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Sorry, I’ve had so much to say lately but this is important. It’s come to my attention from another fanfiction writer ( Sensei K ) that a fellow author has experienced plagiarism. The guilty person took all miss abyss’s (The Vagaries of Fate) her entire story and published it under their name on Wattpress and FaceBook. I find this to be sad and totally f*cking rude.

As an author, I can say it takes much energy and time to write fanfiction. I love what I do but to have some a*shole steal one’s writing is jacked up. Totally unacceptable.

I NEVER wanted it to come to this point….damn it. I really hate to say this but if I discover any of my writing published somewhere else, without my consent, I will close this blog to the public. It hurts my heart to put that out there but it will happen. I’ll have to enjoy my stories privately again. Please don’t make Unni do this.

I have a saying, ‘DO NO HARM but TAKE NO SHIT.’ I live by this motto.

I own my stories. My copyright is there for a reason. I will use the law and legally pursue everyone that does this (with the help of my lawyer friend D) You’ll get a chance to meet Unni face to face. Regardless of location, this Unni will come to you. Unni loves to travel.

It pained me to post this, seriously. I know many of you come to my blog first thing in the morning and it brings joy to your day.

YeGenMo aka Unni

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