緣分 Yuanfen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 23

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During the hectic three weeks time in which Bai Qian’s continually changing life, did more rotations than Yuna Kim and Nancy Kerrigan (ice skaters) put together. Everything in Zhe Yan’s peach orchard was the same as usual, ordinary and predictable.

In Ten-Mile Peach Grove, the wind still blew gently. The peach florets continued to bloom and fruit nevertheless ripened, and hung lazily on their thick branches.

Bai Qian finally understood the saying ‘There’s no place like home’. Being home was delightful.

As usual, Zhe Yan was nonchalantly drinking under a peach tree. Lying on his side and supporting his head with one arm. He was the ultimate picture of leisure.

Essentially, Zhe Yan was a lazy ass and didn’t have any shame in his game. He owed it. Proudly.

He immediately spotted Bai Qian and happily waved her over to sit beside him. Refusing Zhe Yan’s offering of wine, closely, she relaxed and leaned her back against the tree. She then sighed profoundly and closed her eyes. The visible signs of fatigue from her recent adventure reflected her lovely face.

With a glimmer of mischief in his eyes, Zhe Yan curiously asked, “Sooooo, Xiao Wu, were you SuSu or not?”

Bai Qian’s soft voice sounded tired but she replied with an absolute certainty. “I’m not SuSu. I knew it from the start. In the end, Ye Hua found her. Apparently, Heavenly Lord turned her into an immortal deity and hid her from Ye Hua.”

“All’s well that ends well.” She said and there wasn’t a hint of reluctance or hesitation in her casual tone.

Zhe Yan shifted until he was close enough to use her leg as a pillow. He offered the bottle again but she shrugged and declined.

In a tone that reflected his relieve, Zhe Yan stated, “Now your father will calm down and won’t kill Tuzi’s brother, Ye Hua. Tuzi can focus on his upcoming wedding.”

Studying Bai Qian’s expression intently, Zhe Yan asked, “Xiao Wu, are you planning to attend the festivities? It’s not every day the Master of Kunlun Mountain gets married.”

Bai Qian faintly replied without bothering to open her eyes. “Everything ended on a positive note and nobody has to die. Everyone can carry on with their lives before all this nonsense began. As for Shifu’s wedding, I’ll consider it.”

Zhe Yan’s voice was a soft whisper when he secretly inquired, “Are you sure you won’t regret leaving Ye Hua? And the figurine, SuSu? Do you think he will ever find out?”

“If you keep your trap shut, I’m sure they will live happily. As for Ye Hua, I’ve already made my choice and I made the one that benefits everyone. If for nothing else, Shifu won’t have to worry about his best friend killing his twin brother.” She opened one eye and intentionally glared at Zhe Yan.

Glaring down at him suspiciously, she accused, “When did you read the letter?”

“Xiao Wu, I wouldn’t dare!” Zhe Yan quickly defended himself but then added, “Plus, you sealed it with your magic so I couldn’t sneak a peek! That level of distrust is a disease!”

Suddenly his playful expression became somewhat somber when Zhe Yan revealed, “I’ve never told anyone, but when you returned from your heavenly trial I knew something happened. Do you know what nesting is, Xiao Wu?”

“When you came back, I discovered you were nesting in your fox form. In your sleep, you’d transform and nest, which is what pregnant animals do before they give birth to their young. But one time, you were sleep nested in your human form and I heard you call out your son’s name, A-Li, ” Zhe Yan’s eyes suddenly filled with unshed tears.

Wiping the moisture from his eyes with the silky sleeve of his pink robe, Zhe Yan softly added, “You stopped right after drinking my amnesia potion. It wasn’t my place to say anything, and I’ll never tell anyone so it’s just between you and me.”

Bai Qian quickly wiped her tears away, cleared her throat and closed her eyes again.

She declared, “Zhe Yan, I’m so tired. The last few weeks have been exhausting and I still need to talk to father about Cheng Yu.”

“I didn’t even tell Cheng Yu about the adoption or her upcoming wedding to Lian Song. Maybe I’ve been hanging around you too long. Zhe Yan, it is delightful and rewarding to bring lovers together. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” Bai Qian chuckled and gently caressed his silky hair before she pushed him off her leg. The weight of his head was beginning to make her leg fall asleep.

“Since you’ve brought up lovers, Xiao Wu. What about Mo Yuan? Are you honestly not going to do anything? He loves you!” Zhe Yan asked concerned. He didn’t want to watch her make a mistake she might come to regret one day.

Smiling brightly, Bai Qian laughed knowingly and just replied, “Of course Shifu loves me. I’m his disciple, Seventeen. Perhaps his bride will give him a child quickly. I’ll pray for him.” Swiftly, she rose to her feet.

“Zhe Yan, I’m going to sleep for the next few weeks so don’t bother me.” Bai Qian briskly brushed the flowers from her teal goddess dress, slightly grinned at him and nonchalantly sashayed away.

