清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 20

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It took Ye Hua over two hours to erase the memories of twenty-two mortals, who’d clearly witnessed Bai Qian’s outburst and magic. He was unexpectedly left behind to take care of damage control, after her sudden mysterious disappearance.

He was fuming and the first thing Ye Hua did when returning to Nine Heavens, was vented his deep-felt anger out at his grandfather. Many believed him to be docile and submissive but in reality, he openly challenged Heavenly Lord daily. Ye Hua spent a majority of his life grounded in Xiwu palace for speaking freely and expressing his strong opinions most openly. He’d always been highly opinionated since he was a child.

There also was a strange satisfaction to watch terror overtake Heavenly Lord’s face and instantly he went ashen. All the blood suddenly drained from his face, when he heard Ye Hua’s mortal wife Xiao Wu was none other than Bai Qian of Qingqiu. He had to sit because his legs went numb and almost fell over from the shock.

Remorsefully Heavenly Lord confessed to the note. Ye Hua’s expression was one of utter disbelief and outrage. Furiously he brazenly blamed Heavenly Lord for their current situation and the unfortunate misunderstanding between himself and Bai Qian.

Finally, Ye Hua understood Bai Qian’s hatred, resentment, and anger towards him. He wanted to resolve the issue quickly but the Fox Emperor made it crystal clear – Celestials were no longer welcome in Qingqiu.

High God Bai Zhi posted some of his massive armies at all Qingqiu’s borders for one particular reason; that was to keep all and any Celestials out. All correspondence sent to Qingqiu returned without being read because they never made it past the guards. He adamantly and repeatedly refused any request for a formal meeting with the Celestial Clan.

After weeks of failed attempts to clarify the misunderstanding between himself and Bai Qian, and countless missed tries to see her, Ye Hua eventually turned to the only Celestial who was always welcome in Qingqiu. That immortal happened to be his older twin brother Mo Yuan.

To plead his case, Ye Hua explained his tragic situation and asked in earnest with his older brother to mediate. But Mo Yuan stated he’d preferred not to get involved in other’s business. He said unless it was a circumstance threatening world peace, he simply refused entanglement. He also announced he wouldn’t use his cherished friendship with the Fox Emperor, for such an insignificant matters and told Ye Hua to return to Nine Heavens.

However, after reflecting on Ye Hua and his unfortunate happenings, Mo Yuan indeed went to Qingqiu but to see Heavenly Father’s firstborn grandson, and his new nephew Bai A-Li.

It shouldn’t have surprised him, but Mo Yuan was greeted by a tiny white kit who promptly urinated on his shoes. He laughed at the sheer humor since it was an identical repeat of what Bai Qian did when she was young. She peed on his shoes when she was a newborn fox.

“Bai A-Li, no! Not on High God Mo Yuan’s shoes!” Bai Qian gently scolded and hurriedly picked up the white bundle of fur.

A-Li in returned whelped and playfully chewed on his mother’s finger. He was an adorable little fox cub. All white except one single black tail amongst his others.

Sweetly she coaxed the whining fox cub, “A-Li, it’s time for you to transform. It’s time to take your human body so High God Mo Yuan can see your handsome face.”

A-Li excitedly licked his mother’s hand and turned so he was now a plump human baby in her arms. Bai Qian politely bowed to Mo Yuan and asked if he was there to see the Fox Emperor who’d stepped out for the day.

“No, I’m here to see A-Li and you.” Mo Yuan said with a small smile on his face.

With respect, she politely offered Mo Yuan a seat and had tea served. Bai Qian was still rocking A-Li in her arms and making soft cooing noises at him. She glanced at Mo Yuan and then wordlessly thrust A-Li into his unexpected arms. He appeared slightly uncomfortable and held the baby most awkwardly. Mo Yuan had zero experience with children.

Mo Yuan started, “I’m not one to get involved in other’s love lives but, Bai Qian, I spoke to Ye Hua.”

Briskly she cuts him off and defensively said, “Then don’t start now, High God Mo Yuan.”

“Bai Qian, the parting letter was written by Heavenly Lord and Ye Hua knew nothing of it. Also, he was stripped of his magic and grounded for a year after his return to immortality.” Mo Yuan softly stated the accurate facts.

Her eyes narrowed on Mo Yuan and her full lips tightened in a flat line. She studied his expression and sighed profoundly before unshed tears filled her eyes.

Mo Yuan reached out and tenderly caressed her head in a fatherly way. He chuckled and stated the obvious, “It’s clear you still have feelings for him and Ye Hua…that boy is insanely in love with you so why don’t you at least talk to him?”

In silent Bai Qian quickly wiped the tears from her face, while A-Li made sweet baby cooing noises in his uncle’s arms.

Mo Yuan intently gazed at A-Li and gently stated, “A-Li is quite handsome. He looked more like Ye Hua and our side of the family.”

Bai Qian whispered and corrected, “No, he takes after our family. A-Li looks just like me that’s why he’s so handsome.”

Sighing Bai Qian finally resigned herself and confessed, “Yes, I loved Ming who is Ye Hua. The letter was extremely hurtful so it’s a relief to hear the truth but I still need a bit of time. High God Mo Yuan, Ye Hua well, back then Ming, hid from me for a full month while I waited all day outside his door.”

“He also told me that I looked better dressed as a man and refused to admit to loving me for eight months! I had to put my pride aside and chased after him! Imagine that! Furthermore, I didn’t have an orgasm for eight months with him! That may not seem like a big deal, however, if you consider how often we did it…let me just say he’s highly indebted to me!” Bai Qian rambled and most candidly vent her resentment.

