緣分 Yuanfen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 21

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The dynamics between Cheng Yu and Lian Song’s relationship changed overnight. Their indifference towards each other vanished and instead, he watched her with eyes full of love and desire.

She shyly flushed whenever they made eye contact. Cheng Yu coloring? Cheng Yu, the naughty goddess and unofficial sex education instructor in Nine Heavens? Yes, Lian Song made her blush like a nervous, giddy, school girl.

Secrecy of their mutual affections was still necessary, and nobody knew of their rekindled love affair other than Zhe Yan, Bai Qian and Ye Hua. As expected, Tai Chen Palace became the only meeting place for the secret lovers, to show their affections openly.

Similar to newlyweds, they laughed, made goo-goo eyes, shared intimacy and displayed all the emotions, they were forced to hold back for thousands of years. Within the privacy of Tai Chen Palace and under Bai Qian’s protection, they were free to openly love each other.

Ye Hua also played a significant role and created another layer of protection, by having his soldiers protect and guard the entrance of Tai Chen Palace. So what occurred within Tai Chen Palace became privy to those only closest to Bai Qian.

And it didn’t go unrecognized by Ye Hua of Cheng Yu and Qian Qian’s unusual relationship. The way Cheng Yu fussed over her was sisterly. They acted more like blood sibling than two women who’d just met recently. She always had her arms around Qian Qian and they openly held hands in public like sisters.

Qian Qian and Cheng Yu were quite the opposite in status, and Ye Hua didn’t understand their strange bond until he heard of their history.

It was utterly heartbreaking for Ye Hua, the first time he heard of Qian Qian’s unjustly sentenced mortal trail, when she was Si Yin. He knew it was wrong but secretly, in the lowest recess of his heart, he wished his grandfather would vanish into the realm of nothingness.

Heavenly Grandfather successfully blinded Qian Qian twice in her life. Ye Hua now understood her pure hatred towards Heavenly Lord, and her profound terror of pregnancy and children.

As the mortal girl, Chen, Qian Qian was viciously raped, blinded, impregnated and died painfully. Just as the mortal, SuSu, she was again blinded, held captive during pregnancy and wished for death in the end. The tragic and horrific similarities were somewhat frightening, and Ye Hua was ashamed to be Heavenly Lord’s grandson.

Cheng Yu cried throughout the retelling of their past and wept bitterly. It scared Ye Hua a bit to hear – true to the many rumors – that Qian Qian held grudges and sought out vengeance to those who’d wronged her. She casually revealed returning to the man responsible for Cheng Yu’s family, and her calamity after her return to immortality. Qian Qian only said the man died the night she showed her real divine form to him.

Privately, Ye Hua wondered what she would do if she remembered being SuSu.

One evening Ye Hua heard Uncle Lian Song sincerely thank Qian Qian, for her efforts and everything. He chuckled and said he now understood their first night with Zhe Yan, was planned to bring him and Cheng Yu back together.

Qian Qian laughed and confessed it was mostly Zhe Yan’s idea, and she couldn’t take all the credit. She also divulged, he loved to bring couples together like Cupid.

“Qian Qian, I’m greatly indebted to you.” Uncle Lian Song stated.

She smirked and arrogantly replied, “Lian Song, I collect all my debts so don’t forget what you just said to me. However, I haven’t even started my great plans, so you’re going to owe me big time by the time I’m through!”

She then looked at Ye Hua and playfully winked and he genuinely smiled back in return. He also found immense satisfaction seeing his uncle’s delight and joy. The forever bachelor had finally met or rediscovered his eternal mate, Cheng Yu.

Zhe Yan was ecstatic to hear Lian Song and Cheng Yu had rekindled their love affair. The four of them drank wine almost nightly at Tai Chen Palace, and talked as if they’d been lifelong friends.

One evening after Lian Song and Cheng Yu snuck away to be alone, Zhe Yan pulled out a mysterious envelope and handed it to Bai Qian.

“What’s this?” Bai Qian asked as she flipped the letter over curiously. It wasn’t addressed to anyone and sealed.

Zhe Yan answered back, “Xiao Wu, it’s something you wrote when you returned from your heavenly trial. You asked me to hold it and give it to you if your life ever turned to utter chaos, and I think that’s about to happen.”

