緣分 Yuanfen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 3

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She gasped, loudly. Ye Hua passionately pulled her body into his and crushed his mouth to hers, with a level of urgency that took Bai Qian’s breath away. The ferocity of the heated kiss was explosive.

Strangely, kissing Ye Hua felt so natural. Even overly familiar, and a strange sense of déjà vu overcame Bai Qian, the moment their lips touched. She failed to quickly end their kiss because oddly, it felt like a reunion in a bodily sense. Almost a second nature. A well practiced intimate act between them.

Her heart raced swiftly at the same pace as a Blue-throat hummingbird, and her body broke out in light perspiration. Bai Qian was unable to break away, and her lips instinctively responded to Ye Hua’s demanding kiss.

Involuntary, Bai Qian’s knees buckled from the sheer intensity of it. Scorching. There was a loud audible sizzling buzz reverberating in her ear. Her body trembled uncontrollably. She wanted to, no, needed to stop but why couldn’t she pull away?

It took about twenty seconds for Bai Qian’s frizzled, disconnected brain to restart. She panted in shock, but also from the pain of her body’s physical movement. She was extremely sore in her lower region from the night before. Only after feeling Ye Hua’s tongue glide into her mouth, like a choreographed dance, she fluidly performed five moves in this sequential order.

First, she kicked Ye Hua in the shin. Hard. Her left palm forcefully shoved him back, and her right hand slapped him across his face. Whacked him in the back of his head with her closed fan left-handed and hissed hatefully, “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Ye Hua pouted a bit as he rubbed the side of his now burning, redden, cheek, but the tiny smile never left his face. How annoying, Bai Qian thought to herself privately, because he actually looked kind of cute. She cursed his attractiveness. A silent mantra ran through her head, ‘It’s only because he looks like Shifu‘ repeated in her mind.

He replied softly. Slightly too happy, considering he’d just been roughly slapped in the face. “I wanted to confirm something.”

“And what did you just learn Crown Prince Ye Hua?” Bai Qian demanded furiously at his rude behavior. Her nostrils flared angrily.

Ye Hua answered in his same gentle tone, “You’re great at multitasking Qian Qian. Your hand is spicy hot…my cheek surely stings. It’s on fire like a severe sunburn.”

Pausing to bite down on his bottom lip, quickly he smiled and whispered, “You taste the same. The flavor of your mouth. The feel of your lips is just as I remembered. Incredible.”

Deeply, Ye Hua sighed and released long-drawn, lung-hollowing breath. In total and complete relief, as if he’d been holding his breath for eternity. The cumbersome weight he’d carried for the past three hundred years, lifted off his heavy heart. Instantly.

In a low, hushed voice full of amazement, awe and reverence, he stated, “Here you were right under my nose all this time. SuSu was my fiancé, Bai Qian of Qingqiu. Life is enigmatic. Truly mysterious and unfathomable.”

Ye Hua smiled at the sheer wonderment of it all, while A-Li stared at them in fear and terror. He was afraid, confused and unsure what to make of their odd interactions.

“Your mother and I are playing a game, son.” Ye Hua reassured tenderly and winked at A-Li.

Shaking his head ‘no,’ wide-eyed and innocently, the little one replied promptly, “Father, A-Li never wants to play that game. Ever.”

Even in her agitated state, Bai Qian snickered slightly at A-Li’s naiveté. After hearing her giggle, Ye Hua looked up to see the smile instantly vanished from her face. It was a total Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment, and Edward Hyde was back.

Turning her big, brown, doe eyes which narrowed into little darken slits towards Ye Hua, Bai Qian advised in a low hiss, “My last warning. Don’t touch me again. I’ll let you know if I want to be touched or kissed.”

Blatantly, she rolled her eyes. Bai Qian didn’t even attempt to mask her feelings or displeasure. She shook her head at Ye Hua in thorough irritation, that she was trapped in such ridiculous situation.

