金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 18 NSFW

It was from birth and his genetic makeup or inherent personality. The logical method in which Mo Yuan approached everything in his life. Every new experience. Any new practice he came upon became a learning opportunity, and that also included his research in physical pleasure.

Perhaps it was his scientific mentally, emotional detachment that kept him from truly understanding the real meaning of human sexuality, and making love. Maybe also the reason he never fell in love and always referred to women as partners instead of lovers.

Mo Yuan lost his virginity at a young age. His first partner was an infamous much older courtesan in the eternal world. Heavenly Father sent her to Mo Yuan’s bed shortly after his first erotic wet dream. The servant in charge of his chamber reported his nighttime activity to his father, and one of the disadvantages of being the eldest son of the creator of the universe, was the inability to keep specific private acts a secret.

The renown courtesan taught him how to please himself as well as a woman, and Mo Yuan like everything else he aimed for in life was a quick study. Naturally from youth, he was quite muscular and physically built. Acted and looked older than he was, the courtesan fell madly in love with him during their teachings.

She begged Mo Yuan to take her as one of his consorts since a courtesan couldn’t become the first wife. She taught him of carnal pleasure but also a life lesson. Immediately after his encounter with her, he understood the power of sex and how some confused sex with love. He refused to marry her, and it wasn’t because she was a courtesan. But because he didn’t have any feeling for her, and there were rumors that she never got over her heartbreak from his rejection.

Mo Yuan like most young men when they discover a hidden talent. He explored his newfound gift, and took many women from young virgins to experienced older goddesses to his bed. Rather than for the enjoyment. The pure pleasure of being with another and savoring the closeness. The physical bond that occurs during intimacy, he instead interpreted everything from an experimental standpoint.

Often sexual unions were nothing but a test or contest for himself. He timed himself to see how quickly he could get a woman to climax, as he pushed himself to hold back and delay orgasm. Due to his competitive nature, he tried to beat his records with his next partner. The problem was most of the women he took to bed fell in love with him. Unfortunately for them, he never felt anything for them let alone love.

He also never felt the urge to marry and avoided responsibility. There was one time when he almost had to commit, after a young virgin he deflowered had a pregnancy scare. From that moment on he stopped climaxing inside his partners other than orally. He finally understood his careless physical actions could result in the start of another life, and never again did he ejaculate inside a woman’s nether region.

Similar to most everything in his life. Shortly after mastering his abilities and sexual prowess he lost interest in seducing women altogether. Physically pleasing a woman became tiresome, and insignificant due to their clingy-ness after the sexual encounter. In school being a young man at times when a need arose for physical release. Mo Yuan just used an attractive woman who was near. If she climaxed with him, it wasn’t due to his efforts or caring. He never asked their names or saw them again after the brief, detached sexual encounter.

Hence, he became known for being a heart breaker in the immortal realm, and also earned himself the infamous nickname Tuzi (Hare) because he was swift like a rabbit. His seduction was quick, direct and fleeting. Behind his back Zhe Yan, Bai Zhi and Donghua Dijun teasingly called him ‘Mr. In and Out’.

After the fulfillment of school, he took his role as the Master of Kunlun Mountain. It was said when he accepted his vows of celibacy, countless goddesses mourned and grieved the loss of one of the most fabulous eligible bachelors, in the eternal world. For hundreds of thousands of years in his position as the chaste Master of Kunlun Mountain, never did he experience any sexual inclinations, let alone the new sensation of romantic feelings of love until he met Bai Qian.

When she innocently offered friendship was when he fell in love with her. Where other women offered their bodies, she instead won him over when she gave Mo Yuan her heart and taught him how to laugh freely.

Through friendship, she invaded his head and turned his world upside down. Now here he was with Lifen the mortal version of her. Breaking all the rules during her heavenly trial and lying in bed with her naked. Head over heels in love, engaged and unable to keep his hands off of her.

Mo Yuan and Lifen slowly, progressively moved into the next stage of their lovemaking. The phase of more profound discovery and learning. Their naked bodies now a wonderland as the doors of paradise were wide open and ajar. Beckoning, welcoming, inviting them forward for continual exploration and endless pleasures.

In his quest to understand her and his hands knew her body intimately. How many times had they explored her over her clothing? Countless, but it was an entirely changed experience to feel her soft bareness with his fingertips. To drink in her nude beauty with his hungry eyes, it was remarkable how different was the excitement.

Mo Yuan’s admiring gaze gradually traveled from Lifen’s lovely face to her beautiful, delicate collarbone. The smooth skin appeared apricot hue. Luminescent and aglow was her chest. When his fingers stroked and caressed her there, the surface of her flawless skin flushed with more color before breaking out into small bumps – goosebumps. She was ultra sensitive to his loving touch and handling.

