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First of all, I’m sorry about what is about to occur. I will be deleting Rin Rin’s Thread in Time from Celestial Dreams Very sorry. I’ve been enjoying it as much as everyone else.

We are both writing Mo Yuan fan fiction and great minds must think alike because our stories have come to a clash. Basically, our plots are going in the identical direction.

I’ve encouraged Rin Rin to start her own blog and continue writing her Mo Yuan fan fiction. I hope she will not stop writing because she is a gifted writer and a great story teller.

*Rin Rin keep writing, please. The readers want more of your story. (Link on home page with the other 3310 FF sites)

Believe me when I say that, I’m sad to have to do this.

BTW: I feel like a big fucking jerk face right now.

YeGenMo Unni

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