金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 19

While in love, the simple things became the most meaningful and Mo Yuan felt thankful for being able to breathe air. Waking in the morning felt like a miracle and time. Time felt more precious, more valuable than ever before and the need to make the most of every second was imperative. Never previously had he felt so genuinely fortunate that he was immortal until he met her. He had an eternity to love and be loved by Bai Qian.

In many ways, she brought every part, every aspect of Mo Yuan to life. By welcoming, treasuring and embracing the absolutely pure, unbridled exhilaration of being entirely cherished by her, he felt complete. Whole from the way she expressed her sentiments by the way she radiantly beamed at him continuously. Everything about her was the definition of love and being with her felt like a celebration of life in its entirety.

It was her immense joy, happiness, and rapture. He unquestionably saw the felicity of her blissful emotions as they were written all over her gleaming face. The adoring, the loving ways she intently fondly stared at Mo Yuan’s face spoke volumes. And noiselessly without a sound, she told him repeatedly that she loved him. For a man who’d never experienced romantic love, he couldn’t get enough of saying the sweet words ‘I love you’ to her. Because even if he told her millions of times, it still lacked since words alone could never describe how much he loved her.

Love was ecstasy but it was also temperamental and confusing at times. Mo Yuan may be one of the oldest, wisest immortal Gods but the romantic novice, however, had much to learn about the unspoken rules of nuances in love, courtship and relationships. His slip of the tongue. His faux pas. His major blunder was honestly answering Lifen’s at the time, an offhanded, vague, random even unimportant question about his sexual history.

Detrimental and costly was his nonchalantly haphazard reply, ‘I don’t know. Too many that I can’t remember any names.’, regarding how many women he’d taken to bed was the verbal Grim Reaper, of his evening’s pleasurable activities. It killed it.

It had the same effect as throwing a bucket of ice water on a flame. Instantly extinguished, dampened all Lifen’s fiery arousal and heated sexual desires. Mo Yuan’s reckless words killed the mood faster than his sword, could have taken down an enemy deliberately rushing into his blade. So instead of tasting the sweetness of her virginal flower for the first time, he was staring at her stiff, tense, rigid and grouchy backside. She had the same quick stubborn temper and wild jealous streak just like her father.

“Lifen, the past doesn’t matter. You’re the only woman I’ve ever loved and proposed to in my life.” Mo Yuan coaxed but his efforts were in vain and she refused to look at him.

There were times when actions spoke louder than words. Mo Yuan tried to caress her tenderly but instead of affection. A firm, hard slap on the back of his hand was her bitter response to his wandering hand, attempting to roam over her nightgown. With a completely dramatic snort more fitting of Zhe Yan, she flipped and intentionally laid flat on her stomach to deny him access to her body.

The lack of entrance to her front side didn’t deter him when Mo Yuan laid on top of her backside, and tried to kiss that particularly sensitive spot on her. The nape of her neck but rather than getting aroused as usual. She violently whipped her head back and forth so her flying braids slapped his face.

She complained, “You’re too heavy! You’re squishing me, Oppa! I can’t breathe! Put on some clothes!”

“You love it when I lay on you. No clothes. Let’s take yours off again and restart where we left off.” He playfully whispered in her ear but Lifen wasn’t impressed or convinced.

Headstrong, obstinate was she and refused to budge to his sweet coaxing words. For such a tiny thing she was mighty as can be when she abruptly flipped and tossed, so he fell off her backside. Lifen went to bed and it was similar to sleeping next to a block of ice. Chilly, polar her cold treatment and by the time Mo Yuan woke up in the morning gone was she. Without leaving a note saying when she would be back. The first time since he started living with her.

This unfavorable circumstance was a conundrum because Mo Yuan remembered from dealing with Bai Zhi, time was crucial and of vital importance. Where others usual cooled off with time, it was reverse for him because he was a stewer. Like a pressure cooker. Stewed on things until he snapped. So every second longer she stayed annoyed, the more Lifen’s wrath would intensify and increase before she would blow her lid.

Similar to her father, once Bai Zhi hit that breaking point of immense fury nothing could talk him down. Nothing and nobody! Furthermore, if she held grudges like her father, Mo Yuan knew he would never see her naked again. Ever! Maybe for all eternity.

There were moments in his life when all his titles failed to serve him and this was one of those times. Mo Yuan was at a loss and knew this was a matter of which he lacked experience completely. Resigning himself to accept his shortcomings, he turned for advice to the only one he could which was Ye Hua. A quick excursion to Nine Heavens, to seek dating guidance from his much younger twin brother was humiliating but his over the top, the extreme reaction only added to Mo Yuan’s shame.

