報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 5

Rules of Pretend Love…..

Pretend to love her? How utterly absurd. There wasn’t anything to pretend about Ye Hua’s real feelings. His love for her never once wavered, faltered or changed. A shortage of adoring affections was never an issue for him.

If anything, for Ye Hua the loving sentiments only became more concrete, more solidified with his desperate longing and yearning to gain her back. Finally, she’d returned to him but solely in the physical sense. She wasn’t back entirely. His sincere heart’s desire was merely a sad, broken, fragmented shell of her past self.

“How would you like me to pretend? Because for me, the passionate and loving emotions are real.” Ye Hua’s soft voice had a subtle demanding edge, because he was incredibly surprised that his love now had rules and a guideline he needed to follow.

Bai Qian casually, leisurely sipped her wine but her keen, focused gaze never left his face and the scrutinizing way she surveyed him was as if she was sizing him up.

With a tiny forced smile, she replied somewhat apathetically, “We’ll start by saying we met during the Eastern Sea Banquet and hit it off beautifully. Then, under the pretense of me getting to know you better, I’ll come to Nine Heavens for the next three years. After all, our marriage is one of great importance between two clans. Who would deny me the desire to become better acquainted with my future husband?”

“While only in front of others, we’ll act as a new couple during the courting stage. During this time, you’ll start your critical task of convincing SuJin that you love her with all your heart.” The way she pronounced ‘love her’ had a harsh ring of mockery.

Ye Hua snorted in disbelief and swiftly countered, “How am I suppose to carry out such an impossible feat? Towards a vile woman, I unquestionably despise?! And why is that even necessary?”

“She needs to taste the sweetness of your ‘love’ so she’ll forever crave and yearn for it. Before you abruptly take it away as you did with SuSu. I need something to work with to manipulate her so why don’t you bed her.” Bai Qian replied and finally smiled honestly for the first time to coax him into her devious design.

Sadness clouded his handsome features and Ye Hua exhaled sharply in bewilderment before firmly stating, “I can’t touch her! I’ll do anything else but that! I’m stunned, even appalled you could suggest…that you would request such a disgusting thing from me. And I NEVER stopped loving you! Not even for a second! It was all a false display to save your life!”

Bai Qian let out a single, unconvinced laugh, distinctly forced a smile and retorted somewhat annoyed, “Ye Hua, I don’t care what method you use. You said it yourself that you wanted to help me and I need you to make her believe. How you go about it is entirely up to you. You’re a smart young man. Therefore, I’m sure you have your ways of charming a receptive woman who’s dying for your affections anyway.”

In the same calm even mono-tone, she continued, “As for your too perfect, and an entirely believable act of utter indifference even public humiliation just to save SuSu? I’ll gladly go along with whatever makes you feel most comfortable with yourself and your past actions.”

“I don’t have a hidden agenda and I’m not here to cause you harm. Your penalty is a life without me just as I’ve already shared with you.” Bai Qian finished her disclosure and raised her glass to Ye Hua’s self-professed declaration, that his lack of interest was merely a performance.

“So, while I’m convincing Sujin, what are we doing? You and I? I mean, if we’re acting like a courting couple then sharing your bed with me is expected and most natural. Sex is a part of falling in love!” Ye Hua brazenly tossed out and eagerly watched her reaction to his lack of shame.

Knowingly she shook her head at Ye Hua. Chuckled entertained as if she’d been expecting his forward sexual question, and a cunning smile spread across her mask-like face. She threw her head back and blatantly laughed wryly at him.

With a subtle sideways tilt of her head and her right hand supported her chin, but mostly by her curled index finger, Bai Qian raised a brow, smirked and looked so thoroughly amused.

She speedily countered, “I see nothing has changed. You’ve always been so cheeky and eager for carnal pleasures. Yes, I’m sure at some point it’ll come to that and you’ll share my bed. But there are couples of rules I’d like to request you to follow.”

