金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 15

There were dozens of questions Lifen should have asked at that critical moment. After all, indisputable evidence of the apparent physical abuse she’d endured at her father’s hands, was now out in the open. The baffling unexplained actions that occurred directly after her shocking revelation, were thoroughly mystifying and most would have investigated those acts first but not her.

Shouldn’t Lifen have been curious about why she’d suddenly fallen asleep partly undressed without warning? How the many wounds on her body healed entirely somewhat miraculously, and the old scars had disappeared magically? There were so many things her mind should have suspected and asked but oddly hers was only one.

Lifen was now neatly clothed and sitting awake on her bed several hours later. The only point of her interest were if Mo Yuan was going to kiss her because it was finally raining. Even at that sadly tragic moment, her endlessly optimistic characteristics were surprising, as her persistence to win his love was wholly heartwarming and enduring.

He pondered how was it possible under the unfortunate circumstances surrounding them, she was still able to make him smile even though his heart felt as if it were breaking. A tiny grin that caused the corners of his lips to turn up came to his face when she blatantly grumbled, and complained about the unromantic place of his first kiss.

Quickly her interest shifted, almost instantaneously and Lifen asked again with an expectant expression on her eager face. “Mo gēge, have you fallen in love with me yet?”

Sweet, silly girl he thought to himself and a tender smile remained on his lips as Mo Yuan faintly replied, “Yes, Lifen. Your magic was highly efficient because I am in love with you.”

The complete and absolute shock reflected on Lifen’s lovely face as she gaped at him brazenly, even though it was she who’d first inquired the most straightforward question. Nevertheless, Mo Yuan’s direct response made her raise a brow in surprise.

Her big, brown eyes rounded excitedly before an enormous smile brightened her entire face radiantly, when she corrected, “Not my magic but it was my moon-cakes!”

“I know my baking is delicious enough to make you fall for me. I just didn’t know the nature of your sentiments but now I know your love is true.” Once again she extended the word ‘true’ like a tune.

She snickered while staring intently into his eyes, added in a lecturing tone as if she were an authority in the ways of romance and courtship, “Mo gēge, you’re just shy so I merely waited for you to work up the courage to confess your heart’s real contents. Consider me your Shifu in the ways of love!”

“How many times have you been in love?” Mo Yuan asked since there was subtle humor behind Lifen’s self-proclamation to being his ‘Shifu in love’ as Bai Qian declared herself to be his ‘Shifu into the modern age’.

Beaming euphorically with endless joy she gushed, “Once and always! I told you, Oppa. I’ve loved only you, my entire life!”

Then similar to an aggressive interrogation, Lifen rapidly fired her multiple questions without taking a single breath in between and asked, “Gēge, have you ever been in love? How many women do you know? Are you a virgin? If not, how many women have you seduced and taken to bed? Oppa, when was the last time you were with someone? Yesterday? The day before? Are there any woman in your immediate surroundings who have their eyes on you? When are you going to stop meeting them? Who are they and are they prettier than me?”

Finally, after taking a deep inhale and exhale, Lifen stated most haughtily with her hands planted on her hips for dramatic empathize, “I won’t tolerate a two-timing man! Since you’ve admitted to loving me, I expect you to break ties with all your other women! I’ll tolerate many things in life but that! I demand 100% fidelity!”

It came to his thoughts that she was trying to distract him from asking about her father, and the abuse she was enduring? Tenderly so not to alarm her, Mo Yuan took both her small hands in his and asked, “Lifen, I need to know about your father.”

How was it nothing seemed to upset Lifen or dampen her dynamic presence? Her level of immense optimism was rare if not nonexistent. She met his eyes and she had a gaze that belonged to someone older, wiser when she whispered, “In every life, there are trials and calamities. If this is the worst I must endure than I’m blessed. There are endless people sufficiently in more precarious positions than me.”

Inwardly Mo Yuan considered ending her trial sooner, when she said something quite profound that made him reconsider his decision. Fondly she lifted his big hand up to her smiling, full, soft lips gently kissed the backside and spoke in between soft, airy breathes, “I have you and you’re worth it. Regardless of what I must endure. Whatever I’ve suffered to get to this point in my life, it was well worth it and I wouldn’t change a single second. If I hadn’t gone through the pain, then it’s possible that I wouldn’t have ever discovered the pleasure of finding you. In life, joy and suffering go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.”

How strange it was to hear such perceptive and wise words come from the mouth of a child. Never in his long life had Mo Yuan felt so overwhelmed by the sheer rawness of inspiring, stirring and rousing emotions. His eyes flooded with tears entirely touched by her loving sentiment and adoring affections. There were a real sadness and unfortunate truth in her wisdom.

