緣分 Yuanfen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 5

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Mount Junji

Outwardly, Ye Hua didn’t display his real emotions. But when Qian Qian returned to Mount Junji in the afternoon, he was thoroughly relieved and elated. He didn’t think she was coming back.

The first thought that came to Ye Hua’s mind when he awoke alone was, Qian Qian was gone. She’d left. He saw it in her eyes. Qian Qian didn’t understand she was SuSu.

He read it in her gaze the night before. Qian Qian considered him to be crazed, delusional and insisting on the impossible. Ye Hua sensed her lack of interest and was only with him to get out of their undesired engagement.

Upon her arrival, she didn’t even bother to greet him. The facade of courtesy was gone. Qian Qian was steadfast in her beliefs and wasn’t going to be easily swayed. Closed up and denying Ye Hua any room to get inside her heart or mind to convince her otherwise.

Instead she proposed, “Ye Hua, why don’t we spend one week here and the second down below? Your past is here, but mine is underneath with the mortals.”

Ye Hua responded, “Your past is gone. I highly doubt you’ll find any remains now.”

“I have my ways.” Qian Qian informed.

Nearby the thatched hut, Qian Qian dressed in a flowing turquoise goddess gown, sat on the emerald-hued, dense, lush summer grass. Out under the sun, she pulled random wildflowers, inquisitively inhaled their fragrance and placed the ones she liked in her lap. She was stunning.

She asked in a doubtful and skeptical tone, “Ye Hua, why do you think I’m your wife? Isn’t it a bit abrupt and strange for you to suddenly make such an outlandishly wild claim? I mean, if you felt so adamant why did you wait for so long? From my understanding, your wife died three hundred years ago.”

“You were a mortal woman who jumped from Zhuxian Terrace. I thought you were dead. It never crossed my mind ever, that you were who you are.” Ye Hua explained his rationalizing for his delay.

Stunned, Qian Qian asked in wonder, “What was her crime? It must have been severe. Was if your grandfather, Heavenly Lord, who sentenced her?”

In great consideration, Ye Hua paused and purposely hesitated to answer Qian Qian’s question. Starting his reintroduction of their history from the tragic end wasn’t favorably.

Instead, he chose to begin from their first meeting and explain the things he’d never told SuSu. The sequence of his narrative was vitally essential and necessary to make Qian Qian understand the reasoning behind his actions.

“Qian Qian, let me start from the beginning. I feel the correct flow is important. I’ll repeat our story for you, but from how we began. In the end, if you still have any other unanswered questions, I’ll tell you everything.” Ye Hua softly responded.

Ye Hua sighed profoundly and began with their extraordinary meeting. The instant and unexplainable familiarity he’d experienced from the start, SuSu bringing him into her home thinking he was a snake and how he’d slept with her for three months secretly in his dragon form.

“Unexplainable familiarity? You fell for her looks. Your wife was stunning if she resembled me.” Qian Qian asserted.

While Ye Hua recounted their past, Qian Qian interjected with her opinions, comments and asked questions for further explanations along the way.

She shook her head and objected in earnest, “I wouldn’t have ever taken a snake into bed with me. Regardless of how handsome his horns were. I don’t like cold slithering things. We nine-tailed foxes are hot-blooded.”

He explained how he’d fallen madly in love with SuSu, exposed his human appearance and tricked her into taking him into her home.

With a silly smile, Ye Hua described how SuSu proposed to him, their intimate wedding which took place on the very same day, and how beautiful she looked in her scarlet bridal attire.

Ye Hua confessed his nervousness on their wedding night.

Qian Qian spoke without hesitation or shyness, “Ye Hua, were you or SuSu virgins? Was SuSu your first lover? How did you know what to do?”

“You and I were both virgins. We were both each other’s firsts. I was clueless, but I listened to my body. You were and are incredibly desirable. I know you don’t remember the feel of our bodies touching…the sensation is indescribable, Qian Qian.” Ye Hua divulged blushing ever so slightly.

Sarcastically, she side-eyed Ye Hua suspiciously and accused, “Be honest, you married SuSu because you wanted to have sex with her! Why didn’t you just seduce her instead?”

“You were the one for me, Qian Qian. I fell in love with you. I wanted to be your husband, and yes, I did want to have sex with you, intensely. It was killing me to just sleep beside you for months.” Ye Hua quickly defended himself and his actions.

Qian Qian’s questioning, doubting expression remained until Ye Hua confessed, “And you said it was improper, so we wed first.”

