報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 12 NSFW


The knock on the door was faint and light in his guest room at the Water Palace. It was well past midnight, and Ye Hua didn’t even bother to get out of the bed to see who it was. Thoroughly drained was he emotionally, because his fiery encounter with Bai Qian earlier in the day left his head spinning long, for hours after they parted.

He saw it with his own eyes and even witnessed everything from a first-person perspective. Nevertheless, it was still difficult to believe. How was it possible for Bai Qian’s acting to be so real, convincing, and persuasive all night long? At the Water King’s banquet, she was utterly immersed in her character, when she wantonly and possessively placed her hand intimately on the inside of his upper thigh. She teasingly rubbed up higher into his most sensitive inner thigh and squeezed occasionally.

The perfect amount of tension, in her lust-inducing, arousing grasps and tantalizing strokes were enough to keep Ye Hua’s face looking flushed, and crimsoned with a full erection throughout the entire duration of the feast. Her seductive actions weren’t merely to tease him, but it also was a distinct and unmistakable warning sign of ownership. Silently told everyone in attendance, that he belonged to her, and nobody in their right mind dared to challenge her claim.

Once again had she allowed him to take her? Not even a fraction of a second’s hesitation and Ye Hua would have made love to her right in front of everyone at the feast where she sat. For him, as she boldly, blatantly exercised her physical power over him and toyed, played, and tortured him without mercy. All he wanted was to beg for more.

There wasn’t a single woman in the main hall that caught his gaze. Ye Hua saw none because his eyes were full of Bai Qian only. Furthermore, the numerous beautiful dancers who initially strived for the Crown Prince’s attention immediately left, when Gugu turned her condescending, scornful, and hateful gaze at them directly. She blatantly scoffed, smirked, and mocked their lame attempts to seduce her future husband, but her ridicule had a definite edge of threat and intimidation that she didn’t try to hide. Bai Qian flagrantly showed her displeasure on her face, and they were terrified of offending Gugu and were wise to run away rather than anger her any further. Her grand, elevated, esteemed High Goddess status rightfully deserved respect, as it commanded everywhere she went.

Only one dared to foolish tread where she’d plainly marked for herself. The Water King promptly looked uneasy and troubled by Bai Qian’s instantly annoyed reaction, after he came to ask about a meeting with his sister Princess Miao Qing and Ye Hua.

Upon hearing the King’s impertinent request, Bai Qian briskly pushed her wine aside, and audibly stated somewhat rudely that she’d suddenly lost her appetite and had grown bored due to the dull and mediocre entertainment. Gracefully rising to her feet in a single fluid motion, she didn’t bother to bow, say goodbye, thank, or give anyone a second glance back. Not even Ye Hua. Instead, she sauntered out of the banquet hall, leisurely fanning herself while blatantly shaking her head in disdain and disapproval of the Water King’s obvious faux pas.

The other many guests in attendance unquestionably saw her displeased, vexed expression and then turned their anxious gaze towards the Water King, who’d immediately grown pale as the color drained from his face. He’d openly offended Gugu, after being graced with her presence, considering she rarely if ever made public appearances.

While she was acting her role to perfection, Ye Hua privately wished more than anything that her act was real. He wanted her jealousy and possessiveness of him to be a reality instead of a show. It would be an absolute lie to deny he didn’t love every single minute, of how incredible it felt to be so coveted and desired by her. It was pure heaven for him. Once again the annoying knock on the door broke through his concentration.

Ye Hua wondered who would be so rude to come so late and why hadn’t his bodyguard, Tian Shu, come and reported who it was? He would have continued to ignore the sound, but now whoever it was at the door was turning the knob without his prior approval. Ye Hua’s temper instantly flared at the presumptuous deed, considering his lights were out for the evening. He was about to call out to Tian Shu when he recognized the sweet, unique, inebriating, fragrance wafting heady in the air.

It was the mouth-watering scent of her that defused his anger as she wordlessly came into his room. Before he could turn on the lights, her luscious lips pressed against his urgently. Speedily Bai Qian removed her dress, and he immediately felt her silky nude body lying on top of him. Her tongue hastily moved into his mouth and beckoned his tongue to follow, while she roughly yanked at his clothes until Ye Hua was bare.

Heaven. It was complete ecstasy and unsurpassed paradise. The euphoric feeling of her body against him again. The sensation was as if he were sizzling, melting and rendering into her as they passionately rolled around the bed while their tongues twirled provocatively against each other. The sweetness of her mouth was so utterly intoxicatingly arousing that the swollen head of his throbbing, eager, impatient male sex instantly became slippery with precum.

“Qian Qian…” Briskly her craving lips crushed his and cut him off from saying anything else.

Soundlessly, her hand roughly grabbed his manhood and firmly slapped it against her tantalizing female mound to check his readiness. After seeing he was thoroughly erect, she readily pressed it against her pink, wet opening as if to guide his throbbing, hard shaft into the heart of her femininity. Bai Qian did three things simultaneously. She wrapped her perfect legs tightly around his midsection and pulled Ye Hua into her. She provocatively raised her voluptuous, feminine hips high to receive him and used her hands planted on his defined buttocks to push him inside her in one single slick insertion forcibly. Embraced securely was his harsh, rough entry. Enveloped, enclosed by the tight, soaking, wetness of her inner core which was a euphoric and mind-blowing rapture. Inside her sugar walls. An exquisitely delicious place with which Ye Hua was well familiar, and he felt as if he were drowning in his most significant pleasure.

The frantic pace of thrusting was frenzied and fast. Bai Qian wouldn’t allow him to slow down. By brutally pushing down on Ye Hua’s buttocks, she not only commanded the depth of his impaling infiltration but also directed his rapid pace of deep diving penetration into her hot, tight wetness.

The silky sensation was overwhelmingly stimulating, and it had been too long for Ye Hua, so his need for release was urgent and pressing. However, Bai Qian only pushed him harder and made him go faster. With her smooth silken legs tightly wrapped around his waist, she pulled him into her further, as low as he could reach. She undulated, rolled, hoisted her shapely hips up higher to absorb his pounding thrusts fully, and used all her strength to shove her hands down on his backside for maximum depth. It didn’t take long for him to ejaculate and when Ye Hua came, it was hot and explosive.

After catching his winded breath, how surprising it was to open his eyes to find himself alone. It was unbelievable, but Ye Hua had a wet dream like he did when he was much younger. Bai Qian made him ejaculate wildly in his sleep and woke up covered in sticky wetness from his erotic and sensual dream. Bai Qian controlled his waking hours, and now she’d invaded his slumber and ruled his night time too.

Wiping up the slick, wetness of his liquid release from his leg, Ye Hua acknowledged Bai Qian’s possession and hold of him was complete. As she now maintained absolute and inclusive ownership of his mind, body, heart, and soul. Her total takeover wasn’t hostile or unfriendly instead more of a blissful and desired sweet surrender. In all fairness, it wasn’t even a seize considering he’d already long ago presented, given, and offered himself to her only and promised to devote himself to her solely for all of eternity.

To be continued…