緣分 Yuanfen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 24 Team Mo Yuan

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The days until Mo Yuan’s wedding quickly dwindled down. What were three weeks was now two days away, and Bai Qian still didn’t know if she should attend or not.

In many ways, she owed him the courtesy since Mo Yuan was her Shifu and it was respectful and proper. But could she watch him marry another right before her eyes? Bai Qian was still on the fence. She didn’t know her actual feelings for him. He was indeed very much like her father in age, status, and mentality.

Bai Qian thought about their intimacy and how she felt when she was with her Shifu. She changed her mind back and forth all day long.

Should she attend and congratulate her Shifu? Or should she avoid him altogether? Should she tell him she was confused about her feelings? Or should she just make a scene at the wedding just like in modern Korean Dramas?

But if she confessed to being confused about her feelings, and it turned out she wasn’t in love with him, then her behavior would be ultimately selfish and hurtful to Mo Yuan. Especially if he didn’t marry the Celestial in hopes, Bai Qian would eventually come around.

It was the day of the wedding, and she heard her father loudly announce he was leaving for Kunlun Mountain. So, what did Bai Qian do? She went into the mortal realm and ran away as far from Kunlun Mountain as she could go.

But after wasting time in the mortal world, Bai Qian decided to behave like a proper Kunlun disciple. She would attend Mo Yuan’s wedding and honor her Shifu as he deserved.

However, first, Bai Qian made a quick pit stop at a drugstore for something, to calm her nerves and her killer heartburn. She didn’t know if mortal medicines would have any results, but it was better than nothing at all. But after speaking to the pharmacist, she took a pregnancy test and hello… It had two blue lines.

Meaning, Bai Qian was carrying her Shifu’s child.

She wasn’t a happy camper. In fact, Bai Qian was deadly terrified and out of her mind, furious! Instead of going as a guest, she decided to cause a raging scene in front of everyone.


The nuptials arrangements were complete, and appropriately decorated was Kunlun Mountain for Mo Yuan’s wedding. His ceremony was intimate and only included Ye Hua, Zhe Yan, Bai Zhi and his disciples. The event was low key, and Mo Yuan desired to keep it informal, and small since he didn’t have any parents who were still alive. Ye Hua was his only living family.

On the highest level of Kunlun Mountain, there was a flat receiving area which was now a red-path walkway for the bride.

The Celestial arrived in a red sedan accompanied by a member of her family. Head covered with a scarlet wedding veil; she needed assistance to get her to the altar where Mo Yuan was waiting.

The bride was dressed in a traditional crimson wedding attire as was Mo Yuan. As the bride stepped out of the scarlet wedding sedan, suddenly she fell over sideways, why? Because Bai Qian roughly shoved her aside one-handed and stomped up to him.

To Mo Yuan, she motioned with a quick head nod and yelled out, “Oi! You there! Hey Gramps!”

Stunned, Mo Yuan pointed at his chest in disbelief. Surely she wasn’t talking to him? Was she?

“Yeah, you! Master of Kunlun Mountain, eldest son of Heavenly Father, God of War, High-God-Mo-Yuan.” She hatefully sneered then deliberately puckered her full rouged lips.

With both hands on her hips, she somewhat leaned to her right and tilted her hips ever so slightly.

Bitterly, she forcibly hurled an EPT pregnancy test which showed two blue lines, proof she was pregnant directly at him. Furious at the fact she was pregnant after being so careful, Bai Qian lashed out at poor Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan and everyone else in attendance was speechless and gawking at Bai Qian. He held the stick unsure what it was, but she had his undivided attention.

Glaring in a blazing fury, Bai Qian yelled out, “You! High-God-Mo-Yuan… Take your youngest, naive, innocent, virgin disciple and somehow plant your old seed inside her perfect, unblemished, flat stomach body and this is how you do me?!

