清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 4

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In Bai Qian’s long immortal life, she’d yet to fall in love or meet anyone who interested her even the slightest. However, Ming the mysterious mortal man became a constant resident of her mind. He was thoroughly intriguing in many ways.

He feigned indifference and disinterest, but Bai Qian thought she saw something more in his guarded gaze. Briefly but a flash of curiosity flickered in his dark eyes. Something unspoken but it was momentarily visible as plainly as the sun was in the sky.

Privately Bai Qian wondered if her interest was merely physical since Ming was incredibly attractive. She would go as far as to say he was the most handsome man she’d ever met. She quietly pondered if her curiosity was simply an infatuation due to his good looks?

However, it wasn’t like her to be easily swayed by sheer outer beauty. For Bai Qian, being around beautiful people was nothing new. She’d grown up with one of the most handsome men in the eternal realms, and that man was her older brother, Bai Zhen. Also, she’d been surrounded by the attractive people of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, and her mother, the Fox Empress, was also a celebrated beauty.

Nevertheless, why couldn’t she get Ming out of her mind? Again Bai Qian thought about how he looked shirtless soaking wet, and she needed a cold shower afterward. So it wasn’t surprising when she found herself back in the mortal realm, searching for him.

Bai Qian sat on the front steps leading into his modest home for hours. Patiently she sauntered back and forth until sundown and left without seeing him feeling most regretful. What she wasn’t aware was Ming observed her waiting and purposely stayed away.

Instead, he watched her in silence for most of the time she waited for his return. It didn’t go unnoticed by him how lovely were her feminine movements and the way the sunlight hit her long, silky, dark, lustrous hair making it seem slick and wet. Inwardly Ming wondered what it would feel like if he ran his fingers through her beautiful locks.

Ming was just about to go to her when she suddenly left, and he merely accepted, it was for the best anyway. But as he unknowingly wandered around in Bai Qian’s mind continuously, she did the same to him. He tossed and turned all night thinking about the woman, who’d mysteriously and abruptly infiltrated his life and brain.

Would he be able to resist her if she kept coming back? Ming even considered leaving the little hut, but honestly had nowhere else to go or the money to go anywhere. He just needed to withstand her long enough for her to lose interest, and she would eventually stop coming on her own.

Therefore with firm resolve, Ming determined to follow his set course and hoped she would leave soon, but also secretly wished she would stay. Her lovely face was the last thing he thought about before falling asleep.

To his surprise, she was like clockwork and showed up every day. She sat on the steps, strolled around the front yard and occasionally peaked her head inside inquisitively but never went in.

It became a strange routine between them. Ming packed his food in the morning, sat at a distance and watched Princess all day while she waited for him. He studied her movements with such precision that he could predict what she’d do next. Anticipating her next move became an unusual mental game for him.

Princess did this for a month straight and finally quit coming all together. Ming laughed. She’d lasted longer than he anticipated but just as he’d expected, she stopped coming him, and strangely enough, he found himself hoping she would return.

Subconsciously he’d been waiting for her when another season progressed, and summer quickly became autumn. The time when the lush green leaves converted to brightly hued colors of orange, red, russets and all the many shades of fall. Ming was storing food for winter and hunting every day. He was in the woods when she returned.


Bai Qian was aware Ming was purposely avoiding her. She was an immortal High Goddess and easily sensed his presence. However, he never revealed himself during the entire month, so she took it as a sign and stopped coming. Still, regardless of her multiple attempts to forget him, nothing worked. In a moment of weakness, she decided to visit him one last time.

Ming was in the forest with his bow and arrow in hand. She unintentionally stepped on a dry, brittle branch and he swiftly turned towards the snapping sound and shot in her direction.

“Princess!” Ming screamed horrified.

In an instant, Bai Qian cloud jumped and avoided the oncoming arrow. The pointed dart now stuck fast in the tree where she’d just stood. Terrified Ming ran towards the tree, looked around confused and touched the trunk of the tree thoroughly bewildered.

Bai Qian stepped out from behind the massive tree trunk and stated, “That’s one heck of a greeting. Ming, you truly have a gift of making people feel welcomed.”

Ming was utterly dumbfounded as he softly mumbled disbelievingly, “You were just standing here. My arrow should have pierced your chest. How did you avoid it?”

“Are you disappointed that you missed?” Bai Qian asked somewhat playfully.

Ming suddenly grabbed Bai Qian and turned her around to make sure she wasn’t injured. He flipped her back and forth carefully examining and checking her body to ensure she wasn’t hurt.

After he’d determined she was unharmed, he angrily yelled, “You NEVER sneak up on someone who’s armed! I could have killed you! Are you stupid!?”

“Oh, so now you see me. After deliberately hiding from me for a month, I guess I finally have your attention.” Delighted Bai Qian couldn’t hold back her radiant smile.

She was pleased he seemed so worried about her safety and also they were finally talking standing face to face.

Ming let out a single incredulous laugh and asked, “You knew I was secretly lurking?”

Bai Qian nodded her head ‘yes’ and said, “Yes, I noticed that you were enjoying daily picnics while watching me wait for you.”

“Why didn’t you say something?” Ming questioned with a perplexed expression that caused his eyebrows to furrow.

Bai Qian held her hands behind her back, swayed back and forth on her toes and just replied, “I’m a modern woman, but it was still a bit awkward for me to come to you. After all, you were hiding from me so I thought I’d be polite and give you your space.”

Ming’s expression hardened, his full lips pressed into a tight line as he turned his back annoyed and started to stomp away. Bai Qian quietly followed behind him.

Swiftly he spun around and spat, “I don’t have anything! I’m penniless!”

“There’s nothing I want from you.” Bai Qian replied.

Ming keenly studied her face, angrily turned back and began to stride away again quickly. He whipped around and almost sneered, “I get it. Does Princess want to have rough sex with a rogue because if that’s the case? Let’s just do it here and get it over with!”

To Bai Qian’s surprise, Ming began to disrobe quickly out in the middle of the field. His boorish behavior was saddening. She subtly shook her head in genuine disappointment, wistfully dropped her gaze and her eyes suddenly filled with unshed tears.

She whispered almost regretfully, “Ming, I mistook you for a human being. How ridiculous of me to have wasted my precious time waiting for a brute.”

Disheartened Bai Qian turned her back to him and sorrowfully said, “Ming, have a nice life. I wish I could say it was a pleasure knowing you but regrettably, I don’t speak falsehoods or lies. I’m sorry to have wasted both your and my time.”

As Bai Qian slowly walked away, she felt his hand grab her upper arm and hold her back. She gradually turned around and met Ming’s uncertain gaze.

Ming sighed with a deliberate exhale that caused his cheek to puff out sightly and hesitantly inquired, “So, Princess, what’s your name?”

To be continued…..