報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 18 NSFW Warning: Aggressive Language

The First Battle of the Spouses…..

Even his walk was different. His approach was completely casual. A subtle swagger. Ye Hua confidently strolled into the Hall of Beautiful Youth and grabbed Bai Qian who quietly was sitting on her bed reading a book. Fearlessly, he pulled her to him and boldly tried to kiss her lips. His mouth landed and caught the corner of her lips as she swiftly turned to avoid his kiss. She fiercely glared at him.

Ye Hua nuzzled his face into her neck and murmured while kissing her skin, “Nai Nai, I’d like to be alone with High Goddess. You may go. I’ll send it for you later when we’re through. We’ll need new clean sheets so High Goddess can sleep comfortably afterward.”

His lips continued to brush against Bai Qian’s skin but now he was licking her, Nai Nai blushed crimson but happily smiled as she bowed and left them alone. Instantly Ye Hua called a privacy spell and directly closed the area off so it was just the two of them alone. However, their privacy wasn’t for making love it was time for war.

Their first verbal battle began and it was something they both expected. There were so many things between them still unsaid and unspoken. Hurtful things. So many countless misunderstandings. Their combat of hurt emotions and bitter resentments commenced spontaneously.

In a flash, Bai Qian forcibly shoved him back and snarled, “What the hell are you doing? Why did you raise a privacy shield? I told you not to come to me first!”

“You set the tone with your provocative performance at the East Sea King’s banquet, and now there are expectations from others. We’re being watched and you’re an actress. Act your role.” Ye Hua casually threw out as he leisurely lounged out on her bed.

Bai Qian’s brisk tone was curt and sharp. Sharp enough to cut through flesh easily. It reflected her feelings when she jeered, “That still doesn’t explain your rude and forward behavior.”

“The privacy spell I don’t need to explain. You’re smart. All of Nine Heavens now know we’re together. Why don’t you come and lay down next to me.” Ye Hua successfully deflected her hatred and patted the empty spot on the bed with a small smile on his shapely lips.

Coolly Ye Hua placed his hands under his head, stretched his long legs, relaxed more, and nonchalantly responded, “Come on, Qian Qian. We’re supposed to be new lovers and what do new lovers do? You should remember that we barely wore clothes during the first four months of our marriage. Remember?”

“I don’t remember. It must not have made an impression on me.” Bai Qian spat as she opened her fan and deliberately used her magic to get the book from the bed. She didn’t want to be anywhere near Ye Hua.

Bai Qian marched to the other side of the room, sat at her desk, and went back to reading her book. She tried to appear engrossed but could feel Ye Hua’s gaze transfixed on her. It was unnerving how his focused stare made her feel. Although she didn’t show it, she was nervous. He made her nervous and he seemed to be aware of that fact. He chuckled amused and turned his stare at the ceiling while lying on her bed as if it were his own.

Ye Hua spoke without emotions, “I heard you made my mother bow to you in front of all the servants? Twelve kowtows? You told her to call you GuGu?”

“Do you have a problem with it?” Bai Qian was expecting him to bring it up, snorted and replied in a challenging tone.

Indifferently Ye Hua shook his head ‘no’ and his face went blank as he answered, “No, she deserves it and more. That was a terrible day for you…for us. It was the day I came back from the Mermaid War and pretended not to know you. Or I was cold like ice while you knelt at her feet.”

“It was hard for me too. Watching you like that was painful for me too.” Ye Hua’s voice softened suddenly which for some reason made her angry first and then sad.

Ye Hua’s words made her heart hurt but Bai Qian exhaled a dramatic puff and swore lightly under her breath. “Shithead, you don’t know anything.” That was what she called him and that’s what she said.

She didn’t even bother to raise her eyes but stated sarcastically, “When did you become so melodramatic? Mr. No Feelings. Just be quiet as usual and leave my room. We barely spoke when I was SuSu and I think that’s why we lasted as long as we did.”

“No, I can’t. Not yet. I’m young. Everyone expects us to be a couple of hours at least. I’m just going to take a nap. Come and keep me warm, Qian Qian.” Ye Hua teased playfully and disregarded her blatant disdain towards him.

Bai Qian felt anxious but hid her sentiments and spat, “Then shut up and go to sleep.”

Ye Hua frowned, pouted but it was over the top and meant to be cute. He sighed profoundly to show his disappointment, stood and began to remove all his clothes until he was nude.

Angrily she yelled from across the room, “Why are you taking off your clothes!?”

“You know I can’t sleep in clothes. You know I sleep naked. That’s why I wanted you to keep me warm.” Ye Hua playfully winked at her and Bai Qian swallowed nervously.

