報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 17


A massive surge of sickness washed over her. Like a wave. It was similar to feeling boat sick minus the boat, ocean, or movement and it hit her like high tide and washed over her. SuJin clenched her teeth to keep from gagging openly but the sour fluids gathered in her mouth.

For weeks, she’d suffered from an unexplained illness and constant nausea. When she went to the Medicine King, he asked if she was pregnant. How annoying it was to be asked such an absurd thing, considering she was still a virgin. All thanks to SuSu and now Bai Qian.

For tens of thousands of years, she’d worshiped and waited on Ye Hua’s hand and foot but he had yet to impregnate her. He still hadn’t deflowered her. His anger and rage over the mortal’s death lasted much longer than SuJin anticipated.

It was maddening. After playing second lead to SuSu’s ghost for three hundred years, now he’d lost his mind to a cunning bitch nine-tailed fox queen. Bai Qian! Bai Qian! Bai Qian! Even her name infuriated SuJin and made the ill acidic taste linger on her tongue. Bitterly.

Bai Qian, that old bitch. She came to Nine Heavens right after the Eastern Sea Banquet a couple of days prior. After whoring herself with a full audience watching and staring at her and Ye Hua’s gross misconduct. They were all over each other like animals were what SuJin and everyone else heard. She suspected the old fox used her magic to ensnare him because it was impossible for him to have truly fallen in love with the ancient High Goddess.

Everyone everywhere knew of their disgusting meeting due to Ye Hua’s strange behavior. He regularly withdrew and lacked interest in women until he met the sly old fox. She was beyond ancient! High Goddess Bai Qian, Queen of Qingqiu was audaciously acting boldly with a young man third of her age. It made SuJin ill because Bai Qian was old enough to be his grandmother, easily.

Another wave of nausea hit her. SuJin tasted the vomit rise up her throat, and the peppermint tea Xin Nu prepared had little to no effect on her queasiness. She wondered if it were possible for her to be experiencing menopause early due to being a virgin too long. It troubled SuJin that her cycles stopped. Her breasts were always aching and sore for the past few weeks.

She was silently cursing Ye Hua in her mind when suddenly he appeared in her chamber. SuJin almost fell over from the shock. He shunned and ignored her until the day Bai Feng Jiu took the Soul Gathering Lamp, after using her evil fox magic to appear like SuJin. When he came to her, it was to accuse her of stealing the damned lamp that he was using to recreate a replica of his dead mortal.

Now here he was in her room, Ye Hua didn’t make eye contact and his jaw tensed, as he unquestionably turned his head so as not to look at her. His harsh tone was dispassionate, cold, and icy when he spoke to her.

Coolly he said, “The Medicine King asked if you were pregnant and we both know that’s impossible.”

His jaw tensed again and Ye Hua pressed his lips together before adding indifferently, “I don’t want to hear any gossip while Bai Qian is here with me. The Fox Clan don’t keep harems and she’s not pleased that I have a side consort. I don’t want to anger her anymore. Our wedding is one of great importance to the Celestial Clan. My future.”

Ye Hua appeared annoyed and his posture was rigid and tense as usual. He gazed out the window and never looked her way. Not even once. Obviously turning away from her, even his body and his disdain was visible.

“Ye Hua, I wouldn’t dare speak untruths. I know how much this alliance means to our clan. To you. I would never interfere with anything that affects you negatively.” Nervously SuJin’s voice shook and wavered but her tone was overly sweet.

She wasn’t used to Ye Hua speaking to her directly. He frequently, usually sent a message through his assistant Jia Yun and never came himself.

SuJin gritted her teeth as another surge of illness overcame her and Ye Hua’s scolding only made it worse. Much worse. She was feeling defeated when he said something most unexpected.

He spoke, “The tea you used to make when we were younger.”

SuJin could barely believe her ears and speedily answered, “The tea I used to brew for you? Of course, I remember, Ye Hua.”

“Well… I’d like you to start making it for me again and leave it in my chambers.” Ye Hua’s frozen expression was still hard and fixed.

She couldn’t understand what was happening. Was she dreaming? Was Ye Hua giving her permission to enter his room? His private space?

SuJin stuttered in utter bewilderment, “I… I can enter your room? Do you want me to brew your tea personally? Like the old days?”

He shifted to walk out and without turning back, he said, “Yes. Leave it in my room.”

“What if you’re in the room? Would you like me to wait until you’ve gone?” SuJin’s breathing accelerated from joy. Was it possible? Ye Hua was finally seeing and noticing her importance in his life?

Ye Hua paused briefly and said in his sharp scornful tone, “You may enter if I’m in my room but no popping in unannounced. In case Bai Qian is with me. If we’re together, don’t enter my room. I don’t ever want you to disturb us. She’s important and significant to my future so her comfort and happiness are foremost. The top priority for me and I want everyone else to make sure she’s content.”

He continued in the same tone but there were real threats. Ye Hua meant every word he said, “Do you understand? Don’t anger, confront and touch her without my prior approval. If I see or even suspect you of foul play, this time I won’t let it slide. And this time my blade will take your life. I’ll kill anyone who touches her and I’ll chase them into hell if they try to hide from me after hurting her.”

“Ye Hua, I’ll do as you say.” SuJin’s response rushed out.

The black backside of Ye Hua’s dragon embroidered robe seemed slick as he walked out of SuJin’s room. She almost cried tears of joy. Finally, he came to her first and he wanted her to make his tea. Not Bai Qian but her. She was full of bliss. He gave SuJin permission to enter his room even if he was there. It was a tiny, little step but it was a footstep closer to him.

To be continued…