嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 33



Ch 33

Mo Yuan

As Seventeen had warned, Qing Qiu was sealed. Mo Yuan went to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms thinking there might be a slim chance Seventeen would be there. Seventeen wasn’t there, but Zhe Yan was. Zhe Yan burst out into hysterical laughter when he saw Mo Yuan.

“Mo Yuan, you know the four creatures your father created? Well, they’re baby bunnies compared to an angry, jealous, pregnant, nine-tailed fox. Xiao Wu is furious. She was so livid that she wouldn’t even talk to me. What did you do now?”

Mo Yuan looked defeated as he asked, “Why did you tell her about my nickname in school?”

Zhe Yan looked up as if trying to recall if he had or not. He paused and said, “Tu Zi? I told her that when she was your disciple on Kunlun. I’m surprised she remembered that.”

Zhe Yan handed Mo Yuan a cup of wine which Mo Yuan drank in one shot. Mo Yuan poured another cup and drank it just as fast.

Zhe Yan warned, “Slow down. If you pass out here, I can’t guarantee your safety. I’m not getting involved in a fight between you and Xiao Wu. I don’t want her fury coming my way. I’m afraid of her.”

Zhe Yan thought about it for a bit and said, “That shouldn’t have made her so angry. There must have been more, Mo Yuan?

Mo Yuan said with his teeth clenched, “Ye Hua told Seventeen about Yao Guang and the servants that I courted in my foolish youth. I only did that three times at the most.”

Zhe Yan choked on his wine and burst out laughing. “I have to give it to Ye Hua, that was a very strategic move on his part but Mo Yuan, you shouldn’t lie to me. We both know there were many, many, many more than three servants that caught your eye.” Zhe Yan was still laughing.

“Mo Yuan go back to Kunlun, your wife is not coming home anytime soon. Hopefully, she’ll forgive you before she goes into labor. Xiao Wu holds grudges. She was high tempered before, but now with all those hormones, she’s much worse. I would be scared if I were you.”

Mo Yuan looked at Zhe Yan and said, “Yes. I’m afraid of Seventeen. Very scared. She left me a message to go into seclusion with both my swords and enjoy my return to celibacy. Seventeen told me to find Yao Guang instead.”

Zhe Yan was laughing so hard that he fell to his side. Zhe Yan couldn’t stop and continued laughing at Mo Yuan’s defeated expression. Zhe Yan wiped the tears from his eyes, ceased to laugh and straightened out his robe. Zhe Yan looked up at Mo Yuan and started laughing again unable to control himself. Zhe Yan was still wiping the tears from his eyes when he said,

“Well Tu Zi, I guess you won’t be having more children. Xiao Wu is as stubborn as a mule. You know that about her. If that’s what she said, that’s how it’s going to be. If you see her before the birth of your child, that will be a miracle. That Ye Hua…I didn’t know he had that in him. I’m impressed. Ye Hua’s maneuver is quite ingenious. With a few words, Ye Hua has turned you back into the monk you were before Xiao Wu.”


Kunlun Mountain

Bai Qian returned to Kunlun Mountain two weeks later. She cloud jumped, landed, and walked towards her old bedroom without giving Mo Yuan, who was in the middle of his teaching a single glance. Mo Yuan looked up surprised and glanced around to see how he could end his lesson in a discreet manner.

Die Feng, his senior disciple who also saw Bai Qian leaned towards Mo Yuan and whispered, “Shifu, you should go to Seventeen now.”

Bai Qian was in her old room when Mo Yuan went behind her and wrapped his arms around her big round stomach. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of her hair when Bai Qian put both hands up in the air with her palms, open and her posture stiffened.

She cleared her throat and said in a curt tone, “Excuse me, High God Mo Yuan, but you need to release me. I didn’t come back for you but the divine energy for my baby. You need to remove your hands from my body.”

Mo Yuan moved to the front of her and faced Bai Qian. He gave her a little smile and said, “Seventeen, I’ve missed you more than you can imagine.”

Mo Yuan leaned into her lips, but Bai Qian swiftly turned her face to the side and said, “If you don’t leave my room, I’ll just have to return to Qing Qiu but this time I won’t come back.”

Bai Qian looked at Mo Yuan indifferently and gave him an overtly obvious fake smile and said, “High God Mo Yuan, my name is High Goddess Bai Qian, not Seventeen. I’m exhausted so you should leave so I can change my clothes.”

