Inside the Brain of YeGenMo 17


So….. some may have noticed. I haven’t posted an update for a few days. I decided to do a juice cleanse for five days and I realized the true meaning of ‘brain food.’ Meaning the brain needs food to function. While juicing, I wasn’t able to write a single decent sentence or imagine a decent picture in my head. Nothing. Instead, I zoned out on Korean dramas and bitched about how stingy they are with a freaking kiss but I had an epiphany. An awakening.

It was a real eye-opener that this Unni needs 2x spicy Korean ramen and kimchee in order to live happily. Maybe the MSG and cabbage stimulate my mind and naughty thoughts. Either way, I’m eating again so it won’t be long before things go back to usual.

I happen to notice that we are about to reach 400k hits and I say OMG!! It’s time for some sweet NSFW and what perfect timing. Mortal Bai Qian aka Lifen and Mo Yuan are getting married. Whoppee!! The wedding night and time for some sweet loving!!

Also, I had a special request from a good friend for love letters. They are in the hot, steamy, passionate courting stage and I guess they really love my blog. You may see more now and then. Like Cupid, I love feeling love around me and I wish the blissful couple endless happiness. Finding one soulmate is definitely a reason to celebrate life. Unni says to love each other to the fullest and enjoy your heavenly time as new lovers.

Anyhoo, my ramen is ready and I hate bloated noodles. I’m an al dente kind of girl so until next time.

YeGenMo Unni

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