金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 20 NSFW

She squealed somewhat loudly with utter delight. She giggled uncontrollably. The impromptu flower bouquet, hairpin and Mo Yuan’s words of affection had Lifen giddy. She was over the moon with joy. Her unbridled happiness made his heart feel fuller, warm and had he known gifts and flowers would have such a profound effect on her, he would have done it much sooner.

It was an indescribable joy that overcame him, as he watched her take the hairpin with both hands most gingerly. She handled it with great care as if it were the most precious item in the world and to her it was.

Lifen took the jeweled barrette, held it delicately and admired it thoroughly before lovingly placing it against her heart. She openly swooned and carefully, most delicately placed it neatly in her hair. Next, she took hold of the flowers from his hand, deeply inhaled the sweet fragrant bouquet and snickered wildly again.

Mo Yuan successfully defused Lifen’s anger and hostility after his thoughtless, and reckless comment the previous night. He considered it a significant lesson learned. Now he knew her jealousy was even worse. Much more severe than her father, Bai Zhi’s possessive nature. A valuable fact to know that would aid him greatly in future conversations.

Lifen gushed, “Oppa, do you love me that much?”

“I do.” Mo Yuan softly replied while hugging her tightly around her waist with his muscular arms.

There was something so sublime and heavenly whenever Mo Yuan was with her. Now in bed, holding her by the glowing firelight and bright flames of the many lit candles. Their synergy created a perfect sense of harmony.

Lifen’s feather-light body was still on his chest and centered on the front of his body. She felt so small and fragile in his arms. Once again, he didn’t need to see her face to know she was beaming radiantly. Mo Yuan could hear the joy in her voice distinctly. She shrugged her shoulders when she giggled happily and she was blushing. He could feel the heat radiating from her body.

If a hairpin made her this euphoric, he wondered if she would like something more significant. Grander so he offered her something on a larger scale.

Hugging her tightly in his loving embrace, Mo Yuan asked, “Lifen, would you like me to buy you a bigger house in another town? Far away from your father. Are you tired of living in this tiny cottage?”

“Mo Yuan Oppa, are you rich?” Lifen chirped back.

He chuckled bemusedly. Never had anyone asked him such a question and just replied, “A little bit.”

“Hmmm, maybe one day but not yet. This cottage feels like our newlywed home. Mo gēge, where is your home?” Lifen asked curiously. Her casual question was the first time she’d ever asked him about his other life.

Mo Yuan’s answer was simple when he responded, “My home is with you. If you’re there, it’s my house too because you’re my shelter.”

She tittered and snickered uncontrollably. It wasn’t due to his efforts but he was saying all the right things. Mo Yuan wasn’t trying to please her but merely being honest. It was accurate to say wherever she was that’s where he wanted to be too.

Lifen asked somewhat slyly, sneakily “Where did you live before you met me? Do you have another wife?”

“No, no wife! I’m not married. How can I be engaged to anyone else when I’m engaged to you? You’re the first and only person I’ve ever proposed to in my life.”

Mo Yuan quickly stated knowing she was an extremely jealous person and added, “I live on a high mountaintop. In a school for males only. One day we’ll live there together but you can’t ever wear short shirts there. How about not wearing short skirts in public?”

She giggled and intentionally raised both legs straight in the air, so her nightgown slid and exposed the entire length of her perfect legs. Mo Yuan growled and tickled her waist affectionately.

“Oppa, how old are you?” Lifen’s voice was cheerful and engaging.

He answered honestly and said, “Over 300,000 years old.”

Playfully she gasped and replied in a tone of fake shock, “You’re that old?! You should have a long white beard and seem more fatherly. Mo gēge, you look good for your age. Very attractive. What do your parents do for a living? Are they teachers also? Will they be upset if you marry a simple farm girl?”

“My parents have gone into the realm of nothingness. They created the world. Heavenly Father is my biological father. I’m the God of War. Nobody will ever say anything about who I marry. The golden dragon that you seem to love so much is me.” It amused him to say such things to her because her reactions were just adorable.

