Inside the Brain of YeGenMo 16


With the completion of chapter 16 Bàofù: Revenge. Now, all the players have entered the arena. I call them players because they are active participants in a dangerous game of love, life and vengeance. All the characters are playing but by their rules concealed to each other. Everyone had different driving wants and motivations that predominate and since it’s human nature to feel what you’re enduring. What you’re undergoing is most important. Most painful. Your love, life, and desires are most important than anyone else’s in the world. 

Ye Hua is struggling to get Bai Qian and his family back. Bai Qian is struggling to collect all debts and wrongdoings she endured as SuSu. Mo Yuan is struggling to keep Bai Qian with him. Thus creating the complicated love triangle where someone will be left behind in the end. Both twins feel they’re losing so they are playing as if they have nothing else to lose. Since she is their everything.

This fan fiction will explore the darker side of love, desire, and lust all pulled, bound together in the chains of vendetta. When passion is involved even the noblest of characters become selfish and blindsided by their desires. The threat of lost love can become a catalyst to desperate measures and behaviors.

Those of you, who are used to noble Shifu, dense Bai Qian, and the doormat that Ye Hua often portrayed may want to stop reading. I know many become quite passionate when their ‘immortal twin’ is the underdog. Once again, I’m reaching into the dark pit of the characters as I see them.

The pace and build up are slower because I’m also bringing all the senses to my writing. I want others to be able to visualize, smell and taste the subtle nuances as well as feel what the characters are feeling. Until next time.

YeGenMo Unni

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