Victoriously, Qian Qian smirked.

Ye Hua elaborated on their first night as husband and wife in more detail, “The feel and taste of your body are incredible. The heat of your passionate embrace, your skin, especially your neck, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are smooth and creamy. When we’re intimate, our bodies dance in perfect harmony as if we were purposely created to be one. The immense ecstasy of being inside you is…”

Qian Qian swiftly cuts Ye Hua off so he couldn’t say any more on the subject. She was extremely uncomfortable with the candid, sexually, explicit details he was expressing, “Ye Hua. I’m not SuSu. These details are too personal. Tell me about your life with her. What else did you do?”

Due to the considerable time variance between the mortal and the immortal worlds, and secretive nature of their relationship, Ye Hua revealed how he’d wordlessly vanished and returned a year later.

His absence was necessary to maintain his appearance in Nine Heavens and avoid suspicions. His vacancy was something that occurred several times, and how SuSu patiently awaited his return for years. Alone in their isolated home.

Qian Qian scoffed and asked in utter disbelief, “So you never told your wife why, where and how long you’d be gone? You just popped back for a day, cooked, made love to her for hours and left, and she was okay with that? She never asked, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ Why didn’t you tell her the truth?”

“I asked you to trust me and you waited. You trusted me. It was my wish and plan to stay with you here instead of taking you to my home. You were a mortal, and our union went against Celestial laws.”

Qian Qian smirked and stated somewhat rudely “So you were playing with fire. You’re lucky your wife, SuSu was so patient because I would have left you. Please! You just came and went without any explanation or reason. I know for a fact that I’m not SuSu because I’d never put up with that!” Qian Qian asserted firmly.

She continued, “Also, you disappeared and returned for one night of non-stop sex between years of unexplained separation? Never, would I have submitted to you and your carnal desires! I would have cut you off, cold! Why didn’t you just tell her the truth and give SuSu the chance to choose for herself?”

“I was brash and didn’t think it through. It was complicated. I was engaged to you, Bai Qian of Qingqiu, in a well-publicized and highly anticipated marriage. Heavenly Grandfather was pressuring me, and the separation from you, SuSu, became unbearable.” Ye Hua answered.

Qian Qian studied Ye Hua intently and asked in wonder, “You’re not terrible on the eyes but what in the world is so spectacular about you that a woman would wait endlessly for you?”

“Would you like me to remind you why you waited for me, Qian Qian? Sometimes actions speak louder than words.” Ye Hua asked with a sly suggestive smile and a gleam in his craving eyes.

Swiftly, Qian Qian stood, so all the wildflowers in her lap littered randomly around her feet. She ridiculed, “You were and are an adolescent sex fiend as I assumed. You probably rocked SuSu’s world, since she’d only tasted one flavor, and didn’t know there’s a rainbow of delights out there. How naive! I’ll take your word for it.”

Her Jade Purity Fan fully extended, Qian Qian leisurely fanned herself. Walked toward the cottage, she shook her head at Ye Hua’s rude, forward and sexually presumptuous behavior with disdain.

Qian Qian hollered without turning back, “There isn’t any way I’m your SuSu. I wouldn’t have ever put up with your nonsense!”


Kunlun Mountain

In deep meditation, aiming at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration. In the lotus position, Mo Yuan silently sat in seclusion. His focus directed inward towards pure consciousness to build internal energy, cultivation or life force…in other words, a night of unbridled, aphrodisiac fueled, carnal pleasure with Seventeen. After desiring her for thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years of celibacy just about killed him.

Still, even in Mo Yuan’s deep meditation, he heard Zhe Yan’s voice at the entrance of his place of refuge. His seclusion cave.

Zhe Yan cleared his throat and spoke quite softly, “Hmmm Mo Yuan, I know you’re in seclusion, but I saw Xiao Wu and…”

In a flash, Mo Yuan was at the opening. Instantly.

Zhe Yan apologized for his interruption profusely and said, “I saw Xiao Wu and…”

Purposely prolonging his information to build the suspense. Zhe Yan was trying to drive Mo Yuan crazy. Insane from curiosity.

Mo Yuan didn’t even attempt to control his worried expression when he asked with utmost concern, “How was Seventeen? Is she terrified of me now? Did I hurt her?”

“You know Mo Yuan, she’s a little…Xiao Wu is…”

Instantly, Mo Yuan cut Zhe Yan off, assumed the worst case scenario and blurted, “She’s traumatized! Seventeen hates me! Does she never want to see me again?”

