金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 13

“Abracadabra. Hocus Pocus. Follow my hand, surrender, and fall deeply into my womanly charms.” Repeatedly, Lifen crooned out her mystical mantra over and over.

She sat in a squatting posture straight across from Mo Yuan and performed her unique, specially designed love witchcraft and enchantment magic. Her concept of alchemy was spreading her fingers apart when her palm extended forward, and repetitively retracted them bunched back together. Lifen’s hand purposely opened and closed directly in his face. She echoed her love enchantment as if she were weaving a meaningful spell on him.

Now applying the essential blending of her concentrated and commanding gaze with her hand movements, she repeated, “Follow my hand. I command you to fall deeper into my womanly charms. Prepare yourself, Shifu, because I’m switching to my unbreakable magic now!”

Mo Yuan struggled to keep a straight face when he saw her intricate spell change into it’s ‘necessary’ second step for her bewitching abracadabra. Lifen deliberately pointed her index finger and made mysterious mesmerizing air circles in his direct sight.

“It’s perfect. I’ve hypnotized you with my unbreakable potent magic love sorcery. Have you fallen in love with me yet?” Lifen asked round eyed with an earnest expression while her small hands tenderly held Mo Yuan’s face.

He couldn’t deny it and there was something indeed magical about her because Mo Yuan mysteriously felt like a young man in her spirited company. He surprised himself by indulging Lifen and played along with her goofy game. Slowly and dramatically, his eyes gradually drooped as if they’d suddenly grown too tiredly overcome by her powerful sorcery.

Quite unexpectedly and automatically with a tiny flick of his wrist. He lifted the ink covered brush midair and mimicked her ‘magical’ hand gestures. Mo Yuan turned the bewitching back to her and advised in his soft, smooth voice, “Watch my hand, fall into a spell and STUDY!” He imitated the same air circles with the writing tool extended.

There were times when it was almost impossible not to chuckle and this was one of those moments. It was entirely amusing to see how Lifen immediately forgot all about her spell. Instead, her inquisitive eyes focused and instinctively follow his hand until a quick, abrupt jab marked the tip of her nose black.

“Shifu!” She loudly exclaimed, concentrated her gaze intently on the tip of her nose, lost her balance, swayed over and fell back smack dab on her bottom.

Lifen immediately popped up from the ground and ran around Mo Yuan once before plopping herself on his backside. Euphonious laughter surrounded them as she gleefully giggled and squealed in pure delight.

Affectionately she securely wrapped her slender arms around his neck from behind and insisted confidently, “I knew it would happen! Finally, you’ve fallen in love with me! You just marked me to be yours! I know you’re just playing hard to get but I like that side of you too!”

“Shifu, can I call you gēge or Oppa (older brother)? Mo Yuan Oppa or Mo gēge? Please!” She asked and continued to tease him further.

“Gēge or Oppa?!” He gasped and shook his head in utter, complete disbelief because in all his hundreds of thousands of years, never had he been asked such a ridiculous question.

Exactly like her immortal engaging self, Lifen didn’t hold back her feelings, opinions and was astonishingly affectionate. She without reason that warranted such a grand display of adoration, tightly embraced him and lovingly pressed her soft cheek against his before kissing the side of his face. Mo Yuan nervously cleared his throat as a result of her sudden, groundless presentation of fondness. She giggled more and tickled his beard with one hand before kissing his cheek again.

“In my long life, I’ve never had a woman call me Oppa or gēge before you. Does your father know how insolent and audacious you are, Lifen?” Mo Yuan questioned in a fake scolding voice because inwardly he relished, and delighted with her adoring ways.

Trying to control and curb his growing arousal because her sweet innocence was incredibly alluring, Mo Yuan promptly thrust a sheet of paper back into her face to hide his reddening cheeks. Lifen’s natural, carefree, unrepressed touches and kisses made his skin hot and flushed. Her tender, teasing flirtatious conduct was especially exciting and stirring for him.

Mo Yuan composed himself and advised in the same authoritative teaching tone, “If you have the energy for shenanigans then at least study while you’re playing. I’m going to quiz you in fifteen minutes.”

Lifen pouted by pushing her luscious, kissable lips out. She begrudgingly sat behind him and instantly became quiet. The lack of sound and the absence of her physical movement brought a silly little triumphant smile on his face. Because Mo Yuan thought his cautionary words frightened her into silence and obedience, but he was thoroughly wrong.

Her feminine voice was entirely nonchalant and casual when Lifen quickly asked, “Mo Yuan Oppa, would you like to make babies with me? I can show you how if you don’t already know.”

“What?!” Mo Yuan spun around so swiftly that he almost fell over after hearing her crazy question. In her open hand, the paper he’d passed to her now folded into an origami shaped animal.

She raised her open palm to display the skillfully folded paper towards him and teased, “It’s a baby frog and I made it for you. Would you like me to show you how to make one? What did you think I wanted to do, Mo gēge? What kind of babies did you have in mind, Oppa?” Lifen fluttered her long eyelashes demurely with a playful, taunting smile on her lips.

She tossed the origami paper frog into Mo Yuan’s lap and jumped on his back again. Lifen wrestled him down to lay beside her, forced his arm up to use as a pillow, asked him to name the constellations and stars in the dark evening sky.

After their star mapping lesson, in a soft, gentle voice, she requested he repeat her favorite story. Lifen asked while still watching the stars twinkle overhead, “Mo gēge, please tell me about Heavenly Father’s son. I want to hear about my favorite immortal, Oppa, the God of War. Describe, gēge… Jīnlóng my golden dragon again.”

It was unusually odd talking about himself in the third person, and he was strangely envious of her clear infatuation with him. How ridiculous was he? Mo Yuan was actually jealous of himself.