He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Zhe Yan sadly shook his head in total disappointment, as he watched Xiao Wu’s backside walk away and disappear. He was frustrated that his desire for Mo Yuan and her to be together was just a dream. Fantasy.


Bai Qian’s plan to fool Ye Hua was a group effort. Cheng Yu and Lian Song were aware SuSu was a figurine.

At first, Lian Song was dead set against the idea. He felt guilty deceiving his nephew, Ye Hua, but then Bai Qian explained things in terms that made him understand.

Bai Qian explained she was indeed SuSu, and what consequences would then follow due to her fundamental law in life. If she accepted being SuSu then Ye Hua’s eyes a given but his presence, his life would also be at stake.

In full precise detail, she disclosed Zhe Yan’s conversation with the Fox King and High God Mo Yuan, regarding what would occur if she were SuSu. Zhe Yan forewarned her. He was a peacekeeper and worried much about others, even though he acted aloof and indifferent.

Honestly, she candidly revealed, her father would never allow Ye Hua to live after her admittance of being SuSu. High God Bai Zhi, the Fox King, was one of the kindest, most easygoing, gentle, generous men in the world.

The only thing he wouldn’t forgive, tolerate or overlook were his children. If any harm came to any of his children, the Fox King became the scariest immortal on the planet. He would pay back tenfold of what his children endured.

Because most weren’t aware of how Bai Qian became the way she was. Her unalterable core philosophy came from the Fox King himself. From the time she was a tiny kit, her father implanted his and now her fundamental rule into her heart and brain.

Now it was so much a part of her, in fact it was all of her and she wasn’t or wouldn’t make any exceptions, regardless of who it was. Not even for the father of her child. Only by denying the truth, Bai Qian could save Ye Hua’s life.

Her final words to Lian Song was ‘In life, one doesn’t always get what they want but they get what they need.’

With that, Bai Qian, Cheng Yu and Lian Song, the three made a blood oath and swore to secrecy forever for Ye Hua’s sake.


SuSu fell in love with Ye Hua quickly, why? Because he is sexy! She was just as he remembered. She was shy, gentle, childlike and soft-spoken. He told her the truth about their tragic history and to his surprise, she was incredibly understanding and forgiving.

She was thrilled to be with him and excited to be reunited with her child, A-Li.

For Ye Hua, it was as if time stood still, SuSu was just as she was before her disappearance. Her face, lips, and kiss were the same. The texture and feel of her skin were perfect, and everything about her physical appearance was SuSu. She even smelled as she did in the past.

If anything was off, she wasn’t as passionate as Qian Qian or lacked the explosive fire but then, neither was SuSu in the beginning. She and he were both virgins when they met but she became an ardent lover over time.

Ye Hua being a frisky young man couldn’t wait to resume their intimacy. Their first night together, SuSu was shy and nervous. She was receptive to his touch. Her moans were the same. Everything was right until he licked her lower treasure for the first time.

SuSu tasted entirely different!

With Qian Qian, he recognized the flavor of her honey immediately but SuSu was utterly contrary. It was like tasting someone brand new.

Ye Hua told himself not to overthink the issue and proceeded to deflower SuSu again. She bled like their first time and experienced severe pain. Being inside her felt enjoyable but something felt off. He tried not to compare her to Qian Qian but he couldn’t help himself.

He was in his study trying to handle official duties, when Uncle Lian Song walked in and plopped himself on the floor. He sighed most profoundly as if the world was coming to an end.

“Ye Hua, I’m a bachelor again!” Uncle Lian Song complained.

Opening his fan, he exclaimed, “Can you believe it? The Fox Clan adopted Cheng Yu and now she’s a real princess! You know the Fox King is going to marry her off to some wealthy prince or whatnot!”

“Now Cheng Yu is super wealthy and has more money than you and I put together. She’s royalty!” Uncle Lian Song continued with his rant, until he realized Ye Hua wasn’t listening to a word he’d said.

He yelled, “Ye Hua! Did you hear anything I just said?”

Ye Hua blinked and his full brows furrowed. The facial expression of confusion clouded his handsome face. His full shapely lips formed into a flat line as if he were in deep concentration.

Uncle Lian Song asked somewhat hesitantly, concerned that Ye Hua had discovered SuSu was a figurine. “Ye Hua, what’s wrong? You should be the happiest man in the world. You got your wife back after three hundred years!”

“I’m happy but there’s something that’s off with SuSu.” Ye Hua revealed candidly.

Swallowing nervously, Lian Song continued his line of questioning, “What’s off about SuSu?”

In profound reflection, Ye Hua debated and considered how he should proceed. He said, “She looks the same. Everything about her is as I recall but something is strange when we’re intimate.”

Ye Hua revealed more and stated, “She tastes different and I hate to compare her to Qian Qian but after the first time, I don’t feel the desire to make love to her again. I don’t want round 2.”

Lian Song openly snickered at Ye Hua.

“Uncle Lian Song, you don’t understand! With Qian Qian, I couldn’t get enough. I would be ready minutes after climax. She’s like Viagra. I wanted to go nonstop with her.”