The last thing Bai Qian wanted to do was spend any time with Ye Hua. There was a general feeling of dislike, and without apparent explanation, he made her nervous and tense. She was on pins and needles around him.

Fanning herself swiftly, Bai Qian slowly regathered her composure. She cleared her throat a couple of times and spoke in her sharp, snippy tone, “So. Are we spending three weeks here? This whole matter is such a waste of time.”

“Two weeks in the mortal realm, where we met on Mount Junji by your thatched hut. Then one week in Nine Heavens.” Ye Hua explained excitedly.

Ye Hua was admittedly eager, and couldn’t wait to take her back to where their sweet love story began. His plan was simple. He wanted Qian Qian to revisit Mount Junji and then Celestial Heaven. Return to the places where they spent their time together. Similar to how people with amnesia are taken back into their old routines, and places they frequented. He hoped to retrieve her lost memories by revisiting her past.

Bai Qian snorted. Taunting laughter came from her full lips and then replied sarcastically, “Crown Prince Ye Hua, when was the last time you were in the mortal realm? Things have changed. The mortals are more advanced and have discovered technology. Your fairy-tale whimsical little home no longer exists.”

“The humans have cut down most of the trees in their forests. Some airplanes and satellites can now pinpoint your nostalgic home, and it might not be there anymore. Three hundred immortal years are much more in mortal time. The world outside our hidden eternal realms has changed, quite extensively.” Bai Qian stated in her lecturing tone.

“The mortals have developed, but I’m still an immortal god, and I have my ways. A-li and I return every year on the day you and I met. We stay for weeks. True, the hut isn’t in the same place.” Ye Hua explained.

He continued, “The humans have moved up higher on Mount Song, but the structure is original. I merely move it every year and cloak it when I return, and before leaving with an invisibility shield. I’ve done it for three hundred years. We’ll go right after the banquet, Qian Qian.”

Ye Hua reached out to hold her hand, but Bai Qian swiftly clasped her hands firmly behind her back, and out of his reach. Amused, he smiled at her anyway and walked closely beside her instead.

At the banquet, women gawked, fought and jumped through hoops for Ye Hua’s attention out in the open and blatantly. Just as every man in the main hall had their eyes focused on Bai Qian with desire and lust. Every female stared at him with affection and love. He either looked at her, A-Li or the ground. She found it rather remarkable, since there were many stunning goddesses and princesses in attendance.

When the Water King discreetly requested a meeting with Ye Hua on his sister’s behalf. His emotionless resplied, “No, I have nothing to say, and there’s nothing I’d like to hear from your sister.”

Ever so regally, Ye Hua stood up and politely said, “Thank you for the invitation. High Goddess Bai Qian and I have other pressing matters to address, so we’ll be leaving now.”

Suddenly, Ye Hua took Bai Qian by the hand, and led her out of the banquet hall, while everyone watched them in astonishment and envy. Surprising behavior considering she believed he was a lusty, skirt-chasing, sex fiend. He didn’t look at or acknowledge another woman, during their entire time at the feast.

Bai Qian privately thought to herself, how strange and unexpected Ye Hua’s behavior was. She wondered if perhaps, she’d misjudged him and created an unjust, biased opinion of him through gossips and rumors.

Once outside, Ye Hua and A-li bickered over spending time with Bai Qian. After promising A-Li, they’d return in two weeks; he called his bodyguard, Tian Shu, to escort his son back home. He affectionately kissed his child tenderly. It was apparent that he was a gentle nurturing father.

Ye Hua glanced at Bai Qian with an excited, animated gaze and asked, “Are you ready to return to your past?”

He affectionately raised Bai Qian’s small hand to his full shapely lips, and lovingly kissed the backside. Ye Hua smiled pleasantly and took her back to the place, where he’d first met SuSu. Back to the little thatched hut he’d preserved, hidden and returned to for the past three centuries.

