金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 6

The three official scrolls from Nine Heavens freely tumbled, rolled around the floor because Ye Hua dropped them after seeing Mo Yuan and her out of pure confusion. Dazed, he did nothing to stop them but Bai Qian exerted all her strength, pushed off Mo Yuan’s back and quickly chased after them. Ye Hua’s dark, inquisitive eyes were huge in searching, as he brazenly gawked at his older brother in absolute shock and disbelief.

Some things between them just didn’t need to be verbalized as twins, there was an unspoken connection so Mo Yuan knew Ye Hua now had a million questions. His younger twin’s perplexed gaze rapidly shifted from Mo Yuan to Bai Qian nervously, and almost frenzied. He smelled the subtle odor of smoke from Ye Hua’s frazzled brain traveling at the velocity of light.

Bai Qian speedily returned with the documents in her hands. She politely held them out for Ye Hua, but all he could do was stare at her and blink rapidly with a silly little smile on his face. Since he was like a statue unmoved and speechless, she glanced up uncertain, gave Mo Yuan an expression like ‘What’s his problem?’

Mo Yuan purposefully somewhat loudly cleared his throat to get Ye Hua’s attention without success. Bai Qian deliberately reached out and grabbed his slacked hands, and forcibly shoved the scrolls into his grasp. Then with purpose, she pushed his hands closed around the documents. All this while he was still ogling her but now with his mouth partially open.

Entirely perplexed by the unexplained circumstances, all Ye Hua could get out of his mouth was, “Are you a Nine-tailed Fox? Are you a real woman?”

Her big dark espresso-hued eyes widen even more from Ye Hua’s odd question. Tilting her head to one side ever so slightly, Bai Qian lightly tapped the tip of her nose repeatedly with her index finger like a nervous habit. She gave him a forced smile that resembled a grimace and a fake delayed laugh like ‘HA-HA-HA’ came from her tightly flattened lips.

Bai Qian snorted, chuckled mockingly, flagrantly rolled her eyes and said sarcastically “Wow! You twins are something else! One tells me I’m homely, odd, overweight and the other asks if I’m a real woman. Why? Do I look like a man in your eyes? Hanging out with you two could certainly mess with a woman’s mind, and shaken her self-confidence.”

“Perhaps that’s why you’re both so attractive but I’d recommend not talking so much if possible. If you don’t say anything, you could pass as normal. I’ll see myself out, friend. Sorry, our project was a flop! I don’t mean to be rude and rush out but I need to change my underwear. See you next time.” Bai Qian said with an expression filled with utter indifference even though she was thoroughly offended.

Promptly and hastily, she faded from the very spot where she stood, but it also sounded as if Bai Qian were cursing in a low mumble as she dissolved in a white cloud mist.

The very moment Bai Qian vanished in a flash within a mere fraction of a millisecond, Ye Hua’s full attention immediately shifted towards Mo Yuan and demanded urgently, “Who was that gorgeous goddess and how can I meet her again?! Why does she need to change her panties? What’s going on, Brother!?”

“Long story. We were stepping on grapes and fell. What are those scrolls?” Mo Yuan replied nonchalantly.

Quickly hurling the official documents at Mo Yuan, Ye Hua rushed with apparent disinterest, “The first two are from Heavenly Lord. It’s the usual. Blah, blah, blah… You know the drill. The third is from Donghua Dijun.”

“He emphasized and told me to make sure to tell you that if you miss the next assembly, he’s going to bring up a formal complaint about you missing all the meetings. Enough about him but more importantly, Brother, who was that angel of a goddess!?” Ye Hua’s evident excitement made his dark eyes glint like two shiny black diamonds.

Ye Hua chuckled most suggestively and harassed, “Grape stomping? You sly romantic Dragon! My older brother Mo Yuan still has game! Did you stop time magically and intentionally cause her to fall? That’s an ingenious way to get their undergarments off!”

Mo Yuan started to walk towards his chamber with him right on his heels when he casually replied, “That was Bai Qian of Qingqiu and she didn’t take off anything. Don’t get yourself worked up, Ye Hua, because you’re way off base. She fell and landed on the fruit.”

“That was Bai Qian of Qingqiu! It’s true what they say about her beauty! She is the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen in my life! I’d like to get a hold of those undergarments.” Ye Hua’s soft voice was low and secretive while snickering naughtily.

Mo Yuan sighed, put forth his best effort not to sound annoyed and replied without looking at him, “Wine, Ye Hua. We were innocently making wine.”

“Just the two of you?! Alone!? Like an amorous rendezvous!? Is it possible to innocently roll around in wet, sticky, juicy fruit with a stunning woman? Bravo! Excellent plan of seduction, Mo Yuan!” Ye Hua proudly commended his big brother, and his light voice was louder than usual with a firm congratulatory pat on his wide back.

