清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 14

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She cried tears of joy in his loving embrace and told Ming she loved him repeatedly. His heart felt as if it were overflowing with love for Xiao Wu. In his life, never had he felt so utterly complete and fulfilled before.

It felt similar to rebirth. As if Ming was created to be with her and they were two parts that were meant to be together, but somehow became separated. And now finally reunited after thousands of years or several lifetimes apart.

He wasn’t a romantic and never believed in such idealistic notions, but Ming felt as if he’d discovered his soulmate. The one he’d been searching for his entire life but never knew it. Only after finding Xiao Wu had he realized how he’d yearned for her all his life.

Tenderly Ming kissed her forehead and eagerly returned her sweet words of love. After finally allowing it to be free, it felt unstoppable and he couldn’t halt his words even if he tried, as they flowed effortlessly from his lips.

“Xiao Wu, I felt something so strange earlier during intimacy when you climaxed, I thought a saw a light and felt an incomprehensible surge of power. Energy?” Ming whispered.

She giggled and replied giddily, “Well, Ming, it did feel entirely incredible so maybe my body momentarily imploded magically! It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

Hiding her face, Xiao Wu coyly confessed, “That was the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm with someone else.”

She shyly hid by pressing herself into his sculpted chest and snickered, “I know it won’t be the last one!”

Xiao Wu demurely covered her blushing face with both hands, but she was wildly giggling embarrassed like a schoolgirl. She made him laugh out loud. Ming could sense the sudden flush of heat radiating from her now crimsoned face.

“Listen, I felt a wave of pleasurable heat and in those few seconds, I saw a place with pink glowing skies. A place where it’s always daytime and for an instant, I felt as if this wasn’t my real life.” Said Ming in a light tone of curious wonderment.

She snickered in return, “Who else would you be if you’re not my husband Ming? The man I love most in the world! Don’t ever tell my father I said that.”

He grinned but could still see the phosphorescent place so vividly in his mind, and the overwhelming sensation he was experiencing another life. As if he wasn’t truly Ming but someone entirely different, and he chuckled to himself wondered if he’d seen one of his previous lives or perhaps, he’d hallucinated from the intensity of his climax.

Xiao Wu suddenly lifted her head, adoringly held his face with both hands, radiantly beamed and excitedly declared, “Ming, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have your baby!”

She glowed ecstatically but Ming’s expression suddenly hardened and fear flashed in his dark eyes.

He pushed her away and asked in a cautious tone full of worry, “Are you sure? How do you know?”

“I saw a physician and that’s why I was late coming back. We’re going to be parents!” Xiao Wu wrinkled her nose, bit her bottom lip and her eyes sparkled with infinite joy.

Ming’s dark eyes narrowed, his full brows furrowed and he swiftly jumped out of bed. With absolute resolve, he shook his head ‘no’ and rapidly began to dress.

Nervously she asked, “Ming, where are you going?”

Firmly he stated, “No, Xiao Wu, you’re not having this baby! I know the brothels use a particular medicine to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies. I’m going to get some now! You must drink it immediately! The sooner you drink it, the less you’ll bleed afterward!”

She instantly looked terrified and demanded to know why they couldn’t have the baby, but Ming was already speedily running out of their hut and towards town.

After Ming left, Xiao Wu shook with confusion and tried to understand what just happened. He’d finally confessed to loving her but wanted to kill their innocent unborn child.

She sat in tears when he returned and wordlessly brewed the abortive tonic for her to drink in the yard. After what felt like hours, Ming brought the dark liquid in a bowl and gingerly sat on the edge of the bed beside her.

Xiao Wu was hysterical and sobbing. She sat in the remotest corner away from him curled up into a ball. She wept most bitterly. Emotionally confused and disturbed by Ming’s unexplained hurtful behavior, and severely adverse reaction towards her pregnancy.

“Xiao Wu, you have to drink this tonic! The women said the sooner the better for your recovery.” Ming demanded while holding the bowl towards her.

She adamantly shook her head ‘no’ refused and cried, “Why Ming? Why must I drink the medicine? You said you loved me so why? I’m not going to kill our child! I refuse!”

He yelled, “Xiao Wu! You can’t have this baby! No!” And shoved the pungent drink in his hand in her direction.

Furiously she grabbed and threw the bowl to the ground. The sharp medicinal scent now filled the air causing Xiao Wu to gag and repeatedly dry heave. Ming watched her with hardened set eyes, angrily stomped back into the kitchen and returned with a new bowl of medicine.

