清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 11

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After making such a profound and stirring declaration, Princess acted as she always did for the rest of the day and radiantly smiled as if she had a perfect life. Later that night, they made love several times and she gave him phenomenal, incredible oral pleasure that left Ming speechless for almost ten minutes.

Afterward, Princess told Ming more silly stories and childish jokes that made him chuckle until she fell asleep in his arms.

Unable to sleep, Ming sat up and inquisitively studied her beautiful face for hours. She looked like a perfect living doll while she slept peacefully. In all honesty, in his mind, Princess shouldn’t be with him. He didn’t believe himself to be worthy of her. Why in the world would a stunning woman like her, willingly walk away from her life of wealth, luxury and ease to marry someone like him? A man with absolutely nothing of value and possessed only a small hut on a remote mountainside.

Ming never believed he would take a wife and if he did, never, even in his wildest dreams did he imagine she would be someone like Princess. A young woman who was so fair that strangers and people openly gawked at her. A refined wife who possessed the manners, dignity and presence of a real-life princess but was still down to earth and so utterly humble.

A woman who gave endlessly and never asked for a thing in return. A goddess-like lover who gave him limitless bodily pleasures that were euphoric, and almost unreal due to the sheer intensity. She could have had anyone of her choice. Princess was so exquisitely beautiful, sexually desirable and pleasing yet for some unusual reason, she’d chose Ming.

Ming was a young man who became orphaned at the age of five. His happy, healthy parents suddenly died in an unexplained freak accident. Their death was the last time he wept. During his twenty-two years of life, he’d endured mostly misfortune circumstances and there were so many reasons to cry but he never did. What was the point of wasting his precious energy, since tears didn’t fill one’s belly or keep them warm at night?

Instead, Ming devoted his entire life to a more significant cause. He stopped praying for a higher power to help him and he became the man he was on his own. He never relied on anyone or created a bond that would be too painful once broken. He never allowed anyone to get too close so that if they died, it would be the end of him. Through his parent’s abrupt departure, he learned at a young age that life and death were unpredictable and cruel.

Growing up like all men when he longed for companionship, Ming only had sex with prostitutes like a business transaction. He never bothered to remember their names for his reason was purely physical, and it felt good to be held by another momentarily.

Ming didn’t go out of his way to be a generous lover. Things just turned out that way. So it was a comfortable win-win situation for both parties in the paid service exchange. He wasn’t rough or abusive and most respectful to his partner for the night. That was how he gained his notoriety in the brothels. Of course, his generous size also contributed to his fame.

However, after bedding only courtesans; somehow, Ming managed to marry an out of this world gorgeous goddess-like woman. Who’d never been kissed and was pure, clean and innocent, like freshly fallen untouched snow. His kiss, touch and private inner entry were all she’d ever experienced. Princess was all his and she’d essentially handed her perfect self on a solid gold platter, but he hadn’t accepted her yet.

But here he was, staring at this gorgeous woman sleeping in his bed that honestly shouldn’t be there. She was almost too grandiose of a fortune that he wondered if she was a trick of fate. Everything about Princess was too good to be true, and Ming pondered if she was another trial of life’s hardships. If he allowed himself to love her and she was suddenly taken away, how would he continue without her?

He sighed. Ming never would have guessed that she felt his emotional distance. He considered could this be the actual reason why she hadn’t climaxed with him during intimacy? Sensing him holding back perhaps she too was withholding, afraid he’d hurt her?

Even in her sleep, Princess knew he was sitting up and pulled Ming into bed. She wanted to cuddle but of course, it ended up being much more.


It was a cloudless, beautiful, early summer morning when Princess said she was picking berries nearby. Ming watched her go thinking how lovely she looked. After a few moments, he decided to surprise and go to her.

Unfortunately, he was furious to find her surrounded by a group of five burly men. Princess stood in the middle of the circle. She didn’t look terrified as most women would. It was apparent their intentions were sexually malicious as they jeered and made obscene, lewd comments as to what they were going to do to her.

All he could see was red and Ming lost his mind. He went rushing towards the group. He punched and knocked two men out instantly. The third and fifth men ran away when he sat on top of the fourth man, repeatedly smashing the man’s face with his fists.

“Ming, stop! You’re going to kill him!” Princess screamed in the background.

But Ming was mentally gone and couldn’t halt his violent attack. Suddenly, he felt a strong force pulled him off the man. It was Princess and he was surprised she was mighty enough to lift his body’s weight. She was a tiny petite thing in comparison to him and it was unbelievable she could perform such feat.

Tightly, Princess held him back, tried to calm him and soothing said, “Ming, stop now. It’s alright. Calm down. It’s over. I’m fine. Breathe slower.”

“If I see any of you up here again, I’ll kill you next time!” Ming yelled out to the men who were now starting to standup and run away.

Ming was beet red, huffing and puffing in labored breaths. He shook uncontrollably due to his rage. He was still furious and unable to control his wrath. He wanted to chase after the running men, but Princess held fast onto him and worried about his bloodied knuckles.

