清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Epilogue

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It was clear what he was up to when Ye Hua stealthy raised her hips after making love. He acted as if it were entirely natural to tilt her lower region in the air.

“Ye Hua, I’ve been eating contraceptive peaches faithfully so I can’t get pregnant again.” Bai Qian whispered, but when the sly smile didn’t leave his face, abruptly she knew something was amiss.

Her dark eyes narrowed into tiny slits when she loudly accused, “Have you been tampering with my birth control!?”

Ye Hua pressed his hands together, swiftly rubbed them and pleaded earnestly, “Wuwu, just one more baby. Pleasssssse.”

Violently twisting her body side to side, Bai Qian fought to get out of Ye Hua’s hold. She grunted and forcibly tried to push his essence out of her, but he’d purposely left a deeply buried love deposit.

Ye Hua swiftly plugged her opening securely with his fingers and confessed naughtily, “You’ve been eating regular peaches for the past three months. I’m sorry, Wuwu. But one more baby and we’ll stop. I’ve been using my magic while you sleep, so your womb has been receiving divine energy in your slumber. For all we know, you could be pregnant right now!”

“Wuwu, just one more. A boy! I’d like to name him Bai Ming Hua. Pleassssse.” Ye Hua pouted in the adorable way that made it impossible to refuse him.

Bai Qian finally stopped fighting, laid still, sighed reluctantly and surrendered in a defeated voice, “Last one, Pansy Prince, and that’s it! I’m getting my last tightening after this baby and then we’re done!”

To seal their deal, she held out her pinky and immediately Ye Hua grabbed it with his, then pulled it to his lips. He planted a sweet kiss on their joined baby fingers and mouthed ‘I love you’ then started his magical chant ‘Make a baby or two or three!’ He was a greedy man.


Three years and five months later…..

Mo Yuan lightly cleared his throat at the expression on Ye Hua’s face. There was something incredibly suspicious about his younger twin’s appearance. He had his hands hidden behind his back with a somewhat regretful look on his face, and the sly little smile was familiarized well by Mo Yuan with that particular look.

Ye Hua lightly cleared his throat and spoke, “Brother, have I told you how much I respect you? I’m the most fortunate younger sibling in the entire world.”

Just with his eyes, Mo Yuan glanced at his younger sibling when Ye Hua suddenly, and remorsefully handed his older brother an artifact that unquestionably belonged on Kunlun Mountain.

“My Jade Purity Fan! Why do you have it?” Mo Yuan asked highly surprised since he was the only one with the power to summon it.

Ye Hua chuckled nervously and softly replied, “It was in the baby’s bassinet after he returned from Kunlun Mountain the other day.”

Mo Yuan held the fan in wonder. It wasn’t an item that could be called by just anyone. There was something entirely unusual about Ye Hua’s sixth child newborn son, Bai Ming Hua. He was the first and only white Nine-tailed Dragon ever to be born. The child was beyond gifted and even beckoned Mo Yuan’s sword ‘The Sword of the Yellow Emperor’ the other day. It was somewhat frightening since Bai Ming Hua was only two months old.

Bai Ming Hua started to speak while he was still nursing and possessed infinite magical powers, of which nobody ever witnessed before. He was able to cast enchantment spells since birth and his spells were potent. It was common to see Ye Hua and the servants enchanted after being with the baby for an extended time.

In fact, Prince Lian Song was hypnotized from the moment he first held the baby. Bai Qian and the Fox Clan members were the only ones not affected by his enchantments. Donghua Dijun and Star Lord Si Ming avoided the baby worried they too would become bewitched.

Firstborn, Bai A-Li was the apparent successor to Ye Hua, but Bai Ming Hua wasn’t a child to be overlooked or underestimated. At the age when other babies are drooling, two-months-old infant, Bai Ming Hua could call Mo Yuan and Ye Hua’s swords without effort most freely. The babe possessed a look in his baby eyes that was intensely focused, seemed to know he was performing magic and giggled at his mischievous deeds.

The baby’s crying fits caused the walls of Xiwu Palace to shake. So much so, that the first time servants ran in fear because the sensation was similar to an earthquake. Luckily for everyone, Bai Ming Hua was a happy baby who rarely cried.