Mo Yuan was trying to make peace with Bai Qian slowly, but the thought of seeing her naked increased his desire to reconcile considerably. He tilted his head slightly to one side and held her face with both hands and said softly, “Seventeen, it’s not healthy for the baby to stay angry about things that happened in the past. The past is meaningless. You’re my wife. You are my love. Let’s put all this behind us. Please?”

Bai Qian’s expression didn’t change as she said, “If you won’t leave, I will.” She turned to walk out when Mo Yuan said, “No darling, I’ll leave. You just rest but wouldn’t our bed be more comfortable? It’s bigger and comfortable, no?”

Bai Qian glared at Mo Yuan and warned, “Don’t push your luck.”

A week went by with Mo Yuan trying his best to placate his angry pregnant wife. He said Bai Qian should return to their bed for her sake. Mo Yuan explained the bed in her old room was too small, and she needed more space due to her stomach. Mo Yuan expressed concern the disciples would misunderstand and begged Bai Qian to return to their sleep chamber.

Bai Qian took her time and eventually returned to the sleeping room she and Mo Yuan shared, three weeks after Mo Yuan’s request. Bai Qian remained cold and barely spoke to Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan tried everything that he could think of to please her. He presented her with fresh peach blossoms only to find them in the trash. Mo Yuan brought Bai Qian’s favorite loquats from Qing Qiu and saw the disciples eating them in the evening. They said Bai Qian brought them a whole basket and offered some to Mo Yuan.

Their sleeping pattern also changed. Bai Qian tucked and created a separation in the blankets between her and Mo Yuan’s side. She put pillows in the crevasse for reinforcement. When she felt Mo Yuan touch her, she turned, glared at him and told him to play with his swords in the seclusion cave. One night while Bai Qian slept, her gown shifted and exposed one of her irresistible huge breasts, and Mo Yuan quietly whimpered sadly.

He caressed her sleeping face until she opened her eyes just slightly, so they were slits. Mo Yuan glanced towards her exposed breast and begged Bai Qian for a little taste. Mo Yuan raised his index finger in the air to indicate, he would take only one single suck. Mo Yuan promised he wouldn’t do anything else. Bai Qian’s silent reply to Mo Yuan, was her pulling her gown shut and turning her back on Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan almost cried.

Mo Yuan being a Taoist Master, had mastered the power to withstand all temptation except his desire for Bai Qian. He was weak and powerless against her willpower and unyielding stubbornness.

One evening Mo Yuan joined Bai Qian in bed and felt an unfamiliar object in-between the covers. He picked the glass pole-shaped item. Mo Yuan turned it upside down unaware what it was. It resembled a cucumber made of glass but larger. Very smooth with a perfectly rounded end. The glass was cold and beautiful. Mo Yuan marveled at its beauty.

Bai Qian saw Mo Yuan holding it, quickly grabbed it from his hand possessively and stated it was hers.

Mo Yuan, who was clueless asked Bai Qian what the purpose of the glass shaft was. She replied it was her unique treasure that she loved and couldn’t live without it. Bai Qian thanked Mo Yuan for finding it because she’d been looking for it all day. Bai Qian explained she used it when she pleasured herself. Something Bai Qian did at least five times a day when she was alone. Bai Qian rubbed the rounded end delicately with a smile on her face. She explained the smooth glass starts cold but gets warm with body heat. Bai Qian told Mo Yuan it slipped inside her beautifully due to her wetness and she found it incredibly satisfying. Mo Yuan cried that night.

He cried real tears.


Ye Hua

A-li went to Kunlun Mountain to visit Qian Qian several times a week. A-Li returned from his visit and told Ye Hua that mother was still very angry with Uncle, Mo Yuan. A-Li asked Ye Hua what his mother meant when she told Uncle Mo Yuan to play with his sword alone and to keep his sword away from her. A-Li asked if his mother didn’t enjoy sword fighting and Ye Hua snickered. Ye Hua smiled all day gleefully and went to bed with a smile on his face.


Bai Qian

Bai Qian couldn’t get over her anger and rage. The more Bai Qian thought about Ye Hua’s appearance, the angrier she became. She imagined Mo Yuan with other women seducing them with his soft voice, expressive deep, rich brown eyes, skillful hands and his perfect manhood. Bai Qian wondered if he’d been as passionate of a lover with the other women as he was with her. Jealously, Bai Qian mentally pictured Mo Yuan having bodily pleasure with other women and barely controlled herself from choking him in his sleep. A couple of times she’d sat up in bed during the night, glanced over at her peacefully sleeping husband, and fought the urge to slap his face.