With her index and middle fingers held together, she made the neck cutting gesture towards Mo Yuan. Indicating she was going to kill him by decapitation.

She screamed, “Do you remember what I said when we got married? And if you took another wife or woman?”

“Seventeen…” Mo Yuan was instantly cut off.

Then she parted her joined fingers, pointed them to her eyes and then his and continued in the same threatening tone. “I would sleep with both eyes open from now on if I were you… SHIT-FU!”

Yes, Bai Qian called her Shifu, Mo Yuan ‘Shit-Fu’. Ye Hua lightly snickered when he heard her call him Shit-Fu.

Instantly, she whipped her head towards Ye Hua and angrily shouted, “You there, Mr. Grand Theft Eye Gouger (not Grand Theft Auto). Eye have my eyes on you so you should shut the hell up! Young Prince, if you know what’s good for you!”

“Xiao Wu, calm down.” Zhe Yan was in the midst of having the best moment in his life but tried to talk her down.

She hissed in return, “Unless you want me to tell everyone here, what happened during Pride Week in San Francisco 2007, zip it Zhe Yan!”

Turning her unleashed rage back towards Mo Yuan, she sneered, “Today, I didn’t bring you a wedding gift. My present to will be three years belated when I deliver a stinky, crying, pooping package on Kunlun Mountain! If the kid is a dragon, I’m just going to dropkick it up here from Qingqiu!”

Finally done with her dramatic performance, she started to stomp away angrily. The bride who was now on her feet, whipped off her veil and the Celestial spoke in her soft voice, “High Goddess Bai Qian, I don’t know why you’re so angry, but this is a sacred ceremony between myself and High God Mo Yuan.”

Bai Qian stepped up to the goddess bride-to-be, puffed her chest out and challenged, “You want a piece of me, Celestial? Bring it because I’m dying to kick some Celestial ass!”

The Celestial goddess backup in fear. Bai Qian was scary. Very frightening!

She smirked arrogantly and yelled, “That’s what I thought, Celestial! Now that I’ve seen your face, you’re quite old yourself! Well, Grandma, you and Gramps have a wonderful honeymoon, and remember the early bird special is before 5 pm.”

With one final theatrical turn towards Mo Yuan, she warned, “Don’t come to Qingqiu, ever! I won’t be treating you with respect because you’re not my Shifu but an intruder!”

“An invader of my ‘I never wanted any kids. EVER!’ womb! You lustful sexually potent Dragon!” She sneered and arrogantly walked out the same dramatic way she’d appeared.

Comparable to Scarlett O’Hara, Bai Qian was ‘Gone With The Wind…’ How dramatic! Too unrealistic…

Calm down! Wait a minute now! It was merely a mental picture. Daydream. Like a dramatic wedding busting scene straight out of a Makjang K-Drama! The only thing missing was a kimchee slap or an envelope of money thrown at someone’s face. If Heavenly Mother were still alive, perhaps she would have thrown a cup of cold water over Bai Qian’s head.

No, that wasn’t Bai Qian’s style. She was the only High Goddess in the world for heaven’s sake, and Mo Yuan was her Shifu.

However, the idea of calling him Shit-Fu made her giggle while squatting in the loo. She was still sitting in the bathroom in the mortal realm, holding the positive pregnancy test in her hand. Clueless how to handle the situation but her imagination was going crazy wild.

Although the hilarious scene was incredibly tempting, it wasn’t Bai Qian’s thing. Furthermore, that kind of wild performance would be too disrespectful to her Shifu. But the idea was amusing, and she did like the outrageous outfit she’d pictured in her fantasy and decided to wear that to his wedding.

It should have been an instant dead giveaway. But it never crossed Bai Qian’s mind how weird it was, that Kunlun Mountain didn’t appear if a wedding was occurring. Not a single decoration, or any signs to indicate a marriage ceremony was going to take place.

It was quiet as usual. If anything it was even more silent than typical, and Mo Yuan was calmly sitting on his teaching platform. In tranquility, he was alone silently enjoying his afternoon tea.