This mortal life was Bai Qian’s heavenly trial and he couldn’t save her from every misfortune. He’d already drastically changed her fate by meeting her. Hence, he’d kept her from being sold into a brothel. Although his preventative actions were beneficial, it inevitably created another struggle she would need to overcome. There was also a bit of concern as to if she’d be resentful if he stopped her trial early, and kept her from ascension.

Engulfed were his thoughts with concerns and she seemed to read his mind like a clairvoyant, when Lifen leaned towards him. She wiped his tears and playfully teased, “Mo gēge, you’re a crybaby!”

The immortal God of War was just called a crybaby by a twenty-one years old mortal woman and she was right. He couldn’t stop crying and tears freely ran down his face. The mere idea of someone hurting and making his love cry made his heart ache uncontrollably, but his tears were also due to his profound anger. Lifen lovingly rubbed her soft, supple cheek against the backside of the hand she’d just kissed.

“I can’t stand the idea of you going back to your father’s home. If he beats you again, I won’t be able to stop myself from finding and possibly hurting him.” Mo Yuan’s voice sounded faint but there was an edge of anger that was noticeable.

Both his big manly hands she carefully flipped them over so they were palm side up on top of hers. She pressed her lips to the tips of every one of his fingers with sweet light kisses, like butterflies landing on flowers before planting one right in the center of his palm. She did this to his other hand also, before raising her loving gaze at Mo Yuan and revealing her twinkling, shimmering, bright eyes full of life and infinite, unrepressed, unconditional love.

Lifen tried to appease him and promised softly, “I’ll stay here so you wouldn’t worry about me. That way nobody will get hurt. I’ll avoid my father so will that put your mind at ease?”

Wordlessly following her lead, Mo Yuan switched their hands positioning and did the same to Lifen’s but with his eyes closed. She awakened all his emotions, and all of his senses embodied the absolute rapture of her as his lips lingered longer with lengthened, deliberate, love filled kisses. He then placed his large palms on top of hers, slid his long fingers between the gaps of hers and interlocked their hands together. His dark eyes lifted and met her anticipating gaze. Slowly to savor the euphoric sweetness of their tender moment, he gradually moved his face towards hers and lightly pressed his lips to hers. She started to beam with delight in the middle of their kiss. His gentle peck made her blissful, and she couldn’t hold back the giant ecstatic grin that immediately spread across her face.

Mo Yuan rested his forehead lightly against hers, sighed and said in his soothing, smooth voice, “I’ll come to you every night so you’ll never have to go back home. I’ll stay here with you and protect you.”

His words of chivalry flew directly into her heart like a love arrow from Cupid’s bow, caused her to swoon openly and Lifen kissed Mo Yuan quite suddenly. However, it wasn’t sweet, light and innocent as his. Instead, it was intense, deep and heated. She teasingly and provocatively sucked on his full bottom lip at the end of their kiss, and tenderly stroked his beard. Her face was distinctly one of a young woman, but her soulful gaze and sultry voice were entirely unfitting of her youthful appearance.

Her feminine voice sounded hoarse with want when she asked with their faces only inches apart, “Oppa, now that you’ve taught me how to read and write. I’d like you to teach me something else. This time I want to learn, no, I desire to master the skill. I want to know how to please you completely. Physically.”

“Lifen, have you ever been intimate with a man?” Mo Yuan asked a bit worried because, in the back of his mind, there was the fear that her father might have also taken liberties and abused her sexually.

“No. I’m a virgin. Therefore, I want you to make me yours and make my body belong to and know only yours. I want you to teach me everything you know about bodily pleasure. I want my body to feel as if it were created just to give you ecstasy.” Lifen replied husky toned, wide-eyed, rosy cheeked with sincere eagerness and obvious arousal.

It was amazing how nervous Mo Yuan felt as he tensely swallowed. His mouth instantly went dry with anxiety and excitement. At that very moment, he realized his intentions to remain chaste and virtuous with mortal Bai Qian would be a complete failure. And by the fiery look of inflamed desire in Lifen’s eyes, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold her off for too long. With his infinite wisdom and self-understanding, he also knew himself well enough to know. He wouldn’t be able to abstain much longer either, and the intriguing idea of making her belong to him was highly tempting. Too tantalizing to resist so instead of fighting the extreme craving, the undeniable thirst, the profound desire to become one with her, he chose to become her Shifu in the ways of physical love and bodily pleasure.

To be continued…..