Mo Yuan sighed most defeated. He dropped his head down, massaged his forehead one-handed and closed his eyes in total devastation. His little Seventeen never wanted to see him again. He wanted to cry, but there were others around, who was watching his and Zhe Yan’s exchange most curiously.

Wordlessly, Mo Yuan walked towards his chamber, threw himself on the bed and stared at the ceiling in utter regret. How was he going to live without his little Seventeen?

It was downright wicked and cruel, but Zhe Yan continued to torment him without mercy. He loved teasing Mo Yuan. It was so utterly enjoyable and incredibly satisfying.

Zhe Yan decided to prolong his brother, Mo Yuans misery a bit longer because he was having the time of his life!

Zhe Yan sat on the edge of Mo Yuans bed. He deliberately spoke in a soft, soothing, comforting tone, “Mo Yuan, at least she’s not going to press official charges against you. Out of respect since you were once her Shifu.”

Startled, Mo Yuan swiftly sat up, wide-eyed and asked in an immeasurable horror, “Did I assault her? Zhe Yan, this is quite upsetting. I need to apologize to Bai Zhi or have they sealed off Qingqiu?”

“Well Mo Yuan, she’s young and incredibly distraught. Xiao Wu threw herself to the ground and bawled her eyes out. It brought tears to my eyes to see her in such pain.” Zhe Yan informed Mo Yuan with an uncomfortable expression having to deliver such disturbing news.

Zhe Yan rolled his worried gaze towards Mo Yuan and added hesitantly in a light whisper, “I don’t know if I should tell you this but…Xiao Wu could hardly stand on her own. I had to help her up.”

Technically, Zhe Yan was truthful. Bai Qian did throw herself to the ground, sobbed, asked for help and was in pain. Zhe Yan did cry tears but not in the misleading way he was describing.

“I hurt her that much?!” Mo Yuan asked astonished with terror. His remorseful face crumbled from shame and self-blame.

Zhe Yan would have continued, but Mo Yuan was entirely overwhelmed and profoundly broken.

Instantly, his eyes watered and a soft whimper came from his lips. Mo Yuan cried thinking he’d brutally assaulted his beloved little Seventeen.

“I’m only teasing you Mo Yuan! Stop crying! Xiao Wu doesn’t remember anything! She thinks she attacked you, stupid! Xiao Wu burst into tears because she believes she raped you!” Zhe Yan blurted.

Mo Yuan was outraged! Enraged and livid. He almost punched Zhe Yan right in the face a couple of times. Zhe Yan was lucky he didn’t get his ass beat. Mo Yuan’s wrathful expression of rage was frightful and intimidating. Scary enough to make Zhe Yan swiftly jump up, flee and stand on the most remote opposite side of the room.

“Zhe Yan! I should kill you! How can you joke around about something so serious?!” Mo Yuan roared so loudly that his disciples outside heard the thunderous sound.

Furious, in a low, menacing growl, Mo Yuan demanded, “Zhe Yan, tell me everything! Now! Watch yourself brother; I’m so close to drawing my sword!” Mo Yuan warned infuriated.

Zhe Yan was scared but casually crossed his arms over his chest and replied, “She doesn’t have a single memory from that night. Xiao Wu asked if you two were married. The expression on her face was the same as yours that morning. Complete shock but Mo Yuan, she could barely walk…just like you.”

“Your start may be slow but once you’re in it, BOOM…! Literally!” Zhe Yan smirked suggestively but only briefly. Mo Yuan was still furious.

Mo Yuan glared at Zhe Yan angrily. He was enraged and failed to find Zhe Yans jinx the slightest bit humorous. Mo Yuan was thoroughly pissed off and struggled to calm down. He breathed evenly to slow his racing heart and diffuse his fury.

After he’d calmed himself, he meditated what a problematic matter this was turning out to be. Since Mo Yuan was highly logical, this was quite a troubling situation.

Mo Yuan knew it wasn’t correct to make any quick or hasty assumptions. Even though there was visual proof of a wedding that didn’t necessarily mean he and Seventeen were married.

Was it possible the wedding decorations were just to set the romantic mood and ambiance? But still, the matter was extremely perplexing. It was challenging to say one way or the other and impossible to prove since both he and Seventeen didn’t recall a thing.