She knew Mo Yuan was suffering. He woke up every morning with a pounding erection. Bai Qian walked around nude unnecessarily to punish him. She began sleeping without her gown and often, very often heard him whimpering in bed beside her. Bai Qian purposely dropped items so he could watch her bend over to pick them off the ground. Her poor frustrated husband begged Bai Qian to forgive him. Mo Yuan said she was his only love. Mo Yuan blamed his past transgressions on his foolish youth. He said he didn’t know better. Bai Qian asked Mo Yuan one night how many servants he bedded and Mo Yuan replied three. Bai Qian asked him the same question a few days later, and his answer was six. Mo Yuan was lying, and she’d caught him in the act.

Bai Qian decided Mo Yuan needed to suffer longer. Much, much longer.

Bai Qian pleasured herself often during the day so she could withstand Mo Yuan’s seductive ways. She would never admit it but seeing Mo Yuan’s nude, and muscular, body still made her feel the same as it had from the start, Bai Qian loved Mo Yuan’s body. Bai Qian missed his manhood, but this was a battle she felt compelled to win. If she backed down now, Bai Qian worried, she’d lose all their future fights.

Mo Yuan, her Shifu, needed to be taught a lesson.

One morning Bai Qian sat on the edge of the bed and brushed her hair. Bai Qian was nude, of course with her legs parted just enough expose one of Mo Yuan’s most favorite things in life, her lower treasure. She brushed her hair and with both hands pulled her hair back to form a ponytail. Her dark nipples erect on her massive breasts. Mo Yuan walked in, saw Bai Qian and dropped to his knees and knelt in between her legs. Mo Yuan begged, pleaded, and cried. Bai Qian ignored his words of desperation and continued doing her hair.

Mo Yuan stood up, silently looked down at Bai Qian, pulled off his clothes, swiftly but gently laid her on her back, parted her legs open and deeply penetrated her. Bai Qian’s eyes flew open in shock before released a loud moan. Mo Yuan’s strokes were slow and smooth. He asked in a slightly teasing tone, “Would you like me to stop Seventeen?”

Bai Qian looked back at Mo Yuan seductively and challenged back, “Do you think you can Shifu? If so, be my guest.”

Mo Yuan let out a deep groan and moaned, “I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop.”

Mo Yuan dropped his head back from his intense pleasure and added, “Seventeen, I hope you don’t have any plans to go anywhere because I’m never going to stop.”

Mo Yuan sat back on his knees, pulled her body to his hips without stopping his penetration. Gently placed his hands on her large pregnant stomach and caressed it tenderly. Mo Yuan unable to resist Bai Qian’s large breasts, took one in each hand, rubbed her erect nipples between his thumb and index finger.

Bai Qian was gasping between her moans.

Mo Yuan whispered, “You’re so stunningly beautiful. I love you.” His expression softened and asked, “Am I hurting you?”

Bai Qian met Mo Yuan’s gaze, parted her lips as she panted, nodded her head ‘yes’ and whimpered, “Yes… but don’t stop…Do it more.”

Mo Yuan learned a valuable lesson from the misunderstanding he’d had with Seventeen. He came to realize, Seventeen, his beautiful wife, was very cruel and frightening when she was angry. Seventeen possessed the ability to make his life miserable. Mo Yuan came to understand his role in life was to keep his wife happy, so he complied, giving her all she desired and more.


Mo Yuan

One year later

The day Seventeen went into labor, Mo Yuan was beside her. It wasn’t customary for men to be present during childbirth but Seventeen’s insistence and deep-rooted fear convinced Mo Yuan to do otherwise. He sat behind Seventeen, so her body was slightly raised. She looked frightened. Mo Yuan silently wondered if this fear went back to her birth of A-Li.

Seventeen was groaning and panted from pain. Seventeen cried with her painful contractions. She held her stomach and whimpered from the intense pressure. Mo Yuan tenderly wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Seventeen looked up at Mo Yuan and suddenly yelled, “This is your fault!”

She cried. “You used too much cultivation, and now this baby is the size of a 100-year-old child! We’re never having bodily pleasure again! I hate you! Why did you do this to me!?”

Seventeen panted heavily screamed and birthed a beautiful daughter. Mo Yuan was ecstatic. Seventeen was still laboring as she birthed another girl. Mo Yuan was stunned and overjoyed. Seventeen then birthed the last baby, another girl and Mo Yuan started to cry.

He was terrified.

