清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 10

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His empty life changed drastically overnight. Where there was once solitude, now she was there. Where there was quiet and profound loneliness, Princess filled those spots also. She was a warming ray of sunlight in his previously dark world.

She followed him around whenever he hunted and wherever Ming went. Strangely, on days she didn’t, regardless of where he was Princess somehow always found him and brought him lunch, snacks or an umbrella on rainy days.

While he ate, she’d just intently stare at his face with a bright smile on her face without a particular reason. She was vocal and often told him how much she loved him at any given moment most freely. Ming in return would reach out and squeeze her cheeks with both hands. She looked confused by his action but then smiled lovingly. It was a strange dynamics between them.

Considering she was a girl from extreme wealth, she never wanted, complained or asked for anything. Princess was merry even when she did laundry. Ming heard her jauntily humming while cleaning the hut. Her apparent joy was something he couldn’t overlook because it now painted his prior gray life with all the brilliant, vibrant colors of her unconditional love for him.

They made love every day. Often, several times a day but he’d yet to bring her to climax. It was odd considering how previous women told Ming what a generous, and gifted lover he was but Princess never orgasmed.

It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy it. She relished Ming’s touch and was an enthusiastic lover. He on the other hand, experienced the most intense orgasms with her that it sometimes frightened him and left his head spinning.

Often, almost always, Ming felt exceedingly guilty for experiencing such immense pleasure, while she didn’t and his desire for her was endless. Everything about Princess was utterly arousing. Even the scent of her skin made him erect. Almost regularly at night when her body would lightly brush against his, he instantly had an erection. Every night while she slept, he took her unable to control himself from his carnal appetites that seemed to only intensify with time.

At first, Ming thought his profound hunger for her was because their relationship was new, but instead of tapering off his urges grew stronger with every passing day. Sometimes, he’d take her out in the open while hunting unable to control his needs. She possessed such a strange sexual bewitching power over him, that made him feel vulnerable and weak in the physical sense. And the exquisite sensation of being inside her was unsurpassed, intoxicating and utterly euphoric. If only he could return the elevated level of immense pleasure she gave him, he wouldn’t want for anything else.

It wasn’t due to lack of trying. Even when Ming kissed her lower treasure, Princess moaned and groaned with ecstasy but never reached a peak. He began to lose confidence in his sexual prowess and abilities. He told himself she was his wife, not a woman who sold herself for money so he needed to try a different approach.

However, never did she even once show displeasure from her lack of climax. Princess never indicated any form of negativity and was almost too sunny all the time. There wasn’t a day that went by when she didn’t tell Ming, how much she loved him at least twenty times or more but he’d yet to say it back to her still. They’d been married for over three months but never had he said those words in return.

Oddly, she never spoke of her family or past. At night, she told him entertaining myths and stories about immortal gods. She described a clan of immortal Nine-Tailed Foxes in a magical land called Qingqiu.

Ming asked, “Do you mean like a Gumiho? A white nine-tailed fox that eats men’s livers to survive? A fox that is clever enough to stay alive for over one hundred years can turn into a bewitching, beautiful woman. She entices men sexually and eats their liver!”

“Livers!? I, myself, prefer loquats. Liver eaters? I did have a strange distant cousin twice removed but I don’t even know if she ate livers. I don’t think so. No, I’m sure no liver eaters to my best knowledge. Also, one hundred years is quite young for foxes. Most are still nursing from their mothers at that age.” Princess said quite seriously.

Her unusual sense of humor was fantastic. She told Ming about a divine Phoenix that was a Medicine God, who lived in a peach orchard that was ten miles long. She said he created the best peach wines but he was a terrible gossip.

Princess spoke of twin Dragon brothers who were sons of Heavenly Father. Ming smirked because he never knew such facts. Apparently according to her, one is God of War and Master of Kunlun Mountain and the other the Crown Prince of Nine Heavens.

