‘God Of Something’ else I can’t bring myself to say it. Mother will not be having any more children or at least not with your uncle Mo Yuan. Your uncle is returning to celibacy forever.”

Bai Qian bent down to A-Li’s eye level and said, “A-Li if anyone steps into mother’s room, they’ll understand why the Jade Purity Fan is named that. It will bruise a person blue and green like jade, fan the perverted filth out of Mother’s room and purify it again. Tomorrow mother will be going to Qing Qiu for a long time by myself unless you’d like to come too A-Li. Nobody else here is invited. Mother will seal Qing Qiu to keep the weird perverts out.”

Bai Qian took A-Li by the hand and walked away without giving Mo Yuan a single glance back.

Mo Yuan woke up early the next day and quietly snuck to Seventeen’s door. He hoped Seventeen’s anger had dissipated since the night before. Mo Yuan held his ear to the door but didn’t hear anything. Mo Yuan opened the door to find the room empty.

“Shifu.” Die Feng said from behind. Die Feng avoided direct eye contact when Mo Yuan turned around. Die Feng slowly looked at Mo Yuan with a sympathetic gaze and said, “Seventeen left this morning for Qing Qiu and she asked me to give you a message.”

Die Feng looked uncomfortable as he repeated her message, “Seventeen suggested going into seclusion with both your swords and enjoy your return to celibacy. Seventeen also stated she’s sealing Qing Qiu and advised you go find your White Goddess so she can play with your sword. She said some other things but I’d rather not repeat it. Shifu, I think you’re in big, big trouble.”


to be continued……..