“One, absolutely no kissing my lips ever because that’s much too personal for me. Two, I’d honestly prefer if you didn’t ejaculate inside me if possible. You not ejaculating on me or around me would be ideal but I remember your insatiable sexual drive. So I understand, I’ll have to compromise a bit but I just want you to know my preferences.”

She paused to drink more wine and casually added, “Three, and this one is most significant. Please understand it’s not about pleasure but merely a performance. A fake production. Therefore, it’s best for you to understand that fact now.”

“That means, even if we’re actively engaged in intercourse and the act is no longer required, then I’d like you to stop because your sexual release is inconsequential to me. You see, I’m not there to be your mistress and I’m not your mortal wife, SuSu.” Bai Qian indifferently spewed out hurtful words that caused him to recoil from the intense pain visibly.

Ye Hua gulped his wine fast. Poured himself another glass, slammed that one also in a single shot and challenged dumbfounded, “My mistress!? When did I ever treat you like my mistress?”

“Look, I’m not here to reiterate our damaged relationship of how it became so utterly and completely ruined. If anything, I’m doing you a huge, giant favor by not bringing up the bad past between us. You have your views and I have mine. Let’s focus on the future and not our broken history. Let’s worry about what’s changeable because we, as in us is over.” Bai Qian advised in a tone similar to a mother gently reprimanding her unruly child.

Tensely he interlocked his hands and leaned closer to say, “So, let me try to understand this. I can put my manhood inside you but I can’t touch your lips? How can you consider kissing more personal than a part of my body being inside you?! And when we’re not pretending to be a new couple falling in love, what am I doing?”

“You’ll do what SuSu did exactly, which was waiting endless hours alone. However, I feel you have it easier than she since you know not to hope. She was too naive, too trusting and in the end, it was her demise. I’ll call you when I need you, so please concentrate on your part and make SuJin’s heart overflow with love for you.”

Bai Qian’s impassive, uncaring expression was constant and unfazed as she continued, “Let me make it crystal clear. I’d prefer if you didn’t come to me first without my prior approval and consent. I understand emergencies might arise but on the whole, please respect my privacy. Ye Hua, I’ll keep you informed and communicated so we’re on the same page always.”

Laughing like a madman in utter disbelief because it was unfathomable. But how could Bai Qian’s caustic words burn like acid on bare skin? The pain was indescribable, excruciating and his involuntary reaction was entirely out of his control.

He as doing it again and paraphrasing her offensive words, Ye Hua said, “My mistress? I can insert myself inside you but our lips can’t touch? Now nothing you say will surprise me again. So if I’m not climaxing, what about you, Qian Qian?”

Bai Qian quickly clarified with absolute and set resolve. “Don’t worry about that because I no longer orgasm even when I’m alone. As I stated, the heated passion and fire inside me have died. I’m thoroughly sexually despondent so don’t bother to waste your precious energy, because I’ll be faking anyways. I’m fine with just a lot of noise so you can fake it too. I’d suggest it.”

It was a bluff when Ye Hua challenged, “What if I change my mind about helping you then what will you do?”

A strange light suddenly gleamed in her dark eyes as if she wanted him to back out. As if that was her sincere, hidden, heartfelt wish and responded slightly imperiously, “I’ll reclaim my eyes alone and go into seclusion forever. You’ll never see me again for eternity. Not a challenging job considering, I successfully avoid you for three hundred years and could have easily prevailed.”

Again, she shifted so near, closed the gap between their bodies with her face just inches from his. Bai Qian whispered almost tenderly, “Ye Hua, have you considered how difficult this is for me? I may have forgiven you as I said but I haven’t forgotten a single miserable, degrading second I endured with you.”

So lightly she caressed his cheek with the backside of her hand. Which caused his entire body to break out in uncontrollable goosebumps and softly spoke, “Hence, it’s conclusively your decision whether you walk away now or in three years? With or without you, I’ll still accomplish my goal and won’t harbor any negative feelings if you leave now. The choice is yours but if you’re going to participate, please follow the rules of pretend love.”

It was absolute sheer desperation when he inwardly counted. 94,608,000,000 milliseconds was better than nothing at all.

To be continued…