Zhe Yan cautiously continued, “Mo Yuan is marrying in 3 weeks. His intended bride is a Celestial. A matchmaker set them up.”

“Shifu is marrying a Celestial?” Bai Qian asked numbly with a blank expression on her face. She was in a state of shock but entirely hid her emotions from Zhe Yan.

“The ceremony will take place on Kunlun Mountain. It will be small and intimate.” Zhe Yan said as he studied Bai Qian’s face intently expecting more reaction, but she displayed nothing. He then wondered if Mo Yuan’s feelings were one sided from the start.

To Zhe Yan’s extreme surprise, she just replied, “That’s good for him. Congratulate Shifu for me. It’s about time for him to have children. He’s quite old.”

Bai Qian smiled brightly with her well practiced mask and plainly stated, “I’m tired today, Zhe Yan. There are other sleeping chambers if you decide to stay overnight, and if not I won’t be seeing you out.”

“Xiao Wu, what about the letter? Aren’t you going to read it? It might be something important.” It had just about killed Zhe Yan to hold it for 300 years without knowing the contents. He was a nosy fellow.

She scoffed, shrugged her shoulders and casually replied, “I’ll get to it eventually.” And sashayed away as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

But away from others and finally in privacy, Bai Qian dropped to the ground. The tears she’d held back in front of Zhe Yan eventually began to flow. Now she understood her Shifu’s question, about being able to handle the consequences of her walking away from him. Her Shifu was marrying another because she couldn’t decide. She had nobody to blame but herself and she knew it.

She stared at the closed envelope for hours before she finally dared to open it. Somehow Bai Qian knew it held all the answers to all her questions but there were fears. The fears of finally knowing the ugly truth. With shaking hands, she opened the sealed letter she’d written to herself three hundred years ago.

Shì qī (wife) 是妻

Bai Qian knew she’d written the letter because ‘Shì qī’ was her inside joke. During her time on Kunlun Mountain, she loved being called ‘wife’ by Shifu and all her disciple brothers. When they called her Seventeen 十七 Shíqī, to her ears she heard Shì qī (wife) 是妻.

If you’re reading this message either you’ve regained your lost memories, or Ye Hua came out of his coma and found you again. Your life has probably flipped upside down. Don’t be afraid, breathe and try to understand.

After my heavenly trial, I returned with ALL my memories. SuSu and Chen’s. Yes, you were also SuSu and the period as SuSu with Ye Hua, Heavenly Lord and Su Jin was the most painful time in our lives.

When I first came home, I was so full of rage and ready to seek vengeance. Then I heard Ye Hua tried to kill himself thinking I’d jumped from Zhuxian Terrace. It turns out he never stopped loving me and losing me made him want to die.

But I never jumped off the punishment platform. I wanted to but someone, a mysterious goddess saved me, erased my memories and left me in the mortal realm. There I became Chen…again. It’s ironic I would use the same name twice as mortals?

As of now, there are days I want to rush up to Nine Heavens, hold Ye Hua tightly and kiss his face. My broken heart wants to start over with him even after everything that’s happened.

But there are other times when I’m so full of wrath and fury, I want to return just to tear out his eyes violently. I feel utterly insane and bipolar these days.

Do I still love him? So much so that at times I can’t breathe. I loved Ye Hua with everything and would have followed him to death without hesitation.

He taught me a different kind of love. The type of love that made me dizzy and euphoric. He also showed me new pleasures, hope, joy but unfortunately in the end, he showed me regret, fear, despair, profound and unforgivable disappointment.

Even at this very moment, I miss and long for him so much. I know it’s crazy but I want him still, terribly. I love him and hate him equally. I’ve never felt so confused about anything or anyone before.

Su Jin, Heavenly Lord and Ye Hua all are heavily indebted to me but what should I do? Should I go to Nine Heavens and tear out all their eyes? You know our fundamental rule in life. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Our solid core is absolute and unchangeable.

So, instead of vendetta I’ve decided to forget. After I write this letter, I’m going to drink Zhe Yan’s amnesia potion for the following reasons. I can’t bring myself to hurt Ye Hua because I love him…like crazy so I’ve decided to forget him instead. If I don’t remember how much pain he caused me and how he took my eyes, then the debts disappear and I won’t have to punish him.