She squealed, threw her arm over her forehead and gushed in full theatrics. Times like this it was apparent she spent way too much time with Zhe Yan.

In a false whispered tone of wonder and awe, dramatically she asked, “If you’re a dragon, where are you golden scales? Also, are you going to bite me and turn me into a dragon too? When we have babies, am I going to lay eggs?”

Mo Yuan couldn’t help himself when he said, “No, you’re not a dragon. You’re something much more beautiful. You’re an immortal white nine-tailed fox princess!”

Lifen’s tone was earnest suddenly and Mo Yuan wondered if she remembered her actual life when she asked, “Does that mean we’re going to live together? Forever?”

“Yes. You and I are going to love each other forever. We’ll have loads of baby dragons and foxes. We’ll be surrounded by countless babies because we have an eternity to make them! Plus, I’m old. Make haste not waste!” Mo Yuan kissed the top of her head lovingly because he meant every word he said.

Lifen teased, “Mo gēge, don’t repeat the things you’re telling me or they might lock you up in the lu-lu bin!”

Mo Yuan suddenly remembered Ye Hua’s comment about Bai Qian not wanting him when she returned, so he questioned, “Will you love me even when you return to being a fox princess?”

Deliberately placing her palms flat on the back of his hands, and the size difference between them was humorous. She pushed her fingers into the gaps of his and interlocked their hands.

Lifting their joined hands she brought them to her lips, kissed Mo Yuan’s fingertips and palms affectionately and declared, “I was born loving you and I’m going to love you until the end of time.”

The feeling of profound love overwhelmed him when he answered, “Then I guess you’ll love me forever since for us time will never end.”

He embraced her tighter unable to get close enough to her. She was so beautiful and he couldn’t get enough of touching her. Sweet soft sighs of contentment came from her lips when Mo Yuan lovingly caressed her bare face, neck, and chest. She moaned when he fondled and lightly groped her soft breasts, before rolling her erect nipples between his fingertips over the thin gown. Lifen’s lithe body quivered as she pushed her bottom out and rubbed herself against his erection.

The movement was deliberate when she led his one hand under her nightgown, and encouraged Mo Yuan to rub her sweet spot. Lifen bent her knees up and let them fall open wider. So sexy were her moans to his arousing touch that his fingers shook to be in her beckoning wetness.

The slickness of her honey on her smooth hairless skin was overly tempting, and his throbbing manhood grew thicker impatiently. Provocatively she instinctively moved her hips to grind herself against his stroking hand, and caused her bottom to push against him harder. Had her backside been exposed and bare instead of being covered by her nightgown, Mo Yuan would have climaxed from the friction alone. His stroking of her sweet outer button in circular motions made her cry from her pleasure peak.

Lifen sat up and swiftly removed her gown. Suddenly she turned around and sat upright straddled on his abdomen. The sight of her nudity was breathtaking. She had her hair up in a loose bun held up by what appeared to be a brush. A writing instrument and again her beauty never ceased to amaze him.

The smooth lines of her graceful body, his hands explored. First her lovely face. Mo Yuan caressed her soft, supple cheeks. She lovingly pressed herself into his palm and cooed. Slowly to savor her, his learning hands slid down her neck, shoulders, both her slender arms and finally her bare breasts. She moaned when his fingertips lightly grazed her hardened cherry-like nipples. Next, his open searching palms absorbed the feel of her soft stomach and the small part of her womanly mound that was exposed.

“I love you so much that sometimes I can’t breathe.” Mo Yuan whispered as he sat up, embraced her tightly and lightly kissed her full luscious lips.

The touch of their lips meeting was so soft that it was more like a caress. Lifen’s arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him into a more in-depth, heated crushing kiss. Her tongue provocatively licked his lips, and seductively sucked on the full bottom part of his mouth at the end of their kiss.

She stared intently, intensely but lovingly into his eyes and lightly stroked his beard with one hand.

In one of the sultriest voices he’d ever heard, she purred, “Oppa, I was thinking about what you said last night, and you’re right.”

Mo Yuan who was busy nibbling on her silky neck murmured, “About what?”