Bai Qian mumbled but loud enough for Ye Hua to hear her, “The stupid things I have to deal with in this miserable life! Worse fate ever meeting you! Do what you want but leave me alone.”

He openly ignored her happily sniffed and whispered, “It smells so good and sweet in here. It smells like you’re in bed with me. Come, let me sniff you.”

Ye Hua snuggled into her pillows and exhaled deeply before whimpering. He sighed with contentment and then to Bai Qian’s shock, she heard him moan softly. His moan swiftly traveled through her body, and passed through her circulatory system like a hot flow of electric currency. She couldn’t believe it but he was pleasuring and touching himself in her bed. A light, airy exhaled breath escaped from his mouth as he groaned sensuously.

“What are you doing in my bed!?” Bai Qian demanded as her face reddened instantly with rage. Ye Hua’s shameless and indecent behavior made her want to slap his face repeatedly.

Ye Hua’s aroused voice made her whole body tremble when he explained, “They’ll check the sheets. You want to convince others, don’t you? Why don’t you come and help me?”

Loudly Bai Qian snorted and turned her gaze back to her book with resolve. However, a single drop of perspiration slid down on her promptly heated forehead. Her tense hands trembled but she held fast to her book. Ye Hua’s light panting seemed to echo louder in the room, and suddenly the small space felt considerably warmer.

She wasn’t breathing. Bai Qian didn’t even realize she was holding her breath when she heard Ye Hua moan her name ‘Qian Qian‘ as he climaxed in her bed. Her teeth tensed and clenched to the point her jaw locked painfully.

It was metallic in her mouth. Bai Qian tasted blood because she bit her tongue when Ye Hua orgasmed. Time seemed to be moving backward as she focused on her book but didn’t remember a single line, when she felt a sharp yank on her head most unexpectedly.

“Ouch!” She cried out.

Her hand immediately touched the point of pain, and her eyes swiftly raised to see Ye Hua standing in front of her. Exquisitely and beautifully nude. His golden, hairless, silken skin glowed. She knew the warm scent of him and her mouth involuntarily watered, but she also felt like vomiting from severe nerves.

She couldn’t control her gaze when her eyes fixed on his sizeable sex before rapidly glaring at his face, but the way he was staring at her took her breath away. His desire, love, and hunger. It was all there, exposed and displayed for her to see most candidly. Unlike Bai Qian, Ye Hua wasn’t afraid to show his real feelings for her.

Directly raising her internal emotional barricade, she glared him down with hostility. They stared intently at each other until Ye Hua smiled and waved her hair strands in her face.

“I needed some of your hair. If we’re rolling around in bed, I mean. Your hair would unquestionably become loose. Also, if our lover’s play became rough, then some hair pulling would be essential. A given.” Ye Hua slowly strolled back to her bed and threw her hair under the covers on the spot he came in her sheets. She heard him chuckle softly. He seemed pleased to see his essence on her bed.

He patted the bed and smiled suggestively but Bai Qian sneered, “Next time, we’ll pull your hair.”

“Anytime.” Ye Hua casually said as he rolled to his side and supported his head with one hand. He looked utterly tantalizing to the point it made her angry. Furious.

Nonchalantly Ye Hua questioned and it annoyed her, “Qian Qian, how will we explain the blood when I deflower you again? Hm?”

So presumptuous and impertinent was Ye Hua. It felt like a breath of fresh air when she smirked victoriously announced somewhat, no, entirely proud, “That won’t be a problem because I’m not a virgin anymore. I’m wide open and someone has already cleared my internal love path.”

She smirked when Ye Hua’s dark eyes momentarily narrowed, and his full brows furrowed for a second before he said something that made her grit her teeth with rage.

Cheerfully he chirped, “That’s better for me. I didn’t want to hurt you. It was excruciating for you our first time but now I can be the provider of only pleasure. Thank you for doing that for me and making it easier for me. To please you, of course.”

“Who are you and where did ‘Ye Hua The Doormat’ go? What’s with the new and brave attitude on life? Hm? Where’s the little boy who couldn’t protect his mortal wife or stand up to his decrepit, old, useless grandfather? Weak to a pitiful deity like SuJin.” She continued to attack him and aimed low.

“When did you get so cocky and finally grow a pair, little man? When did your balls drop?” Bai Qian’s hateful tone saturated with pure sarcasm and contempt. She challenged with eyes that bore into him like a finely sharpened spike.

The smile instantly vanished from his face when he stated somberly, “That Ye Hua died three hundred years ago when he watched his son, A-Li’s mother take her life. He died the day you left us. You abandoned us but you had your reasons. You seem to see my joy re-finding you but not my pain when I lost you. I suffered without you. Endlessly.”