As Ye Hua said, it was set on the highest point of Mount Junji. Placed on the side that bordered an unscalable cliff-side of the mountain, so it was inaccessible to humans. The cozy, little home’s style was now a relic in the mortal world. Something one would see, when visiting a museum or protected landmark. Remarkable.

Due to its elevated site, the pollution from below didn’t touch it. Hidden in a quaint little valley, surrounded by a dense, lush, green forest untouched by mortals. It looked like something out of a fairy-tale……a magical place from days long gone. There was even a charming little babbling brook, that ran jointly next to the dwelling. It was romantic, intimate and picturesque. Bai Qian could see how love could bloom in such an enchanting place. Easily.

While Ye Hua speedily walked into the hut; Bai Qian stood below the first step, hesitate and unsure. Something felt very wrong about her being at the place, which belonged to a dead woman. The home of a deceased woman that she resembled so precisely, that her husband couldn’t tell the difference. Undoubtedly, this place was haunted.

It gave her the creeps. Chills ran up and down her spine and Bai Qian shivered. Goosebumps broke out all over her body. Her feet refused to take a step. Secretively she felt suddenly afraid, because in all honesty, she didn’t know how she became scarred from crimson fire.

Ye Hua paused on the top step, looked down at Bai Qian and put his hand out towards her, but she couldn’t move. Her body refused to budge. Why did she suddenly feel so anxious? She was shaking to the point that her teeth chattered lightly against each other. She concentrated all her energy to stay calm and relaxed.

Playing it off with a faked control exterior, Bai Qian questioned coolly, “How many rooms does this little cottage have?”

Coyly smiling, Ye Hua replied softly, “One.”

“Crown Prince Ye Hua, how many beds are in that single room?” She asked.

“One.” Ye Hua answered quickly with a mischievous gleam in his dancing eyes.

Of course! Why wasn’t she surprised that there was only one bed? Bai Qian snorted and let out a single astonished laugh. Now it was all coming together. He’d brought her here to seduce her. Yes, Ye Hua was a sex fiend. Her nervous energy converted to mistrusting irritation, and she raised her impenetrable guard up spontaneously.

She sighed deeply and questioned, “Where are you going to sleep?”

Ye Hua’s gaze intensified and the flame in the center of his orbs raged, but his facial appearance remained soft, tender and gentle. He was trying to read her and feel her out. Bai Qian would unquestionably leave if he came on too strong. There wasn’t the tiniest bit of trust in her eyes, and she didn’t attempt to hide it.

Instead, what Ye Hua detected was distrust, suspicion, skepticism and fear. He could see it…clearly. It was written all over her face.

Ye Hua teased slyly, “Next to you……but on the floor. Of course, you’ll sleep on the bed. There are extra blankets in here. Come in Qian Qian. Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to gobble you up.”

Ye Hua’s one eyebrow raised higher than the other and he purred, “Unless you want me to.”

He then upped the ante and challenged, “Unless you’re too afraid, Qian Qian?”

Ye Hua said the magic words and hit the bullseye with his verbal dart. He’d precisely pinched the right nerve when he questioned Bai Qian’s courage, and accused her of being afraid. She rushed inside taking two steps at a time.

While Bai Qian gingerly touched and brushed her fingertips on the surface of things, Ye Hua held back his tears. For him, it was a dream come true. Qian Qian stood in their kitchen…their home. She curiously opened the drawers, the pantry, and storage bins as if she were taking inventory of what was available.

Ye Hua thought it was cute and adorable. Bai Qian was pretending to be interested in things, she knew nothing about since SuSu could barely boil water.

“I’ll do all the cooking.” He stated casually.

Bai Qian glanced at Ye Hua puzzled and asked, “Why? We can take turns and alternate every other day.”

Ye Hua chuckled and replied, “Qian Qian, you can’t cook and might burn the hut down……again, so let’s play it safe. I’ll do all the cooking.”

“What are you talking about, Crown Prince Ye Hua? I can cook!” Bai Qian swiftly defended herself. She honestly looked offended.