He shifted nearer and the feel of his movement caused her to hold her breath involuntarily. Her nipples hardened. She shuddered, quivered with arousal when Mo Yuan’s nude taut body moved on top of her and between her gorgeous legs.

The silky sensation of Lifen’s bare skin directly on his made his whole body tremble. It was as if he were merging into her and the trusting, loving way she looked at him made his heart skip beats. Several. Never had Mo Yuan anticipated during his long life how love could be so completely consuming.

Bai Qian made him realize why men would fight over a woman, and how even brotherhood-like friendships would cease to matter when that singular ‘one’ woman’s affections were involved. Love changed and altered Mo Yuan. Every single thing her loving warmth touched, embraced, kissed transformed him.

So here he was the changed man with his beloved. Drinking in her beauty, Mo Yuan’s dark eyes burned with desire. He drew a small part of the right side of his full bottom lip between his teeth, before passionately pressing his lips to hers. Lifen immediately wrapped her arms around him, lightly ran her hands up and down his backside slowly. The romantic moment they were sharing was pure perfection but a strange, amusing idea came to his mind.

Indulging in his guilty pleasure of teasing Lifen, Mo Yuan asked in his Shifu voice, “What are the Five Constant Virtues?”

Lifen’s eyes flew wide open in shock. She gawked at Mo Yuan as she half shouted, “What?!”

“I’ve noticed you’re avoiding your studies lately so tell me. What are the Five Constant Virtues?” Mo Yuan replied straight faced even though he wanted to laugh out loud.

“Mo gēge, we’re naked! You’re lying on top of me and you’re quizzing me? Now?! Seriously!?” Lifen was thoroughly astounded which only entertained him even more.

Mo Yuan side eyed her suspiciously and watched her with an expression of expectancy. She snorted aloud and chuckled apprehensively in confusion.

“Is this your idea of foreplay!? Well… Benevolence is the first and most important virtue among the Five Constant Virtues.” Lifen’s tone was low and one of disbelief.

Nodding his head in approval, he asked, “Give me an example.”

She shouted in his face and her eyes rounded in confusion, “What! You’re serious! I can’t believe this! I did-not-expect-this-at-all!”

“Benevolence manifests itself in the inner mind in love and compassion for people, and in avoiding harm or envy toward anyone.” Lifen’s voice hushed full of utter bewilderment.

Mo Yuan nodded at her correct response, rewarded her by kissing up and down both sides her exposed neck. He licked and nibbled on her with love bites until Lifen’s breath quickened. He readjusted his body and lowered himself on her. Finally, she understood the game.

Lifen’s next answer came in a rushed sentence with anticipation of his upcoming destination of travel. “Righteousness in contrast to benevolence involves thinking and acting from one’s viewpoint! It demands rational action, self-restraint to resist temptation and the courage to do one’s duty!”

With a subtle nod, Mo Yuan lovingly cupped both her breasts and first nuzzled his face against them. Slowly as if to savor her, he kissed her chest until he couldn’t resist her beautiful breasts. Kissing them until the urge, the need to taste her sweet skin overwhelmed him. He licked her. They were soft, small milky breasts that fit her frame perfectly, with full sized nipples the same shade of ripe cherries in need of being tasted. Her breasts were delicious. He kissed and licked everywhere but her hard edible nipples.

“Propriety! The contents of propriety include loyalty, filial piety, fraternal duty, morality and respect!” Lifen’s voice shook excitedly and snickered knowing her nipples were his next stop.

It was time to reward her and himself. The slightly bumpy circles that surrounded her nipples were a deep plum pink. Her nipples were dark and swollen, like two ripe berries waiting to be…tasted. Eaten. Finally, Mo Yuan lightly licked her nipples and she was much sweeter than the fruit. She groaned when he sucked her nipples with more pressure one after the other until she was panting. Lifen moaned and arched into him.

“Wisdom is the innate knowledge by which one judges right and wrong, good and evil!” Lifen moaned and got out in between her broken pants.

Wide-eyed she watched Mo Yuan descend and lick her stomach. It was her smooth, taut navel that he covered with kisses and licked until she was gasping for breath. Lifen softly moaned from the arousing sensation of his tongue lapping and sweeping on her skin. His hands teasingly caressed the sides of her small waist down to her curvaceous hips.

He paused even though he was growing impatient. Looked up at her expectantly when Lifen asked nervously, “Gēge, are you going where I think you’re going next?”