Princess said the Crown Prince was a real immature jerk as if she knew him personally. She also narrated about the Lord of Celestial Heaven being a money grubbing gold digger. The way she described things were detailed and so visual that Ming told her she should write down her stories. She said she despised school and hated literature most, so she refused to perform anything that was remotely like homework.

As Ming expected, Princess kept him quite entertained and never bored.

When they went into town, the prostitutes were quite hostile, verbally and openly upset about Ming taking a wife. But they couldn’t say a thing about her appearance because she was undeniably stunning.

Also, it was apparent that Princess came from vast wealth even though she never said a word. It was her natural politeness, gentle mannerisms and the way she carried herself that set her apart from other women. Furthermore, her sincere real treatment towards the courtesans was genuine. She spoke to them as if they were refined women of society, so it was impossible for them to hate her and interestingly, they also called her Princess.

As to her word, Princess never judged anyone by their wealth or status. She treated everyone from street beggars to prosperous merchants with the same level of courtesy and oddly, they in return approached her with the utmost respect. Their behavior made Ming wonder precisely from where did her family earn their fortunes? Did the store owners and merchants treat her with such courtesy due to her family’s social standing?

Lastly, the thing Ming noticed immediately was every man regardless of age stared at Princess with lust filled eyes. He couldn’t leave her alone for even a minute, because men would instantly approach her like bees to honeysuckle flowers during springtime. They openly confessed their appreciation of her beauty. They claimed to have fallen in love with her at first sight. They offered she everything from candy, flowers to expensive jewelry and hairpins.

She never showed any interest and always replied the same answer, “Thank you but I’m already married and my husband Ming, is the most perfect man in all of Nine Heavens.”

She’d then flash her beaming smile at Ming and take his arm most deliberately. She’d openly kiss his cheek while they walked away from the group of gawking men. Often, quite often, he heard men cry when she walked away. It was the most darn oddest thing he’d ever experienced.

They continued to live in this simple, blissful way and soon their sixth month anniversary was quickly approaching. Ming told Princess he wanted to hunt a white snow fox so he could make her a muffler, for the upcoming winter when she burst into hysterics.

She cried, “No, Ming! You mustn’t ever kill a fox. Ever! I don’t like fur! I’d prefer the animals to have their coats for wintertime. Please never bring me anything fur! You can be my human muffler and keep me warm instead.”

Ming was perplexed. Never had he met a woman who didn’t like fur? Still, he complied and never killed a fox.

One day he returned home earlier than usual and saw Princess squatting in the front yard. She had her one arm across on top of her bent knees. In her other hand, she held a single long branch and drew in the dirt. As he moved closer, he saw she was repeatedly writing out his name and drawing hearts around it.

Ming didn’t know why but she looked a bit sad not her usual chipper self.

Curiously he asked, “Princess, what’s wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have forced you to marry me. I knew you didn’t want to but I made you against your will.” Princess replied without raising her gaze.

Ming chuckled and stated, “Princess, you didn’t force me. I wanted to marry you. Why would you say such a thing?”

Rocking back and forth, she answered, “I know you don’t love me. I know my love is one sided.”

“Is this because I can’t bring you to climax? Is this why you believe that I don’t love you?” Ming asked growing more concerned with every passing second. Suddenly his heart pattered nervously in his chest.

“Ming, the reason I’m unable to peak is that you hold a part of yourself back from me. I can feel it during intimacy. I always said one couldn’t possess everything.” Princess blankly stated and swiftly rose to her feet.

“I have you in my life and you’re my husband. You enjoy me physically, provide for me and I never want for anything. I’m satisfied with that and that’s more than suffice for me. Ming, I’m blessed.” Brightly she beamed, tenderly kissed his cheek and told him she was going to prepare his lunch. Princess walked into the hut humming a merry happy tune.

Watching Princess walk away, he felt a feeling of sorrow in his heart because everything she said was correct. Ming hadn’t yet allowed himself to fall in love with her.

To be continued…..