嵩山 Mount Song: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 34



Ch 34

Mo Yuan

Mo Yuan and Seventeen’s triplet daughters were utterly adorable. In their human form, they were as mortal babies and unable to do anything, but in their fox form, they were destructive, playful, unruly and not house trained. They were white furry balls of disaster everywhere they went. The girls tore and chewed everything they could get into their little mouths. They ran around Kunlun Mountain, fought, tumbled and got into everything. The disciples spent most of their time chasing them down. Mo Yuan looked like he’d aged 10,000 years in less than a month.

He was exhausted.

Ye Hua saw the girls, burst out laughing, before composing himself. When Ye Hua and Mo Yuan were alone, Ye Hua said,

“The triplets are your karma, High God Mo Yuan. Since you were so selfish with Qian Qian and wouldn’t allow her to stay with me, this is your karmic retribution.”

Mo Yuan looked annoyed at Ye Hua and said, “Don’t call her Qian Qian anymore.”

Ye Hua chuckled lightly unfazed and said, “Your greed for Qian Qian was so great that karma had given you three more of her.”

Ye Hua saw all three girls infant foxes tearing up scrolls, chewing on tables and furniture while leaving wet puddles everywhere. Ye Hua snickered softly and said, “Maybe it was best that I brought Qian Qian back to you.”

Surprised was Mo Yuan when Seventeen asked Mo Yuan for another child immediately. Seventeen told Mo Yuan if they had all their children close together, it would be easier to raise them, and they would still be young parents when the children were old enough to leave. Seventeen said it would be an as everlasting honeymoon for Mo Yuan and herself.

Mo Yuan found great humor in her statement considering he was already over 300,000 years old.

Seventeen wanted a little boy, that looked just like her Shifu, but Mo Yuan refused. She used enchantment spells. Mo Yuan blocked them. Mo Yuan explained three infant daughters were plenty. A-Li was their eldest and a son, so another child wasn’t necessary. Seventeen determined on a quest to become pregnant again, tried to seduce Mo Yuan non-stop. She stopped wearing clothes and walked around their chamber nude regularly. Mo Yuan resisted her tempting, luscious body. He focused his cultivation on controlling his carnal urges.

Mo Yuan refrained from bodily pleasure with Seventeen to avoid having another child.

Seventeen read in the afternoons leisurely lounging on their bed without her clothes. She openly nursed the girls with her full, massive, beautiful, breasts in front of Mo Yuan. He secretly thought Seventeen looked amazing and most beautiful when she breast fed his daughters. Seventeen looked stunning in pregnancy, and she was an exquisite sight in motherhood also. Seventeen glowed as a result of being a new mother again.

Her radiance affected Mo Yuan like an aphrodisiac.

She was cunning and sneaky so Mo Yuan always needed to be on his guard. Seventeen promised she’d give Mo Yuan only oral pleasure if he was afraid of impregnating her again. Mo Yuan was wise to her plan and knew he lacked control. Seventeen’s sultry ways would make it impossible for him to stop once they began.

Seventeen was not only the Queen of Qing Qiu, but she was also the Queen temptation. Every one of her movement aroused him. Mo Yuan became completely erect watching her eat a peach. Seventeen bit into the ripe, juicy fruit as the sweet, wet, juice, dripped down her luscious lips to her magnificent breasts. She looked down, wiped it off herself with her finger tips and then sucked the sweetness off her fingers.

Mo Yuan went into seclusion for a few days to rebalance his cultivation to reinforce his willpower after watching Seventeen eat fruit.

Since he and Seventeen enjoyed an extremely active sex life even up to the day before the birth of the triplets, he was physically uncomfortable and in desperate need of sexual release. But then he’d think about the triplets and the anarchy they created. This mental reminder was enough to keep Mo Yuan’s desire for bodily pleasure under control.

However, Mo Yuan was engaged in a battle he was doomed to lose. His resistance was futile against Seventeen’s determination to get what she wanted.

