報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 21

Afternoon Tea…..

The color of her flowing gown was similar to the pinkish skies in Celestial Heaven. Pinky coral and her hastened footsteps caused her dress to sway to, and fro with every deliberate and quick step.

It was almost noon and Bai Qian knew it would soon be time. Precisely the moment when SuJin delivered Ye Hua’s special afternoon tea. Bai Qian decided it was finally time; she and SuJin came face to face for the first time…no, actually their reunion.

Tian Shu spotted her approach immediately as he vigilantly stood at the entrance of Ye Hua’s chamber, and greeted her instantly. The Celestial guard was his and A-Li’s bodyguard who served them faithfully with the utmost honor, and reverence he promptly rounded his arms politely and bowed to Bai Qian.

He requested most respectfully, “Gugu, shall I announce your arrival to the Crown Prince?”

Her response was natural and informal as Bai Qian received the loyal servant’s welcome. His proper hospitality and courteous behavior pleased her. But still, she held back the strong desire to chuckle because as SuSu, the mortal, treated was she with only disdain, contempt, and hatred. So changed was everything. It was almost humorous how different the mannerisms and circumstances were this time around.

Bai Qian spoke flirtatiously and he wasn’t immune to her charm and beauty so when she fluttered her long, dense eyelashes demurely and somewhat seductively purred, “I’ll see myself in. Of course, if that’s alright with you, Tian Shu?”

His cheeks crimsoned with shyness and Tian Shu’s entire face lit up when he heard her call him by name. Then most courteous was his swift reply when he said with full sincerity, “Gugu, you are the most important and honored guest here. You’re welcome anywhere and free to do as you please.”

Humbly he bowed low and moved aside to allow her passage. She ever so lightly touched and caressed Tian Shu’s shoulder, felt him slightly shudder as she passed, and silently entered Ye Hua’s private chamber.

Ye Hua was focused and sitting at his desk as she’d expected. Her light footsteps caused him to raise his gaze curiously. His dark eyes kindled instantly and happily to see her, but then his full brows furrowed slightly over his concern-filled eyes.

He asked, “Qian Qian, is everything alright? Do you need something?” Ye Hua wasn’t used to her coming to him so he naturally assumed she needed something.

She casually strolled and glanced around his room. Impassively, she picked up little items, studied them briefly, and then returned them to their original places and replied indifferently, “Last time I was here, I spent most…no. I spent all of my time alone in the Hall of Beautiful Youth. I always wondered how your room would appear.”

She was still looking around when swiftly he moved as Ye Hua shifted and stood behind her. He grasped her fast by her slender waist and pulled her towards his bed. Purposely he fell back with his firm hold around her so she landed on top of him.

He chuckled playfully and whispered in her ear and his warm breath on her bare skin caused her body to shiver, as his hands gradually moved up towards her breasts, “You could see my room every night if you slept with me again. Let’s take a nap and start now but first let’s get undressed.”

A distinct snort and sharp slap were her instantaneous response to his sexually forward proposition. A firm, hard slapping of his wandering hands. She then forcibly yanked his arms from her and leaped up. Glaring she hissed, “Ye Hua, stop playing games! I didn’t come to see you nor did I honestly care how your room looks. I was trying to make small talk.”

She exhaled deeply through her mouth and spoke the real reason for her visit, “I understand SuJin brings your tea every day at noon. It’s time she and I met…or saw each other again.”

“So that’s why you’re here.” Ye Hua smirked but it was boyish and charming. He laughed and said, “How silly of me to think you came to see me. Of course, you have another reason.” He winked while playfully biting his bottom lip which caused her to move further from him.

She moved away from him to the opposite side of the room, Bai Qian was smoothing out the front of her dress, but suddenly cocked up her sensitive ear and raised her gaze.

In a low tone, she murmured and it was barely audible, “She’s here. Your beloved side consort SuJin is right outside. I hear your guard Tian Shu telling her I’m here.”

“Qian Qian, why don’t I just rip your eyes out of her head now and we can start again. Forget the past?” Ye Hua asked with sincerity but Bai Qian just laughed at him.

Ye Hua was so transparent, his annoyance was obvious when he inhaled sharply through his nose and mumbled, “I guess it’s showtime. Let me take my proper place but don’t forget we’re lovers so act your role.” Right back to his desk, he returned and went back to reviewing the many documents before him.

Bai Qian turned all her attention back to the entrance and called out, “Tian Shu, allow Ye Hua’s Consort to enter the room. We are both presentable and I’ve been expecting her.”

With her Fox’s ears, she could overhear everything. SuJin stood without taking a single step so Bai Qian called out aloud, “Consort bring in Ye Hua’s tea.”

When she failed to hear SuJin make a single move, Bai Qian appeared bothered and openly rolled her eyes at him and whispered to Ye Hua, “Your Consort needs training. She lacks basic manners.”

Blatantly and audibly Bai Qian cleared her throat, this time she spoke much louder and her words were a definite order not a request, “Consort, I won’t ask again. Bring in Ye Hua’s afternoon tea and come inside NOW. I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

The sharp tone of Bai Qian’s demanding voice finally made her move. SuJin slowly entered with hesitant and reluctant steps. She came into the room, looked at Bai Qian, and spontaneously dropped the tray she was carrying. SuJin’s eyes widen, unblinking and full of utter fear. She trembled and her mouth slacked open. She silently mouthed her thoughts, “SuSu? It’s impossible.”

Bai Qian used her magic to stop the tray from dropping. She smiled in a way that caused SuJin to crumple weakly to the ground. She severely shook so her many hair ornaments moved also, and she was unable to pull her shocked gaze from Bai Qian’s face.

She laughed and teased SuJin’s clumsiness, “Consort, you’re lucky I have fast reflexes. I see you on the ground but there isn’t any need to be so formal with me. Call me older sister. After all, we’ll both be in Ye Hua’s harem so why not become friends? Hm?”

The tray with the teapot slowly lowered to the floor, and Bai Qian pointed with the end of her closed fan where she wanted SuJin to sit beside her.

“Consort have you seen a ghost? Come and sit close to me. I won’t bite and let me take a good look at those beautiful eyes.” Bai Qian’s feminine tone was jaunty and engaging.

SuJin hesitantly came closer as Bai Qian gazed piercingly into Sujin’s startled eyes. Her radiant and glowing smile only intensified as she announced, “I’m going to rename you today, 漂亮的眼睛 Piàoliang de yǎnjīng (beautiful eyes) that’s my special new nickname for you. Consort Beautiful Eyes, come and fill your older sister’s cup and let me pour one for you. But first, I dislike lukewarm tea so let me make it hot again.” Bai Qian waved her hand and magically brought the tea to a hot, scorching boiling temperature.

The teapot lid rattled from SuJin’s shaking hands as she filled Bai Qian’s cup. With full intent and purpose she waited until SuJin raised her cup to her lips and said, “Consort Beautiful Eyes, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other last. Do you remember me? Because I remember you, I certainly recollect you.”

Immediately her teacup dropped into her lap and SuJin gasped aloud but it wasn’t from the hot tea. She gulped in horror from what Bai Qian asked, and didn’t even flinch or notice the boiling liquid scalding her leg.

To be continued