“Not if you don’t answer correctly.” He teased.

She swallowed nervously and answered, “Oppa, you can’t go down there! What are you going to do? Look, kiss or lick? No, no, no, come back up and let me wash again. Or something!”

The level of her embarrassment made him chuckle and Mo Yuan replied, “You just bathed less than an hour ago. Now describe the last virtue.”

Suddenly sounding terrified, she questioned, “What if it’s ugly down there?! Or weird looking? No, let me bathe again first. I don’t want you to look down there! Please! I’m too embarrassed!”

The look he gave her was unconvinced when Mo Yuan challenged, “Just admit you don’t know all five virtues instead of making excuses. I’m waiting.”

“I do too! Fidelity is honesty. This means that, externally, one’s deeds match one’s words and that internally one’s words and mind are in unison!” Lifen gasped in horror and covered her mouth in shock for falling for his trick.

She panicked, tried to clamp her legs shut when he descended. Mo Yuan barely held back his laugh when he saw her tightly close her eyes forcibly, and her knees shook uncontrollably with anxiety. He was proud of his prized pupil, and slid down between her creamy thighs to reward her but mostly himself.

Lifen’s faint voice sounded unsure and apprehensive when she asked, “Oppa, can we start over from my lips?”

It was expected and natural for her to be nervous and scared. After all, it was Lifen’s first time and even though his need was pressing.  Mo Yuan moved back up her body and started again with a kiss.

“I love you.” He whispered while tenderly holding her face with both hands.

“I love you too.” She replied before kissing him passionately, and provocatively sliding her tongue into his waiting mouth.

Mo Yuan wrapped his strong, protective arms under her willowy body and held her fast to him. Their desire filled kisses deepened, and Lifen dropped her head back when his full lips moved to her graceful neck. The entire length of her creamy skin he licked, bit and sucked on her earlobes until her breathing accelerated. Soft moans of pleasure filled the room when his lips flowed to her shoulders, collarbone and chest while his wandering hands explored her bare body.

The light grazes of his open palm over her breasts and nipples caused them to harden immediately. She shifted her leg and purposefully rubbed Mo Yuan’s manhood before she reached for him with her hand. The soft touch of her lingering, and exploring hand stroking the engorged domed head of his sex made him shudder with ecstasy. The desire to enter her was pressing, but he forced himself to push back his urge to take her immediately.

His level of need caused him to move to her delicious, tantalizing breasts speedily. Mo Yuan’s mouth demanded to taste the sweetness of her erect nipples, as he deliberately rolled his tongue around them, before washing over them with full hungry sweeps and licks. Airy gasping breaths her reaction to his forceful sucking on her hard cherry-like nipples.

Down her sensuous navel, his lips traveled next while his hand descended further. She was hairless as he expected and his learning fingertips lightly traced the delicate, soft outer folds of her virginal bud before stroking the silky smooth length of her, and gently massaging her outer sweet spot repeatedly with his most extended third finger. Her pink pearl. She climaxed quickly from his skillful fingers while moaning hoarsely. So wet. Lifen was amazingly wet which made it difficult almost impossible for him to concentrate. Drenched was she and this time; she pushed him down towards her lower treasure.

Lifen was ready, for whatever fear, apprehension and nervousness she’d before experienced now gone when she sultrily moaned, “Mo gēge, I’m ready for you to taste me but first tell me how many women you’ve been with before me. I ask because you’re such a talented lover.”

The greatest trick. A hidden trap within a compliment. Mo Yuan should have considered what an odd question it was to be asked at that very moment. And his lack of romantic experience was evident when he answered honestly.

“I guess quite a few. Many. More than most men.” Mo Yuan confessed without hesitation.

“How many is a few? What’s many?” Lifen sweetly asked with what appeared to be a genuine smile of curiosity on her face.

He was happily making his way down to her sweet flower and kissing her lower abdomen when Mo Yuan mumbled without much consideration, “I don’t know. Too many that I can’t remember any names.”

Like a snapping turtle. So quickly Lifen sat up and snapped her legs shut that it frightened him. The sweet smile was gone and instead, she glared at him angrily and sneered, “That many! Well, I’m not going to be one of them tonight. I’m going to bed and don’t even think about touching me!”

Pouting and furious, Lifen swiftly put her nightgown back on, turned her back to him and tightly wrapped herself in a blanket like a cocoon. Everything happened so quickly that Mo Yuan didn’t know what hit him but he learned a valuable lesson. Never, ever tell your loved one the truth when asked about past sexual partners. And NEVER answer any questions about past relationships before having an orgasm.

To be continued…..