My other reason for drinking the potion is since Ye Hua is Shifu’s twin, now every time I look at him, I see Ye Hua. I want to stab him in the heart and rip out his eyes because I recognize him in Shifu’s face.

How unfair is that towards the man who took holy thunderbolts in my place? Shifu is my father, teacher and protector. I hope by the time you read this he’s returned.

Love? I love Ye Hua to the point words can’t describe…still.

Hate? Yes, I hate him because even though there were other contributing factors, he still hurt us the most.

Debt? Too many to list.

Lastly, the most confusing question. Who are you? Are you Bai Qian, SuSu or Seventeen? You’re all but also none. For now you must do what I couldn’t and become the Goddess Maat, the blindfolded holder of the scale of justice, balance and rightness of law.

Shì qī, your order is unbalanced and your symmetry is entirely off-kilter. Completely askew.

There is a Romanian saying: Toate ce e in viata e pentru a crea oameni puternici. It means: All that is in life is to create powerful people.

Are you powerful enough to do what needs to be done? Will you be able to do what I couldn’t? Will you collect the debts from those who hurt us most? Will you be able to take Ye Hua’s eyes?

Finally after her search, Bai Qian knew the truth and it was time to collect all the outstanding debts.


For Ye Hua, even though he physically longed for Qian Qian, he stopped pushing for intimacy. Sex wasn’t the answer. The more he forced the issue, the further she backed away so instead, he chose to try a different approach.

Ye Hua understood Qian Qian was SuSu but the past tense ‘was’ changed everything. She wasn’t the sweet, meek, quiet woman and he finally grasped that significant fact.

If he wanted Qian Qian’s love, he needed to court High Goddess Bai Qian anew, instead of trying to pick up where he and SuSu ended. Ye Hua regretted not doing that from the start but his rash and impatience nature, was something he was beginning to understand about himself truly.

As she stated, Qian Qian allowed him to visit her in Tai Chen Palace but she was never alone. Between High God Zhe Yan, Uncle Lian Song and Cheng Yu who’d become permanent residences in the palace, there were always others by her side. So needless to say, Ye Hua wasn’t able to make any headway in his quest for Qian Qian’s affections.

So, one could imagine Ye Hua’s surprise to unexpectedly find her in his bedroom. Qian Qian who’d stayed away from Xiwu Palace was in his chamber waiting for him. She turned and smiled radiantly at him when she heard him enter. She was only wearing her thin light under-gown without anything else on underneath. By her feet a bottle of wine with two glasses.

Playfully, she suggested, “Ye Hua, drink with me tonight. Let’s lie in bed and get drunk. Who knows what will happen after I get buzzed? You might get lucky tonight, young prince.”

Ye Hua was confused by her unexpected change in behavior, but couldn’t resist her seductive ways. He went to her immediately and sat on the bed beside her. Suddenly, Qian Qian passionately kissed him and slowly began to remove his clothes. She raised a privacy shield while he sat dumbfounded.

She undressed him and pulled Ye Hua into her embrace. Both now unclothed, she kissed him with urgency and her physical touch made him melt. Privately, he wondered if she was finally starting to feel something for him after all.

Moaning, she kissed his lips, face, neck, chest, abdomen and commented on his perfect body in full appreciation. Ye Hua was in heaven.

Suddenly straddling his stomach, she took a big drink of the wine directly from the bottle and kissed him open-mouthed. The amber colored wine poured down his throat, lips and chin. Ye Hua started to cough but that only made her giggle more. Qian Qian took another sip and poured it into his mouth, while her tongue swirled around his in a heated French kiss.

Ye Hua asked for a condom but she teased, “Ye Hua, let’s take our time. I’d like to see what kind of animal you turn into after a little alcohol. I think you might become even wilder and I’m excited to see that side of you.”

Instantly inspired by her sultry ways, Ye Hua grabbed the bottle and took several giant gulps to hasten the process. The wine was sweet, smooth and strong. Qian Qian seductively licked his sticky chin, neck and continued moving downwards. She slowly sucked his nipples and passed her hand down below, and grabbed his manhood. Right as he felt her teasingly slid down his body to take him in her mouth, he passed out cold from intoxication.

A strange smile came over her face as Bai Qian made sure Ye Hua was passed out cold. She tenderly caressed his handsome face for the last time. It was time to balance the scale of justice. Revenge.

To be continued…..