She continued all fired up, “I hate to bring up the past but I’m a tad particular about debts. Let’s not forget that he didn’t even want to meet me because I was too old. He stated that he wouldn’t be able to perform intimately with a woman his mother’s age! That’s why Ye Hua was sent on his mortal trial!”

Mo Yuan blushed uncontrollably and crimson rose up his cheeks. He wasn’t expecting to hear such intimate details. A-Li was now falling asleep on his uncle’s lap. He focused his attention on composing himself. Mo Yuan was a master mediator. He could quickly get Clans to agree instead of war and a simple solution came to mind.

Mo Yuan made the subtle hand gesture for Bai Qian to come closer and whispered something in her ear. Whatever he said was intriguing because her eyes lit up and twinkled with delight.

“What do you think? Would you feel some satisfaction if you did it like that?” Mo Yuan asked in his gentle, calm voice.

Bai Qian sat in silent contemplation for a long time, finally smiled, nodded her head ‘yes’ and asserted, “Yes, that would lift some of the resentment in my heart. Now I understand why you’re the keeper of the peace, High God Mo Yuan. I like your original, simple resolution and I agree to the terms.”

Raising the sleeping baby, Mo Yuan kissed him tenderly and casually repeated, “A-Li does take after our side of the family. He resembles his attractive uncle quite a bit.”

It was silly but it warmed Mo Yuan’s heart to see Bai Qian and A-Li. Never had he excepted his bloodline would mix with his old friend Bai Zhi’s in this way. And it pleased him immensely because the outcome was just simply adorable.


Ye Hua had been staring at the same official document for hours in silence. Ever since he’d discovered Bai Qian was Xiao Wu, his mind was always just focused on her and the baby. The son he had yet to see. So lost in his inner thoughts, he failed to hear his older brother Mo Yuan enter his room.

Oblivious to his surroundings, Ye Hua jumped startled when Mo Yuan lightly tapped his shoulder.

“Older brother. I didn’t hear you come in. Forgive me.” Ye Hua apologized.

He stood to greet Mo Yuan correctly but his older brother made the small hand motion for him to stay seated. When it was just the two of them, he preferred to keep it casual. Ye Hua was his younger twin brother, and they shared a close brotherly bond even though others weren’t aware of that secretive fact. If anything, because of the vast age difference at times Mo Yuan felt more like Ye Hua’s father than his brother.

Mo Yuan lightly cleared his throat and softly declared, “I saw Bai Qian and the baby.”

Suddenly Ye Hua’s eyes flew wide open, he instantly rose and sat firmly next to his brother. He looked up at Mo Yuan with eager and sparkling eyes.

Promptly Ye Hua excitedly asked, “Brother, how are they!? Does A-Li look like his mother or me? Is Xiao Wu, I mean Bai Qian alright?”

“I just happen to be passing Qingqiu and merely stopped by for a moment. I didn’t go because you asked me but I did discuss your misunderstanding a bit.” Mo Yuan stated modestly.

Ye Hua grinned wide and swelled with pride when Mo Yuan said, “A-Li takes after our side of the family. He’s quite handsome…and looks just like his handsome uncle.”

He beamed happily for a lengthy time and bit his bottom lip, anxiously listened for more. Ye Hua was overjoyed to be a new father. He was softly chuckling under his breath elated to hear A-Li looked like him.

In an excited whispered voice, Ye Hua inquired, “So…she’s willing to meet with me?”

Mo Yuan nonchalantly folded his hands across his lap and replied, “Well, not exactly but Bai Qian has decided to give you a chance to redeem yourself. I understand you hid from her for a month, told her she looked better dressed as a man and, Ye Hua, seriously? Eight months!?”

Shaking his head in utter disappointment, Mo Yuan continued, “Bai Qian said last time she’d put her pride aside, and chased after you to win your love so this time you have to earn hers.”

Mo Yuan looked around to make sure nobody was listening and said, “Bai Qian is going on a mortal trial to clear her mind and… I really shouldn’t be telling you this since details for mortal trials are highly guarded and confidential.”

Glancing back again, Mo Yuan secretively whispered, “Only because you’re my twin brother am I sharing this tight-lipped information. She’s going to be born into royalty. Princess Xiao Wu at the age of 20 runs away to avoid an unwanted marriage, and goes to an isolated hut in Mount Junji to obtain enlightenment.”

“That’s a piece of cake! All I have to do is win her heart as she did mine? Bai Qian will be at our old home on Mount Junji!?” Ye Hua asked breathlessly while his eyes twinkled, and the expression of ultimate confidence came to his face.

Mo Yuan suddenly appeared regretful and clarified, “But there’s a catch. She’s at Mount Junji after taking an oath of celibacy. She’s destined to be a nun that never experiences romantic love. Princess Xiao Wu is fated to die a virgin, so you’ll have to use all the charm within you to make her fall in love with you.”

His eyes were wide and unblinking with shock. Ye Hua wondered how in the world he was going to get Bai Qian to fall in love with him. Purposely and spitefully she’d set it up to make it near impossible for him to succeed, but he was up for the challenge regardless of the difficulties set before him.

Mo Yuan stood to leave and softly but sternly scolded, “Ye Hua, eight months?! You’re a son of Heavenly Father and my younger brother. Let’s keep this shame a private matter! I have a reputation to uphold! Try to achieve your ‘goal’ sooner than eight months this time!”

Ye Hua blushed wildly. Entirely embarrassed his older brother knew about that disgraceful, and humiliating aspect of his and Bai Qian’s past relationship.

To be continued…..