A wild violent spitting out of his tea, and choking at Mo Yuan’s significant oversight was his younger twin’s obviously shocked response. It took Ye Hua over five minutes to stop laughing at his older not so dating savvy brother’s massive blunder.

Impatiently, Mo Yuan made the hand gesture for Ye Hua to wrap it up. Timekeeping was important since he was clocking his visit so not to be missed in the mortal realm.

What was profoundly upsetting to Mo Yuan made Ye Hua crazy with laughter. He slapped his knee and burst out into another round of hysterics. He wept tears from roaring, while Mo Yuan silently stared above. He turned his eyes up and pretended to find the ceiling most interesting. Meeting Ye Hua’s taunting and ridiculing gaze was impossible without blushing from the humiliation.

While wiping the tears from his eyes, Ye Hua roasted his brother without mercy and stated, “That is the OLDEST tiger snare in the world or dragon trap in your case! I can’t believe you, God-of-War, High-God-Mo-Yuan, fell into it like a big dummy!”

Finally gaining his composure, Ye Hua added slightly impressed, “But I see you’ve made great strides if you had her undressed.”

“Unfortunately, you’re back on first base which is so sad because you almost had a grand slam! You were close yet so far away! You shouldn’t have answered her! Instead just kept your mouth busy and continued your chosen path!” Ye Hua’s fake sympathetic frown wasn’t fooling anyone especially Mo Yuan.

“I know! I was so close to heaven. So…what do I do now?” Mo Yuan’s inquiry was whisper soft and full of frustration.

The sneaky smirk on Ye Hua’s face spoke volumes before a word came from his mouth, “I’ll tell you if you tell me what she looks like naked. How does her skin feel? Like silk? She’s young so she must feel soft and supple like a baby. Is she as soft as she looks? Hair!? Anywhere!? Does she have hair on her body or is she bare, slick and smooth?”

Excitedly Ye Hua’s open palms made circular motions indicating breasts and he slyly added, “Her breasts… Are they magnificent?”

Now with just his thumbs and third fingers, Ye Hua made the rubbing motion by his nipples and demanded, “What color are her nipples? Big? Small? Yummy! Deep like ripe berries or pink and cute? The kind of nipples you could suck on all day?”

“I’m not discussing my future wife’s beautiful, perfect, tantalizing and exquisite breasts with you…”

Lightly Mo Yuan cleared his throat as if annoyed and turned his disapproving gaze at Ye Hua. Covertly, he checked to make sure nobody was behind him, moved closer to him and smirked proudly.

With a tiny smile on his lips, Mo Yuan openly bragged in his soft voice, “I’ve never seen such amazing legs and thighs! Her legs could start a war between realms! Easily. I’ll have to make sure she never wears short skirts for world peace. They’re incredible and out of this world! They go forever! The way they feel…”

He lost himself carried away in an emotionally, excitement charged moment. Mo Yuan was rambling but abruptly stopped when he heard Ye Hua smack his lips, suck back his drooling and his dark shiny eyes bore into him with intensity, before utterly looking annoyed at his older twin.

Ye Hua shook his head furiously at himself and complained, “I should have met her first! She is so beautiful. I could easily spend eternity in bed with her. Hey, brother, have you considered, what if she returns from her heavenly trial and doesn’t feel as she did? For you, I mean. What if the mortal Bai Qian loves you but immortal Bai Qian only considers you a friend?”

Hmm. How strange that thought never crossed Mo Yuan’s mind. It was highly unlikely but that could happen. Nobody could predict the future. What would he do if Bai Qian didn’t feel as Lifen did?

Mo Yuan contemplated profoundly, decided he would chase her continuously and openly threaten others to stay away. That kind of boorish behavior was so unfitting. Inappropriate for the Master of Kunlun Mountain. However, there were times in life when a man needed to exercise his brute force and show everyone why he was the ‘God of War’.

“If I were you, Mo Yuan… I’d get myself inside her pronto! Mark my territory! Fill her with my seed all day and night! Why not impregnate her during her trial!? That would be an entertaining story to tell your kids. You could describe how you stalked their mother during her heavenly trial so nobody else could have her. Who would have guessed you’d be such a romantic man?”

Ye Hua continued to share his strong convictions on the matter. “Reveal your hidden skills and show her some things of which she’s never heard. Things she’ll never forget! Then Bai Qian will come searching for YOU after her trial. Not the other way around.”

His usually soft voice sounded slightly whiny when Mo Yuan complained, “I’m trying! Stop making me worry about things that haven’t occurred yet and help me defuse her anger. The longer she stays mad the worst it becomes. I know this for a fact because of Bai Zhi and she’s her father’s daughter!”