But he knew Bai Qian was there because Mo Yuan heard the following: Click clack. Click clack, click clack, click clack, which was the loud noise of her red Christian Louboutin peep toe, 5-inches, platform pumps hitting the ground with her sexy deliberate steps, as she sauntered towards him.

The suggestive Come F–k Me heels yelled ‘I’m an ‘entertainer’ in Las Vegas at the Spearmint Rhino’ and ‘Yes, I can break your hundred dollar bill with all singles.’

Dressed in a modern, strapless, skintight, painted on, a crimson dress that barely covered her girl parts, there she stood gloriously and looked sexy and fierce as hell!

The gown was either spandex or Lycra because it was entirely formfitting and snug ‘Can’t comfortably breathe when you’re wearing it. Must hold your breath to put it on and need help to get it off’. Like body shaping undergarments but it was her outerwear.

Her breasts had grown, and she was wearing a fabulous push-up bra. Because her breasts looked like two giant round grapefruits, popping out of the top of the dress. The dress was beyond short, and she wore sexy, black-lace topped thigh highs that were completely visible.

So the bold, visual statement was, Bai Qian in a tight, painted on, red mini, almost nonexistent dress. A lot of bare skin on her upper thighs very close to her lady bits, black-lace topped thigh highs and red, Come F–k Me, 5-inched heels!

Just as her attire was wildly dramatic so was her hairdo and makeup. The length of her tousled, wavy, haphazardly parted to one side with wild parts hanging across her eyes, hair hit just past her bra strap. Her makeup was a perfect MAC smoky eye, lashes so long they looked fake, black, heavily mascaraed with perfectly winged tipped, liquid eyeliner on her top lid and matte blood red rouged full lips.

Looking around, wide-eyed and confused, she questioned, “Shifu, aren’t you getting married today?”

Mo Yuan said nothing because he was in shock at her provocative appearance. He was utterly speechless.

We all know by now that Mo Yuan loves that look a lot. Lusty Shifu! Lusty God of War!

Still, in total confusion, Bai Qian glanced around and started to kneel when Mo Yuan suggested, “Seventeen, don’t sit, kneel or bow. The length of your dress is truly something special, and it will rise to your waist leaving you fully exposed.”

“Yes, there is a wedding today, but I was waiting for the bride, and here you are, finally. Already dressed in red. How convenient.” Said Mo Yuan as he finished his tea and began to rise.

Nervously, Bai Qian’s eyes darted back and forth trying to make sense of this unusual situation. As Mo Yuan slowly approached her, she started walking backward. All that was missing was the sound trucks make when they back up. Beep, beep, beep.

Privately, she was wondering, ‘What the freaking hell is going on?’

“You see, Seventeen, your Shifu wouldn’t marry another woman because I already have a wife. We married in Zhe Yan’s orchard, you and I. You could always challenge my claim, but it’s your word against the word of the God of War and Medicine God.” He shook his head ‘no’ indicating it wouldn’t be such a good idea, and that she would surely lose.

Instead, he sighed deeply, and as Bai Qian began to trip over walking backward, he swiftly caught her in his muscular arms.

Shaking his head in disapproval, Mo Yuan warned, “I’ve already told you that shoes like these are dangerous.”

Effortlessly lifting her into his arms, Mo Yuan carried her towards his chamber, while Bai Qian’s expression was one of utter shock and disbelief. There wasn’t anyone else on Kunlun Mountain. She saw nobody. Not even a single disciple.

He seemed to read her mind and replied, “I’ve sent everyone away, so it’s just you and me.”

“I’ll scream!” Bai Qian threatened.

“Go ahead. Scream to your heart’s content, but you’ll only be wasting precious energy that you’ll be needing later. Seventeen, tonight is our wedding night, again!” Mo Yuan’s calm expression never changed, and his voice was even and gentle.