Forcefully, Ming yanked away from Princess and yelled, “Why didn’t you scream?! Why didn’t you call for help?! Do you have any idea what would have happened if I came even a minute later!?”

“Ming, I was…” He swiftly cut her off and furiously shouted, “How can you be so stupid to come out here alone!? Don’t you know how dangerous and evil people can be!?”

Ming sharply stood and stomped back towards their hut angrily. His knuckles were cut and bloodied. Princess told him to sit down, retrieved a basin of cold, clean water and a towel.

She carefully washed his wounds with her eyebrows furrowed and asked in a tone full of worry, “Ming, does it hurt terribly?”

“My pain is the last thing on my mind! Princess, do you have any clue what almost happened to you today?!” Ming shouted back in a fury.

His face was still hot and red from his rage. Princess looked him in the eyes for a long moment and just said, “Ming, bring out your sword. Let me show you something in the yard.”

He snorted at her, let out a single rude laugh and wondered what in the world a little Princess could do?

They stood in the front yard with several feet distant between them when Princess commanded, “Come at me.”

Dumbfounded, he snorted and mockingly laughed at her. What could a tiny pampered, wealthy woman like her do? He held his sword in one hand, the other on his hip and brazenly chuckled at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Come on now. Attack me.” Said Princess.

He shook his head somewhat haughtily and slowly went to her but with minimal effort.

Princess quickly ducked and suddenly sounded irritated. She aggressively asserted, “Stop playing around, Ming! I mean it. Attack me!”

Ming hesitated for a moment, studied her and charged at full speed. He held his sword away not knowing what was going to occur. As he swiftly approached and right when he worried they were going collide, Princess somehow, immediately slid under his body. Firmly balanced on the one hand, she swung herself similar to a toy top and knocked his legs out from underneath him.

Instantly, he collapsed to the ground. Princess nonchalantly put her hand out and help him stand. She didn’t even break a sweat and her hair was still perfect.

Casually Princess bent down and picked up the wooden stick she used for washing clothes and spoke, “This time with your sword. I saw how you turned your blade away so this time come at me aimed with intent to harm! Fatally!”

Perplexed Ming stared at his little wife standing in her flowing yellow dress, and he was highly surprised by her last move which wasn’t an amateur’s movement. Hesitantly, he attacked her with his sword aimed directly at Princess.

Almost like second nature, she fluidly took a defensive stance with her body slightly at an angle. They met and he swung with accuracy. She effortlessly blocked all his aggressive strokes with the wooden stick. Swiftly she ducked; Princess even managed to playfully poke him in the gut and his bottom with the end of her rod. Ming thought he heard her chuckle when she poked his backside.

They parted and she playfully smiled and giggled. Ming was panting but she wasn’t. Princess tauntingly made the hand gesture like ‘come on. Bring it!’

Okay, this time he wasn’t going to take it easy on her. Breathing in heavy pants, Ming made a couple of calculated steps back and firmly held his weapon with both hands. He rushed towards her while swinging his sword around overhead for maximum impact, and went for a fatal blow. To create distance, Princess suddenly performed two solid graceful back-flips in her flowing dress. She charged him at the speed of light, leaped up like a bird and forcefully kicked the sword from his hand in midair.

When Ming’s run came to a halt, Princess was firmly standing behind him. With one hand she purposely held the sword’s blade’s dull side pressed tight against his neck, and her other hand was down the front of his pants, doing a reach around and holding his manhood. There was also something cold and steel-like against his pubic hair area, possibly a blade.

Snickering, she tenderly kissed his cheek as she strolled in front of Ming. She returned his sword to him, pulled her hand out of his pants and there was a small curved dagger in her hand.

“You’re lucky we’re married. Had you been an enemy, brother Ming would have become sister Ming.” Innocently, Princess smiled while saying something quite scary.

He was thoroughly dumbfounded and speechless. Princess was so fast that all he saw was a blur of her saffron gown, and he barely saw or understood what happened. He just experienced and witnessed one of the most unbelievable and scariest maneuvers in martial arts. Her cheeks weren’t even rosy from exertion nor was she breathing heavy.

Stupefied Ming questioned in a tone full of wonderment, awe and confusion, “Who are you? Are your family assassins? Is that how they gained their money killing people? Are you a master because those moves I’ve never seen before?”

“I’m Ming’s wife, Xiao Wu. Nothing more and nothing less. Husband, now come inside so I can bandage your hands and this time no complaining.” Said Princess sweetly.

Without looking, she quickly threw the small dagger which landed firmly in a tree across the yard, as she daintily lifted her dress and pranced inside their home.

Ming stood in the yard in a stupor of a trance. He went and retrieved the dagger and it was razor sharp. Suddenly quite afraid of his mysterious wife. Entirely convinced that Princess was either the prodigal daughter of a master assassin, or grand master of martial arts herself.

To be continued…..