“Ming? Why can’t I have the baby?” She cried begging for an explanation.

Xiao Wu was rocking back and forth, hugging her legs and protectively hiding her stomach. Terrified she flinched when he came near. Without expression Ming held the new bowl up to her.

Sternly he ordered, “Xiao Wu, drink it now!”

She sobbed uncontrollably and pleaded with him, “You said you loved me but you want to kill our poor innocent child? Why Ming?”

“I can’t! I won’t! I’ll leave you before you make me kill our baby! I’m not going to murder our child! Ming, you’re a liar! If you loved me, you’d never make me do this or be able to suggest such an evil thing!” Xiao Wu violently screamed at him.

Xiao Wu roughly pushed him aside and tried to run outside but he caught and held her back. Ming clung to her in pure desperation and attempted to explain himself.

With both arms tightly wrapped around her shoulders, Ming whimpered, “Xiao Wu, women die during childbirth. It happens all the time. I’m afraid because I’ll die without you. Please don’t make me live without you because if it’s you or a baby, I can’t help but choose you.”

“We’ll have a baby one day when I’m able to provide proper prenatal care for you. I promise but I can’t live without you! Why don’t you understand? I’ll die if anything happens to you!” Ming cried while forcibly holding her from leaving with all his might.

Xiao Wu abruptly plummeted to the ground and sorrowfully wailed uncontrollably. She suddenly turned around, on bent knees, she clung to Ming’s leg despairingly and pitifully looked up at him with tears running down her face.

She begged in between sobs, “Ming, I can promise you that nothing will happen to me. I can’t die. I swear I won’t die during labor and leave you behind. Please. Let me have the baby. Please don’t make me run away from you. I don’t want to go so please don’t force me to.”

Resentfully he spoke, “Xiao Wu, if anything happens to you, I’ll follow you, kill myself and the baby will be an orphan. Are you willing to take that chance?”

“Ming, I promise. Nothing will happen to me. I can’t die.” Xiao Wu answered with complete certainty and absolute conviction.

Ming shook his head unconvinced and whispered, “Nobody can avoid death. I’ve lost everyone that I’ve ever loved. They were taken away from me by death and it’s a part of life, but I can’t stand the thought of you running away from me.”

Ming also was in tears. He turned his head up and focused his sight up on the ceiling with his palms planted on his hips. Defeated, he then covered his face with both hands and sobbed silently.

Finally he gathered his composure and glanced down at the utterly heartbreaking image of Xiao Wu, who was still hanging on to his leg crying unending tears. He stared at her for the longest time and reluctantly nodded to himself as if to accept her demand.

Sighing most profoundly, Ming deliberately exhaled through his mouth and hesitantly nodded his head ‘Yes!’ He reached for her but Xiao Wu still flinched ever so slightly when he bent down to pull her up to him.

Reluctantly Ming resigned himself and softly said, “Xiao Wu, it’s not healthy for pregnant women to sit on cold surfaces. You’ve been crying for hours. You should rest while I throw out the rest of the tonic. I guess we’re having a baby.”

“Thank you, Ming. Thank you for not making me leave you. I love you.” Xiao Wu wept in his arms.

Ming sighed and softly replied, “Well, I know this much for sure, nobody will ever bully our child because you’ll be the one to teach him or her how to fight. Get to bed and rest. I’m sorry that I scared you but how could you say you’d leave me so easily?”

“I guess I deserved it.” Stated Ming as he carefully helped her on the bed.

Tenderly he covered her with the red blanket and lovingly caressed her tear stained cheeks. Xiao Wu was still breathing in an airy uneven broken breath and hiccuped from crying too long.

He started to pick up the pieces of shattered ceramic, wiped up the dark medicinal liquid now drying and staining the dark amber wooden floor. Inwardly Ming chastised himself for trying to make her drink something so foul and disgusting. He washed his hands and did something he hadn’t done for years. He sat beside Xiao Wu and prayed to God.

Ming then most gingerly placed his head against her stomach and whispered, “Please don’t hurt your mother. She’s everything to me and I’m sorry if I made you feel unloved.”

He felt her hand caress his head and Xiao Wu whispered, “Ming, I love you. Both the baby and I will be healthy and fine. In fact, we’ll never die. Ever.”

He chuckled at the sheer ridiculousness of her unrealistic, silly comment but in his heart something about the way she said it almost convinced him. Or at least, he hoped and prayed she was telling the truth.

To be continued…..