“It took a catastrophe that forced me to become stronger. Qian Qian, does it frighten you? That I’ve grown during our separation. That I can protect you now? That it’s safe for us to love each other and that it’s safe to be with me?” The swift way Ye Hua gathered his composure and changed his approach was something entirely new. She saw it for the first time.

“If you want to see how cocky I’ve become, then get undressed and I’ll show you. Actions speak louder than words. Qian Qian comes to me because I’d love to show you.”

Ye Hua said as he lifted the covers and openly exposed his nudity. He was thick, fully erect and staring at her as if she was his next meal but then he turned on her and asked in a soft, gentle tone. So she never saw it coming. Their onion-like battle went to a lower underlayer.

“Qian Qian, since we’re openly hashing out old times. I have a question. I’ve been trying to hold it back but it’s impossible and I have to ask. Because I need to know. How could you ignore your son for three hundred years? Granted your hate for me is expected and well deserved but what did A-Li ever do so wrong?”

He continued in the same soft voice, “Why did you hide from him all those long years? Do you have any idea how much he cried for his mother? When he was a baby, he used to cry for you almost every night. We both cried for you almost every night. I cried every single night.”

Ye Hua threw the indisputable verbal gauntlet first. His strong strategic attack was precise, clean and it hit the bullseye but she laughed at him. Bai Qian was impressed he held it back for so long. Hiding from A-Li was an act of which she too was profoundly ashamed but her anger clouded her reasoning. And Ye Hua’s verbal attack opened the gates and had her up in arms.

Defensively Bai Qian went for his jugular in her most condescending tone. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for A-Li. I wasn’t all there for a while. Incomplete. You see, something about not having eyes and my son’s father taking them, giving them to his beloved side consort isn’t so easy to overcome. Perhaps I lack cultivation but luckily I never need to worry about that again. I’ve found a new strength or someone with unmeasurable strength. Someone who would never let anyone touch me or take any part of my body, let alone take it with his own hands.”

Bai Qian’s dark eyes gleamed. Her lips smirked in a way that caused one side to curl up over her canine, all the anger, the rage, the resentment for Ye Hua presented and surfaced when she blatantly, arrogantly confessed.

She said, “I’m engaged to my Shifu. Your older brother, Mo Yuan. He’s the one who tore me open the other night and I begged him to fuck me. And he fucked me like you never did. So, you still have a lot of growing up to do, Ye Hua. Maybe when you’re my age, you’ll come to understand me better. 90,000 years is a huge age gap.”

It made her heart palpitate watching Ye Hua repeatedly exhaled in utter disbelief. He went blanch, ghostly then scarlet directly rose up his cheek and gave him the appearance of looking feverish.

He started to laugh softly like a madman, which scared her and Ye Hua arrogantly declared, “Qian Qian, I know all about you and Mo Yuan. Do you think me a fool that I wouldn’t keep an eye on my wife’s activities? I’m aware of what you’ve been doing since we met in Ten Miles.”

Chucking mockingly, Ye Hua continued in the same proud and superior tone, “My brother is old and ancient. Talk about a huge age gap. He’s old enough to be your great, great, great, great grandfather and you, my wife, haven’t seen anything yet. I bet you…that you’ll be the one begging me to take you before we’re through. And when I do take you…when I take you…”

Ye Hua wrinkled his nose slightly, openly shook his head in disapproval, and spoke down to her, “Using a vulgar and foul word like ‘fucking’ for what we do is so crass. Beneath our intense love. You and I, we make sweet love. Trust me, you’ll learn what real fucking is when I’m buried deep inside you and you’re begging for more. Now come to bed, I’ll give you a taste of what you’ve desired and lacked in your life, my lovely, beautiful wife. I’ve missed you.”

Ye Hua seductively drew his full bottom lip between his perfect teeth, winked, and motioned with his index finger for her to come to him.

Bai Qian’s pupils shook. Confused. Apprehensive. Who was this Ye Hua and why did everything about him make her body feel as if she were on fire? Like an inferno was burning inside her. Feelings she hadn’t felt for three hundred years. Dead sensations.

This Ye Hua wasn’t the one she knew. He was unpredictable, audacious, and unafraid. This Ye Hua was thrilling and alarming. He was playing a game but by his hidden and secretive rules. Rules both Bai Qian and Mo Yuan, neither of them knew.

And at that moment she realized perhaps, Ye Hua could be right and she might end up losing to him. And she might be the one begging in the end.

To be continued…