One afternoon, he walked into their sleep chamber to find Seventeen on her knees and elbows on their bed, naked of course. She’d dropped something, so Seventeen was looking over the edge and reaching for whatever she’d lost. Mo Yuan walked in, saw her from the back view, with her bewitching flower fully exposed. As a proper husband should, he helped Seventeen find what she’d lost. One of her mortal stories had fallen under the bed, but first, Mo Yuan instantly removed his clothes, silently took her from behind and made love to her for hours and into the following day.

Seventeen got her way and became pregnant again.

Ye Hua

Ye Hua heard Qian Qian was pregnant again only two months after she’d given birth to the triplets. Ye Hua was jealous, but still recognized Mo Yuan’s abilities for being such an old god. Ye Hua was impressed with his older brother’s talents considering his age.

Ye Hua followed A-Li to Kunlun Mountain one afternoon. In his hand, Ye Hua held A-Li’s rattle that A-Li had used when he was a baby. He was going to give it to Qian Qian as a gift to congratulate her for being pregnant again. Taken was Ye Hua’s breath, when he saw Qian Qian. Qian Qian was the most beautiful when she was pregnant as she’d been when Qian Qian was pregnant with A-Li.

After some consideration, Ye Hua decided not to give the rattle to Qian Qian in fear it could trigger any memories of their past. Ye Hua was just about to cloud jump when he heard Qian Qian’s voice call his name. She walked towards him with a smile on her face.

She held A-Li’s rattle that Ye Hua had mistakenly dropped. Qian Qian took his hand, lifted it, put it palm up and placed the rattle in Ye Hua’s hand and said softly, “Ye Hua you dropped this.”

Ye Hua looked down at his palm as she closed his fingers to form a loose fist around the rattle. Qian Qian patted his hand and said,

“Ye Hua, you must be more careful with such precious items. This rattle is one of the only things from A-Li’s infancy.”

Ye Hua stared at Qian Qian in shock when she said, “Ye Hua, I remember everything. Our start at Mount Junji, our meeting during the Eastern Sea, and the last time I was in Celestial Heaven with you.”

Ye Hua was speechless and unable to speak. Qian Qian looked back to make sure they were alone and added, “Thank you for your love, all three times and thank you for being A-Li’s father.”

Ye Hua was finally able to speak and said stunned, “But you drank water from the River of Oblivion. How can you still have your memories?”

Qian Qian replied with a radiant smile,

“How could I forget our son? How could I forget the beautiful love we shared? You’re rather unforgettable Ye Hua. How would I be able to forget that stamina of yours?” She smiled and said, “Thank you for bringing me back to Mo Yuan, and this is our little secret.” She winked at Ye Hua and happily returned by Mo Yuan’s side.

From their first meeting on Mount Junji to that moment on Kunlun Mountain, Qian Qian never ceased to surprise Ye Hua. She was the ultimate unfathomable enigma.

Three years later, Qian Qian gave birth to another girl. Another nine-tailed white fox, named Chun Hua, (spring flowers) who resembled her mother, High Goddess Bai Qian, Queen of Qing Qiu, Immortal wife of High God Mo Yuan, Mistress Of Kunlun Mountain, and Ye Hua’s once mortal wife SuSu like a twin.

Mo Yuan

Not even the slightest bit surprised was Mo Yuan when Seventeen wanted to try one more time to conceive a son. This time he didn’t fight it. Mo Yuan knew he would end up doing whatever Seventeen wanted. Plus, Mo Yuan loved, no, was addicted to being inside his wife. After all, they already had four children what difference could one more make. Mo Yuan couldn’t deny how much he exceedingly enjoyed the process of impregnating Seventeen.

When Seventeen’s third pregnancy was announced only one month after the birth of Chun Hua, the reaction from the disciples was mixed. Some looked at Mo Yuan confused, while others exclaimed “Aya!” in complete shock. A few disciples were impressed with Mo Yuan’s potency and respected his abilities, but Die Feng, his senior disciple whispered looking exasperated, “Shifu, please! You’re not newlyweds anymore. Shouldn’t you take a break!?”

Seventeen’s wish was finally fulfilled three years later when she gave birth to twin golden dragons, boys named, Longwei (Dragon Greatness) and Junjie (Handsome and Outstanding).


to be continued……..