Time spent with her began to change him. Just as she’d invaded and conquered his inner thoughts effortlessly, she started to alter his stoic, reserved outer presence in ways others, unfortunately, started to notice. Mo Yuan knew absolute discretion was essential to protect Bai Qian during her heavenly trial. However, odd unexplained occurrences caused small suspicions to arise, and it wasn’t due to his lack of caution but solely because Lifen’s naughty, mischievous ways.

Once after meeting Lifen, he returned to Kunlun Mountain noticed his disciples were staring at him confused, dumbfounded and in a speechless bewilderment. Nobody said a word and his tranquil lessons were quieter than usual. Dead, calm, still and his students appeared utterly distracted.

A unique, strange sense of growing paranoia and concern trailed him all day. Every time Mo Yuan raised his curious gaze, someone was gawking and unable to take their eyes from him, yet none of his pupils said a thing. The particular atmosphere was extremely unsettling. It was only after he returned to his chamber later that night, he finally understood everyone’s soundless shock and absolute puzzlement.

Mo Yuan undid his topknot and from above a sudden, light shower of floral scented, featherweight items rained down to his shoulders then settled on the ground. He was clueless what it was but upon closer inspection, stunned was he because they were wildflowers from the mortal realm.

Unbeknownst to Mo Yuan, Lifen covertly decorated his topknot with a wreath of wildflowers. Meaning he taught all his lessons on Kunlun Mountain, wearing a ring of colorful flowers on his head all day long!

Oh, the humiliation! Was Mo Yuan embarrassed? Definitely without a doubt! Was he angry? Not in the slightest because if anything, blessed was he in unimaginable ways. During his short time with Bai Qian, he’d laughed more than he had in the past one hundred thousand years. All he could do was chuckle out loud.

What started with secret monthly rendezvous became every two weeks and then weekly, because Mo Yuan honestly couldn’t stay away from her. For many months they met and studied under the glowing moon, shimmering night twinklers. They spoke candidly without reserve. Became each other’s best friends and emotionally close while he shared his worldly literacy. Real affections developed romantically surrounded by the luminosity of dancing and flickering candlelight.

The only downside to his relationship with Lifen was, he experienced frustration because the few hours with her seemed like seconds, but his time waiting to meet her felt like years. For Mo Yuan, while he was with her, the seasons seemed to change in a blink of an eye. Winter abruptly went before spring swiftly sprang and abruptly again turned to summer. The dog days of summer promptly passed and then fall suddenly fell upon them. Time was fleeting and moved too quickly when he was with her. Another unforeseen issue was that she became fluent too quickly, and he didn’t have any desires to stop visiting her so he began to read out loud the more complex classics.

Customarily she sat fast quietly beside him with her arm pressed into his but sometimes grew restless from sitting too long. Once she playfully walked circles around him after complaining her legs had fallen asleep. At first, he couldn’t figure out what she was doing but after a few quiet, calm moments, Lifen suddenly tapped his shoulder screamed “Goose!” And ran away into the dense orchard.

Yes, she wanted to play ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ with just the two of them and couldn’t understand how he moved so swiftly in the darkness. Considering he didn’t know the farm as well as she. Little did she know how sly he was, cunning Mo Yuan, God of War, Master of Strategic Planning.

At first, he profoundly sighed, shook his head disapprovingly as if annoyed with her childish, silly behavior. Mo Yuan let on with the pretense as if he wasn’t planning on participating in her immature sport. Instead, to catch her off guard, he waited until Lifen moved closer before he jumped up and chased after her.

A loud, jaunty shriek came from her lips when he swiftly with ease and effortlessly caught her from behind. Grabbing her by the waist, he spun her around in the air while she screamed joyfully. Mo Yuan then turned her to face him, held her anxious trembling body securely in his arms and deliberately moved his face closer to hers.

In sweet prospect for a big kiss, a massive grin spread across her eager face before Lifen closed her eyes, and puckered her lips together in anticipation to feel Mo Yuan’s lips. How thoroughly disappointed she appeared, to have him instead lightly flick her forehead with his thumb and third fingers.

Mo Yuan couldn’t help himself really because fooling her gave him immense joy. He felt the need to balance out their power since she sexually teased him most madly and continuously. However, with clear intent, he purposely delayed any intimate or physical advancement for the time being due to her youthful age. Lifen was only nineteen years old and of proper age to marry in her mortal world. Nevertheless, he still hesitated since he was over three hundred thousand years old. Truth be told, he didn’t know if her mortal body could endure divine cultivation from one of the oldest immortal gods, who’d been celibate for hundreds of thousands of years. For now, he enjoyed the delight of innocent affection.

There were charming benefits to their chaste and virtuous love. Through her, he experienced something entirely brand new. Slow wooing, wildly surging euphoria, endless excitement from their rapidly growing, progressing stages of flirtation and courtship. Which was something, he’d never experienced before. But then everything about his relationship with Bai Qian who was now Lifen was surprisingly new. She was a catalyst. Mo Yuan also felt safe and uninhibited to act in ways he’d held back for most of his life. The obstacle was due to his titles, name, station, and birthright which at times was burdensome but with her, he felt free to express himself for the first time.

She naturally brought out the playfulness, and absolute silliness in him that he believed was long gone or never existed. He rejoiced in the incredible rapture of being in love with his best friend and felt dizzy, lightheaded with complete ecstasy. There were nights he sat up in bed laughing and felt foolishly absurd for snickering without cause, but he had the BEST reasons. Mo Yuan had an unlimited supply of utterly beautiful, and the most delicious moon-cakes in the world but more importantly, his main reason was from the sweetness of first love.

To be continued…..