Finally, in Mo Yuan’s chamber, he gently placed her feet on the ground. She started a swift retreat, but the moment they’d entered his, no, their bedroom, he’d raised a privacy shield so she couldn’t leave. He sat on the bed and motioned she should sit on his lap.

In thorough disbelief, Seventeen gawked at him in silence.

Seventeen had her back firmly pressed against the wall, in the furthest corner away from him in the room. Her palms planted beside her trying to curl directly into the wall itself. Her wild hair hung in her eyes, and she subtly shook not knowing what to make of this insane situation.

She wondered, did she have another mental fantasy? Was she still daydreaming? Bai Qian firmly pinched her cheeks to make sure she was awake. Yes, she was entirely lucid, and Mo Yuan was still waiting for her. What kind of lunacy was this?

Chuckling nervously, she asked dumbfounded, “Shifu, is this a joke?”

“Seventeen, yes, but the joke is on you! Your husband is still waiting for you so come, sit down like a good girl.” Mo Yuan smiled ever so slightly, and his eyes twinkled in utter delight.

His plan was a success after all, in his mind anyway. She was in their bedroom, and he had ‘special’ plans for their evening. She dressed in red as a bride should so everything was perfect in his mind. Her showing up looking so provocative was just a bonus. Real freshly whipped cream icing on the delicious cake that was his Seventeen. Yes, he planned to gobble her up.

You see, he’d become aware that Seventeen was pregnant before she even knew. The day Zhe Yan used her leg as a pillow, he sensed embryonic energy and told Mo Yuan. He then canceled the wedding which was a pretense anyway.

The fake bride was an old schoolmate, who the three stooges also know as Mo Yuan, Zhe Yan and Bai Zhi, hoodwinked into their crazy idea. But after hearing of Seventeen’s current condition, Mo Yuan decided to take control.

Seventeen approached him ever so slowly with great caution. Right when she was at his arm’s reach, Mo Yuan quickly pulled her on his lap. He looked at her lovely, full breasts exploding out of her dress. They were indeed quite tantalizing.

He lightly caressed her exposed breasts, and they felt fuller… Very pleasant. Seventeen’s startled expression was starting to soften. Mo Yuan placed his hand on her thigh, snapped the lace top of the thigh highs and nodded that he approved. She snickered when his hand moved into her dress and surprise, surprise, she was bare. Commando.

His expression turned into the face of an inquisitive Shifu when he asked, “Seventeen, were you planning on attending your Shifu’s wedding without panties?”

Now Bai Qian was entirely amused and highly entertained by her Shifu’s plans to get her to come to him. Finally, she recognized the man, not the father and he was one lusty man. Extraordinarily lusty and she kind of liked it, no, she totally loved it.

“Shifu, I came without panties so you could get a taste of me, before being tied down to a ball and chain for eternity. It was my wedding gift to you. Do you like it?” Bai Qian asked innocently.

She stood, unzipped the back of her dress, let it drop to the floor, so she now stood naked with only thigh highs and Red, CFM heels. Her hair and makeup quite wild. She looked oh so naughty, naughty.

Intently, Mo Yuan studied her face and curiously asked, “Do you still see me as a father?”

She abruptly tore a piece of material off her red dress and tied it firmly around Mo Yuan’s wrist. Bai Qian smirked with both hands planted on her hips, and her shapely legs slightly apart.

Bai Qian replied with conviction, “Shifu, Yes I do. I still regard you as a father, but now I see you as ‘My Baby’s Daddy‘.”

She purred, “Come on Poppy, show me who’s the Big Daddy up in this house! Mommy needs some sweet loving. Let’s do this!”

Mo Yuan sighed most profoundly, stood, began to disrobe sexily and stated, “Seventeen, I hope you can handle it because the shiznit is about to get real up in here! Big Daddy is in da house!”

The end

To be continued with an epilogue…..