Ye Hua paused to gather his thoughts and continued, “The best way I can describe, is you know when a sword-smith puts a blade into a fire until it’s scorching red hot, pounds the hot metal and shoves it in cold water. That fiery, steamy hot sizzle.” He made the hissing noise to indicate what he was referring.

Ye Hua then clarified himself and said, “I’m not saying it’s not great with SuSu but with Qian Qian, it was out of this world.”

Swiftly, Uncle Lian Song rose and whacked Ye Hua’s head with the end of his fan. He glared at him side-eyed, shook his head at Ye Hua’s nonsensical rational.

Lian Song stated the obvious, “Qian Qian is a nine-tailed white fox. They are the epitome of heightened sexuality! You silly boy! How can you compare an average woman to a nine-tailed fox? If you had a burning sensation with her, that means you either have kidney stones or a urinary tract infection! Idiot!”

“Also, SuSu was a mortal who gave birth and then became immortal. Of course, she’s going to feel and taste different!” Lian Song returned to his seated position and fanned himself.

Ye Hua considered what his uncle said, and he did have a valid point but why did it still feel unsettled to him? He decided to let it rest for now and said to Lian Song, “I do love SuSu so I’m happy. Just having her back is everything to me.”

After quite a long pause, Lian Song slyly glanced around and asked in a quiet voice, “So… What’s it like being with a nine-tailed fox? Is it as wonderful as they say?”

Ye Hua’s soft reply flew out of his mouth at the speed of lightning, “Words can’t describe it! It’s unbelievable! When we were in Kauai, it was incredible! I never wanted it to end! She’s like an addictive drug!”

Suddenly, feeling thoroughly guilty towards SuSu, Ye Hua’s expression went blank, and he cleared his throat and went back to his official matters.

Uncle Lian Song declared in his cautionary tone, “Ye Hua, don’t think about her anymore. I’ve heard how some have gone insane after being intimate with a nine-tailed fox. It’s a well-known fact. You don’t mess around with nine-tailed foxes unless you want to be sexually ruined for eternity.”

Lian Song sighed again and said, “I wonder when I’ll see my Cheng Yu again? Father would never understand or approve of me going to Qingqiu. I miss my Sweet Pea! My little delicious bao, Cheng Yu!”


The woman who claimed she’d been sleeping for weeks did everything but sleep. Bai Qian returned to the mortal realm and stayed at the same hotel in Beijing. She requested the same room Ye Hua used and stared out the window to view, what he must have seen while he was there.

She laid on his bed and wondered what he must have been thinking at the time. Bai Qian considered how difficult it must have been, for Ye Hua to know she was with Mo Yuan. How long the night must have felt to him.

Back to Kauai, she returned and rented the same house. The homeowner was ecstatic to see her because apparently, Ye Hua paid over a hundred thousand US dollars for their one night stay. The owner wouldn’t accept her money and Bai Qian didn’t press the issue.

On the beach, she sat in silence with a pint of Lappert’s Kona coffee flavored ice cream in hand. Watching the calm, blue ocean roll up, meet and kiss the sandy shore. Bai Qian pondered, Why did the sea look so beautiful today? Had she not noticed before because her eyes were always on Ye Hua?

A small smile came to her face as she recalled how they’d made love under the stars. Playing in the ocean and making love endlessly in every room in the house.

She completely understood why she as SuSu, fell so madly in love with Ye Hua. Yes, Bai Qian had inevitably fallen in love with him again. It happened during her brief time with him but in the end, she decided to let him go.

Bai Qian’s reasoning was simple. Her life’s rule was unbend-able but she’d merely changed the extenuating circumstances. She reached into her pocket and intently studied the three tiny rings, from her bracelet that she’d burned in front of Ye Hua. The precious metal circles that represented herself, him and their son, A-Li, all intertwined in Trinity.

Holding it tightly to her heart, she silently cried and considered what she was doing. Bai Qian then closed her eyes and threw it into the sea. Now it was unquestionably gone, and that chapter of her life was promptly forever sealed and locked.

She then thought about her analogy of Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. Ye Hua was like playing in the ocean and getting knocked over by waves, while her Shifu was a calm, serene lake. A place she’d never become hurt. She pulled out the letter that she’d written to herself 300 years prior, and reread the ending again.

I hope for your sake that Shifu has finally returned. He’s the only man in the world who would never hurt us and that kind of security is priceless, almost nonexistent and rare. I asked myself this question, Why I fed him blood from our heart for 70,000 years? The reason was that in a sense, he is our heart. Our heart is full of him.

If you don’t see him as a man and think of him only as a father, remember in life a man becomes a friend, lover, husband, protector, father and our one selected partner in life. Look beyond the father and recognize the man who is our Shifu, High God Mo Yuan.

Plus, our mother told me he does this thing that makes the women go insanely crazy. I’m curious as hell. Aren’t you?

Shì qī

To be continued…..