She smirked, cracked her knuckles, placed her hands on her hips and said confidently, “You name it Crown Prince Ye Hua, and I can make it.”

Humorous. Ye Hua laughed out loud as if he’d just heard the funniest joke in the world. He shook his head disbelieving and answered, “Alright, High Goddess Bai Qian. Make a dish. Boil water. Start with something easy. Show me what you’ve got.”

“Crown Prince Ye Hua, gather some wood and start the fire. Get ready to eat your words. Once you see my culinary skills, you’re going to feel like a fool.” Stated Bai Qian boldly.

Nonchalantly, Bai Qian pulled the hairpin out of her hair. Pulling all her hair to one side, she braided, twisted it up into a bun and used the hairpin to secure it up. She washed her hands to Ye Hua’s shock and amazement, prepared four elaborate dishes like a James Beard award recipient. she was a professional culinary chef. Unbelievable. He was at a loss for words.

He was floored entirely even more so when he tasted the dishes. Everything was flawlessly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Bai Qian also used a towel to wipe the sides of the plates, for a more attractive presentation. She proudly displayed her skills, and even garnished the dishes attractively.

“Where did you learn your culinary skills, Qian Qian?” Ye Hua questioned in wonder.

Bai Qian smirked and responded, “The one beautiful thing about modern technology is…the internet.”

Bai Qian looked at Ye Hua’s stunned expression and confessed haughtily, “I can cook, but I don’t enjoy it. I actually despise it with a passion. But I pretend I don’t know how to do anything, so others will do them for me. Young Crown Prince Ye Hua, you might be very disappointed when our time is through, and you come to realize, I’m not your deceased wife, SuSu.”

Ye Hua openly gawked at her while swallowing nervously in utmost astonishment. Suddenly, he grabbed Bai Qian’s hand and stared intently at the small cut which was still bleeding. His expression changed instantly.

Thoroughly, he examined the little wound, scrutinizing as if she’d lost an arm. Ye Hua brought her finger up to his mouth, and sucked off the excess blood, while fretting like an overly protective coddling parent.

His full brows furrowed in worry. Ye Hua raised his gaze, their eyes met and bolted, there were instant sparks and fire. Bai Qian’s heart raced anxiously. The warm, sensuous, sensation of his tongue that gently licked, and his beautiful mouth sucking on her fingertip made her wonder, what it would feel like if he were sucking her breasts and nipples instead. Her cheeks flushed becomingly with arousal.

It was Ye Hua’s penetrating piercing stare that caressed her body with invisible strokes. It was baffling, the rapid accelerated speed of change in his facial expression from boyish exuberance, excitement, shock, delight, concern, worry, and now he looked at Bai Qian as if she were a delicious dish he wanted to devour. He was intriguing.

The look of hunger, lust, love, desire and deep profound longing on his face was almost heartbreaking. Ye Hua was ravishing her again with his eyes. Bai Qian felt a physical sensation in her flesh from his hungry gaze, while his tongue lapped around her finger most erotically.

Unnerving. Being around Ye Hua made her nervous and sexually excited. In tense anticipation, like the moment immediately before a powerful explosion, after pulling the pin out of a grenade. She needed to stop. Bai Qian cleared her mind. Insane. What she was thinking and feeling was crazy.

Bai Qian yanked her hand back forcefully and scoffed aloofly, “It’s nothing. Calm down. Haven’t you ever been in combat young prince?”

“I’ve been in combat. Many……but it breaks my heart to see you hurt, Qian Qian. I never want you to feel anything painful again, ever.” Ye Hua’s light voice cracked from his tears. He was crying over a minor injury on her hand.

Bai Qian analyzed him closely. Love, guilt, remorse, regret and such sorrow. It was all there so apparently. She asked cautiously, “Ye Hua, what did you do to your wife?”

Ye Hua choked back his sob and whispered in a ragged breath, “I loved and still love you more than anyone else, but I did everything wrong.”

To be continued…..

*The immortal world of 3310 and mortal time 2017 finally met.