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Hello my friends,

First of all, I hope those following Eroica are enjoying it. I’m not sure if anyones noticed but the intimate scenes differ depending on the person’s perspective. I believe men to be more visual creatures so Ye Hua’s view are written with strong, graphic, visual details. Women, on the other hand, I believe are feelers. Not to say, we women, don’t enjoying watching steamy things but Bai Qian’s angle is more feel, touch, and hear.

I didn’t add NSFW warnings because in the main title, I make it clear it is Adult Fan Fiction.

After Eroica, Kunlun Mountain will begin, even though my mind is still wandering in Mount Song. It will be a story of Si Yin, Bai Qian, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. No SuSu. It will not follow the original timeline or events at all. Also, Mo Yuan’s soul will remain intact for this fan fiction. I love Mo Yuan, ‘God of War’ and ‘God Of Something’ else in my world. I hate killing him off for 70,000 years. Until next time.

YeGenMo aka Unni

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