There was a high chance, both he and Seventeen were too drunk to exchange vows accurately and skipped to the nuptials night activities. And strangely, Zhe Yan seemed to read his mind.

“Mo Yuan, considering the unusual circumstances of this situation, I’d suggest only accepting what is unquestionable. Certainly, you and Xiao Wu were intimate, but the marriage, I’d advise dismissing.” Zhe Yan recommended what he considered to be the most rational solution.

Zhe Yan added, “If news ever got out, the Celestials would require compensation, and their demands will be outrageously criminal! Plus, there might be a negative backlash on Xiao Wu and possibly tarnish Bai Zhi and the Fox Clans reputation. Why don’t you go with that and keep it simple?”

There was logic to Zhe Yans suggestion. Mo Yuan deliberated if perhaps, it would be best to handle the circumstances as quietly as possible. The last thing he wanted to do was bring shame, dishonor, or embarrassment to Seventeen, Bai Zhi or the Fox Clan.

Yes, Zhe Yan undoubtedly had a valid and reasonable point. Seventeen was engaged, so for her to marry another man without breaking off her previous arrangement, might be damaging to both she and the Fox Clan.

The only people who were aware of the matter was himself, Zhe Yan and Seventeen, so Mo Yuan felt confident their evening of mysterious activities would remain a secret.

Mo Yuan decided to wait until she broken off her engagement to Ye Hua, and discuss marriage with Seventeen then. Also, since both he and Seventeen already shared intimacy, perhaps, she’d finally recognize his intentions and wouldn’t be so surprised by his marriage proposal.

Something Mo Yuan honestly wanted to ask Seventeen every day for the last two hundred years.

Finally relieved and now, even slightly amused, that Seventeen believed she’d attacked him first, Mo Yuan chuckled privately. If that were the case, it was most regrettable that he couldn’t recollect the nights activities.

He pictured a very erotic, exciting, stimulating image. Now Mo Yuan understood why he couldn’t move the following day.

Poor Mo Yuan. Little did he know it was too soon for him to relax; he wasn’t aware Zhe Yan had more shenanigans up his sleeve.

“So Mo Yuan, what have you decided? Are you and Xiao Wu married or not?” Zhe Yan asked most intrigued.

Mo Yuan asked, “Where is Seventeen? Is she in Qingqiu? What happened at the Eastern Sea Banquet when she met Ye Hua?”

Like a professional Major League Baseball pitcher, in the last inning of the tied world series final game, Zhe Yan stepped up to the pitchers mound and spat. “She met Ye Hua.”

He executed a full windup and said, “Ye Hua thinks Xiao Wu is his dead wife, SuSu, and agreed to cancel their engagement only…”

Zhe Yan threw his split-finger 200 km/h fastball and blurted, “If Xiao Wu spends the next three weeks with Ye Hua, alone. Just the two of them. She’s with him in the mortal realm. Now!”

Strike! Mo Yuan never saw it coming. His first reactive expression was, he blinked rapidly astounded and looked bewildered. Then he furrowed his brows over his thoughtful gaze, perplexed and more confused. Finally, his eyes narrowed into a sharp glare with complete jealousy.

In an instant, all his logical reasoning and rational reflection vanished. Immediately.

As soon as Mo Yuan heard his Seventeen was with Ye Hua, and he believed she was his dead wife, SuSu. Mo Yuan changed his decision.

Whatever payment the Celestials demanded, Mo Yuan would compensate without hesitation. If anyone slandered or criticized the Fox Clan, Bai Zhi or Seventeen; Mo Yuan would quickly rectify the dispute on the summit of Mount Cangwu.

Zhe Yan repeated his question, “So Mo Yuan, are you married to Xiao Wu or not?”

Mo Yuan asserted confidently with absolute, solid resolve. “Yes, we are wed. I’m Seventeens husband, and she’s my lawful wife. The private ceremony and consummation of our marriage took place in your hut in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.”

“You saw the proof with your own eyes. Zhe Yan, you’re my witness. Who would dare to dispute Medicine God and God of War?” Mo Yuan was making a request but his tone was demanding, threatening and menacing. He was indeed intimidating.

With that statement, twin brothers, Mo Yuan said Seventeen married him secretly in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms one day ago. And Ye Hua claimed, he and SuSu wedded intimately on Mount Junji three hundred years ago.

Bai Qian of Qingqiu now had two husbands both insisting she’d married them. The dilemma was she didn’t remember either of the weddings. The more important and significant issue was…both men were right.

To be continued…..