At the age of three, the toddler became a Kunlun disciple, and knew almost all the readings required by the students by heart before he was six years old. He had a photographic memory and could recite any verse from any text by the time he was eight years old. Often compared to his grandfather the Heavenly Father, Bai Ming Hua was a prodigy.

He ascended to High Immortal at age 10,000 years, a mere toddler making him the youngest High Immortal in the world. The second youngest was Ye Hua’s second son, Bai Guang who rose to High Immortal at age 14,000 years old. A-Li ascended at age 20,000 years old and Bai Honghui at 25,000 just like his father. For Ye Hua’s daughters, their father purposely denied them ascension until they were at least 70,000 years of age.

The last born Bai Ming Hua possessed both sets of magical skills of white Nine-tailed Fox and Celestial Dragon. His uncle Mo Yuan took him under his tutelage and officially proclaimed the child at age 25,000 years, to be the successor to God of War after he passed into the realm of nothingness.

At 50,000 years of age, Bai Ming Hua became a High God and the best swordsman in the immortal world. His fighting skills were equal to his uncle’s by the time of his ascension. Ming Hua married a beautiful princess from the North Sea with a sassy attitude very much like his mother.

All of Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s children took different paths throughout their lives.

Bai A-Li became the Crown Prince of Nine Heavens after Ye Hua’s ascension to Heavenly Lord. He officially married a mortal woman whom he met during one of his frequent trips in the mortal world. He revealed his true identity after he’d impregnated her and they married in secrecy. A-Li was the first immortal Crown Prince to bring a mortal woman of common birth, and make her his first and only Crown Princess Consort. After the birth of their child, he used his magic to give his mortal wife immortality.

All the boys took after their father, married only one wife and didn’t have harems. Bai Qian openly shunned it from childhood and they were just like their father. The ones who married were ‘Wife Dummies.’

Bai Lan married her horsey brother, Zi Lan. He finally fell in love with her when she was 60,000 years old, but they didn’t marry for another 5,000 years because of Ye Hua’s frequent fear-inducing interrogations, tests and bullying. Mo Yuan stepped in on Zi Lan’s behalf and finally helped the lovesick couple to marry. She turned down her grandfather’s request to become the Queen of Qingqiu, and preferred to live modestly with her horsey husband, brother Zi Lan.

Bai Guang became the Fox Emperor of all five Qingqiu realms after his uncle passed the position to him. He married a Nine-tailed Fox he met in school, and fought for her affections against one of his best friends, a Phoenix before winning her love. He ruled with kindness, compassion and a generous heart just as his grandfather, High God Bai Zhi.

Ye Hua’s second daughter, Bai Ju became Queen of Qingqiu. She married a handsome prince from the West Sea. Mo Yuan’s former Senior Disciple Die Feng now became the West Sea King. She was the first to make Ye Hua and Bai Qian grandparents with the birth of her son, a black Dragon just like his grandfather. This child became Prince Bai Honghui’s senior disciple on Kunlun Mountain.

The third royal prince Bai Honghui was the most tranquil and easy going out of the rowdy bunch. He chose to become a Taoist Master and never married. From youth, he studied under his Shifu, High God Mo Yuan. He aimed to become the next Master of Kunlun Mountain, and his uncle supported his decision wholeheartedly. He had the perfect gentle nurturing temperament to lead, teach and share his wisdom with the new generation of Kunlun disciples.

What did Ye Hua and Bai Qian do after their children were all grown up and married? Lusty Pansy Prince still chased his Princess Wuwu for sexual reasons and embarrassed their children remarkably. By the time they were finally done having children, he had deflowered her four times.

One of Pansy Prince’s favorite naughty things to do was have sex out in public under a spell of invisibility. Hence, to Princess Wuwu he was forever the immature Crown Prince.

For Ye Hua and Bai Qian, the honeymoon phase never ended. It was everlasting. Every night they made love was like their first wedding night in their little-thatched hut on Mount Junji. Perhaps the only difference from the first night they made love as husband and wife was… Princess Wuwu now had orgasms.

The end

I’d like to dedicate 清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng (Lucid Dream) to all the Team Ye Hua and Bai Qian members out there. A very special thank you to reader and friend littlebutter210 who inspired me to write this particular fan fiction. I dedicate Lucid Dream to you, littlebutter210.

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