Love Letter: Please you….

How can I please you? Such stirring, sensuous and sultry words that unexpectedly took over my brain, because it was an entirely intriguing question. To be asked by someone as exquisite and alluring as you.

It pleases me that we innocently met at a point of common interest but little did I know. I would find and discover my soul mate in this life which is somewhat humorous because I never knew I was looking until I met you.

It pleases me that we’re blessed and lucky. Between us, never will there be judgment in our shared journey to live, love, experience and indulge in all the beauty that is life.

It pleases me that we are free to expose ourselves. Our deepest hidden wishes most candidly because already established was trust between us, and now we both know it’s safe to show and reveal ourselves most openly.

My love, there are so many ways you could please me, but more than anything else. Nothing would please me more than to thank you for being brave enough to recognize me and giving me the courage to find you.

You asked me how you could please me and my final answer to you is this. You don’t need to do anything because you already do. Nothing pleases me more than loving you….


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