Farewell and go in peace

At the youthful age when she should have been laughing with her friends. Falling in love with idols and movie stars, instead, she became an unwed mother at the tender age of eighteen.

That child grew up hearing she was a terrible waste of life because she was just like her hideous father. He was more a monster than man. She was a mistake that should have never been born. She was the sole reason that her mother’s life was misery and a failure.

While the child was in school, the mother ran away and left her alone without a place to stay. That’s okay because the child found a better mother who treated her like gold and loved her unconditionally.

The child’s new mother said she gave birth to the beautiful child with her heart. For the first time in her life, the girl heard she was perfect, worthy and precious. Little did her new mother know, she saved the girl’s life in so many ways.

After doing such a terrible deed, the woman should have at least lived a happy burden-free decent life, but instead, her life was fucking shit. She never learned a single thing from her previous mistakes. Perhaps, karma exists because now she’s rotting painfully from a gruesome disease. What a miserable departure.

The woman is moving towards death more and more every day, so she calls the one she threw away. Without hesitation, the child comes to the woman but feels nothing that a daughter should.

Pity is what the daughter feels but not even an ounce of love. Instead, she wordlessly carries the responsibility to care for and bury the woman who told her she was worthless and nothing. Repeatedly.

The daughter smiles and lies to the dying one to send her away with the peace of mind and takes away the guilt from her heart. But honestly, isn’t it just too late to make such amends. The child is no longer an abandoned girl……anymore. She’s grown into a confident, radiant woman and a devoted mother, the woman, never was.

The daughter is thankful to the woman who gave her breath and taught her the biggest lesson of her life. Watching the woman, she learned how not to behave, and the sort of mother she never wanted to be.

The daughter prays the woman’s next life will be filled with nothing but the joy and happiness she didn’t experience this time around. If there is one thing, the daughter asks it’s that if they ever appear to each other in their next lives, please keep walking, so we never meet. We weren’t fated but merely two people together in a prolonged coincidence.

Go in peace

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