Mo Yuan finally stopped, faced Ye Hua and calmly explained, “Not a date. We were merely making wine. Virtuously. We’re friends. No allurement.”

“Friends only? Why? She’s not married from what I’ve heard but does she have another man in her life?” Ye Hua’s constant line of pushy questioning was immediately becoming more like an interrogation, and his younger twin wasn’t usually a nosy person.

They were now sitting privately in Mo Yuan’s chamber when he responded, “Just friends. Men and woman can be friends, Ye Hua. You should try it sometimes.”

Ye Hua blatantly scoffed but he still nodded in agreement with Mo Yuan’s opinion wholeheartedly, and retorted with a sneaky smile on his face, “Brother, how wise you are as always. Opposite sexes can be friends and it’s the perfect setup for the ‘Could Happen’ scenarios.”

Promptly edging as close to Mo Yuan as possible, Ye Hua continued in his soft voice, “One day when some bad man breaks Bai Qian’s heart, she’ll come running to you in tears for comfort. Brother, you can wipe her tears away, tell her everything will be fine, tenderly pat her back before you take off her clothes! Female friends are the best!”

Only with his eyes, Mo Yuan looked down at him disapprovingly and firmly stated, “I’m not taking anyone’s clothes off so stop being ridiculous, Ye Hua. We’re pals.”

His reply came at the speed of light when Ye Hua answered, “Then…can I take her clothes off her… I mean. May I ask her out on a date if you’re only friends? She isn’t engaged or promised to anyone yet is she?”

It was unusual for Mo Yuan to ponder or asked such a strange question. He meditated on it for a second and adamantly said with true authority like an older brother, “Bai Qian ins’t promised to anyone but no, Ye Hua! You stay away from her! She’s not for you!”

“Why? Because you’ve already marked her for yourself? My older brother wants to undress Bai Qian of Qingqiu and see her naked.” Ye Hua taunted in his singsong tone and chuckled at Mo Yuan’s obvious pretense.

Mo Yuan was about to say something else and lecture Ye Hua when he heard a faint light knock at his door. It was his senior disciple Die Feng. Promptly Ye Hua spontaneously separated from his brother while his student knelt before him.

Die Feng blushed as he bashfully asked, “Shifu, was that Bai Qian of Qingqiu?”

His keenly focused eyes darted and narrowed on his pupil somewhat suspiciously. Mo Yuan’s forehead creased and full brows furrowed. Even though he didn’t express it verbally, tensely a vein popped out on his neck, a muscle in his jaw twitched and he pressed his lips together firmly. Informally and wordlessly, he just nodded his head in an affirmative.

“Shifu, does she have a prearranged marriage or do you think I could request a meeting with her?” Die Feng asked in a low voice, could barely raise his eyes and his cheeks abruptly reddened shyly.

He coughed faintly. Mo Yuan lightly cleared his throat, boldly lied without a hint of expression to betray his dishonest words and responded regretfully. “I’m sorry but Bai Qian does have a previous agreement. The Fox Emperor already has someone in mind for his daughter. Is there anything else you need, Die Feng?”

Die Feng’s eager, hopeful eyes appeared sober as he quickly excused himself, and walked out of Mo Yuan’s chamber with slumped, defeated, drooped shoulders.

The wicked chortle from Ye Hua was pure evil and he whispered, “Mo Yuan, I thought you never spoke untruths? Brother, stop fighting it. You want to take Bai Qian’s clothes off! I just got confirmation!”

Blatantly disregarding his saucy younger twin who was restlessly pacing across the length of his chamber. Mo Yuan deliberately opened the scrolls and pretended to be reading. However, he was completely annoyed with his senior disciple Die Feng’s new unforeseen interest in her. What were the chances of both Bai Qian and Die Feng asking about each other and why was it so irritating?

If she was indeed only his platonic friend, wouldn’t it be silly to deter either Ye Hua or Die Feng from courting her? Both young men were the perfect age for her and considerably suitable matches for her. Both were gentlemen with superb, excellent reputations, demeanor and attractive as far as men went, but why did the mere thought of either of them kissing Bai Qian bother Mo Yuan so immensely.

However, wasn’t it also reasonable and expected for all fathers to feel, that no man is ever good enough for their daughters? Was Mo Yuan undergoing a paternal protective instinct or something more meaningful? Were the emotions he was sensing custodial like a father or jealousy, similar to what a would-be suitor would experience when competing over a lover?

He was still in profound consideration when Ye Hua softly asked, “Mo Yuan, can I ask just one more question? When Bai Qian was on your back…how did her breasts feel against your back?”

To be continued…..