金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 17

Deliberate, slow touching, gradual exploring, newly discovering each other’s bodies and soaking in the sheer pleasure of learning one another. That’s where Mo Yuan and Lifen were in their lovemaking. Together blissfully euphoric in their continuously developing and blossoming love affair. If anything, theirs was much more than a mere love affair. Considering, he proposed to her with the jade ring he won for her during the harvest festival. Both he and she wore the simple, plain, emerald green jade hoops on their left hand, fourth fingers as a token of their promises to each other.

Their lovemaking started like this. Lifen’s inquisitive and curious caresses as she educated herself with the feel of him. Teaching herself about Mo Yuan’s body was exceptionally arousing because of her virtue. Although at times, her virginity made her more open, more honest, extra searching and significantly eager. However, for him, it was incredibly excitingly stimulating to be with a young woman who was so chaste, innocent and pure as driven snow yet had the spirit of an impassioned, ardent lover.

There were thrills and excitement in being the first. Mo Yuan was the very first. Everything she did with him was new. Everything she experienced with him was fresh for Lifen. So his lips passionately pressed against hers. Recognizing the sweetness of his tongue rolling in her mouth was her initiation, her introduction in the divine life altering the physical process of becoming a woman.

The stirring sensation of his skillful fingertips purposely, intimately stroking and rubbing her face, neck, chest, breasts, nipples, stomach, thighs, lower treasure and legs was her very beginning. Mo Yuan’s kissing lips, his caressing hands as he learned, familiarized himself with her soft feminine shape with only a flimsy nightgown between himself, and her bare body was all she knew. The great tease. The intense buildup was fantastic. Merely brought even more passion and heat to his and Lifen’s already astonishingly romantic relationship.

Winter befell them and snow covered the mortal world around them. There wasn’t much to do at night but keep each other warm and do what new lovers do best. They loved each other. By the reddish, glowing radiance of burning embers from the fire, Mo Yuan kissed and tasted Lifen’s mouth while his hands traveled all over her beautiful body.

Lifen’s body was a euphoric place of endless newfound pleasures for him, as Mo Yuan became familiarized with her. His anxious anticipating hands started their wandering at the lovely nape of her graceful neck. The base of her smooth, beautiful neck. The almost always visible place where her braid sat was exceptionally arousing. An area of her figure, he stared at for hours while she studied with her head dropped to the floor. That sensitive area of her body intrigued him immensely, as his playful kisses and love bites had such a powerful effect on her. It drove her crazy with arousal.

Preceding her lovely creamy neck, Lifen’s defined, visible, feminine collarbone that her white sleeveless nightgown revealed almost wholly. His long fingers caressed and traced that subtly curved location of her for a myriad of hours. Her stunning collarbone gave way to her small, soft breasts which Mo Yuan lovingly stroked, fondled and rubbed her hardened nipples that were covered only with the thin soft cotton material. The sweet sounds of pleasure she whimpered, as she faintly moaned in airy breaths made him shuttered from extreme hunger.

Following the luscious path down her gorgeous body, his steady, mighty hand descended gradually. It was her flat, smooth stomach where his hand moved next. Lifen was thin, waif-like, willowy so her body was petite and appeared somewhat delicate. At times Mo Yuan worried the mass of his muscular body would crush her, but she absolutely loved the weight of him on her.

Mo Yuan’s palms traversed past her delicate navel to her curvaceous hips. Lifen was surprising hourglass for her trim form. Fluidly moving his roaming hands below her voluptuous shape was her tantalizing female mound, before the sweet, svelte, sensuous valley leading to her virginal flower-bud. She was hairless on her arms, legs and other places most women grow hair. Never did his hands ever detected the course texture of hair under her nightgown, so he imagined her skin there would be sleek, silken and smooth.

The only hair she had was all on her head which she still kept in braids. At times, her girlish pigtails gave her the appearance of being more youthful than she was, but then she was only twenty-one years old. When she undid her ponytails, her sleek, luxurious, ebony locks were tousled, wavy and seemed windblown from the braids. Giving her the alluring appearance of a mystical wild fairy-like being.