Ye Hua interlocked his hands, extended and cracked his knuckles, before placing his interlocked hands on his desk like a physician during a consultation and asked, “Mo Yuan, let’s start from the beginning. Shall we. What do you call her? Lover? Darling? Precious? Sweetheart?”

“Lifen. I call her Lifen.” Mo Yuan replied straight faced.

“AYA! Wrong! You should call her with a term of endearment. Like how I call her Qian Qian. Call her Fen Fen or qīn ài de (darling). Women love sweet nicknames! Call her ài ren (lover) or bǎo bǎo (baby).” Ye Hua’s expression was earnest and serious. Talking about seducing women was one of his favorite topics.

An involuntary recoil and shiver was Mo Yuan’s response. While staring at Ye Hua with disbelieving eyes, he cringed. All the cringe-worthy terms he mentioned made his skin break out into the rough chicken-like skin. The sheer thought of such cheesy words coming out of his mouth made him openly flinch. Surely there had to be other ways than the use of such desperate tactics and lows.

Ye Hua’s one brow rose as he questioned, “You were very popular in school. Tuzi? What did you say to get the women into your bed?”

In his monotone, Mo Yuan retorted, “I said… Let’s have sex. That’s all I ever said.”

His mouth slacked, Ye Hua’s small eyes grew wide and responded, “HUH!? And that worked? No poems, flowers just ‘Let’s have sex?’ Hmm, I’d suggest you never say that to Bai Qian. How about sweet flattery? Have you complimented her? On the obvious such as her beauty? What about gifts like flowers or jewelry? Women love getting presents without reason or occasion.”

“I’ve told her that she’s ugly. Homely, odd and overweight. So it comes down to using cringy absurd terms, overly excessive flattery and blatant bribery? I’ll find something nobler than those pathetic methods. Ye Hua, let’s try and behave with honor. Surely, there must be other ways that are more dignified.” Mo Yuan sighed disappointingly and his face was blank without a hint of an expression.

Ye Hua blatantly rolled his eyes and tormented, “Great advice coming from the man who was mere inches from his goal, and got locked out like the last lingering drunk in a closing bar! I’d suggest keeping your mouth shut and take her by force. There isn’t much hope for you. Your loss may be my gain. At least I still have a chance when she gets back. Mo Yuan, I’ll make you a bet. I bet you that I can get her into my bed before you do.”

Mo Yuan exhaled so sharply his cheek puffed out. Ye Hua wasn’t helpful. Not in the slightest and instead, only made him feel more exasperated by the utterly confusing situation. It was just like him to add more fuel to the fire, gives Mo Yuan more worries and concerns. He went to Nine Heavens distressed about Lifen’s anger, but now he was anxious about when Bai Qian returned. His first matter. It was time to go back and face the music. Time for damage control. It was time to face Lifen or at least stare at her backside again.

As expected it was a repeat of the previous night. Her back was Lifen’s welcome to bed and she barely spoke to Mo Yuan all night. He laid on top of her backside again. Pushing his powerful arms underneath her, he held fast and rolled on his back. So she was on top of him and trapped in his embrace with her backside firmly against the front of his body. He suddenly became an eager octopus. All hands while nibbling and biting her neck somewhat roughly.

Swiftly his hands moved to her breasts, when she tried to block his access, he instantly ran his hands to the hem of her nightgown and tried to yank it up. She intercepted and roughly held down her gown which led him to grope her breasts again aggressively. Lifen screamed and giggled with delight while barely fighting off his handsy attack.

“Mo gēge, stop! I’m still angry! Don’t think I’m going to let you off so lightly!” Lifen cried out but she struggled to keep from snickering.

It was time for drastic measures. Mo Yuan coaxed and called her, “Qīn ài de (darling), don’t be angry anymore. Your back is beautiful to look at so I’m not complaining, but the front of you is gorgeous especially when you’re nude. I love you. My sweet bǎo bǎo (baby).”

“What did you call me?!” Lifen asked in a surprised tone that made him wonder, if Ye Hua’s advice only got him further back into the doghouse.

Reaching under the bed just for show, Mo Yuan secretly used his magic but pretended to pull out a bouquet of flowers with one hand, and in his other one the hairpins he purchased for her during the Harvest Festival.

“I love you, my qīn ài de (darling). How did I get so fortunate and blessed to have such a sexy, stunning fiancée? My gift is nothing compared to your sweet moon-cakes, but I saw how much you were admiring the hairpins and bought it to surprise you.”

The words weren’t as cheesy or cringy as he imagined, and were entirely fitting of his real sentiments when Mo Yuan charmed without shame in his soft, gentle voice, “Lifen, my beautiful darling, let’s kiss and make up. I love you. I wish I would have saved myself for you. I’m so fortunate to be able to love you. I’m SO blessed and lucky that you saved your beautiful self for me.”

To be continued…..