Seventeen gave birth to triplets. Three, white nine-tailed girls, just like herself. They all had Seventeen’s features and were beautiful. Eu Meh (especially beautiful) was the firstborn. Lì húa (beautiful pear blossom) was the second and Chenguang (morning light) the third and last to be born. Mo Yuan’s triplet daughters were beautiful and precious.


to be continued…………

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  1. Ellie Toh
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    No dragon babies? Awwww


  2. Emily
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    OMG!! This is my favourite chapter for sure😄. They are just too cute and adorable together!! My heart just melts how MY tries to get back in favor with his wife. And 3 baby foxes?? Oh god, he is going to suffer!! I imagine a super protective MY having sleepless nights keeping all the suitors away from his precious little girls. Unni, thank you so much for these latest chapters. They are hilarious and at the same time supe hot and adorable.


    • Rin Rin
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      Hahah I agree. MY is probably thinking about how it was with BQ for him and dreading to think that any potential suitors for his girls would do the same thing he did.. he’d need to kill them XD


      • Emily
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        Hahaha. Yes😂. And the mischief those 3 are going to cause (probably encouraged by their mother or together with their mother) is going to give MY so many headaches. He’s right to be terrified. Smart guy.


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      • Ana Korizma
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        I hope that at least one of the girls inherits Mo Yuan’s post as the Goddess of War when and if he retires in the future. But if that was going to happen, at least one has to be so serious and dedicated to study more. We all know how BQ “studied” ha ha ha. Our MY, get ready for sleepless nights, changing diapers, feeding, then teendom, their heavenly trials and in far future, marriage. Good luck.


      • Ana Korizma
        August 22, 2017 at 8:15 pm

        Who would he marry them off to? All I can think of are the disciples, but they’d be more babysitters and brothers than suitors. Li Jing? Out of the question, MY would kill him because of what has happened in the past. I can’t imagine that thing, it’ll be even more hilarious to see the Ghost Lord Li Jing have a little doppelganger BQ in the form of her daughter, giving him such a headache and trashing the Palace with pranks. That would be so funny!


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      • Ana Korizma
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        Im kinda disappointed there is no dragon son. Can I request another set of triplets, all sons, for BQ next pregnancy. Though MY will probably be on tenterhooks that it may be daughters again. Hahaha…it will be so funny.


    • Ana Korizma
      August 22, 2017 at 8:02 pm

      Emily, I feel the same! This was hilarious! I’m laughing so hard I cried. Our poor MY, giving his best to get out of the doghouse. It was so touching to read how he supported BQ during birth, even though she cursed him to hell and back lol. 3 baby girls?! Good luck, lol. Especially when they get to be teens. About marriage for them MY will be picky as hell. But what’s good is that A-Li can play the role of the protective big brother to the girls.


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      This may be just the beginning. With Mo Yuan’s and Bai Qian’s private time, who knows, what happens next. All I know is that no matter how many kids they have, they will be one happy huge family.


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    Hahahahahaha! Oh my gosh this is hilarious triplet daughters hopefully for MY they have his temperament not BQ. Oh well now there is an heir for Bai Zhen so he doesn’t have to worry about reproducing and can happily stay with ZY


    • Ana Korizma
      August 23, 2017 at 2:37 pm

      I hope at least one does become the hard working and studying one so she can inherit the post of her dad when and if he retires from his duties as the High God of War. We know how Seventeen “studied”, so I expect LOTS of pranks XD


  5. Musicluverxoxo
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    Wow mo yuan is going to have tough life ahead of him because he has 3 girl triples who are going to be just as stubborn as their mom lol and yay Ali has sisters . Damn bai qian knows how to tease mo yuan . It is such a cute ending .


    • Ana Korizma
      August 23, 2017 at 2:32 pm

      That’s how it goes with a pregnant mother, never upset her or be ready to suffer for days. I did pity MY, but he had to learn that lesson. I loved it when he was there for the birth; BQ suffered so much with A-Li and she was alone. Now MY has 4 girls to look after and deal with the temper, all we can do is cross our fingers he lives through it all. One overprotective dad MY coming up. lol.


  6. Suzan Stevens
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    Jeepers, this Mo Yuan sure has stamina to hold out that long LOL…. and awwwww, three more little Bai Qians to keep him on his toes for the rest of his days 😀


    • Ana Korizma
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      Got to admire him, he’s not the High God of S…whoops, I meant War for nothing, ha ha.


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        yup, this MY is a dirty dawg war god…… LOL


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    aww precious triplets…. and beautiful names. more havoc in the eternal kingdom 😀


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