“I have been undisciplined with my education so I think I need to study. NOW!” She half moaned out in between airy sensuous panting breaths.

“Huh?!” Mo Yuan didn’t know what hit him when she pushed him away, and all he could do was blink in confusion.

Lifen tricked him. Little did Mo Yuan know about Bai Qian’s personality regarding paybacks. She planted one palm firmly on his chest and forced him to lay back down. She sat up higher on his abdomen and slowly pulled the brush from her cascading hair.

The smile was somewhat evil, very mischievous when she felt his urgent, eager manhood pressed against her lower back. The playful but evil smile remained when she revealed a container and dipped the brush in the tin.

“I’m going to practice my calligraphy. Now.” Lifen informed Mo Yuan casually.

Mo Yuan didn’t see any paper and asked perplexed, “Where’s the paper?”

“Oppa, I’m going to use your perfect body instead of paper.” Lifen smiled innocently.

Bewildered with round eyes Mo Yuan questioned, “You’re going to draw on me? With ink?”

She deliberately stirred the contents of the container and said, “Not ink. Oil. It’s a particular oil I make from peach blossoms for my skin during wintertime when it gets dry. I’m going to use you as my canvas. I even warmed it up for you.”

Lifen’s posture straightened as she leaned forward. The brush tip dipped in heated peach scented oil faintly touched and caressed his skin, and Mo Yuan’s body broke out in goosebumps entirely. Her strokes were graceful and smooth. She started from his left wrist up to his shoulder and wrote out the invisible characters on his sensitive surface.

The first line starting from his wrist to his broad shoulder was: 我欲与君相知.

Lifen’s voice sounded dream-like when she translated, “I want to be your love forever and ever,”

The second verse she wrote on his right arm starting from his wrist was: 长命无绝衰.

Again she translated, “Without break or decay.”

Lifen was writing out love poem on his body with warm peach scented oil. A love confession. A classic sentimental verse from Yuefu’s folk poems of the Han Dynasty, which was strangely fitting. The title was ~ God 上邪.

The third line: 山无陵, she wrote across his strong collarbone, and the slow heated strokes of her brush were one of the most arousing sensations he’d ever experienced. The fourth chorus across his defined and muscular chest over his erect nipples she wrote: 江水为竭.

“When the hills are all flat. The rivers are all dry.” She whispered tenderly.

Never had Mo Yuan ever been romanced with a love poem. The fifth and sixth she wrote out across his sculpted abdomen:

“When it thunders in winter. When it snows in summer.” So soft was her tone of voice it made all the hairs on his body stand on ends.

On his lower v-shaped pelvis: 天地合.

“When heaven and earth mingle.” She murmured.

In a playful tone, Lifen added snickering giddily, “Son of Heavenly Father, God of War Oppa, I need to write the last line where there’s MOST room. It’s a LONG verse!”

She stuck out her tongue, blew a raspberry at Mo Yuan and then batted, fluttered her eyelashes before focusing and becoming serious again.

The last of the poetry on the full length of his abdomen pressed erection. From the base of him to the head, the top, she wrote in slow, faint, teasing, sweeping strokes with her oiled brush: 乃敢与君绝.

“Not till then will I part from you.”

Lifen gradually raised her desire filled eyes and met his gaze. She repeated the love confession in its entirety without breaking her stare from Mo Yuan’s.

“I want to be your love forever and ever,
Without break or decay.
When the hills are all flat,
The rivers are all dry.
When it thunders in winter,
When it snows in summer.
When heaven and earth mingle,
Not till then will I part from you.”

Lifen smiled proudly at herself and every word conveyed her unconditional love and devotion to him. Mo Yuan’s eyes watered. He wanted to cry. He considered what would he have done had he never meet her? Never experienced the joy of loving her?

At that moment Mo Yuan realized how wrong he was, Lifen wasn’t a definition of love. She was love.

Mo Yuan’s voice came out breathy and soft when he said, “Lifen, let’s marry each other tonight. Now. I need to be your husband because I can’t live a second without you.”

To be continued…..

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