Everything about Lifen was entirely enticing, ravishing and bewitching especially her legs. They were magnificent. Perhaps it was her youth or slender frame but she had the most amazing legs. She was astonishingly long legged for such a petite woman. And the feel of her smooth, satiny surface was pure nirvana. Once again, Mo Yuan had yet to see her completely nude. All his impressions and guesses came from his repetitive, constant probing touch over her thin nightgown.

There was once a time when Mo Yuan wondered, how affectionately Bai Qian would treat her lover since she was so comfortable touching a friend. His curiosity was answered quickly. She was like an enthusiastic, excited and impatient octopus. While he touched her, she explored him too.

His muscular, burly, defined body obsessed was she and couldn’t keep her hands off of him! Learning his thick manhood for which she lacked patience. She grabbed him on the very first night they touched. She was highly inquisitive to see it from the start. Eagerly with both her small hands, provocatively she stroked his hardness over his sleepwear and planted desire filled kisses on his lips. There were many times after one of their heated sessions of discovery. He had to take ‘things’ into his own hands after Lifen fell asleep. His unrelieved overly stimulated and pent-up erections made sleep impossible.

Following weeks of somewhat still semi-innocent caressing. Mo Yuan was ready to move into the next stage of their intimacy when he wordlessly sat up and removed his sleepwear without warning. His unexpected act caused Lifen to bounce up ecstatically. Her giant, round, dark chestnut-hued eyes sparkled with pure excitement. There wasn’t anything subtle or demure about her blatant display of genuine zealous and eagerness. She was openly giddy. Even too thrilled and loudly giggling, snickering with sheer delight.

Lifen followed his lead and quickly tore off her gown. She flung it carelessly on the floor and without a moment’s hesitation speedily, enthusiastically with pure determined energy pounced on top of Mo Yuan. On his powerful, muscular, chiseled chest on which she rested. She fluttered, batted her long eyelashes, lightly stroked his mustache and beard. Repeatedly she made indicative little sounds like ‘hmm, hmm, hmm’ while flirtatiously winking and wagging her eyebrows suggestively at him. All this while he tried his very best to keep a straight face, but a flush of color involuntarily rose up his cheeks.

She loudly declared, “Mo gēge! It’s about time!”

It was surprising how fast Lifen moved when she jumped off of him and blatantly gave Mo Yuan a slow, lingering somewhat, no, a completely perverted visual once over in full appreciation of his magnificent form. Her giant teeth exposing grin said everything until she suddenly gasped shocked at his erection aloud. Both her eyes and mouth were fully opened and rounded in perfect circles. The embarrassment of her astonished reaction caused him to roll over onto his stomach, uncontrollably blush and hide his face in the blankets on their bed.

“Oh-my-Oppa! I NEVER expected it to be so…so… HUGE! Wow! Wow! Don’t be shy and turn over so I can get a good look at you down there!” Lifen’s complete surprise and genuine curiosity were so embarrassing, that Mo Yuan continued to hide his reddened, heated face.

She saw his tanned, defined backside and her eyes like lasers directly zoomed in on his firm buttocks, broad, muscular back and shoulders. Dramatically Lifen panted like an overheated dog. Brazenly whistled catcalls and shouted, “Wow! Wow! Mo gēge, every part of your body just BLOWS my mind! I’m starting to get somewhat annoyed you’ve held out on me for so long!”

“Holy smokes! Wow! Wow! Oppa, you are SO… SO incredibly FINE! Now turn over so I can take a close look at that BIG, bad boy you’ve hidden from me! How in the world are we going to get all of YOU inside ME?!” Lifen’s booming voice was near hysteria with enthusiasm and marvel.

It was impossible to face Lifen as his entire body shook, vibrated, and quivered because he was thoroughly bashful but highly entertained. Never before in his long life had a woman so boldly, so wantonly, so verbally expressed such unbridled appreciation, boisterous admiration, and extremely frenzied excitement at his nudity. At that moment Mo Yuan couldn’t move because he couldn’t stop laughing.

To be continued…..